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Neighbours Episode 1977 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1976 - 1978>>
Episode title: 1977
Australian airdate: 10/08/93
UK airdate: 13/06/94
UK Gold: 30/05/00
Writer: John Upton
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Darren Stark: Scott Major
Mr Filwick: Ross Daniels
Briggs: Jamie McGrath
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The Office
Wayne suggests to Gaby that they give their relationship another go. Maybe they could have dinner tonight or tomorrow. Gaby agrees to get back to him.
Coffee Shop
Rick is telling Phoebe that Darren and Debbie are finished, and he is very pleased. His face falls, however, when Debbie and Darren come in together. Debbie tells Rick that she's giving Darren a second chance!
Wayne is chatting with Stephen. Stephen keeps asking Phoebe to get things for him and she looks very tired. Stephen asks Beth about her new mystery man. She says it's no big deal and tells them to stop interrogating her.
Debbie is studying at the kitchen table when Rick comes in. He asks her why she's giving Darren another chance - Darren is conning her. Debbie gets cross and says that Rick is jealous of Darren. Rick stomps off.
The Office
The Head Chef has come to resign because he hasn't had his promised pay- rise from Paul.
Phoebe is folding laundry. Wayne has helped Stephen into bed and tells Phoebe that Stephen won't get more independent while she is doing everything for him. He says he'll help out as much as he can though.
Lassiter's, the following morning
Gaby is on the phone to a reruitment agency, asking them to find them a new chef. Rick comes to talk to Phil about Darren being in a detention centre and that he's a creep. Phil says everyone deserves a second chance, especially if the person wants to reform. He thinks that Rick is just jealous of Darren.
Debbie and Darren arrive. They see Wayne and Darren asks if he can help him to catch up. Wayne agrees to give Darren special coaching if he needs it. They help Wayne with some boxes of books and as they walk off, Wayne's wallet falls to the ground. Darren quietly picks up the wallet and puts it in his pocket - witnessed by Rick who is several yards away, watching.
Stephen is running Phoebe ragged. She is very stressed out and points out that she's late for work again. He asks her to make him a cup of coffee, but she says she can't as she's so late.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is serving Beth. She makes some pointed comments about Beth's "mystery man". When Beth has gone and Phoebe comes in, Annalise tells her that she reckons Beth and Phil are definitely on together! Phoebe says it isn't true - she asked Beth about it.
Darren tells Debbie that she's really helping him at school. When he's gone, a boy come over and asks for a money for a charity collection. Debbie gives him some money, but Wayne can't find his wallet. Rick overhears and tells Wayne to ask Darren. Debbie leaps to Darren's defence, but Rick counters that he *saw* Darren stealing the wallet.
Phil and Beth are having a picnic. They chat about their various problems - eg Julie wanting to withdraw Phil's access to Hannah. Beth says things will be more difficult between Phil and Julie if the lawyers get involved. Phoebe comes out and sees them, and they jump guiltily.
Darren breaks into Debbie's locker, puts some things in it, then grins to himself. Rick comes over and has a dig at him.
Stephen is moaning at Phoebe for being late home. She says they were busy at the shop and couldn't get away.
Beth comes in. Phoebe asks her again if there's anything going on with Phil. Beth angrily tells her that there's nothing going on.
Coffee Shop
Annalise and Gaby are sniping at each other when Beth storms in. She tells Annalise off for gossiping about her, calls her pathetic, and then storms out. Annalise tells Gaby there really must be something going on with Phil if Beth is getting so upset!
Wayne arrives home and has a chat to Stephen about doing as much as possible for himself. He thinks Phoebe is looking a bit worn out and Stephen gets very cross, saying he's doing the best he can.
Phil comes out of the office to find Beth standing outside, thinking. He invites her to dinner one night but Beth says she doesn't think it's a good idea - some people are getting the wrong idea about them. Phil is surprised to hear that people are talking. Beth says if Phil's going to get back with Julie, hot gossip won't help.
Rick tells Wayne that he saw Darren put something in Debbie's locker. Darren says that it's fine to open the locker and have a look. Debbie does so, and finds some flowers inside! Rick rolls his eyes.
The Office
Gaby tells Phil that the agency are sending some potential chefs over for interview. Phil asks her if she's heard any gossip about him and Beth. He explains that Beth helps him to understand how Debbie is feeling because she's close to Debbie's age. Also she's good company for Phil - but that's it, they're just friends. Gaby tells Phil candidly that Beth has been through a lot of heartache, and Phil has a lot to get through with Julie. Until that is sorted, it would probably be best if Phil didn't see *anyone* - even as mates.
Stephen is still running Phoebe off her feet. Just then, the baby starts crying. Stephen stretches for his magazine and knocks some groceries to the floor. The mess is the final straw for Phoebe and she flops down in a chair and starts to cry.
<<1976 - 1978>>
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