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Neighbours Episode 1964 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1963 - 1965>>
Episode title: 1964
Australian airdate: 22/07/93
UK airdate: 25/05/94
UK Gold: 11/05/00
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Jack Parker: Phillip Parslow
Summary/Images by: Sal
Number 32
Julie tells Philip that she wants him out of her life.
PHILIP: (arrogantly) You couldn't live without me.
JULIE: We'll see, won't we?
PHILIP: (shocked) ...you're serious?
Julie tells him that she's sick of pretending and that their marriage isn't working. She goes past him, and he desperately grabs at her arm to stop her from leaving. She pulls away from him.
JULIE: I thought you'd be happy! Now you have all the time you want to spend at your precious job.
PHILIP: (stunned) This isn't about my job!
JULIE: Isn't it? See! That's just so typical. You know everything.
Philip angrily tells her that she hasn't been the same since she got back from Queensland.
PHILIP: Something happened up there, and that's obvious! If you'd just tell me what it is maybe we can work it out!
JULIE: There's nothing to tell and nothing to work out!
Julie stands with her back to him and folds her arms. Philip grabs her and pulls her round so she's facing him, and then pulls her close to him.
JULIE: (angrily) WELL, I DON'T LOVE YOU! ...not any more.
She pulls out of his grip.
JULIE: Get what you need, and go.
Philip is stunned.
Lassiter's Office Reception
Gaby is finalising the deal with Hoskins over the phone. She hangs up and Pam and Doug walk in. She asks how the scuba diving session was and Doug raves about it. Pam looks more uncertain.
DOUG: You should've seen your mother. I reckon she must've been Flipper in a previous life!
They talk about the various techniques they've learnt, including buddy breathing where you have to share the same mouthpiece. Gaby laughs - they said they wanted togetherness, and she doubts you can get much more together than that! Pam says it's not very hygenic!
Doug says that you have to have a buddy you can trust, and he wouldn't fancy having to do it with Ned. Pam says that the only time Ned shut up was when he had the regulator in his mouth! Gaby wonders who Ned is, and they explain that he's a know-it-all on the course who thinks he's an expert on everything.
Doug suggests that they go out for tea, but Pam's working the night shift. He nips off to the Coffee Shop to get a quiche for tea. Gaby talks to Pam about the lesson, and Pam says that she was glad that they were only in the pool - the thought of diving in the ocean is too much for her. Gaby suggests that she tell Doug, but Pam feels that she can't.
Number 32 - Hallway
Debbie and Hannah arrive home.
HANNAH: Can I borrow your new scrunchie?
DEBBIE: As if!
HANNAH: I bought it!
DEBBIE: Look, do the world a favour, all right? Drop dead!
The pair threaten to tell on each other and start yelling for their parents.
Number 32 - Kitchen
Debbie and Hannah enter the kitchen, still yelling, and Philip yells at them to shut up. He's sitting somberly at the table and Julie is standing to one side. Hannah goes to stand by Julie but the children quickly register that something's amiss.
DEBBIE: What's going on?
PHILIP: (coldly, looking at Julie) I think you should tell them, don't you?
JULIE: Kids...
Julie pauses for a while.
JULIE: ...your father and I have decided to separate.
DEBBIE: (shocked) What?
JULIE: He'll be living at Lassiter's for the time being.
HANNAH: No, Daddy, please don't go!
Hannah looks distraught and wraps her arms around Philip. He tells her it'll be ok.
DEBBIE: (upset) But, you can't separate.
JULIE: I'm afraid it's not up to you, Debbie. We think this'll be best for everyone.
PHILIP: (angrily, low) This is *your* decision, Julie. Don't you dare, for one minute, implicate me. This is what *you* want.
HANNAH: Please don't go, Daddy, please!
Hannah clings onto Philip. Philip glares at Julie. Julie looks unnerved by how upset Hannah is.
Lassiter's Manager's Office
Jack walks in and looks at the chart on the wall. He spies Gaby in the office, who's getting ready to call it a day. Jack is surprised - he thought that Gaby would be burning the midnight oil as Philip is currently ahead in the competition. He warns her that if they stay the same by the morning, Philip will get the job. Gaby says she's got something planned.
GABY: Philip's in for quite a shock in the morning!
Lassiter's Office Reception
Gaby walks through and Jack follows, commenting on how confident she sounds. Gaby says that she's always believed that if you want something badly enough, if you pull out all of the stops, you'll get it.
GABY: I really want this job.
JACK: I've gathered that.
Gaby invites Jack for a drink and they leave.
Number 32 - Hallway
Julie asks Debbie how Hannah is. Debbie says that Philip's managed to calm Hannah down a bit.
JULIE: I'd better talk to her.
DEBBIE: (nearly crying) No, I wouldn't - you'll just upset her again.
JULIE: Deb, you don't understand. It is better this way. For all of us.
DEBBIE: (tearfully) No, you're right - I don't understand!
Number 32 - Kitchen
Debbie and Julie walk into the kitchen.
DEBBIE: (cont.) And Hannah doesn't either! You think she was having problems before when she was wetting the bed? What do you reckon this is going to do to her?!
Julie says that Debbie understands how bad things have been in the house, and the arguments that she and Philip have been having.
JULIE: Ever since Michael came back, your father always puts him first.
DEBBIE: Oh, that is a lie and you know it! Dad's done everything he can to keep this family together - you're the one who's been causing all the arguments!
This touches a nerve with Julie, and she bristles.
JULIE: That's not true.
DEBBIE: He always gives in to you - everytime! Michael would be coming home at weekends if it wasn't for you!
JULIE: Don't talk to me like that-
DEBBIE: (interrupting) Oh, why shouldn't I?! You're not my real mother; THANK GOD!
JULIE: (shocked, quietly) Debbie.
DEBBIE: What are you going to do?! Kick me out too?! I'm not going to give you that pleasure. I'm going to live with Dad.
JULIE: (angrily) That suits me fine!
Hospital - Stephen's Room
Pam is checking Stephen's blood pressure. She tells him that she heard about his decision to go to the rehab centre. Pam queries it, and says that there's no reason why his marriage to Phoebe can't survive. Stephen is sceptical.
PAM: You know she's out there? She's been coming everyday even though you refuse to see her.
Pam thinks that Stephen should at least talk to her - he owes her that much. Stephen says that he's finding it hard enough to cope as it is; he doesn't need Phoebe putting emotional pressure on him too. Stephen angrily tells Pam that Phoebe wants to play nurse - but she can't work miracles.
PAM: So what do you want me to tell her?
STEPHEN: Tell her to go home.
Hospital - Corridor
Phoebe is waiting. Pam comes out, and tells Phoebe that Stephen won't see her. Phoebe is disappointed.
Number 32
Philip is carrying his stuff out from the bedroom. Hannah is clinging onto him, begging him not to leave. He tells her that he won't be far away - he's staying at the hotel.
HANNAH: I don't want you to go at all.
PHILIP: Neither do I.
HANNAH: Then stay!
PHILIP: I can't.
HANNAH: Why not?!
Philip doesn't have an answer for this, and Hannah bursts into tears. He hugs her tightly, asking where his brave girl is. Debbie and Julie come in. Julie takes Hannah away, telling her not to make such a fuss.
JULIE: (to Philip) Would you hurry up?
PHILIP: I'm going.
DEBBIE: Can I come with you?
PHILIP: (surprised) What?
DEBBIE: I don't want to stay here.
JULIE: Don't look at me; she can do what she likes.
Philip says that Debbie can, but she needs to give him a day or so to work things out. Debbie wants to go with Philip now, but he tells her she can't.
HANNAH: (tearfully) Why does he have to go at all?!
DEBBIE: (annoyed, to Julie) Yes, tell us - why does he have to go?!
JULIE: I thought you were explaining things to her.
PHILIP: What?! I don't know what to explain?!
JULIE: Just go, will you?
HANNAH: Daddy!
PHILIP: I hope you're pleased with yourself.
He opens the door.
Number 32 - Outside
Philip walks out through the door. At the last minute, Julie chases after him. He turns back, but she just wants the keys to the house(!)
PHILIP: You're kidding.
Julie holds her hand out. Philip takes the house keys off his keyring.
PHILIP: I don't believe this. You're incredible.
He ignores Julie's outstretched hand and slats the keys on the floor. He stalks off, and Hannah - who's still crying - tries to run after him. Julie stops her and pushes her back into the house.
Number 26
Helen is having a sherry when Debbie runs in, upset. They both apologise about the other night. Helen quickly registers that Debbie is very upset.
HELEN: What's wrong?
DEBBIE: It's Mum and Dad. Mum's kicked Dad out. They've split up.
HELEN: What?!
DEBBIE: I thought you should know.
Helen is confused and wants to know what's happened. Debbie says she doesn't know and explains what Julie said about Philip taking Michael's side, but tells Helen that it isn't true. Helen agrees, saying that Philip's always accepted Julie's refusal to have Michael in the house.
DEBBIE: She's just being such a bitch!
HELEN: Talking like that will not help.
DEBBIE: Yeah, well, it's true. She hates me and I hate her. I'm going to live with Dad as soon as I can.
HELEN: Where is he now?
DEBBIE: At Lassiter's.
HELEN: Well, I'll go and talk to him first. Give Julie a chance to calm down.
Debbie thanks Helen and the pair hug.
Hospital - Corridor
Pam is surprised to see Phoebe still waiting, and thinks that she should go home, warning her that Stephen won't see her. Phoebe says that she's been thinking and reckons she might have made a mistake in marrying Stephen. Pam is shocked, but Phoebe explains that she was 17, pregnant and getting over losing Todd - maybe it was the easy way out. Phoebe admits that she didn't know if she was in love then or not - but she knows that she is now.
PHOEBE: I really do love Stephen and I'm not going to lose him.
Phoebe says that just as she knows that, Stephen's realised that he doesn't love her. Phoebe morosely says that it's funny how things turn out.
Lassiter's - Philip's Hotel Room
To Philip's surprise, Helen has come to visit. She tells him that she's just spoken to Debbie.
HELEN: (worriedly) Philip, what's going on?
PHILIP: Beats me, Helen. Julie told me she wanted me out - here I am.
Helen thinks there must've been more to it than that. She tells Philip that Debbie mentioned an argument about Michael, but Philip tells her that there's always an argument just lately.
Helen urges Philip to go back and to talk to Julie calmly. Philip levelly tells Helen that he's already tried to reason with her. Philip says that it can't be down to Michael - he already had to tell the poor kid that he couldn't come home at the weekends; what more did Julie want?
PHILIP: The last thing I want is for my marriage to fall apart. Hannah was hysterical. I tried to explain things to her but...how do you explain this to an 8 year old? Besides, I'm not really sure what's behind it myself. Julie hasn't been normal since she came back from Queensland.
Helen thinks that finding out the truth about Jim must've been traumatic for Julie. Philip agrees, and says that he's tried to be there for her but Julie hasn't wanted to talk to him about it.
HELEN: Philip, Julie is strong-willed but she isn't stupid. Now, she knows how much you love her and she loves you.
PHILIP: She demanded I hand over the house keys before I left. That's hardly the gesture of someone open to conciliation.
PHILIP: (sighing) Oh, Helen. Maybe it is something to do with me and I just can't see it. I don't know what I'm going to do next.
HELEN: Just give her some time, Philip. I'll talk to her.
Number 28
Pam calls that breakfast has been made, but Gaby reckons she hasn't got time. Doug asks Gaby what's happening with the Waterhole reconstruction. Gaby tells him that no-one has looked at the tenders yet. Doug asks for a bit of inside information to give him a chance at winning it. Gaby says she can't - it's not ethical. She points out that it might not be up to her anyway, not if Philip keeps his job.
PAM: Oh, I thought you were confident?
GABY: Well, I am. But I didn't see much of him yesterday - maybe he's up to something.
DOUG: Some last minute deal?
GABY: Could be. But he's in for a surprise if he's counting on Hoskins and Associates - I've manged to steal them my way!
PAM: (unimpressed) You've poached one of his clients?! What were you just saying about ethics?!
GABY: This is different.
PAM: I don't see how.
Gaby says that she is the best person for the job - so if she has to cut a few corners to ensure that she gets it, she will. Pam carries on rebuking her, but Gaby just thinks that Pam doesn't understand! She rushes out.
PAM: Remind me never to work for her.
DOUG: Likewise!
The phone goes and Doug answers it - it's Ned from the diving course. He rang to tell them the location of the next dive. Pam is upset to hear that they're moving to a bay instead of staying in the pool. She tells Doug that she's not going, and blames it on Ned. Doug is upset - if Pam doesn't go, he can't go as they're buddies. Pam doesn't say anything.
Number 32
Hannah is pushing her cornflakes around her bowl. Julie enthusiastically talks about them going to a circus over in Elliot Park. Hannah isn't interested - all she wants to do is see Philip. Julie tells her that she can't, and they're going to the circus.
HANNAH: Why can't I see Daddy?!
JULIE: I told you you can't. That's all there is to it. Now hurry up.
Debbie walks in, having overheard the conversation.
DEBBIE: Why can't she see Dad? She's not the neurotic cow that kicked him out.
Julie tells Debbie that she won't stand for much more of her backtalk. Debbie says that Julie can't tell her what to do.
DEBBIE: I'm just waiting for Dad to find somewhere and then you won't see me for dust!
HANNAH: I want to see Daddy!
The girls both look surprised and are quiet. Julie tells Hannah that Philip is always at work, so he wouldn't have time to see her anyway(!) She tells them to eat up and get dressed (well, she threatens more than tells) as they're all going to the circus. Julie stalks out. Debbie and Hannah both look upset and Debbie puts a reassuring hand on Hannah's shoulder.
Lassiter's Manager's Office
Philip is in the office and Gaby cheerfully walks in. Philip is subdued. Gaby quizzes him to see if he's set up any other deals, considering how he disappeared yesterday but Philip is distracted.
PHILIP: I had something else on my mind.
GABY: (scoffing) Jack Parker's going to decide who gets the job and you've had something else on your mind?! No wonder the company's going down the tubes. Everything's more important to you than the business!
PHILIP: (angrily) Just SHUT UP!
GABY: Oooooooooooo, touchy!
PHILIP: Julie's kicked me out of my home! I could lose my family - I could lose my kids! That's much more important to me than this DAMN job! But I'm sure, if you have your way, I'll lose that too. You'll be happy then, I suppose.
He walks out. Gaby looks stunned.
Hospital - Stephen's Room
Stephen is sitting up in a chair. Pam walks in with some magazines for him. He's pleased as he was bored witless. He talks about Phoebe, wishing she'd accept their situation and give up.
PAM: Like you have?
STEPHEN: Yeah, that's right.
Pam tries to talk to Stephen but he's not interested in her changing his mind. He comments that Wayne has already tried - he doesn't need it off Pam too.
PAM: I just think you should know how she feels-
STEPHEN: I *know* how she feels! She feels sorry for me! She's prepared to wreck her own life to play nurse to a cripple!
Pam says that Phoebe loves him and wants to help him. She points out that there's every chance that he'll fully recover. Stephen glumly says there's also every chance that he won't. Pam says that if Stephen had seen how upset Phoebe was last night, he wouldn't be doing this.
STEPHEN: Do you honestly think I enjoy upsetting Phoebe?! But this is nothing compared to what's in store for her if I let her stick around! I love her too much to put her through that.
PAM: So you're prepared to sacrifice your marriage?
STEPHEN: It's the best solution. For everybody.
Number 32
Julie answers the door to Helen. Julie says she won't offer Helen a drink as they're just off to the circus. Helen says it's fine.
HELEN: Darling, I know about you and Philip splitting up.
JULIE: So this is the lecture, is it?
JULIE: Talk it over, couldn't be that bad, pull yourselves together - that sort of thing?
Helen says that what Philip and Julie do is their own business, but she's worried about the children. Julie insists that they're fine. Helen says she didn't get that impression from Debbie or Philip.
JULIE: And you believe them over me?
Helen says that it's always sad when people split up, but it's the kids who suffer. Julie thinks they'll get over it. She tells Helen that things couldn't continue the way they had been doing. Julie makes her excuses, saying they have to leave.
HELEN: Darling, what's behind all this? I've asked Philip and he doesn't seem to know.
JULIE: Well, if he spent more time here, he might! Thanks for popping in, but this really isn't any of your business.
Helen walks out!
Hospital - Stephen's Room
Pam and Stephen are still arguing over the situation with Phoebe. Pam urges him not to turn his accident into an even greater tragedy by destroying what he and Phoebe have got together.
STEPHEN: Look at me! I can't dress myself properly, can't wash myself, I can't even go to the toilet! If we make a clean break now, then Phoebe can find someone else to spend the rest of her life with. Because as I am, I can't offer her any life at all!
Pam says that Phoebe is entitled to know how Stephen feels and why he's behaving the way he is. Stephen tells her not to say a word to Phoebe.
STEPHEN: I know I'm doing the right thing. This conversation NEVER happened.
Pam looks defeated.
Lassiter's Manager's Office
Jack and Philip are waiting for Gaby. Philip is staring at his family photo. Philip tells Jack that Gaby went to a meeting, but he doesn't know any details. Jack says that makes sense - as far as he knew, Gaby was hoping to pull a deal out of the bag. He also says that Gaby knew they were on for 11am as a deadline.
PHILIP: Did she say with who?
JACK: I'm sorry?
PHILIP: The client. Did she say who it was?
JACK: Oh, er, Hoskins and Partners, I think.
Philip puts his head in his hand when he realises that Gaby's poached his deal. Jack says that Paul's expecting to hear from him in the half hour. Jack notices that Philip doesn't look too good, but Philip waves it off.
Gaby walks in holding a deal. She apologises, saying she got caught in traffic. Jack asks how she went - as it currently stands, Philip's in the lead. Gaby says Mr Hoskins signed on the dotted line. Jack congratulates her and says it puts a whole new perspective on the situation. Philip looks sick.
GABY: Hang on a sec, Jack. I don't think you understand - Hoskins is Philip's client.
Philip looks gobsmacked.
GABY: (cont.) He did all the ground work. He should get the credit for it.
JACK: Are you sure? You signed the deal.
GABY: Of course I'm sure. I'm just the delivery girl.
A shocked Philip is told by Jack the job is still his.
PHILIP: (quietly) Thanks.
Gaby smiles at him.
Number 32
Hannah is sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of milk. Julie shouts for Debbie to hurry up. Julie starts doing Hannah's hair, and talks about the circus. Hannah is dying to see Philip, but Julie is adamant that she isn't going to see him. Julie tells Hannah that Philip's at work, but Hannah points out that they've been to his office loads of times in the past.
JULIE: We're not going today.
HANNAH: (obstinately) Then I'm not going to the dumb circus.
JULIE: Yes, you are.
HANNAH: No, I'm not.
JULIE: Yes, you are.
HANNAH: Am not.
JULIE: And you're going to enjoy yourself!
HANNAH: Am not.
JULIE: (annoyed) YES, you are!
HANNAH: (calmly) No, I'm not.
Hannah picks up her glass of milk and deliberately throws it down her own jumper. Julie squeals in horror, just as Debbie walks in. Julie is furious and raises a hand to strike Hannah. Debbie yells out, causing Julie to stop.
DEBBIE: (threateningly) Don't you EVER touch her!
Lassiter's Manager's Office
Philip and Gaby are talking. Philip is confused - Gaby could've had the job off him. Gaby says that he's had a lot on his mind, so it wasn't a fair contest.
PHILIP: Well, I owe you an apology for what I was thinking about you.
They both laugh. Jack walks in, having come off the phone to Paul. He explains that Paul doesn't believe that Philip and Gaby can work together, so following Philip's win, Jack's been instructed to sack Gaby. Gaby is shocked.
<<1963 - 1965>>
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