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Neighbours Episode 1990 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1989 - 1991>>
Episode title: 1990
Australian airdate: 23/08/93
UK airdate: 24/02/94
UK Gold: 11/02/00
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Annalise is trying to flirt with Mark who is still pretending to be French. Helen comes in and Annalise introduces her to Mark.
Phil has packed his bags and has apparently decided to "go bush" for a few days. He assures Debbie that he'll be her dad forever and asks her to tell Hannah that he loves her. He's written a letter for Julie which he gives to Debbie. She hugs him goodbye, tearfully.
Phoebe is talking to a vegetative Stephen and Hope. She kisses him on the forehead but there isn't a flicker. Outside the room, Pam explains to Phoebe that there's nothing physically wrong with Stephen and the psychiatric hospital will be able to help him more. Phoebe is upset and says it's all Mark's fault.
Lauren is sketching when Rick comes in. He teases her about Connor and asks her to give him a driving lesson. She reluctantly agrees.
Phil is telling Gaby that he's going away for a few days. She takes it well and says she'll hold the fort at work. She's quite looking forward to being the boss(!)
Coffee Shop
Pam comes in with a load of red noses for a charity day. Mark comes in and asks Helen if Gaby is single or married. Annalise doesn't look interested and says Gaby is practically engaged to Wayne. Helen says that Gaby and Wayne have just split up(!)
Pam and Helen sit down at a table and talk about Phoebe. Mark overhears and asks what's going on with Stephen. Pam awkwardly tells him that things don't look good for Stephen - he might have to be placed in a psychiatric hospital.
Lou offers to fix Lauren's car. Rick moans about not having a driving lesson, but Lauren has to go food shopping.
Pam pops round and tries to sell Lou some red noses. He buys some to go on the cars down at the car yard. In conversation, he tells her that he and Cheryl have split up.
LOU: Sad, but some things just aren't meant to be.
Mark has arrived. He goes into Stephen's room.
MARK: Hello, Steve- o. It's me.
He invites Stephen to get angry with him or throw him out - just do *something*
MARK: You've got to get your act together, mate. If you don't, they're going to lock you up and throw away the key. This is serious. It's easy to get *into* one of these places, but it's not so easy to get out. You've got to fight this, Steve. Please. You mightn't care what hapeens to you, but I...a lot of people do. Think of your wife. Think of your kid. You've got to fight this, Steve. Come out here and fight it!
Darren is relaxing on the sofa listening to music. Debbie comes round looking upset and tells Darren than Phil has left. He comforts her. He says she needs something to cheer her up - and he knows just the thing. It'll be a major adventure. They kiss.
Mark is still talking to Stephen when Phoebe comes in. Mark is laughing about their real names - Freedom, Cosmic and Serendipity. Phoebe smiles in spite of herself.
MARK: The oldies loved us, Steve. They just had a funny way of showing it, mate.
He takes Stephen's hand.
MARK: And I love you, too. Trust me to wait until it's probably too late. I'd do anything to change what's happened, mate. I miss you. Please come back to me.
Phoebe looks impressed.
Mark turns round and sees her there. She tells him it's OK for him to be there. Stephen is still catatonic.
Car Yard
Lou is selling a woman a car. She wants to take it for a test drive, but Lou is on his own in the yard. She suggests she might go to a competitor, so Lou says they can go for a quick spin.
Mark is explaining his history with Stephen and how he wishes he's never spiked Stephen's drink - he was young and stupid. He wishes he could bring Libby back, but the accident happened and he can't undo it. Phoebe explains that Stephen helped her when she was at a low ebb.
MARK: Yeah? Well, now we have to help him.
Car Yard
Darren has stolen the key for a car from the Car Yard office and wants to take Debbie for a spin. She isn't sure, but he bundles her into the car. He drives off, tyres squealing.
Coffee Shop
Gaby comes in. Annalise sneers at her and insults Gaby's fashion sense. Gaby says she knows Annalise is jealous because Mark is interested in her. They bicker about him.
Car Yard
Lou is back from the test drive. The woman has decided to buy the car.
Just then, Rick and Lauren comes along and Rick asks where the blue Capri is.
The woman walks off, but Lou is too busy panicking about the missing car. Lauren says they'll call the police.
Phil tells Helen that he's going away for a few days and asks her to keep an eye on Julie for him. He's worried about her mental state. He gives Helen some bank books and insurance policies to give to Julie - for contingency planning.
Mark and Phoebe are discussing Stephen. While they're talking, Stephen comes out of his catatonia. They both rush over to him. Mark says he'll get a doctor. Stephen seems quite pleased to see Mark.
A road
Darren is driving erratically. Rick is also driving along and is shocked to spot the Ford Capri. He speeds up his own car to give chase.
<<1989 - 1991>>
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