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Neighbours Episode 1983 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1983
Australian airdate: 18/08/93
UK airdate: 21/06/94
UK Gold: 07/06/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Cheryl Stark: Caroline Gillmer
Darren Stark: Scott Major
Louise Barker: Katrina McEwan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Stephen tells Wayne forcefully to take him home immediately. Wayne assumes that Stephen isn't feeling very well, but Annalise, who has just arrived, knows better. She goes over to Mark and he tells her he didn't even have a chance to talk to Stephen.
Gaby has also arrived at the party and tells Cheryl she hopes she's not trying to poach Marcel for the pub!
Lou tells Cheryl that a large party was not what he was expecting this evening. Cheryl fawns over Lou and Lauren looks on, confused.
Phoebe assures Wayne that Stephen will be fine and he goes back to the party. Stephen tells Phoebe in a monotone (not sure if that is intentional or bad acting!). Apparently his previous girlfriend (Libby) was killed on a night that Stephen was unable to drive her home because someone had spiked his drink. That someone was Mark - his brother. He explains that Marcel is really Mark Gottlieb.
STEPHEN: That guy is capable of anything.
Debbie is feeling guilty about stealing the CD, saying it's not really fair on the shopkeeper. Darren tells her how impressed he is though and they kiss. While they're kissing, Julie comes in and tells Darren to stop mauling Debbie(!) He goes home.
The party is still in full swing. Pam is telling Cheryl about Lou's relationship with Madge, and also Annalise. Pam thinks Lou is over both though. Gaby compliments "Marcel" on the food and tries to get his attention off Annalise.
Beth asks Doug what's happening with her apprenticeship, and isn't convinced when he says it'll be OK.
Julie warns Debbie not to get a reputation as "easy".
JULIE: It's so easy to let your morals slip.
DEBBIE: Well, you'd know about that.
JULIE: I beg your pardon?
DEBBIE: How moral was it to sleep with Dad, then kick him out? You were just using him for sex.
JULIE: That is entirely different!
DEBBIE: I wouldn't say it's setting a good example, would you?! It's like a one night stand, only worse!
JULIE: That's ridiculous!
DEBBIE: You can say what you like. I reckon it's disgusting.
Cheryl pays "Marcel" and thanks him for his work. Everyone has had a great time. Annalise invites "Marcel" to go out, much to Gaby's consternation.
Beth tells Lauren that she's had a postcard from Brad on the cruise, but Lauren hasn't had one.
In the kitchen, Lou helps Cheryl clear up.
CHERYL: Now, I have been waiting to get you alone all night.
She kisses him, and Lou doesn't protest.
LOU: Have you now?
He starts kissing her back, much to Lauren's confusion.
Coffee Shop
Annalise and Mark are talking about Stephen. He tells her about Libby's death and the practical joke. But his joke was only tangential to events - he wasn't directly involved. He was hoping to settle in to Erinsborough before going to see Stephen, but now he'll have to tackle things head- on.
Doug is telling Lou that he's not sure about Beth's employment. Lou says that even though Doug has sold to Constructacon, he should still be able to hire who he likes.
Everyone is leaving now. Cheryl sends Lauren off home while she and Lou "clear up". Lauren looks rather put out. When she's gone, Lou and Cheryl start kissing again.
No.32, the following morning
Darren apologises to Julie for upsetting her last night. He says he'll make sure not to "let his feelings get out of control" again. Julie is impressed and agrees to give him another chance. Hannah wants to invite Nicolas along to the amusement park with her and Phil this afternoon. Julie doesn't think this is a very good idea, so Hannah says brattily that she's not going to school unless Nicolas can come.
Rick has told Lauren about Debbie stealing the CD. Lauren suggests Rick talks to Julie and Phil about it, but he isn't sure.
Lou comes in, full of joys of spring.
LAUREN: You're chirpy.
LOU: Probably because I got out of the right side of bed this morning!
LAUREN:(darkly) Whose bed?
Rick decides to make a sharp exit. Lauren says she didn't hear Lou come in and says that at least Cheryl is better than Annalise, but thinks she's too upfront.
Coffee Shop
Gaby and Phoebe chat about "Marcel" and Phoebe says Gaby would do better not to get involved with him. Louise and Debbie come in and Louise says she'll give Debbie a list of CDs to steal! Rick tells Debbie that he knows about the CD stealing. She tells him to mind his own business.
Hannah has apparently been acting up at school and Julie has been asked to pick her up. They sit down in the living room.
JULIE: Darling, we have to talk.
HANNAH: I don't want to.
JULIE: I want to explain about Daddy and me, about what's happened to us. Maybe you don't really understand. Daddy and I have had a few problems lately...
HANNAH: I know, it scares me!
JULIE: Well, it scares me too, darling.
There's a knock at the door.
JULIE: But the thing is...we can't live together anymore.
HANNAH: He wants to come home!
JULIE: It just wouldn't work out. You see, things have been happening that you don't know about...
There's another knock at the door. Julie gets up to answer the door.
HANNAH: But we're talking!
She tips a table over in frustration.
Julie answers the door and it's Rick. Julie is not impressed and tries to shut the door on him, but he tells her he thinks Darren is getting Debbie into trouble. Julie is trying to get back to Hannah and tells Rick that she doesn't think Darren is any worse than Rick himself, and certainly has better manners!
Julie goes back into the living room and shouts at Hannah to go to her room.
Coffee Shop
Mark comes in. He asks Phoebe not to tell anyone that he's not really "Marcel". He asks her how Stephen is. She tells him with hostility the brief highlights of what Stephen's been through. He says he wants to talk things through with Stephen, but she is adamant that Stephen has no setbacks to his recovery.
Behind the bike sheds
Rick sees Debbie and Darren kissing and rolls his eyes. Wayne comes along and tells Debbie that her last assignment was a mess and takes her off to talk about it. Rick appeals to Darren not to lead Debbie astray - she's got enough problem with Phil and Julie splitting up. Darren says he has bigger thing in mind that just shop- lifting!
Stephen is walking a bit with Pam's help. As she's leaving, Mark comes round.
MARK: Hello, Steve- o.
STEPHEN: Get lost.
MARK: Come on, mate. We have to talk this through. This has gone on far too long.
STEPHEN: Get out of my house!
MARK: You're obviously over Libby's death, mate. You've married Phoebe! Now isn't it time you dropped your grudge against me?!
STEPHEN: You caused the death of the girl I loved! You expect me to just forget about it?! Say it doesn't matter anymore?! Well, I'm not going to! You killed her!
MARK: This has got to stop sometime!
STEPHEN: Not for you it doesn't, now just GET OUT!
Lauren answers the door to Cheryl, who is returning plates left over from the party.
LAUREN: I wish you'd stop chasing my dad. You're making a fool of yourself.
CHERYL: Oh, well...I can understand you being jealous.
LAUREN: Jealous?
CHERYL: Yes, well, you've had your Dad to yourself all this time, and now you don't want to share him with anyone else.
LAUREN: That is rubbish! I would be happy to see my father in a relationship with someone suitable.
CHERYL: Oh. but I'm not good enough?
LAUREN: No, you're not.
CHERYL: Well...I think that's something for Lou to decide.
She quietly walks out.
Hannah moans to Julie that she's bored sitting in her room. Debbie comes in and Julie tells her she's not sure it's good for her to be spending so much time with one boy at her age.
Doug is on the phone trying to arrange an apprenticeship for Beth with another company.
Ramsay Street
Pam sees Phoebe and tells her to make sure that Stephen doesn't rush his walking. She also mentions that "Marcel" has been round, and Phoebe is shocked. She races into the house.
Phoebe finds Stephen prone and unresponsive on the living room floor. His eyes are staring upwards.
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