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Neighbours Episode 1982 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1981 - 1983>>
Episode title: 1982
Australian airdate: 17/08/93
UK airdate: 20/06/94
UK Gold: 06/06/00
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Cheryl Stark: Caroline Gillmer
Darren Stark: Scott Major
Louise Barker: Katrina McEwan
Builder: Richie Akers
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cheryl asks Darren if he'll be in tonight as she's inviting a few people over for drinks and nibbles. Darren says he'll be hanging out with Debbie tonight. Cheryl warns him not to get into trouble.
Rick and Lauren are teasing Lou about Cheryl. He is irritated and says they are just friends and acquaintances.
Just then, Cheryl pops round to see Lou!
LOU: Ah, Cheryl, g'day, what a nice surprise.
Cheryl invites him round to dinner tonight, but he instantly says he is spending time with Lauren tonight, as he's been neglecting her lately. Lauren protests that there's no need, but then Cheryl invites Lauren and Rick along as well! Lauren says she'd be happy to come and Lou is forced to agree.
Pam is in a strop with Doug over Constructacon - what about the employees?! Not least Beth, who will never get another apprenticeship! She storms out, slamming the door.
Ramsay Street
Cheryl sees Pam and they have a chat about advertising in Erinsborough News. Cheryl invites Pam along to her place tonight.
Coffee Shop
Debbie comes in and tells Louise to stay away from Darren. She says Debbie had better try a bit harder to keep him!
Pam is assessing Stephen's muscle strength. He is still chuffed about catching the frisbee. Pam advises him to take things easy, although the signs are good.
Coffee Shop
Cheryl sees Mark in the coffee shop and he speaks to her with a terrible French accent. She offers him a job catering for a party at her house (15- 20 people).
Beth thanks Doug for not selling out to Constructacon, but he tells her he had to change his mind. She is horrified. Doug will try to get someone else to take Beth on.
Stephen has mastered lifting a glass. Phoebe opens a letter and delightedly tells Stephen that Lassiter's are settling out of court - for $67,000.
Debbie tells Darren off for going out with Louise. He says she's just a mate and it's no big deal. Rick sees this exchange and follows Debbie.
Phoebe and Stephen discuss what they could do with the money - like use it as a deposit on a mortgage. Stephen dreams about yachts and fast cars, but also likes the house idea. Phoebe says they could also invest in a business - maybe the Coffee Shop: they could make Cathy an offer for the lease.
Coffee Shop
Doug is trying to get Baker to take Beth on, but he is opposed to a female apprentice. As he's leaving, Lou comes in.
DOUG: Hey, you must be pleased with yourself!
LOU: What's that?
DOUG: Well, having your girlfriend move in to No.22.
LOU:(exasperated) She is not my girlfriend! And I wish everyone around here would get it through their thick skulls Cheryl and I are just mates and that's all. Everybody wants to turn this into the romance of the century!
DOUG: But it's only the romance of the year, right?!
Pam is not so sure that Phoebe should accept the $67,000 - if Stephen's condition got worse they'd need a lot more to support him through his life - they might be better off going to court.
Stephen is having similar thoughts as Pam about the $67,000. Wayne isn't convinced and tells Stephen to take the money.
Louise invites Darren along to the bike sheds for a smoke. Debbie says she'll come too. Rick sees this from a distance (he appears to be stalking Debbie!)
Rick tells Lauren that he's worried about Debbie - Darren has got her hanging out with the school yobbos. Lauren says she's sure Debbie will wake up - all Rick can do is keep an eye on her.
Lou and Lauren are just off to Cheryl's house. Lou isn't looking forward to it and Lauren promises to protect him from Cheryl(!)
Mark has done the cooking. Cheryl is offering nibbles to Doug, Pam and Wayne. Lou and Lauren arrive.
CHERYL: Let's party, the love of my life has arrived!
Wayne is attempting to speak French to Mark, and not doing very well. Cheryl tells Lou that tonight is a great opportunity for people to get to know them as a couple(!) Lauren laughs quietly.
Debbie, Darren and Louise are hanging out. Louise is very hostile towards Debbie and keeps trying to get Darren's attention.
Debbie has dressed Stephen in what looks like a curtain with horse- drawn wagons on it (I think it's a shirt). She moans about her apprenticeship loss. Phoebe comes in and Stephen tells her that they're going to Cheryl's party. He's arranged an agency babysitter. Phoebe tells him that maybe they should wait before accepting the money, but Stephen has apparently already signed the paperwork and posted it this afternoon! He assures her he's getting better every day - he'll be back on his feet soon.
Debbie is sulking at Darren and Louise getting on well together. Louise taunts Debbie, and just then Rick the stalker is seen in the background, watching. Louise dares Debbie to pinch a CD from a shop, and Debbie decides to do it! She is very nervous but doesn't get caught. Louise is very impressed, Rick less so.
Cheryl and Pam talk about recent events on the street (eg Lauren and Beth both being in love with Brad). Mark is serving food. Stephen, Phoebe and Beth arrive. Wayne calls "Marcel" (Mark) over to meet them. He and Stephen see each other and freeze.
<<1981 - 1983>>
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