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Neighbours Episode 1956 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1955 - 1957>>
Episode title: 1956
Australian airdate: 12/07/93
UK airdate: 13/05/94
UK Gold: 01/05/00
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Paul Robinson: Stefan Dennis
Jack Parker: Phillip Parslow
Nurse: Perri Cummings
Haydon Jennings: Timothy Clarke
Old Lady no. 1: Brenda Palmer
Old Lady no. 2: Addie Black
Customer: Rebecca Turner
Waiter: Brendan Hickey
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phil tells Annalise the he has no alternative but to fire her.
Gaby tells Helen that she's fed up of covering for Phil's inefficiencies.
Helen tells Phil that he'd better fight for his job.
Pam tells Phoebe that it's possible Stephen could die.
Phoebe holds herself together and asks if she can see Stephen before his surgery. However, he's already had the anaesthetic. Pam sits down with her and tells her that she's being very brave.
Annalise is off to the Coffee Shop - she's quite enjoying filling in for Phoebe. Helen asks Annalise for her board money, but she doesn't have it at the moment. She says she'll get there soon. Just then, the baby starts crying.
Outside the Waterhole
Phil sees Phoebe and asks how Stephen is. She doesn't tell him the truth. Phil says he feels bad about what happened. Also, there are some insurance papers for Stephen to sign in the office. He wants to get the claim in soon so they can get the insurance money through.
PHIL: Phoebe, I just wanted to say from me personally, not as the manager of Lassiter's, I'm terrible sorry for what's happened.
PHOEBE: Thanks.
Gaby is surprised to see Phil in work. He tells her he's not going to dump his responsibilities on her anymore. He starts giving Gaby instructions and she does not look pleased.
Coffee Shop
An American man comes in and orders a cappuccino. Annalise offers to show him around the locality. She pours out her troubles about being fired from the hotel.
Just then, Phoebe comes in, saying she might as well work.
Gaby is on the phone to Paul bad- mouthing Phil. Phil overhears though and isn't impressed. Phil takes the phone and tells Paul that everything is fine - in fact, he's just picked up some accommodation for a company's training.
Coffee Shop
Annalise tells Phoebe that she needs to get a proper job so she can earn enough to pay her board. Phoebe tells her it's fine.
Annalise delivers the American's meal and he asks her out to dinner tonight.
Gaby is stomping around the office. Phil tells her straight - no more calls to Paul: he's the manager of Lassiter's and she is not to take his calls. He also tells her to stop undermining him, or she'll be looking for work elsewhere.
PHIL: I don't feel threatened by you, Gaby.
GABY: Don't you? Maybe you should.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is dreaming about her dinner with the American (Jack). Pam comes in for a word with Phoebe. Apparently Stephen's operation is still continuing, there's no news yet.
Phil is talking to a couple of ladies about a Winter Garden Tour. He calls Gaby in to meet the ladies and asks her to organise tea for them. Gaby protests but Phil tells her to get on with it.
Jack comes to pick Annalise up for dinner. Helen seems to recognise him, but can't quite place him.
As they're leaving, Pam comes in to see Helen. She tells Helen that Stephen has developed a blood clot on the brain. Phoebe seems to be in denial - as if she's already accepted that Stephen will die.
HELEN: I think I know why.
Gaby is still sniping at Phil and banging on about how much she's increased the occupancy figures. She also accuses Phil of stealing her deals for himself.
Annalise tells Jack that Gaby ruined her chances of a job at Lassiter's. She says Gaby is a bitch and Phil just gives in to her. Jack is very interested in the conversation.
Phoebe is looking at photos of her and Todd when Helen knocks on the door. Phoebe quickly hides the photos.
She lets Helen in. Helen says she's had a letter from Annette Landers - it's been a year since Todd died. Helen sympathises with Phoebe, and tells her that she won't lose Stephen too.
PHOEBE: Everybody dies. Everybody I love, it must be my fault!
She starts to cry and Helen comforts her.
Jack offers to help Annalise to pay her rent...he suggests going back to his room and they can take it from there.
Helen and Phoebe are waiting for news about Stephen. Helen tells Phoebe that things happen at random - it's not Pheobe that causes them. Phoebe says that she married Stephen too soon and feels that Todd resents it. Helen points out that Todd is dead and can't resent anything - and anyway, he wouldn't have wanted Phoebe to be on her own. Phoebe tells Helen that Stephen has been so strange lately.
Finally, Phoebe is allowed in to see Stephen. She stands at his bedside.
Phil tells Gaby that she can go home - it's late. She is very hostile and says she'll definitely clinch the Computer Exhibition contract.
Stephen slowly comes around. He recognises Phoebe and asks where Hope is.
Annalise comes back and says she had a great dinner with Jack. She gives Helen her rent money and Helen is shocked that Annalise accepted money from Jack. She says it's just what Annalise's mother used to do, and tells her to give the money back to Jack.
Phil answers the phone to Paul. He speaks to both Phil and Gaby on speakerphone.
PAUL: Just what the hell is going on over there? Every time I take a call it's one of you two whinging about the other.
GABY: I just thought you should know what's going on...
PAUL: I think that's pretty clear. The two of you are so busy whining at each other, nothing's getting done.
PHIL: Hang on a minute, Paul. Gaby's the one that's...
PAUL: Will you cut it?! I'm six thousand miles away and I don't know who's right and who's wrong.
GABY: Well, Paul, if you would listen to me...
PAUL: Quite frankly, I can't trust either of you anymore, so I'm taking it out of your hands. Now, one of my senior people is on his way and he'll see exactly what you two are up to. Oh, and by the way, Jack Parker has my authority to replace either of you. Or both! Now, do I make myself clear?
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