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Neighbours Episode 1955 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1955
Australian airdate: 09/07/93
UK airdate: 12/05/94
UK Gold: 28/04/00
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Tina Butler
Guests: Raymond Lim: T.S. Kong
Tommy Lim: David Kong
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam is trying to get Doug to say yes to selling his share in Chukkamental. As they're talking, Gaby breezes in and announces that she's the new manager of Lassiter's. She can't wait to "prove herself to Paul".
Helen comes round to see if Julie has rung from Queensland, but she hasn't. Phil comes in and tells Helen that he's quit his job and Gaby is now in charge!
Brad is telling Stephen that he won $800 on the horses. He says the buzz he gets from gambling is similar to surfing. Brad leaves, and Stephen asks Phoebe to leave too.
Outside, she explains to Brad that Stephen is improving - at least he's stopped yelling at her.
Lauren is on the phone to Cathy who says she wants to sell her share in the horse. Lauren is very disappointed, and tells Lou she'll talk Doug around somehow.
LAUREN: I don't care what I have to do. I'm not giving Chukky up.
No.32, the following morning
Hannah asks Phil why he's watching cartoons(!) Tommy comes to call for Hannah for school and she goes off.
The Office
Gaby is sitting in the manager's chair. Brad comes in and asks if he can have any shifts at the Brasserie, but Gaby doesn't have anything.
Lou warns Lauren not to get her hopes up with Doug - he's having a lot of trouble at home.
Doug and Pam arrive, and then so does Raymond. It seems Doug sold his share in Chukkamental to Raymond to raise the money to pay the staff wages.
Phil still can't get hold of Julie. He and Helen are both worried about her. They talk about the business and Phil says he's had enough of Gaby - it'll go one of two ways, either she'll fail, or she'll succeed and Phil will move on.
Raymond tells everyone that Chukkamental is a good opportunity. It turns out that Bright and Oaks are known to Raymond, and he's responsible for the current offer. He tells Lauren not to give in to sentiment - they don't have the money to develop the horse. But if they take the offer, Chukky will be a champion.
Pam tells Stephen that he'll have to work harder on his rehabilitation if he wants to get better quickly. Pam mentions Beth, but Stephen can't remember her very well. He still can't believe that Phoebe is his wife.
The Office
Raymond shows Gaby some designs. She says she can't place a textile order at the moment as they have a lot of capital expenditure coming up with the Waterhole rebuild.
Phil comes in. Gaby asks him for authorisation to sign cheques. Phil says he'll sign if Gaby gets the orders together. She is not pleased.
Lou is tempted by the offer on Chukky and Lauren is furious, storming out of the back door.
Stephen's monitor suddenly bleeps and Pam rushes over. He's semi- conscious, so she gets straight on the phone for help.
The Office
Helen asks Gaby to authorise some Home James petrol vouchers on the Lassiter's account "as usual". Gaby says Helen has to pay for her own petrol. Helen tells Gaby off for being disloyal to Phil, but Gaby says she's fed up of picking up Phil's slack.
Stephen is taken away for a scan and Phoebe is very worried.
Lassiter's Lake
Brad finds Lauren sitting on a bench. She's very upset about the sale of Chukky. Brad reminds her that upkeep on a horse costs a lot of money, and they might end up cheating Chukky - if they sell him, he'll have the best food and stables, and the chance to be a real champion.
Phil is sitting in the jacuzzi talking to Tommy and Hannah. Apparently Tommy told the bullies to "rack off" today.
Helen comes to see Phil and says she thinks Gaby is undermining him with the staff. Helen says he'd better fight for his job, but Phil says there are worse things than not having one.
Lou and Raymond are having a beer. Lou doesn't think Lauren will change her mind. Then Lauren and Brad come in, and Lauren tells them that she's decided to sell.
RAYMOND: Good! You won't be sorry!
PHil and Hannah have a chat about recent events and he tells her there's nothing to worry about. Hannah reckons that Phil should stand up to Gaby - like he told her to stand up to the bullies.
Pam tells Phoebe that Stephen has got to have an operation - the CT scan showed a blood clot developing on Stephen's brain.
PAM: No surgery's without risk, Phoebe.
PHOEBE: He could die? Stephen could die?!
<<1954 - 1956>>
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