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Neighbours Episode 1987 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1986 - 1988>>
Episode title: 1987
Australian airdate: 24/08/93
UK airdate: 27/06/94
UK Gold: 13/06/00
Writer: Helen McWhirter
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Cheryl Stark: Caroline Gillmer
Darren Stark: Scott Major
Bryant Gallagher: Anthony Evans
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
DEBBIE: Mum, it's not every day you take an overdose.
JULIE: Oh, for God's sake, Debbie, I did *not* take an overdose! Don't be such a drama queen! I simply took a few more pills than I was supposed to, that's all.
DEBBIE: That's an overdose, Mum.
JULIE: Why does everyone have you keep going on and on about it?! It was a simple mistake, OK? No big deal.
DEBBIE: It's no big deal to find my mother passed out in the lounge? What are you saying, that I've got no right to be upset about what you did?! You've got no idea how much you scared us all and now you're acting like we should just pretend it ever happened?!
JULIE: It's not that important!
DEBBIE:(upset) You could have died!
JULIE: It's OK, it's OK!
DEBBIE: No it's not! Ever since Dad left I've been treating you like Public Enemy No.1, Mum. I'm so sorry.
Julie hugs her and tells her she has been a bit awkward lately, but Julie hasn't been mother of the year either. She assures Debbie that things will get better and Debbie promises not to be the daughter from hell anymore either.
Coffee Shop
Mark is looking forward to impressing the food critic (Brian Gallagher)
Rick comes in and insults "Marcel"'s clothes. "Marcel" tells Rick he needs him to locate a special ingredient - escargot. Rick is not impressed, but Mark sends him off.
Debbie comes in and sits down with Darren, telling him about Julie's suicide attempt. He is not impressed.
DARREN: What parent would do that do their kids?!
Cheryl has brought Lou a present - an Italian suit. He is a bit takenaback and says he likes to choose his own clothes (he does like the suit, however). Helen pops round and Lou introduces her to Cheryl. Cheryl immediately invites Helen to tea one afternoon. Cheryl decides to leave Helen and Lou to talk and heads off.
When Cheryl has gone, Lou tells Helen that Julie broke down at the car yard the other day.
Debbie and Darren are kissing when Debbie hears the bush behind them rustling. It's Rick the stalker, looking for snails(!) Rick takes the opportunity to have a go at Darren for not having a job.
Rick's words must have hit home because Darren is telling Cheryl that he's decided to get a job. She is a bit surprised. Darren asks Cheryl if Lou will give him a job at the car yard. She thinks it's too big a favour to ask Lou for.
Phil has come round and informs Julie that he's staying until she agrees to get some professional help - he's there for the kids' sake. She is not happy. Helen comes round and hugs Julie, saying she looks pale. Helen is surprised to see Phil and thinks he and Julie have had a reconciliation.
Cheryl has come to ask Lou if he has any work for Darren. She offers to pay him, and he can pay Darren!
LOU: I just don't need someone like Darren at the moment.
CHERYL: What do you mean, "someone like Darren"? Just because he's been in a detention centre, you don't trust him, or you don't think he needs another chance?
LOU: It's not that at all! He's too young to sell cars, and he's not skilled as a mechanic.
CHERYL: Fine, then he can do something else. Like cleaning cars?
LOU: That's Rick's job!
CHERYL: Rick's got a job at Lassiter's!
LOU: Cheryl, there is no rule against having two jobs you know. Provided his work at Lassiter's doesn't interfer with his job at the car yard, I've got no complaints.
CHERYL:(not happy) Alright.
She walks out.
Helen is telling Julie and Phil about Scott and Charlene's son Daniel. Apparently they were disappointed that Julie didn't call in and see them, and Julie snaps that there wasn't time.
When Helen has gone, Julie tells Phil he can go, too, but he won't. She begs him not to tell Helen about the sleeping pills as she's fine now. He agrees, as long as he can stay until he's satisfied everything is back to normal, and Julie gets counselling. He'll sleep on the couch.
Car Yark Office
Rick is a bit late as he had to go to Lassiter's. Lou tells him crossly that he'd better work harder as he can easily be replace. Rick is not happy.
Lassiter's Kitchen
Brian Gallagher, the food critic arrives and Gaby introduces him to "Marcel". Gallagher is quite hostile, but Mark handles him well.
Rick is moaning to Helen about Darren getting Debbie into trouble. As they're talking, Annalise comes in. She updates Helen on the new chef at Lassiter's - Rick is surprised to hear that Mark isn't really French. He vows to get his own back on Mark for the snails.
When Rick has gone, Annalise tells Helen about Stephen, and that Beth and Phil are a bit of an item. Helen looks confused.
Lasiter's Kitchen
"Marcel" is serving food to Brian Gallagher. Just then, Rick comes in and gives Mark the snails.
Cheryl tells Darren that Lou hasn't got a job for him. Cheryl says he can get a job somewhere else, but Darren insists he wants to work at Lou's car yard (to keep an eye on him!)
Lou pops round to see Darren.
Lassiter's Kitchen
Rick is blackmailing Mark so he won't tell the food critic that Mark isn't really French. Mark isn't impressed and tells Rick if he does he'll be out of a job!
Julie is in bed when Helen pops round. She's heard about the overdose and tells Phil that she wants to know all the details. Phil doesn't know if it was an accident or not - but Julie has been acting strangely recently. Helen wonders if it will help Julie to have Phil back in the house under the circumstances, but Phil feels he doesn't have a choice.
Lassiter's Kitchen
Brian Gallagher has twigged that Mark isn't really French - his mousse is too thick and creamy. He asks Mark if he's really Belgian(!) Mark sighs in relief and asks Brian Gallagher if they can keep this a secret.
BRIAN GALLAGHER: After such a magnificent meal, I wouldn't care if you came from Mars!
Gaby and Mark smile in relief!
Car Yard
Lou has given Darren a job cleaning cars. When Rick arrives, Lou says he's been late too often, so he's sacked him and employed Darren instead!
<<1986 - 1988>>
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