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Neighbours Episode 1952 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1952
Australian airdate: 06/07/93
UK airdate: 09/05/94
UK Gold: 25/04/00
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Tina Butler
Guests: Harvey Johnson: Damian Foley
Raymond Lim: T.S. Kong
Sarah Lim: Ola Chan
Roger Bannon: Guy Fearon
Kelly: Bernadette Walsh
Secretary: Judy Stolfo
Radio Announcer: Rob Elliot
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Beth has come to pick up Hope from Helen. Annalise pops round to propose to Helen that she runs the Coffee Shop for Phoebe - as an employee. Helen thinks her idea is insensitive and mercenary and tells her she should be ashamed of herself!
Pam tells Phoebe that Stephen is just frustrated that he can't remember. She advises Phoebe to go home for a sleep.
Pam goes into Stephen's room and tells him she knows he feels strange and frustrated. She tells him to try to relax and get some sleep. He doesn't recognise Pam either, but she doesn't say anything.
Debbie and Kelly are taunting Sarah for "pinching other people's boyfriends". Rick rescues Sarah and tells Debbie off.
Annalise tells Phoebe that she'll run the Coffee Shop for free, she'll just keep the tips. Phoebe agrees and heads back to the hospital.
Brad comes in looking for Harvey, saying he conned him out for $50. Annalise tells him that Harvey has got a job on a cruise ship and is leaving the country in a couple of days. Brad says he'd better find Harvey fast!
Wayne comes to see Stephen. He doesn't recognise him, but they get on quite well anyway. Stephen asks him to fill him in on his life. Wayne decides to start with Russell Butler, the boarder from hell.
Brad is on the phone trying to track down Harvey when Pam comes in. She is upset that Doug has gambled $5,000, but Brad says gambling is a great buzz(!) Pam says there's not much buzz when you have no money left!
Sarah sits with Debbie who promptly gets up and sits somewhere else. Wayne is covering the class today. No- one has read the book except for Sarah.
Julie has arrived at Bannon & Son to meet her father. She asks the receptionist what he's like.
JULIE: Is he...I haven't met him...but I hear he's very well respected.
JULIE: He must be very fit, I imagine. You know, man of his age, running a company!
RECEPTIONIST: Sorry...his age?!
Just then a young man comes out and introduces himself a Roger Bannon.
JULIE: No! You're not Roger Bannon...you can't be!
Coffee Shop
Brad and Beth are having a milkshake and telling Annalise that Beth is going to Barbados. Beth is wondering who to take with her and Annalise hints strongly that she'd love to go there!
Some of the schoolkids come in. Debbie blanks Sarah. She tells her that Debbie and Rick and still be friends, but Debbie tells her that Rick will dump Sarah soon, just like he dumped her!
Bannon & Son
Julie tells Roger Bannon Jr that she's come to meet his father, but he explains that his father passed away two years ago. Julie tells him that she's researching her fmaily tree and says she'd like to ask him a few specific questions. She asks him for some photographs and he shows her one.
JULIE: Was he a kind man?
ROGER: He didn't suffer fools.
JULIE: Neither do I. He must have been very intelligent.
ROGER: He was an achiever. Anything he set his mind to, he'd make it happen.
JULIE: Yes. Yes.
He suggests Julie talks to his mother, but Julie would rather not.
Phoebe tells Helen she doesn't have the courage to go in and see Stephen at the moment. She cries and says she can't cope. Helen tells her to take one day at a time.
PHOEBE: He's not the Stephen I married. He's totally different. The guy I love is gone.
HELEN: Oh, Phoebe.
Wayne is covering the class again. He asks Sarah to give them a summary of the book, but she is intimidated by Debbie and Kelly, so lies and says she hasn't read it.
Julie rings Helen and tells him that her father is dead, but she's met his son. She's going to meet Roger Bannon Jr again after work to ask him some more questions. Helen tells her to be careful.
Wayne sees Sarah outside and asks her what's going on. She obstinately tells him she didn't read the book and is no smarter than anyone else in the class.
Phoebe is chatting to Stephen. She tells him again about the explosion, as he's forgotten. She explains they were arguing about Lisa on the night of the explosion, and Stephen starts reliving the argument, shouting that he'll go and get her jacket. Pam rushes in and calms Stephen down.
Raymond see Wayne and Wayne tells him that Sarah is having some trouble in class. He tells him about Rick and Raymond says he'll soon deal with that!
Julie's hotel room
Roger Bannon Junior has arrived and Julie offers him a glass of wine. They talk about his father and apparently he was a bit of a rogue and often had extra- marital sex!
Raymond tells Sarah off for not concentrating at school and being distracted by Rick. Debbie listens in and looks quite pleased when Raymond tells Sarah to stay away from Rick.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is struggling to control a food fight. Brad comes in and stops it, telling everyone to clean up. However, he is distracted by Harvey coming in and grips him by the front of the shirt saying he wants his $50!
Into all this chaos, Phoebe arrives.
Julie's hotel room
Roger Bannon Jr and Julie are talking about his father's infidelity. He wants to know why she's fascinated by his father. She says she is just curious as he's the link between their two families. He asks her about her own family and starts to come on to Julie.
JULIE: Roger, please!
ROGER: Oh, come on, Julie, we don't have to play any more games!
He tries to kiss her.
JULIE: Roger! Don't! We mustn't!
ROGER: I can't think of one good reason why not!
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