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Neighbours Episode 1954 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1954
Australian airdate: 08/07/93
UK airdate: 11/05/94
UK Gold: 27/04/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Tina Butler
Guests: Raymond Lim: T.S. Kong
Sarah Lim: Ola Chan
Tommy Lim: David Tong
Kelly: Bernadette Walsh
Race Caller: Rob Elliot
Bully no. 1: Matthew Ketteringham
Bully no. 2: Paul Czarnota
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Wayne asks Debbie and Kelly where Sarah is. Debbie is feeling guilty about setting Sarah up and won't tell him, but Kelly readily dobs Sarah in. Kelly explains that Sarah is meeting Rick, and Debbie confirms that it's at Lassiter's Lake.
The Office
Phil is on the phone trying to track Julie down as he hasn't heard of her for a couple of days. Gaby start henpecking him again and Phil tells her to get off his back. She tells him that she's worked out that all the people lined up to be sacked can do holiday cover and job- sharing for a while. Phil is not keen, but says he'll look at the list later. Gaby is not pleased and tells Phil that he's being very short- sighted.
PHIL: It's *my* decision, Gaby. Not yours.
She stomps out, angrily.
Doug is home early. Pam is still upset with him for betting the payroll on the horses and wants to know where the money came from to pay the staff. He says he's sick of her nagging.
Lou is pleased that Chukkamental is doing well. Lauren thinks he has a good chance of being placed in the next race.
Doug comes round in a bit of a mood, still fed up with Pam.
Outside the School
Debbie and Kelly sees Wayne heading off to Lassiter's Lake. Debbie looks very guilty and realises that Sarah will be grounded for life.
Elsewhere, three boys hassle Tommy for a go on his electronic game. They snatch it off him, but Tommy snatches it back and runs.
Lassiter's Lake
Wayne confronts Sarah and she confesses that she's cutting classes. He tells her she started off really well and is surprised she's started acting up. He orders her back to school, and Debbie watches from a distance, still looking guilty.
Doug, Lou and Lauren are listening to the race on the radio and Chukkamental wins! They are pleased! Doug is surprised to hear that Brad is betting.
Lassiter's Lake
Tommy and Hannah are talking about being different, and that's why the boys are picking on him. The three boys who hassled them earlier jump out of the bushes and hassle Tommy. A scuffle ensues, and Hannah desperately calls out to Phil, who she's just seen coming to his car. He chases the boys off and checks Tommy is OK.
The Office
Gaby has got the job of ringing people up and telling them they've lost their jobs.
Phil, Tommy and Hannah come in. Gaby bangs on to Phil about the job losses being unnecessary.
In the inner office, Hannah and Tommy tell Phil what's happened. He advises Tommy not to take his game to school. Hannah says the boys hassle Tommy even when he hasn't got the game, because he's Chinese. Phil sympathises, but says bullies have to be stood up to.
On the way out, Gaby tells Phil that he needs to balance his family commitments with his job at Lassiter's. There's a lot to organise, and she feels Phil isn't acting quickly enough. He reminds her crossly that he is in charge, not Gaby.
Wayne is telling Sarah off for cutting classes. She is quiet. Raymond arrives and tells Sarah that she's a disgrace to the family. He says he'll make very sure it won't happen again.
Verandah of No.32
Hannah tells Debbie that Sarah has had a row off Mrs Lim, and has been grounded - in her bedroom, except for meals.
The Office
Gaby is on the phone to Paul when Pam comes in. She asks Gaby if she'll be home for dinner tonight, and then asks if she's spoken to Doug about money recently. Gaby asks her what's going on. Pam says she thinks Doug is keeping something from her.
Lauren has spoken to Chukkie's trainer and apparently the horse is in great shape. Lou is very pleased.
The phone rings again and it's someone from a company called Bright and Noaks. They've offered $35,000 to buy Chukkie.
Garden of No.28
Pam demands to know what Doug did with the wages. He confesses that he bet them and lost them. She is not pleased and tells Doug that gambling is a disease. He says he paid the workers, but doesn't want to tell her how.
Lauren tells Lou that she doesn't want to sell Chukkie - he's more than a racehorse to her. But Lou points out that it's more than four times what they paid for him. Lauren thinks Chukkie needs a chance to win more, but Lou says the other shareholders will have to decide.
Hannah is still upset about the bullies picking on Tommy. Phil tells her to stand by Tommy.
Debbie tells them she's just popping out before dinner.
Debbie sees Raymond on the driveway and confesses that she set Sarah up. He won't listen to her full explanation though, and sends her away.
Pam votes for Chukkie to be sold, but they still have to get Doug and Cathy's votes.
The Office
Paul is on the phone to Phil, telling him off. As soon as he puts the phone down, he looks murderous.
PHIL: Gaby! Get in here! I take it you've been to Paul behind my back!
GABY: I had to do something! Paul had a right to know what's going on around here. The re- construction work should be well underway, and every time I try to discuss it with you, you fob me off. You wouldn't even *consider* my plan to save the jobs of the Waterhole staff. Your whole attitude stinks.
PHIL: As you obviously told Paul! How dare you go behind my back! Your loyalty should be to me!
GABY: I think my loyalty should be to the company!
PHIL: I get the impression that you think you can do a better job than I can.
Gaby's look says it all.
PHIL: Well, as you know so much, and you're so dedicated and so efficient, maybe you should try running the place on your own for a while!
GABY: What does that mean?!
Phil puts on his jacket.
PHIL: Just that. I'm out of here. It's all yours.
<<1953 - 1955>>
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