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Neighbours Episode 1976 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1976
Australian airdate: 09/08/93
UK airdate: 10/06/94
UK Gold: 29/05/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Cheryl Stark: Caroline Gillmer
Darren Stark: Scott Major
Tax Collector no.1: David English
Tax Collector no.2: Phillip Constan
Kristy: Jodie Haigh
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Michael tells Debbie that Darren Stark is bad news.
- "Freddo" comes round to see Michael and Debbie invites him in.
- Julie and Phil argue over custody of Hannah.
- Cathy tells Rick that he either moves in with Lou, or moves to Sydney.
- Ned tells Doug that he owes the government $70,000 in tax.
Ramsay Street
The Starks are unpacking and Julie is having a bit of a stickybeak at their furniture. Wayne walks by and tells her that Cheryl is fine, and so is her furniture.
Debbie goes over to say hello to Darren and he introduces her to Cheryl. She says Debbie is much nicer than Darren's usual girlfriends(!)
Julie comes over and warns Cheryl that this is a quiet neighbourhood, but Cheryl says there's plenty of time to be quiet when you're dead(!)
Doug is hoping Ned is joking about the $70,000. Pam is looking through the books trying to work out what's gone wrong, as she always checks the certification of the sub- contractors. But suddenly she has an idea - maybe they could ask for a fresh audit with a new inspector. They could appeal on the grounds that Ned knows them personally and has it in for them. Doug isn't sure - he prefers to cut their losses and pay up, though he doesn't know where they'll get the money.
Lauren moans at Rick for getting the shower mat soaking wet.
RICK: It's not my fault Brad ran away to sea...probably got sick of you nagging him about shower curtains!
When Lauren has gone, Rick asks Lou is Lauren is OK about him staying with them. Lou says that everything will be fine, he just needs to get on Lauren's good side. He suggests telling her a few jokes.
Hannah gets a jigsaw out and Julie tells her off for making a mess. Phil comes to the door and Hannah greets him excitedly. She asks if they can go to the movies today. Julie crossly tells Hannah to put the jigsaw away and tells Phil he's trying to turn Hannah against her. Then she stomps off.
Rick asks Lou what jokes Lauren might like. He says she used to laugh at Harry the Frog when she was young.
Cheryl pops round to see Lou. He's appalled to hear that she has moved in next door.
CHERYL: I reckon we'll be seeing quite a bit of each other, eh?!
Pam says that any reasonable auditor would see that she and Doug had acted in good faith. He is still adamant that he doesn't want another audit though, in case the fine is worse.
Lauren is cleaning her riding boots looking rather cross. Rick watches on, making a smoothie. She puts her hand in the other riding boot and jumps, then screams - it seems Rick has put a plastic spider in it! Lauren is not impressed and puts the spider in the blender with Rick's smoothie and turns it on! Lou comes along, and before Rick can protests, takes a glass of spider smoothie! Lauren is amused by this, despite herself!
Cheryl tells Darren that he has to go back to school. He reckons he's finished with school and doesn't want to go back.
Debbie pops round and invites Darren to lunch today. Cheryl enlists Debbie's help in persuading Darren to go back to school. She thinks it's a great idea - they could hang out together all day!
The Office
Pam comes to see Phil about their tax problem. Hannah sits in the background and moans. Phil says that it's a good idea to ask for a second opinion - they usually give a fair hearing.
Wayne tells the kids that they have a new classmate - Darren Stark! He opens Darren's file and reads a bit, then winces(!) Debbie looks shocked.
Coffee Shop
Phil and Hannah are talking. Hannah wants Phil to come home and live with them, or for her and Debbie to come and live with him. She doesn't like living with Julie anymore as she's always cross. They head off to the cinema.
Debbie has realised that "Freddo" is actually Darren Stark - the one that Michael warned her about! She tells Darren to get lost, then goes off with Rick.
Pam calls the Tax Office to lodge a complaint.
Coffee Shop
Debbie tells Rick that he was right not to like "Freddo". She tries to tug the friendship ring off, but it won't come off. She heads off home to soak her hand!
Darren is ingratiating himself with Julie, saying that Michael has tried to turn him against Debbie. Debbie comes in at this moment and goes straight to the sink to tug the friendship ring off. Julie, however, forces her to sit down and hear what Darren has to say.
Some tax people have come to pick up the books. They tell them they'll hear in a few days' time.
Debbie is adamant that Michael wouldn't lie to her. Hannah comes in excitedly with a bagful of sweets. She hugs Phil and begs him to stay for dinner. Julie crossly sends Hannah off to her room.
JULIE: Well. You've had all day to poison her against me. Obviously you didn't waste it.
PHIL: Come on.
DEBBIE: If you two are going at it again, I'm out of here.
She walks off.
JULIE: She's been in the door 30 seconds and already she's throwing a tantrum. You run her ragged all day, then you bring her home, tired and cranky...
PHIL: That had nothing to do with it! She's upset because of us! She's hurt and she's confused...she doesn't understand what's going on, and quite frankly, neither do I! If we can sit down and talk like civilised human beings, we could work out what our problem is!
JULIE: The problem is, Philip, is that you're trying to win my daughter away from me.
PHIL: Why?! Because I could actually be bothered to spend a bit of time with her, you should try it some time!
JULIE: I give her all the time I can manage. So if you bring her home in this state again, it's the last time you'll be seeing her.
PHIL: Well, that's not up to you, is it?! I mightn't have custody - yet - but I do have rights. You make one move to stop me from seeing Hannah and you'll find out what a real fight is!
He storms out.
Cheryl has come over to borrow a cup of sugar from Lou and to ask if he'll help her set up her video. He tells her that videos are a total mystery to him and then ushers her out of the door!
LOU:(to Lauren) Never leave me alone with that woman again, never ever!
Lauren asks Lou is Rick has been to the fridge. Lou says Rick has taken a slice of cheesecake to his room.
RICK:(off- screen) Oh, yuck!!
LAUREN:(grinning) Bingo!
It seems Lauren has put a plastic dead mouse in Rick's cheesecake. Lauren says it's payback for the spider in the riding boot.
RICK: This is war!
A road
Darren sees Debbie and tells her he's fallen in love with her. He says he'll do anything - even make up with Michael - he needs Debbie to help him to break away from his past.
DEBBIE: Darren...
DARREN: If you end this, Deb, I don't know what I'll do.
DEBBIE: Look, I do care about you...
DAREEN: You won't be sorry, Deb. I promise you won't be sorry.
<<1975 - 1977>>
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