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Neighbours Episode 1963 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1962 - 1964>>
Episode title: 1963
Australian airdate: 21/07/93
UK airdate: 24/05/94
UK Gold: 10/05/00
Writer: John Upton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Darren Stark: Scott Major
Bryant Gallagher: Anthony Evans
Prison Officer: Norbert Von Zum Hof
Superintendent: Donald Hirst
Ned Miles: Greg Francis
Diving Instructor: Rick Fletcher
- "Holy Grail" by Hunters And Collectors
- "Dream On (Kathys Song)" by Jenni Forbes
- "Pressure Sway" by Machinations
- "Juice" by Headless Chickens
- "Dumb Things" by Paul Kelly
- "Happy Hoedown" by Duncan Lamont
- "One Over The Eight" by Leslie Pearson
- "I Lied" by The Killjoys
- "Voodoo" by Zoo
Summary/Images by: Sal
Detention Centre - Basketball Court
Michael shoves Darren into the fence. The two lads start to fight, and Darren grabs Michael in a headlock. Michael gets out of it by lifting Darren's leg up to get him off balance and then throwing him back into the fence. Darren kicks Michael repeatedly as Michael lowers his head to grapple Darren around the waist.
Darren spies an officer (Mr Murphy), who's caught sight of the fight, and dramatically throws himself across the basketball court, pretending that Michael has hit him. Whilst he's lying on the floor, Darren "begs" Michael not to kick him, putting on a good show for Mr Murphy.
DARREN: (to the officer) He just grabbed me, started laying into me!
Michael lunges for Darren and the officer quickly jumps between them and breaks them up. Darren tells Mr Murphy that he didn't do anything, and it was all Michael. Mr Murphy tells them that the Superintendent will take care of it, and leads them both away by the scruff of their shirts.
Coffee Shop
Some customers pay Annalise and then leave. Annalise looks at the tip they've left and then turns to Rick.
ANNALISE: Cheapskate! A 20 cent tip!
RICK: Well, they didn't look that flush to me, Annalise.
ANNALISE: Yeah, but what about *me*?!
Annalise says that she's working for the tips - Phoebe's still collecting the wage.
RICK: You are great for helping Phoebe out.
ANNALISE: No, I'm not - I'm an idiot!
Annalise says that she's still got to live.
Coffee Shop - Kitchen
Rick follows Annalise into the kitchen. Annalise wonders about gold-digging with a bloke again. Rick says that the men would just be using Annalise, but Annalise points out that she'd be using them in return - and they'd both be having a fantastic time! Rick rolls his eyes!
Annalise says that she can't survive on tips, so she definitely needs a proper job. Rick wonders if the PR job that Jack tried to set up for her at Lassiter's will come off. Annalise says it's already sunk.
ANNALISE: They tried to screw me on the terms. Told Philip to go jump.
Rick spies Debbie at the counter and goes back through to the shop.
Coffee Shop
Debbie is looking miserable. Rick wonders if she's missing Jonathon. Debbie shakes her head and tells him that Sarah phoned her, and she's enjoying her new school.
RICK: So um, if it's not Jonathon, what's the catastrophe?
DEBBIE: Just my family.
RICK: Tell me about it. Same as usual?
DEBBIE: Worse.
Debbie explains about Michael getting weekend release and Julie refusing to let him come home. Rick doesn't say a word.
DEBBIE: (astonished) Are you on her side too?!
RICK: No, I'm not, Deb. But you've got to admit - it's typical of Michael. Whenever he's involved, there always seems to be people fighting.
Debbie looks hurt.
Detention Centre - Superintendent's Office
Michael, Darren and Mr Murphy (the officer who broke up the fight) are all talking to the Superintendent. Michael explains that Darren was going on about his family and needling him. Darren loudly protests that Michael is lying.
SUPERINTENDENT: What about your family?
MICHAEL: That they're glad I'm locked up in here. Stuff like that!
SUPERINTENDENT: (to Darren) Well?
DARREN: He's trying to turn it around, sir. He wanted a fight, that's all. He's just mad because I'm getting out tomorrow.
MICHAEL: That's why he was doing it - because he's getting out!
SUPERINTENDENT: You've had your turn, Martin.
DARREN: He kept hassling me about my folks. Said we were losers. Then he grabbed me and started punching me! Why would I start anything?
Michael rolls his eyes. The Superintendent asks Mr Murphy what he saw. Murphy tells him that he didn't see much, but he thought Michael threw Darren to the ground. The Superintendent tells Murphy to take Darren back. They leave.
SUPERINTENDENT: (getting up) You're being aggressive again.
MICHAEL: Look, it wasn't like my fault-
SUPERINTENDENT: Be quiet! You know the rules about fighting. All your privileges are suspended. And you can forget about weekend release for a long while.
Michael looks upset.
Number 32
Julie and Hannah are happily playing Snap in the kitchen. Hannah displays a rather selfish attitude towards the cards but Julie seems not to notice. Debbie walks in.
DEBBIE: Hannah, I can't finish my hair. What have you done with my scrunchie?
HANNAH: Nothing, I haven't even seen it!
DEBBIE: Yes, you have, I can tell! Now, where is it because I need it?
HANNAH: Why are you always blaming me for things?
DEBBIE: Because you nick things, you little thief.
HANNAH: Muuuuum!
JULIE: Debbie, that's not nice!
DEBBIE: Oh, well, did you take it, Mum? Because if you didn't, it's got to be her. Who else would want it? Dad?!
Julie just tells Debbie that Hannah's just a little girl, and it's silly to fight over a scrunchie. Hannah sticks her tongue out at Debbie.
DEBBIE: Look at the brat! Now she's pulling faces!
JULIE: Don't call your sister names!
DEBBIE: Oh, why not, it's the truth! Nothing is ever her fault in this house - she's spoilt rotten!
Philip comes in and wearily tells them all to quieten down - he's trying to work.
JULIE: It's Debbie making all of the noise.
DEBBIE: (outraged) Because Hannah keeps nicking my things!
PHILIP: (irritated) Just tone it down and work it out with your mum.
He walks out. Julie and Hannah merrily continue playing cards, whilst Debbie seethes.
Number 28
Doug says that he's got revenge lined up for Pam. Pam isn't sure what for, but Doug wasn't impressed that he had to sit through "those dreadful warbling females" in the "so-called musical society".
PAM: It's culture; it's good for you.
Pam thinks it's good for them to do things together. Doug agrees, but says that now she's had her go, it's his turn. Doug hasn't decided yet but thinks he'll come up with something. Pam is reading a column in the Erinsborough News by Bryant Gallagher - a restaurant critic. She says he's such a pig, and so arrogant but concedes that he's funny. She reads a couple of quotes where he slags off a waiter.
DOUG: He's a lout with a uni education.
PAM: Oh, I suppose he is. But he's doing the public a favour, getting them to smarten up their service.
Doug asks for the paper and he spots an advert for scuba diving. He enthusiastically says they can do that as their next hobby. Pam does not look pleased!
Number 32
Philip and Julie are finishing their meal and Debbie is by the sink. Hannah gets up from the table and approaches Debbie. Hannah slyly suggests that Debbie lost her scrunchie by herself. Debbie is fuming and calls Hannah a thief. Hannah instantly runs to Julie, whining about how Debbie called her a thief.
PHILIP: (annoyed) I've had enough of this! The pair of you, to your rooms, now! Go on!
HANNAH: Do I have to?
PHILIP: (sternly) YES, you do.
Hannah looks at Julie, hoping for a reprieve but Julie tells her to obey what Philip has said.
DEBBIE: (to Hannah) See, you little creep!
PHILIP: That's ENOUGH, Debbie.
Hannah pushes Debbie and opens her mouth to retort, but Philip quickly interrupts.
PHILIP: AND Hannah, I don't want any more cheek from you, thank you very much!
The girls leave.
JULIE: Thanks for leaving me lumped with the dishes!
PHILIP: (quietly) You should've said something.
JULIE: (snapping) I was supporting you.
Philip is irritated. He tells Julie that if anyone deserves to be snapping with anyone, it should be him snapping at her! He says that she got her way with Michael not coming home.
JULIE: (infuriated) I got my way?! After all that boy's done and tried to do in this house, *I* got my way?! So I should!
Philip covers his face with his hand.
PHILIP: You haven't been the same since you got back from Brisbane.
JULIE: I shouldn't have gone up there, is that's what you're saying?
PHILIP: No, of course not! But you've been in this...*mood*...
Philip puts his hands on Julie's shoulders. Julie immediately bristles and looks uncomfortable.
PHILIP: (concerned) Is there some kind of problem I don't know about? Anything at all?
JULIE: Look-
PHILIP: Did something happen up there?
JULIE: (coldly) I'm still coming to terms with my father. And I need some space, if you don't mind.
She shrugs out of his hold. Philip sighs.
JULIE: Now, since you've chosen to let the girls off from doing the dishes, I think I'm entitled to the same. So could you kindly finish the washing up?
She walks out. Philip looks annoyed and kicks a kitchen chair in frustration.
Coffee Shop
Rick comes in. Annalise is annoyed with him because he drove straight past her. Rick makes an excuse, saying that he's learning and the white lines have hypnotised him! Annalise wants to know who the guy was in the car with Rick. Rick says that's his friend - a guy who's got his licence.
RICK: His name's Roy.
ANNALISE: Oh yeah, new around here, is he? How old is he?
Rick stumbles and eventually settles for saying he's 20. Annalise wants to know Roy's occupation, and Rick tells her that he's in the tv industry as a cliff climber(!)
ANNALISE: What, like a stunt man?
RICK: Yeah, yeah right!
ANNALISE: Is he single?
Rick tells her that he is, but he's off women! Annalise says she doesn't understand(!) Rick says that he's just broken up with his girlfriend, and their relationship "hit the rocks" and it "almost tore him apart"(!) Rick tells her that Roy is definitely off limits. Rick turns the conversation to Annalise and says that he was expecting she'd have quit by now for a different job.
ANNALISE: I've scored myself a full-time job, right here in the Coffee Shop!
RICK: Fair dinkum!
Annalise says that Cathy rang and wanted Annalise to take over from Phoebe until Phoebe's in a position to work full-time again. Annalise is really happy.
RICK: Just keep in mind that customer service stuff Harvey told you about.
ANNALISE: Yeah, yeah, yeah, the customer is always right. For example: "Could I take your breakfast order, please, sir?"
Rick laughs.
Number 32 - Kitchen
Hannah is looking in the fridge. Debbie walks into the kitchen and spots her. Silently, she moves back and checks the hallway. Seeing that the coast is clear, she marches into the kitchen and confronts Hannah. Hannah hurriedly backs away.
HANNAH: If you hit me, I'll tell Mum!
Number 32 - Laundry Room
Hannah backs into the laundry room and Debbie follows. Debbie says that she isn't going to hit Hannah - she's not even going to touch her. Debbie tells Hannah that when Mum's out and they're all watching videos, she'll make Hannah stay in bed instead of joining in. Hannah is dismayed and protests that it's unfair.
DEBBIE: You've had it. I'm never taking you to the movies again! So you'll be stuck in stupid kid's movies with Mum, watching cute little animals and you'll never get to see any of the good stuff!
HANNAH: (distressed) Ohhh, please, Deb!
DEBBIE: ...so, where's my scrunchie?
Hannah stays silent.
DEBBIE: You'd better tell me right now, or that is IT!
Eventually, Hannah confesses and explains that she borrowed it but she lost it. Debbie is annoyed and says that she knew all along that Hannah had stolen it. Debbie tells Hannah that she must buy her a new one.
HANNAH: But I don't have any money!
DEBBIE: Hannah! You are *always* conning people out of money; you're a genius at it.
Number 32 - Kitchen
Julie walks in and tells Debbie and Hannah to stop standing around. The pair walk back into the kitchen.
DEBBIE: Mum, she just admitted to nicking my scrunchie.
JULIE: Oh, Debbie, I am sick to death of hearing about your wretched scrunchie!
DEBBIE: (outraged) But she lost it! It's mine; I need it!
JULIE: It's not the end of the world - you'll get over it. Leave Hannah alone.
DEBBIE: (more outraged) Why do you take her side all of the time?! What is wrong with you?!
Debbie walks off, very upset. Julie looks annoyed by the exchange and slams a drawer. Hannah puts her arms around Julie and thanks her for sticking up for her! Julie says that's fine and hugs her tightly.
HANNAH: Do you love me the best?
JULIE: Yes, I do, sweetie. But that's our little secret, ok?
They hug, happily.
Coffee Shop
Gaby comments that Pam doesn't seem keen on scuba diving. Pam isn't, but doesn't want to let Doug down. Pam eventually confesses that she finds the idea of scuba diving scary. Gaby is surprised as Pam's always seemed fine at the beach. Pam explains that she's fine in the shallows but being out of her depth worries her. Pam wonders if she should face her fears. Gaby says there's no point putting herself through a load of stress - if she just talks to Doug, he'll be fine. Pam is reluctant because Doug seems so excited.
A man (Bryant Gallagher) walks in and clicks his fingers at Annalise, calling for service. Annalise goes over, and Bryant complains about the table being greasy. Annalise suggests moving table, but Bryant doesn't relent. He says that he's sure they're all as bad as each other, so he'll stay where he is!
Gaby and Pam mutter to each other that he seems familiar but they don't know who he is. Clearly clocking him as a pain, they leave. Bryant tells Annalise his drink order and is ridiculously precise. He then insultingly tells her that she'd better write it down! Annalise looks irritated.
Detention Centre - Basketball Court
Michael is running around the court, alone, breathing on his hands to keep warm. Darren saunters over, carrying his bag.
DARREN: So long, sucker!
MICHAEL: Beat it, or you'll miss your bus!
DARREN: Lost your privileges, huh? (mocking him) No weekend release? Oh look, too bad!
MICHAEL: You're a loser, Stark! Needed a screw to save you from a thrashing!
DARREN: That sister of yours. Debbie!
Michael stops running.
DARREN: I might just pay her a visit!
Michael sprints over to the fence that separates him and Darren and furiously grabs hold of it.
DARREN: (leaning in, aggressively) YEAH, BUT I DON'T!
OFFICER: Hey, what's going on?
DARREN: I'm just saying goodbye! (to Michael) I'll give your regards to Debbie.
Darren shoves the fence back towards Michael, who leans back so it doesn't hit him. Michael looks shaken.
Coffee Shop
Bryant is moaning about his drink, saying that Annalise has done it wrong. Annalise insists that she followed his exact instructions.
BRYANT: So we patronise our customers here, do we? Make fun of them? Put them down?
ANNALISE: (through gritted teeth) No, of course not.
She offers to get him another drink but he says that she's not up to it, so he'll just have a chocolate milkshake instead! He also orders a sandwich, again with instructions. Rick looks on, concerned. Annalise returns to the counter, and Rick tells her that she's doing great.
RICK: Just don't blow it.
ANNALISE: I could kill him.
Rick warns her that the customer is always right.
Lassiter's Manager's Office
Gaby is on the phone, and she wraps up another deal. Philip walks in, looking weary. Gaby brags about the huge deal that she's landed and gushes about how she got the lead.
GABY: And now I'm almost level pegging Philip Martin, Mr Big Shot himself!
Gaby draws on the chart on the wall, and then starts to brag that with the other deals she's got lined up... Philip interrupts her and tells her that as they finish tomorrow, she's practically out of time to catch him. Gaby says she might still catch him.
Philip reminds her that he has the Hoskins deal to come through. He wonders why they haven't been in touch yet and asks Gaby if they called. Gaby lies and says that she's not heard from them. Philip pro-actively grabs the phone to finalise the Hoskins deal and Gaby tries to stall him. As Gaby is prattling on, she suddenly realises who the man is in the Coffee Shop who's goading Annalise - it's the critic from the Erinsborough News.
GABY: He's in the Coffee Shop giving Annalise heaps! He must be setting her up!
Philip hurriedly puts the phone down, knowing that if Annalise abuses Bryant, he'll tear Lassiter's to shreds. Gaby sprints out of the office to let Annalise know the score. Philip's about to follow when he spies Debbie hanging in the reception. Debbie apologises for bothering him at work but it's important.
PHILIP: (cautiously) Is this more trouble?
DEBBIE: (near tears) Dad, it really sucks! Julie's gone all weird and Hannah can't do anything wrong and I can't seem to do anything right!
Philip clears a space on his desk to sit down and reassures Debbie that Julie's got things on her mind. He says that he'll try and get out of Julie what's wrong, and he'll sort things out with Hannah too. Debbie hugs Philip tightly and is stoked that he's going to solve things for them.
DEBBIE: (hopefully) Still sticking up for your favourite daughter?
PHILIP: I don't have a favourite daughter! I love both my girls.
Debbie laughs and the pair hug tightly.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is making Bryant's sandwich. Rick is trying to get Annalise to keep her cool and is coaching her on what to do next. Annalise is upset, as she doesn't think she's done anything to deserve being talked to the way she is. Rick tells her that it's the way some morons get their kicks. Annalise threatens to tell Bryant what Rick has said. Rick tells her that he's not involved!
BRYANT: If you take much longer, the cheese will be growing mould, if it's not already!
Gaby rushes in and tries to talk to Annalise. Annalise says that she'll be with Gaby in a minute, but she has to serve one customer first. The pair start to argue, and Rick pulls Gaby away. Annalise approaches Bryant and serves him. He is horrible to her as soon as she speaks to him.
BRYANT: Didn't anyone ever tell you? You're a terrible waitress! I've been watching you! You really ought to change your profession!
ANNALISE: (cracking) And you really ought to learn some manners! I may be just a waitress to you but I'm also a person, who has feelings and a name! I'm Annalise Hartman and here is something to remember me by!
She picks up his milkshake and pours it over his head!
Gaby rushes over and tries to clean him up, apologising profusely.
BRYANT: Don't worry, I will send you my dry cleaning bill!
He stalks out.
ANNALISE: (yelling) You can do what you like, you jerk! I couldn't care less!
Gaby *fumes* at Annalise and explains that she'd come to tell Annalise that Bryant is the critic for the Erinsborough News and he was setting her up. Gaby warns her that there'll be hell to pay. Annalise looks devastated.
Number 28
Doug walks in, very excitedly and says that he knows it's impetuous of him, but he's signed them up for scuba lessons! Pam starts to protest and Doug says that he knows she's worried about the money, but it hasn't cost too much.
PAM: No, it's not the money...
DOUG: Yes, it is, be honest! It's something we can do together! We'll have a whale of a time! Isn't that what you wanted?
Pam tries to explain her fears, but Doug is very excited and keeps interrupting, having no clue that Pam's concerned.
DOUG: You and me, against the elements - together! Doesn't that sound great!
PAM: (weakly) I guess it does.
Doug then tells her that he's priced up all of the scuba gear and buying is as cheap as hiring, so he's already bought them the gear! Pam pales!
Number 32
Julie, Philip, Debbie and Hannah are in the kitchen. Philip is interrogating Hannah over Debbie's scrunchie, gently asking her to tell the truth about borrowing it and losing it. Hannah stays silent and Julie rolls her eyes at the scene.
JULIE: Philip, I don't think we should pressure her over something so trivial.
PHILIP: No-one is pressuring anyone! I just want to sort it out; it's gone on long enough. (to Hannah) Did you take it or not?
HANNAH: (quietly) Yes.
Debbie gives a smug smile to Julie.
JULIE: (to Philip) There! Are you finished?!
PHILIP: No, not quite. (to Hannah) What are you going to do about it, huh?
HANNAH: (hesitates for a long time and then shrugs) I don't know.
DEBBIE: I need a new one!
PHILIP: (warningly) Debbie.
JULIE: Stay out of this.
DEBBIE: Why should I? It's my scrunchie we're talking about!
JULIE: I wish we'd never seen the wretched thing!
PHILIP: Look, can we just keep going?! We're almost finished here. (to Hannah) Hannah, it's only fair that as you lost it, you buy Debbie a new one. Off you go, down the shops now with Debbie.
HANNAH: (sadly) I haven't got much money.
She leaves and Julie calls after her, telling her that she'll give Hannah the money to get it. Philip is flabbergasted and Debbie gives Philip an, "I-told-you-so," look.
Number 28
Gaby walks in and sees Doug with the scuba equipment. Doug tells Gaby that Pam is stoked with the idea of scuba diving and goes to organise the car. Gaby confronts Pam over not telling Doug, and Pam says there's something to be said for confronting irrational fears. Gaby worries that you need to be in the right frame of mind to do that, and thinks Pam could drown!
PAM: Gaby you're such a drama queen!
Pam explains they're just going to a swimming pool for a training session. She says that even in deep water, she's fine in a pool as she can always swim to the side and pull herself out. Gaby thinks Doug has a right to know. Pam says that she's not said anything to him all of the years they've been together, and she wants to be sure before she makes a fool of herself. She leaves, saying everything's under control.
Swimming Pool
The diving instructor is telling them how things will work out. A guy next to Doug - Ned - keeps making jokes about not making it back to the surface and being in trouble. Pam looks scared stiff but insists to Doug that she's fine! The instructor tells them to get in the water.
NED: Last one in's a drongo!
They all enter the pool.
Coffee Shop
Hannah and Debbie walk in. Hannah is moaning that she's bought Debbie a new scrunchie so she has no right still being mad at her! Debbie can't believe it, but Hannah points out that it's not her fault Julie's behaving the way she is. Debbie says that Hannah isn't helping the situation.
Annalise is sitting at the counter looking miserable. She tells Debbie about how she blew it with the critic. Annalise grumbles about how she always ruins things.
Rick rushes in with the new edition of the paper. As he does so, another guy walks in through the other door (it's not obvious at first, but it's Darren Stark). Debbie reads it the article out and to their astonishment, Annalise has won a favourable review, with Bryant reckoning that Annalise was hugely tolerant and gave excellent service! They all cheer and laugh happily.
The group are oblivious, but Darren is sitting in the corner of the Coffee Shop, closely watching Debbie.
Number 32
Philip and Julie are in the kitchen.
PHILIP: It's no use at all me disciplining Hannah if you're going to give her money to buy her way out of it.
JULIE: You made a huge mountain out of a molehill, Philip, just because you wanted to spoil Debbie.
PHILIP: Rubbish! You were spoiling Hannah - you've been doing it for days!
JULIE: Is that what this is about? I'm not Debbie's natural mother, so I'm not being fair, is that it?
PHILIP: Well, is it?! The way things have been lately, I really can't tell!
Julie doesn't say anything. Philip walks away from her, annoyed.
PHILIP: Since you got back from Queensland, this hasn't been a family. It's been like two separate camps of people!
JULIE: (goading him) That's right! After all these years of hard work and effort, tell me I'm not a good wife and mother.
PHILIP: Well, where have I been sleeping since you got home? ON THE COUCH!
JULIE: (disgusted) That's all you can ever think about, isn't it?
PHILIP: (appalled) Of course it's not! Look, I know you've been under pressure and I've tried to be sympathetic but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I mean, this isn't a marriage! It's barely a co-habitation!
Whilst Philip rants, Julie has a steely resolve in her eyes.
JULIE: (coldly) I'm glad that's how you feel, Philip.
She turns around to face him.
JULIE: Because I happen to feel the same. And I want to do something about it.
PHILIP: (looking thrown) Such as?
JULIE: I want you out of my life. Whatever I need, it's not this. I'd like you to leave.
Philip is stunned.
<<1962 - 1964>>
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