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Neighbours Episode 1957 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1957
Australian airdate: 13/07/93
UK airdate: 16/05/94
UK Gold: 02/05/00
Writer: Helen McWhirter
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Jenny Lim: Diane Bakar-Coleclough
Raymond Lim: T.S. Kong
Jonathon Lim: Alvin Chong
Sarah Lim: Ola Chan
Veronica Baxter: Jan Frazer
Kristy: Jodie Haigh
Summary/Images by: Graham
Gaby and Phil listening to an answerphone message from Paul Robinson telling them that Jack Parker has Paul's authority to replace either or both of them at Lassiter's.
No. 28
Brad is lying on the couch with Lauren in his arms. Doug is asleep in one of the armchairs, but he stirs and says he reckons he'll hit the sheets. He then looks at his watch and remarks that Gaby's late. He gets up and heads off to bed. Lauren tells Brad that *she'd* better call it a night too. Brad starts kissing her, but Lauren pushes him away.
BRAD: You don't really want to walk all the way home in the cold, do you?
LAUREN (coolly): It's only across the street.
Brad asks what the problem is. Lauren insists that there isn't one; she just wants to be on her own; she needs some space. With that, she heads off, leaving Brad looking puzzled.
No. 22
Rick knocks on the front door and Jonathon answers it. Looking annoyed, he asks Rick what he wants. Rick asks if Sarah's home. Jonathan retorts that she's not allowed to see Rick; he's got her in enough trouble already because of Rick arranging to meet her at the lake, and now she's grounded.
RICK (looking surprised): I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't make any plans to meet her!
JONATHON: Well *she* thought you did - and someone told Mr. Duncan about it.
Rick insists that he doesn't know a thing about it.
JONATHON: Well if you didn't set her up, who did?
RICK (bitterly): I reckon I only need one guess...
Ramsay Street
The next morning, Lou is walking down the driveway of No. 24 when Brad runs up to him and tells him that he has a hot tip on a horse. Lou, however, retorts that for every winner, there's a loser, and the odds are that Brad's turn is coming soon.
BRAD (beams): Mate, when it comes to gee-gees, I'm born lucky.
LOU (retorts): Born *yesterday's* more like it.
Lauren suddenly runs and joins them, telling Lou that he's forgotten his wallet. Lou takes it, gets in his car and drives off. When he's gone, Brad comments to Lauren that it looks like it's just the two of them. Lauren asks what he means. Brad tells her that they'll go down the track. Lauren, however, snaps that that's the *last* place she wants to be. She marches off.
No. 28
Doug is sitting at the table, having breakfast and asking Gaby:
DOUG: Is there any reason why Lassister's should be placing the same ad in the same newspaper twice?
Gaby asks him what he's talking about. Doug replies that he's either seeing double or there's two advertisements calling for tenders for the Waterhole reconstruction. He shows Gaby that there's one advert with her name on it and one advert with Philip's name on it.
GABY (aghast): What? I don't *believe* that guy!
DOUG (with a smile): Well what *I* want to know is: whose ad do I take seriously if I want to apply?
GABY (curtly): *Mine* if you know what's good for you!
With that, she dashes out. Brad comes in and sits down at the table, snapping at Doug that one minute Lauren is cool and the next minute she's gone all quiet on him.
DOUG: What have you done wrong?
BRAD: Nothing!
DOUG: In that case, my advice is to lie low for a while and wait 'til it all blows over.
Brad sighs but accepts this. He then asks Doug if he wants to come to the races today. Doug, however, warns him that all winning streaks come to an end.
BRAD: Maybe - but mine's not over yet. I know it!
He heads back out.
No. 32
Helen is standing in the hallway, talking on the 'phone. She hangs up as Philip joins her. Looking puzzled, she tells him that she's just called the hotel in Brisbane and Julie's checked out.
PHILIP: Yes, I know - I called earlier. I thought she might have gone to stay with Scott and Charlene, but they haven't seen her.
Helen asks if they should call the police; something might have happened to her. Philip, however, points out that, for all they know, she could be on her way home. Helen sighs that they should never have let her go off on her own. Philip says he has to get going, and he heads off. Debbie joins Helen and asks what her mother's doing in Brisbane.
HELEN (quickly): Oh, just some personal business she had to attend to. I'm sure she'll tell you about it when she gets back.
Debbie looks at Helen suspiciously.
Office at Lassiter's
Gaby is showing Philip a chart that she's pinned to the wall, to show their progress with sales. (Philip's name is mis-spelled as 'Phillip'!) Gaby immediately draws a line on it to show how many dollars she's earned from the travel industry convention. Philip then draws a line showing that, having won the airline deal, he's in the lead!
PHILIP: Thanks for making me look so good, Gaby. Jack Parker *will* be impressed!
Gaby points out that Parker won't be pleased when he finds out that Philip has wasted money on a duplicate display ad for tenders. Philip, however, points out that it wasn't Gaby's *job* to place the ad, so it was *her* blunder.
PHILIP: Already, it looks like I'm away ahead on points!
GABY: Don't get your hopes up - I've got a lot more irons in the fire yet!
Coffee Shop
Gaby is sitting with a female client, showing her a Lassiter's brochure. She asks the woman how many she'll be inviting to the wedding.
WOMAN: I'd like to keep it fairly intimate - no more than 300.
Gaby raises her eyebrows bemusedly! The woman adds that there will be some well-known names - and she'll be expecting media coverage, so there'll need to be provision for that. Gaby asks about the food. The woman just says:
WOMAN: The publicity will be good for the hotel too, I imagine?
GABY: Probably, yes...
WOMAN: I hope you'll keep that in mind when it comes to discussing the cost.
GABY (smiling tightly): I'll certainly see what I can do.
WOMAN: Good.
Erinsborough High
Jenny Lim is escorting Sarah to school. Sarah notices Rick watching them, and she quickly tells her mother that she's OK now. Mrs. Lim walks off - but Debbie dashes up to her quickly and starts to say that she needs to talk to her about what really happened with Sarah. Looking aghast, Rick runs over and pulls Debbie away, saying that they have to get to class.
DEBBIE: What are you doing? Let go of me.
RICK (angrily): You just don't know when to quit, do you?
DEBBIE: What are you talking about?
RICK: Oh don't go acting all innocent on me, Deb - I know you told Sarah to meet me at the lake. You set her up.
Debbie starts to protest, but Rick ignores her. He goes on:
RICK: You know, I thought we could still be friends, but if you can't get a handle on this jealousy thing, we might as well forget it. And if you think your cheap little trick worked, Deb, it didn't: I'm still taking Sarah to the dance.
Office at Lassiter's
Philip is standing with Doug, telling him that if he has any questions about the tender, he should ask Gaby, as she'll be handling all the tenders from now on. Doug heads off just as Gaby comes in. The 'phone rings and Philip answers it. Gaby hears him say:
PHILIP: She's with someone at the moment. Can I be of help, Mr. Jennings?
Gaby dashes over to grab the 'phone, but Philip says to Jennings:
PHILIP: I'm very pleased that you're going with us. I'll have a contract in the mail this afternoon. Any questions, just give me a call.
He hangs up. Gaby, looking furious, demands:
GABY: Why didn't you put him on to me? You *know* I set up that deal.
PHILIP (smiles): Yes - and *I* just closed it!
Philip goes and draws another line on the progress chart and smiles gleefully that it puts him even further ahead.
GABY (tersely): Just because you happened to pick up the 'phone when he rang does not mean you get the credit.
PHILIP (sighs): All right, Gaby, this is your game: what are the rules?
Gaby tells him that whoever makes the initial contact with the client gets the credit when the deal's closed. She then draws her own line on the chart and goes to cross out the one Philip just drew. Philip, however, says quickly:
PHILIP: Uh-uh - you can leave that as it is, thanks - I'm expecting a 'phone call from the senior gardeners this afternoon.
GABY (dismissively): *That* bunch of old ladies! They were only interested in your tea and biccies! I'm sure I can do a lot better than *that*: Veronica Baxter, for instance...
PHILIP (chuckling): That old dragon that does the society bit in the Erinsborough News?! What is it this time: another gala charity event?
GABY: Her wedding, as a matter of fact.
PHILIP: You're joking! I wonder who the poor sucker is! You're wasting your time with that one, Gaby. Take it from me: she'll do what she does every other time: she'll run you ragged for a couple of weeks and then she'll decide to have it at the Parkside Pacific.
GABY (retorts): This time it'll be different, Philip. This time she'll be dealing with *me*!
Coffee Shop
Debbie is sitting with Jonathon at the counter, admitting that she did the dirty work in setting up Sarah. Jonathon asks why. Debbie sighs that she was angry at Sarah coming on to her boyfriend. Jonathon tells her that he admires her for owning up. He adds that he thinks he knows what might get Sarah off the hook with their parents.
Erinsborough High
Sarah is walking down the steps outside the school when Rick joins her. Looking worried, Sarah gasps that her mum's coming to pick her up - she'll kill her if she catches her and Rick talking.
RICK: Do they always over-react like that?
SARAH: I did cut class.
RICK: That's not exactly a major crime.
SARAH: It is in *my* family.
Sarah goes on that she can handle being grounded, but she hates not being able to go to the dance with Rick. Rick tells her to sneak out. Sarah asks nervously what will happen if she gets caught. Rick points out that she can't get into any more trouble than she's already in. Sarah suddenly spots her mother approaching, and she tells Rick to go. Rick says he'll pick Sarah up at 7pm.
No. 26
Debbie is sitting with Helen and Jonathon, and Helen is telling Debbie that she should march across the road and tell Mr. and Mrs. Lim everything. Jonathon, however, explains that his parents won't *listen* to Debbie: they think she's being disrespectful in questioning their judgement in punishing Sarah.
HELEN (muses): So they might listen to *me*?
DEBBIE: And it's not me you'll be getting off the hook; it's Sarah.
HELEN (thoughtfully): Yes, well, her punishment does seem a little severe.
With that, Helen adds that she'll she what she can do.
Coffee Shop
Lauren and Lou are sitting together when Brad bursts in with a wad of cash and exclaims that he was born lucky! He sits down and beams that he just can't go wrong: every time he bets on a horse, it comes up a winner; it's like he's psychic! He then asks what they're doing for dinner tonight - his shout. Lauren, however, tells him that she has some shopping to do. With that, she stands up and walks out. When she's gone, Brad says to Lou:
BRAD: Has she said anything to *you*?
LOU: About what?
BRAD: About me. She's been sending me bad vibes for days. Have I done something wrong?
LOU: Have you ever stopped to think she might be a bit depressed about having to sell Chuckie?
BRAD: Well why's she taking it out on me? *I'm* not the one who bought the stupid horse.
LOU: Yes, but you're the one who talked her into selling it.
BRAD: Only because I thought it was for the best.
LOU: Oh well - you know what women are like. (!)
Brad asks what he can do - short of buying Chuckie back. Lou suggests that he do something special for her.
No. 26
Raymond and Jenny Lim are sitting on one couch and Jonathon and Debbie are sitting on the other. Helen is serving them all tea, but Jenny remarks that there's more to them being there than just tea, isn't there... Helen admits that it's about Sarah and her punishment: she doesn't like to interfere, but she thinks there's been a misunderstanding: she doesn't think Sarah's behaviour has been as bad as the Lims think.
JENNY: Perhaps not according to *Australian* standards.
RAYMOND: Sarah was absent from school. That's no excuse.
Helen, however, says quickly that years of experience with teenagers has taught her that things are rarely as they seem. She appeals to the Lims to listen to what Debbie has to say.
Ramsay Street
Rick and Sarah are walking briskly down the driveway of No. 22, Sarah saying as they do so that she's not sure about this. Rick insists that everything is cool.
SARAH (warily): What if they come home early?
RICK: Just relax, Max, you'll be home in plenty of time. Come on - have a blast!
Office at Lassiter's
Gaby is talking on the 'phone, saying to Veronica Baxter that the photos will be complementary. She hangs up and says to Philip gleefully:
GABY: Veronica Baxter's confirmed.
She then walks over to the chart on the wall and draws a line that takes her above Philip. She hands Philip the event diary and says:
GABY: You want to put it in the book? September 18th.
Philip opens the diary and turns to the right page. He then smiles:
PHILIP: The 18th, you say, Gaby? Gee, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Hayden Jennings' computer show's booked on the 18th!
GABY (frowning): Well you can tell him that he'll just have to change it.
PHILIP: No way - he made his booking first.
GABY (shrugs): All right, then, I'll convince Veronica to change the date. Simple.
PHILIP: I don't like your chances - the only day free on that fortnight is a Thursday. How many weddings have you been to on a Thursday?
GABY (airily): She likes me. I can talk her into anything.
No. 26
Debbie is saying to the Lims that if anyone did anything wrong, it's her, not Sarah. Raymond, however, retorts that they're *both* wrong: Debbie for lying to a teacher and Sarah for cutting class. Debbie insists that Sarah only did it because *she* encouraged her. Jonathon looks at his watch and says he's meant to be driving a few friends to the school dance. Raymond tells him not to be late. Jonathon heads out. When he's gone, Debbie says to the Lims:
DEBBIE: Now that you know the full story, I don't suppose you might drop Sarah's punishment and let her go to the dance with Rick?
RAYMOND: I don't like Sarah dating - she's too young.
JENNY: She is 16 - and I don't approve of Rick Alessi.
HELEN: Oh, I think you'll find that Rick's very responsible!
School dance
Rick is dancing on the back of a ute! As he jumps down, Sarah smiles that he's crazy! Jonathon suddenly spots them.
JONATHON: Sarah! What are *you* doing here?
SARAH (looking horrified): Jonathon! Please don't tell mum and dad.
JONATHON: How can you do this? Debbie's just spent the last half an hour trying to talk them into letting you off the hook.
Rick looks at his watch and says that if they get going now, they might just get Sarah home before their parents. He asks Jonathon if he can drive them.
No. 28
Brad has arranged a huge display of balloons! There's a knock at the door and Lauren comes in. She looks at the balloons, and Brad, who's hiding behind them, springs out.
BRAD: Surprise!
LAUREN (looking taken aback): I think I must have missed something - it's not my birthday!
Brad explains that he thought she needed a bit of cheering up. Lauren remarks that all the balloons must have cost a fortune.
BRAD: Only everything I won at the track today - plus a little extra which I used to buy this.
He holds out a small jewellery case. Lauren opens it to reveal a necklace with a silver horse motif.
BRAD: I know you were really down about selling Chuckie and I thought it could be something you could remember him by.
LAUREN: That's really sweet Brad. Thanks.
They kiss passionately!
School dance
Jonathon's car won't start. Rick is looking under the engine, but can't work out what's wrong. Sarah sighs that maybe they should *run* home.
No. 26
Debbie is saying to the Lims with a smile:
DEBBIE: So Sarah's not grounded anymore?
JENNY: All things considered, Sarah's probably been punished enough already.
DEBBIE (exclaims): Great! She can go to the school dance.
RAYMOND: One thing at a time - I think we should go home and have a talk to Sarah first. She has to understand that this rebelliousness has to stop.
The 'phone starts ringing and Helen goes and answers it. She then tells Debbie that it's for her. Debbie takes it and Helen says quietly that she thinks it's Jonathon. As the Lims start to leave, Debbie listens on the 'phone:
DEBBIE: What? ... Yes,OK.
She then hangs up quickly and dashes to stop the Lims from leaving.
DEBBIE: Hey! You're not going already, are you? Why don't you stay for another cup of tea? I'll put the kettle on!
Helen looks at the Lims in puzzlement!
Office at Lassiter's
Philip walks in to find Gaby with Veronica Baxter. Gaby is telling Veronica that by having the wedding on the 18th - a Saturday - there's no way she'll get decent weekend media coverage; but she thinks Thursday 16th might be the way to go, as that way the Saturday and Sunday papers will get the stories and Veronica will get the scoop in her own Friday column.
VERONICA (looking thoughtful): A wedding... on a Thursday...? I love it! It's so different!
Gaby smiles at Philip triumphantly!
No. 22
The front door opens and Raymond and Jenny head inside, followed by Debbie. Debbie says nervously:
DEBBIE: Gee, I hope Sarah still wants to talk to me after all the trouble I've landed her in.
JENNY: She's in her room - I'll get her.
DEBBIE (quickly): No! No - maybe I should go up and speak to her alone. I can apologise in private; it's kind of embarrassing.
RAYMOND: What have you got to say that we haven't heard already?
Jenny calls upstairs.
JENNY: Sarah. There's someone here to see you.
There's no answer. Jenny calls again. There's still no response.
JENNY: What on earth is that girl doing up there?
Debbie stands there, looking worried...
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Lauren Carpenter, Brad Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1957
Lauren Carpenter, Brad Willis, Doug Willis

Rick Alessi, Jonathon Lim in Neighbours Episode 1957
Rick Alessi, Jonathon Lim

Lou Carpenter, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1957
Lou Carpenter, Brad Willis

Gaby Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1957
Gaby Willis, Doug Willis

Helen Daniels, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1957
Helen Daniels, Philip Martin

Philip Martin, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1957
Philip Martin, Gaby Willis

Gaby Willis, Veronica Baxter in Neighbours Episode 1957
Gaby Willis, Veronica Baxter

Debbie Martin, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1957
Debbie Martin, Rick Alessi

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1957
Philip Martin

Rick Alessi, Sarah Lim in Neighbours Episode 1957
Rick Alessi, Sarah Lim

Jonathon Lim in Neighbours Episode 1957
Jonathon Lim

Brad Willis, Lauren Carpenter, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1957
Brad Willis, Lauren Carpenter, Lou Carpenter

Raymond Lim, Jenny Lim in Neighbours Episode 1957
Raymond Lim, Jenny Lim

Brad Willis, Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1957
Brad Willis, Lauren Carpenter

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1957
Debbie Martin

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