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Neighbours Episode 1984 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1983 - 1985>>
Episode title: 1984
Australian airdate: 19/08/93
UK airdate: 22/06/94
UK Gold: 08/06/00
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Kristy: Jodie Haigh
Female Customer: Lena Fiszman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phoebe quickly calls an ambulance then cradles Stephen in her arms. His eyes are still staring blindly upwards.
The Office
Beth comes to talk to Phil about her apprenticeship. Phil says he can always find her a job around the hotel, but Beth would rather stay in building. He invites her along on his outing with Debbie and Hannah.
Ramsay Street
Pam sees Stephen being loaded into an ambulance and runs out. She tells Phoebe that maybe Stephen pushed himself too hard with his walking. Wayne arrives at that moment too, and offers Phoebe a lift to the hospital, while Pam goes to look after Hope.
Julie is irritated that Phil is slightly late, but he does arrive and Hannah hugs him excitedly. He, Debbie and Hannah head off, with Julie warning him with hostility not to fill the girls with sweets or bring them home late.
Phoebe and Wayne are waiting for news about Stephen. Phoebe starts to explain about Mark, but Wayne already knows (Annalise told him). Phoebe worries that Stephen and Mark had a fight that provoked a fit in Stephen.
Coffee Shop
Julie sits down with Pam and Hope. She's in a very bad mood and rants about Phil a bit. Pam tells her about Stephen - Mark overhears and looks shocked. Pam and Julie get suspicious at Mark's questions and he finally tells them that he's Stephen's brother.
Amusement Park
Phil, Hannah and Debbie are on the toboggans having a great time. At the bottom of the run, Beth suddenly turns up. Debbie and Hannah are surprised and not too pleased that Phil has invited Beth along.
Carpenter's Cars
Lou tells Julie off for being late. She is not impressed.
Amusement Park - lake
Phil, Beth, Debbie and Hannah are on the pedalos. Beth says she'll head off soon. Debbie and Hannah to persuade Phil to go on "The Octopus".
When Phil and Hannah have gone off to get tickets for The Octopus, Debbie asks Beth why Phil invited her. She thinks it's rather strange. Beth says Phil was just trying to cheer her up after losing her job.
Stephen is still staring glass- eyed. Phoebe tells Wayne that Stephen has been under a lot of stress lately. Just then, Mark arrives. They tell him that Stephen might have had an epileptic fit and Phoebe tells Mark off for insisting on talking to Stephen at the house earlier, even after she'd warned him off. Mark assures her that Stephen wasn't upset when he left the house. Phoebe tells him to leave and Wayne backs her up.
Amusement Park
Debbie asks Phil if he is dating Beth. He tells Debbie that he's only human and gets lonely, but promises he's not goign to rush getting into another relationship.
Carpenter's Cars
Julie is showing an indecisive customer around some cars (apparently her husband is very picky). She is so irritated that she eventually tells her to get her husband to pick out his own car, or to leave him for someone with better taste(!) The woman storms off and Lou berates Julie. She starts to cry.
JULIE: Oh, Lou, it's all such a mess. Philip set out to make my life such a misery. And he's succeeding.
Coffee Shop, evening
Phil, Beth, Debbie and Hannah are ordering cake. Debbie asks Beth how it's working out with Stephen and Phoebe. They talk about how you know when a guy is right for you. Debbie tells her about Darren and how much she likes him. She shows Beth the friendship ring. They also talk about Rick the stalker, and Beth advises Debbie not to cut Rick off - a good friend is good to have.
Stephen still hasn't woken up. Phoebe and Wayne are waiting outside. Phoebe is worried about the insurance release - what if Stephen is permanently incapacitated - they can't claim again. Wayne guiltily tells her that he talked Stephen into signing the release form. She says Stephen would have signed it anyway.
Lou has brought Julie home and has made her a cup of tea. Julie is very upset and asks Lou for his advice on being a single parent. She thinks Debbie and Hannah are slipping away from her. Lou isn't sure what to stay and gets up to leave.
Just then, Phil, Debbie and Hannah come in, full of beans. Hannah is about to tell Julie that Beth came with them today, but Debbie heads her off.
Phil asks Julie if she's OK. He knows it's not easy for her to be on her own, and he hasn't seen a lawyer yet - he's still hoping for a reconciliation. Julie says she's managing fine without him.
PHIL: If that's the way you want it.
JULIE: The sooner we start legal proceedings, the better.
Coffee Shop
Mark asks Wayne if there's any news on Stephen. Mark says he's going to visit the hopsital again - he's family and Phoebe can't stop him! Wayne is not impressed and tells Mark to keep his distance. He accuses Wayne of having an affair with Phoebe, and Wayne is so affronted that he punches Mark in the stomach!
Phil and Beth are having a cup of coffee. As he leaves, Beth thanks him for a great day, and they end up kissing.
<<1983 - 1985>>
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