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Neighbours Episode 1985 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1985
Australian airdate: 20/08/93
UK airdate: 23/06/94
UK Gold: 09/06/00
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Jeffrey Hockney: Jeff Keogh
Nicholas Greenway: Justin D'Orazio
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Phil and Beth kiss.
Julie is trying to get Hannah ready for school. She's a bit frazzled and asks Debbie to help out. Debbie tells Hannah quietly not to mention about Beth coming out with them yesterday. Julie comes back and overhears Debbie's last words about Phil being "allowed to have his own friends" and questions Debbie about it. Debbie says she was just talking kids stuff with Hannah.
Wayne pops round to pick up some things for Phoebe. Apparently Stephen is OK physically, so they're going to get a psychiatrist in to help. It seems to be a psychological problem. Annalise comes in and tells them she's applying for a job as a receptionist for stock- broking company in the City! Wayne doesn't think stock- broking is really Annalise's scene, but she says it'll just be receptionst work.
Julie asks Debbie to babysit Hannah after school. She protests, but Julie says Debbie has to take on *some* responsibility. Julie presses Debbie about the "friend of Phil's" they were with. Debbie tells a white lie and says it was "a builder".
Coffee Shop
Annalise is reading about stocks and shares in the paper to prepare for her interview! Wayne encourages her, saying she'll just be answering the phone. Gaby comes in and snipes at Annalise, saying no stock- broker would ever employ her!
The Office
Beth drops by and tells Phil that Doug has sorted things so that now she's apprenticed directly to him, rather than to Willis Construction. Beth awkwardly tells Phil that she had a great time with him yesterday.
BETH: So...where do we go from here, you and me?
PHIL: Yeah...um...I honestly don't think I can answer that. My whole life's up in the air at the moment.
BETH: I'm not trying to hold you to ransom or anything. I just need to know.
PHIL: Beth, I like you far too much to make promises that I might not be able to keep.
BETH: I'm not after promises, it wouldn't be fair. But, are we having a relationship or not?
PHIL: Um...I have a problem in Julie. We might be separated but I still care about her. I can't commit myself to you or to anyone until I resolve my feelings.
BETH: Is there a chance you'll get back together?
PHIL: I honestly don't know. The odds are stacked against us.
BETH: Would it help if we didn't see each other?
PHIL: No! I want to see you - very much.
Stock broker
Annalise is being interviewed. The interviewer looks at her CV and notes that she has very little experience. He notices her name and asks if she's a relative of Fiona Hartman (she was the partner of one of his late clients). Annalise lies and says she isn't. She goes on to sell herself well, saying she's really good at answering the phone and dealing with people. The interviewer invites her to continue the interview over lunch at a nearby hotel. Annalise is offended and rants at the interviewer for not looking past her body. When she's finished ranting, the interviewer says that their clients are sophisticated and conservative. But Annalise is intelligent, motivated and spirited - it's the image that's all wrong. Annalise says she'll change her image. The interviewer tells her to go away and work on it, and if she convinces him, he'll consider her for a PA position in a month's time.
Hannah and Nicolas are having a cushion fight and Debbie tells them off. The phone rings and it's Darren. He wants her to come over and see him, and she agrees - but only for a few minutes.
When Debbie has gone, Hannah and Nicolas get on with jumping on the sofa!
The Office
Gaby tells Phil that the Waterhole needs a proper facelift and a new image. Phil doesn't think it's a good idea - it might alienate the regular customers. They like it laid- back and comfortable, not neon lights and mirrors! Gaby says she'll survey the regulars for their opinions.
Nicolas and Hannah are playing with water pistols when Julie comes in. The place is a wreck. Julie is very angry and demands to know where Debbie is. Just then, Debbie arrives home and Julie rants at her about being self- centred. In the heat of the moment, Debbie lets it slip that Phil would rather be with Beth than her.
Coffee Shop
Wayne is the first person that Gaby is surveying. He tells her he likes the Waterhole the way it was. Annalise comes in and tells Gaby delightedly that she didn't get the receptionist's job, she got a PA job instead!
ANNALISE: You're not the only big- shot career woman around here anymore - I'm right up there with you!
Julie hammers on the door and Beth answers it.
JULIE: Well. I've always suspected you had the morals of an alley cat!
BETH: I beg your pardon?
JULIE: You didn't waste much time, did you! I suppose you've had your eye on him for some time, just waiting for the opportunity!
BETH: I really don't think you've got the right...
JULIE: Just because your fiance cheated on you, doesn't give you the right to wreck other people's marriages!
BETH:(getting cross) Now wait a minute! I didn't take Philip away from you! I never had so much as a coffee with him until you booted him out of his home. And I'm not stopping him from going back to you, that's entirely up to Philip.
JULIE: Don't you tell me that you haven't been playing up to him!
BETH: All I've done is offer him some friendship. Which is much more than he gets from you. It's appalling the way you've treated him!
JULIE: The way *I've* treated him?!
BETH: He deserves better! He's been a good husband, and a great father. Everyone knows that. In fact, given what he's had to put up with, the man's been a saint! And what thanks does he get from you?! You kicked him out!
JULIE: You've only heard his side of the story!
BETH: Oh, save it! You're wasting your breath! You can't make me feel guilty for something I didn't do. You're responsible for your own life. I didn't play any part in your marriage breaking up.
The Office
Debbie has come to see Phil. They talk about the day's events and Phil tells her that Julie is in charge on discipline. Then Debbie tells him about the Beth factor. Phil is shocked, but says Julie would have found out sooner or later.
Coffee Shop
Annalise admits to Wayne that she hasn't got the PA job yet, but she didn't want to tell Gaby that. Now she has to learn to dress and act conservatively. She asks Wayne to help her get cultured. He reluctantly agrees.
WAYNE: Professor Higgins, what are you letting yourself in for?
ANNALISE: Who's he?
Ramsay Street
Debbie and Hannah are hiding from Julie, sitting on the pavement outside No.32. They agree they have to apologise to Julie for today. They hug, reluctant to face going into the house.
Coffee Shop
Gaby is carrying out her survey when Beth comes in. Beth sits down with Phil and Phil sends Gaby away.
On her way out, Annalise tells Gaby that Phil and Beth are definitely "on together". Gaby tells Annalise that she's just spreading gossip.
At the counter, Beth is telling Phil about her argument with Julie.
Debbie and Hannah have agreed to do all the household chores from now on and make Julie's life as easy as possible. But when they go into the house, Julie is sprawled on the sofa, tablets on the table. Debbie sends Hannah out the back to play, then frantically tries to wake Julie.
<<1984 - 1986>>
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