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Neighbours Episode 1965 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1964 - 1966>>
Episode title: 1965
Australian airdate: 23/07/93
UK airdate: 26/05/94
UK Gold: 12/05/00
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Orderly no. 1: Russell Ousley
Orderly no. 2: Noel McMahon
Race Caller: Rob Elliot
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Gaby is fired.
Phoebe has popped around to see Pam. There has been no change in Stephen but Pam is sure that he still loves Phoebe deep down.
Stephen is telling Wayne angrily that he'd rather go to the rehab centre than go home to Phoebe. Wayne says it would be a real shame to split from Phoebe.
Doug comes in to tell Pam she can come on the next dive after all, so Pam quickly makes up that she's going to an Art Exhibition with Helen. Doug is suspicious and think Pam has got cold feet.
Phil tells Gaby that he's sorry about her job. He pours them each some whiskey into a mug(!) and says it's unlikely that Paul will change his mind. Gaby drinks sadly from her mug.
Lou comes around to see Brad to tell him off about the bad tip Brad gave him. Lou tells Brad to give up gambling, but Brad reckons he's got a new system - even though he's only got $100 left! Instead, Brad rings the bookmakers and puts $100 on Sweet Katie. Lou is concerned, but Brad says it'll be his last bet.
Gaby and Phil are still drinking. Gaby is upset that she hasn't behaved well - she says she's been arrogant and tried to poach Phil's clients, so she deserves what she's got. She apologises for adding to Phil's troubles, on top of his family troubles. If they'd worked as a team, things could have been a lot different.
Coffee Shop
Wayne offers Phoebe a lift to the hospital, but she's not interested - Stephen has rejected her and Hope. Wayne urges Phoebe to go and see Stephen, but she says she has enough on working 12 hour days and finding permanent daycare for Hope.
Lou and Brad are listening to the race on the radio. Brad's horse loses, but it seems that Lou backed the winner!
Doug comes in and Brad pretends to be talking to Lou about surf boards. Gaby comes in and tells them she's been sacked. Doug, Brad and Lou are shocked. Doug threatens to ring Paul, but Gaby says she can fight her own battles - maybe she doesn't want to work for Paul given how he treats his staff!
Pam drops around to invite Helen to an Art Exhibition next Sunday(!) but she's not there. Wayne asks Pam what's happening with Stephen. Pam says it's complicated - she's sure they still love each other, but she thinks Stephen doesn't want to be a burden to Phoebe. Wayne says he won't give up.
Wayne is insisting that Phoebe goes to visit Stephen. She refuses, saying it's too hard and anyway, she'd only be wasting her breath.
Pam wants Brad to go for some groceries but he says he's broke. She suspiciously asks him if he's been gambling again and he assures her he hasn't been.
When Pam is out of the room, Gaby tells Brad he's a liar.
Lassiter's Room
Phil tells Doug that Julie has thrown him out. Phil offers Doug a scotch. Doug says that Phil should have stood up to Paul about Gaby, but Phil points out that Gaby was the one who put their jobs on the line in the first place! Doug says Phil owes Gaby at least one favour.
Gaby and Brad are bickering. Doug comes in and tells Pam he's seen Helen and she didn't know anything about an art exhibition(!) Pam assures him she's not trying to get out of the scuba diving - Helen has probably just forgotten(!) Pam suggests that Brad goes to work for Doug for a while. Brad doesn't look too keen, but says he might as well.
Pam has brought Phoebe the number for Mrs Kirkwood (the child care lady). When Pam has gone, Phoebe looks sadly at her and Stephen's wedding photos as Hope starts to cry.
Phil rings Paul about Gaby's sacking. He tells Paul that it's a mistake - Gaby has natural talent and they can put their differences behind them. Gaby comes in and hears the last part of the conversation:
PHIL: Alright, Paul, I'm afraid if you feel that way I have no alternative. If Gaby has to go, then I'm afraid I'm going too. Yes, it's an ultimatum if you want to look at it that way. Paul, you hired me as manager, I should have the right to decide who I work with! Yeah, alright. You call me back when you've made the decision. I'm sorry you feel that way too.
Phil puts the phone down, then turns and sees Gaby there. She thanks him.
PHIL: We'll just have to wait and see which way Paul jumps now, won't we. Funny if we both finish up out of a job.
Doug comes in looking for Brad. Apparently he borrowed $20 off Doug and then took off! Pam is furious and goes off to see if Brad is with Lauren.
Outside No.24
Pam knocks angrily on the door but there's no reply. So she goes around to the garden and finds Lou and Brad listening to a race on the radio. (Brad wins this time)
Pam has marched Brad home. She is very upset and thinks that Brad is a gambling addict. He claims he isn't, but Pam points out that gambling can take over your whole life. Doug agrees with Pam.
BRAD: I'm not a kid! If I want to blow my money on a few bets, then I will! Just get off my back!
He stalks out.
Gaby is clearing her desk. Phil urges her to wait until Paul gets back to him, but Gaby thinks Paul changing his mind on anything would be a miracle(!)
The phone rings and Phil apprehensively picks it up - it's Paul.
PHIL: Hello, Paul. Yes. Yes. Uh- huh. Yeah, no sweat. Yeah, alright, I'll tell her. OK. Thanks, Paul.
In the office, Gaby despairs as Phil replaces the receiver.
PHIL:(smiling) You can stay!
Gaby and Phil hug.
PHIL: There's one condition, Miss Willis. From now on we work together as a team.
GABY: You've got it!
She hugs Phil again!
Wayne is helping Stephen pack his stuff up. Stephen asks if Phoebe is coming to say goodbye - Wayne doesn't think so. The orderlies help Stephen into a wheelchair and wheel him off to go to the rehab centre.
Phoebe is pacing and looking at photos of her and Stephen. She decides to go to the hospital.
Outside the hospital
Phoebe and Hope arrive as Stephen is being loaded into a minibus. He is surprised to see her and only has a few short words for her.
STEPHEN: See ya then.
PHOEBE: See ya.
The minibus drives off.
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