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Neighbours Episode 1953 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1952 - 1954>>
Episode title: 1953 (Julie finds out she was a product of rape)
Australian airdate: 07/07/93
UK airdate: 10/05/94
UK Gold: 26/04/00
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Tina Butler
Guests: Harvey Johnson: Damian Foley
Sarah Lim: Ola Chan
Roger Bannon: Guy Fearon
Joyce Bannon: Joan Murray
Kelly: Bernadette Walsh
Carl Davis: Ian Toyne
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Julie's hotel room
Julie must have told Roger Bannon Junior that she's his half- sister, but that bit has cut off and we join them again with...
ROGER: What is this? What do you want from me?
JULIE: Nothing! But I have a right to know the truth about how I was born.
ROGER: Then why all the garbage about researching your family tree?! What are you up to, lady?!
JULIE: I didn't know how to approach you. But I wasn't lying, we *are* related.
ROGER: Whatever you came up here for, you've had a wasted trip. You'll get nothing from me, or any of the Bannon family. I'll make sure of that! Why don't you just go back where you came from!
Coffee Shop
Brad is telling Annalise off for not stopping the food- fight, and says Annalise has let Phoebe down. She does feel a bit guilty, but says she's finding it hard running the Coffee Shop - it's more complicated that she thought. Brad suggests that Harvey works off the $50 he owes him by teaching Annalise how to run the shop.
Debbie tells Kelly that she feels a bit sorry for Sarah, but Kelly says that Debbie should take her chance to get back with Rick!
Phil answers the door to Gaby. She tells Phil he has to decide on a linen contract soon as they've nearly run out. Phil says he'll sort it out tomorrow and sends Gaby away.
Beth tells Brad she isn't sure that Harvey teaching Annalise will work out. She is still thinking about Barbados. He suggests taking someone unrelated to their dramas.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Harvey is teaching Annalise about customer service but she's not listening(!) But she relents and says she'll listen to what he has to say and he starts teaching her to use the coffee machine. Phil comes in and tells Annalise with hostility that he's surprised at Phoebe's choice of temporary staff.
Brisbane Ladies' Auxiliary Committee Meeting
Julie has turned up to meet Roger's mother (he mentioned her charity work in the previous episode). Julie recognises her from her photo at the Bannon & Son office and goes over to her. She already knows about Julie's claims via her son, and tells Julie to go away before she reports her to the police!
Rick tries to talk to Sarah, but she doesn't respond, so Debbie sits down with Rick instead.
The Office
Phil comes in talking to a man called Carl Davis about the linen service. He tells Gaby that Mr Davis will be taking the linen contract, but it seems Gaby has already engaged someone!
Phil is furious with Gaby and says she had no right to engage someone behind his back - it was his decision, and not Gaby's place to meddle. She says that the people she's engaged have both a good reputation and better prices.
Brisbane Ladies' Auxiliary Committee Meeting
Julie is still waiting for Joyce Bannon when she comes out of the meeting and insists she won't leave her alone until she tells her what she wants to know.
Coffee Shop
Over a musical montage, Harvey is teaching Annalise about cooking and good customer service. Some hilarious hi- jinks ensue with Annalise burning things, but eventually making a decent omelette.
Rick chases after Sarah, much to Debbie's annoyance. Sarah tells Rick that her father has warned her off him. Rick says that things are different in Australia, and they can just keep things quiet. Sarah agrees and he gives her a hug. Debbie tells Kelly that it's time to teach Sarah a lesson about stealing other people's boyfriends!
The Office
Phil tells Gaby that he has to lay some people off and she is shocked. She suggests redeployment, but Phil points out that the Waterhole could be closed for months. Gaby says they'll all go to Parkside Pacific and they'll be back to square one when the Waterhole re- opens, but Phil says his decision is final.
Julie's hotel room
Joyce Bannon has come to see Julie.
JOYCE BANNON: I thought it would be easier to talk than to keep trying to avoid you.
JULIE: I do appreciate you coming here to see me.
JOYCE BANNON: Do you? We'll see, won't we, after I've told you what you want to know.
Coffee Shop
Beth is telling Brad and Annalise that she's heading off to Barbados tonight - with her mum! Harvey tells them that Annalise has improved, but just then Phil calls her over with irritation in his voice. Harvey says it's her chance to prove what she's learned!
The Office
Wayne invites Gaby out for a snack, or to sit by the lake. She says she can't as she's snowed under, and he looks disappointed.
Coffee Shop
Phil tells Annalise to take his coffee away and clean the coffee out of his saucer. She does so. He moans that there aren't any specials on the menu. He orders a ham and cheese omelette and chips, then moans that his coffee is cold.
Debbie finds Sarah studying and tells her she's sorry about what happened with Rick. But she's seen Rick and he's given her a message - that Sarah should meet him in half an hour. Sarah says she can't cut class. Debbie says she'll cover for Sarah with Mr Duncan.
Coffee Shop
Phil has finished his meal and moan that there was too much cheese in the omelette, and the chips were greasy. Also that Annalise's handwriting is appalling on the bill. Annalise grits her teeth and thanks Phil for his custom!
Julie's hotel room
JULIE: My mother wouldn't have said he was my father if he wasn't.
JOYCE BANNON: Roger was your father, I'm in no doubt about that. But he wasn't the romantic you've been imagining.
JULIE: How do you know? Did he tell you about...his affair with my mother?
JOYCE BANNON: It was hardly an affair, not in this case.
JULIE: There were others.
JOYCE BANNON: Oh, yes. His money and power could buy him into almost any bed he chose. What do you think attracted me to him in the first place? I know what an aphrodisiac those things can be.
JULIE: Not to my mother. She loved him, she must have...
JOYCE BANNON: No, she didn't. But if it's any comfort to you, his money and power didn't work on her. She drove him crazy, he wanted her. But she was in love with Jim Robinson. I always believe that's why he did what he did. Just because he couldn't have her, he couldn't stand the rejection. In spite of all his money and influence, he really was a weak man.
JULIE:(shocked) You...you're saying he forced himself on her?!
JOYCE BANNON: He sent Jim away on a business trip. And went round to the house one night. He took what he wanted.
JOYCE BANNON: I'm sorry, but that's the way it was.
JULIE: How do you know?!
JOYCE BANNON: Your mother obviously told Jim you weren't his child. Jim walked out on Roger's business...created quite a fuss, that's how I know all about it. But it was covered up eventually, it was different in those days. Women didn't make a fuss.
JULIE: How could you stay with a man like that?!
JOYCE BANNON: I didn't think I had any choice. Actually, I blamed your mother at the time. He spun some story about the way he led her on. I know better now.
JULIE: I still can't believe it!
JOYCE BANNON: Oh, believe me, it's true. Roger...you and your mother were lucky that Jim Robinson was the man he was. A lot of men wouldn't have been so understanding.
JULIE: Oh, God...Mum...!
JOYCE BANNON: I'm sorry. You came to me for the truth, and you found it. Your natural father was a brutal, selfish, monster of a man.
She walks out, leaving Julie struggling to take it all in.
<<1952 - 1954>>
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