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Neighbours Episode 1986 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1985 - 1987>>
Episode title: 1986
Australian airdate: 23/08/93
UK airdate: 24/06/94
UK Gold: 12/06/00
Writer: David Allen
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Terry Baker: Adam McInnes
Mr Baker: Fred Barker
Dr Dawson: Mark Oddie
Psychiatrist: Jane Thornton
Ted Mason: Martin Trainor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Debbie tries to shake Julie awake.
Hannah comes back, so Debbie sends her down the shop with $10. As soon as she's gone, Debbie phones for an ambulance.
The Office
Gaby tells "Marcel" that she wants to go public with a food critic interview. Mark isn't very pleased, but has to agree.
Debbie rings Gaby looking for Phil, but he's not there.
Pam pops round with a load of Red Nose day things and Debbie asks her to tend to Julie. Pam hurriedly checks the unconscious Julie over, still wearing a red nose(!)
Coffee Shop
Phil, Doug and Beth are chatting about Beth's apprenticeship. When Doug has gone, Phil invites Beth to dinner tonight. Just then his brick- like mobile phone rings and it's Gaby - she tells him to head home (to No.32) straightaway.
A psychiatrist is assessing Stephen, but he is unresponsive.
Outside, the doctor tells them that Stephen is in a fugue state - it's a form of amnesia. Sufferers retreat from the world for their own safety. Phoebe explains about the confrontation with Mark which might have triggered it. The doctor says it's vital that Stephen isn't upset further.
Coffee Shop
Annalise asks Mark for some tips about French language and cooking. Mark says he likes Gaby and asks Annalise if she's single.
Building Site
Baker from Constructacon has brought Doug a new apprentice - his own nephew! Doug is not happy, and even less happy when he hears he left his previous apprenticeship!
Phil, Debbie, Pam and Hannah are sitting waiting for the doctor to assess Julie. Apparently Julie is going to be fine - she just has to sleep the pills off, they won't hurt her. The doctor explains that overdosing is a cry for help - he suggests professional counselling for Julie, and a lot of support at home.
Phoebe and Wayne are waiting for news about Stephen. Just then, Mark comes in. Phoebe tells him he can't see Stephen and Wayne tells Mark to get lost. He decides to leave, but warns Wayne that he can't keep him away from Stephen forever.
Hannah tells Phil that her and Nicolas messing up the house sent Julie over the edge. Phil says he's sure that wasn't it and sends Hannah off to bed. Debbie tells Phil that she should have helped Julie out more. Phil thinks they've all been a bit selfish.
Doug is ranting about Baker's nephew - he reckons he's a troublemaker. Pam is concerned about Julie. Doug thinks Julie is being attention- seeking(!) but Pam says there'll be a lot more to it than that. The conversation turns to "Marcel" and Pam reveals to Gaby that Mark is only pretending to be French!
Building Site, the following morning
Baker's nephew has arrived late and moans about being asked to do labouring work.
Wayne explains to Annalise about stocks and shares.
Building Site
Baker's nephew (Terry) is not working very hard and Beth tells him off. He reckons he'll have a job for life anyway because of his uncle!
Coffee Shop
Mark comes in and orders a coffee. He asks Phoebe and Wayne if there is any news on Stephen, but they completely ignore him. Wayne tells Phoebe about him punching Mark yesterday.
Just then, Gaby storms in and tells Mark that she knows about his lack of Frenchness. Mark tells her it'll be fine - he'll be able to fool the food critic and everything will be fine. She says he'd better, or else!
Building Site
Beth is doing some of Terry's work. Doug tells Beth off for being late with her own work.
Julie has finally surfaced. She staggers into the living room to find Phil asleep on the sofa. He wakes up and tells her that she took too many pills.
PHIL: Why d'you do it?
JULIE: What? I just felt a bit low, that's all.
PHIL: You tried to kill yourself!
JULIE: No, I didn't! And anyway, what would you care?! You've got Beth now, haven't you.
PHIL: That's not fair, it's not like that.
JULIE: You don't care about me, Philip!
PHIL: Yes, I do, Julie. I always will. But you've become a totally different person since you've come back from Queensland. You must know what you're doing to Debbie and Hannah. Doc Dawson thinks you should see a counsellor.
JULIE: Doctor Dawson should mind his business! All I need is a little support from my family. But I supopse that's too much to ask, isn't it.
Coffee Shop
Annalise asks Gaby for a reference for her new job. She tells Gaby she knows all about stocks and shares now and Gaby laughs her head off.
Doug and the other workers come in. Baker's nephew is making sexist comments at Beth. Beth goes and sits down with Doug and tells him that Terry isn't pulling his wait. Doug says he'll keep an eye on him.
Beth and Phil are talking about Julie. He assures her that it's not her fault that Julie tried to commit suicide - Julie needs professional help.
PHIL: What a mess. It's the kids that worry me most. It's not fair on them having to carry all this on their own.
BETH: Then you've got no choice, have you? You have to move home. Permanently.
Wayne is telling a catatonic Stephen some jokes. As he's leaving, Mark is hiding around the corner.
Mark goes into Stephen's room.
MARK: Hello, Steve- o. It's time we had a talk, mate. Brother to brother.
<<1985 - 1987>>
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