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Neighbours Episode 1951 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1951
Australian airdate: 05/07/93
UK airdate: 06/05/94
UK Gold: 24/04/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Tina Butler
Guests: Doctor Palmerston: Mark Silveira
Race Caller: Rob Elliot
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Chukkamental wins his race.
- Julie tells Phil she wants to find her real father.
- The Waterhole explodes
- Stephen is taken to hospital. He doesn't recognise Phoebe.
Stephen tells Phoebe in a state of agitation that he can't move his hand, or his whole side. Phoebe berates herself for asking him to go and get her jacket. Stephen keeps saying he can't feel his arm, so Phoebe goes to get help.
Gaby looks at a letter from her grandfather, who is in Madagascar! - it's addressed to Brad and Beth. Doug suggests that he gives it to Beth.
Helen comes to see Phil. He tells her that Julie has located Roger Bannon in Brisbane and is determined to go and see him. Phil is planning to tell her that she can't go and that'll be the end of it. (?!)
The doctor is trying to calm Phoebe down. He goes through and looks at Stephen and asks him some questions like the year. He remembers that, but he doesn't remember being married to Phoebe. The doctor suggests Phoebe waits outside for a now.
Coffee Shop
Beth has opened the Coffee Shop for Phoebe. Doug comes in with Beth's pay and apologises that it's late. He also gives her the letter from Bert in Madagascar. She opens it and finds a wedding card with a voucher for an all expenses paid trip to Barbados.
Lauren tells Brad and Lou that George wants to run Chukky again later this week, though she thinks it might be a bit soon. Brad thinks he might have another bet today, as he did so well yesterday.
Helen is waiting outside the school for Julie and asks her to have lunch with her. Helen tells her that she should think very carefully about finding her father as Julie would be turning her back on what she and Jim had together. Julie says she wants to find out the truth.
Beth arrives and finds Phoebe very upset that Stephen doesn't recognise her. She sits Phoebe down and tells her she's arranged all the babysitting for Phoebe. Phoebe hasn't been able to get hold of Stephen's parents, who are in the Outback, and Dorothy is having an operation herself, so can't travel.
The Office
Gaby is going through some business problems with Phil, who is distracted. Then Julie barges in and Phil sends Gaby away.
GABY: Terrific. Really professional(!)
Julie tells Phil off for telling Helen about her plan to go to Brisbane. She tries to get him to sign a cheque for the trip, but he won't.
The doctor tells Phoebe that Stephen has some swelling in his brain which is giving the problem with his arm and leg. It may subside of his own accord, but there's no guarantee - it could be days, or even months. In the meantime, Stephen needs to have visitors around to stimulate him mentally.
Brad is going to bet on a horse called Golden Golliwog because he likes the name(!) He claims it's instinct!
Beth calls round to talk to Brad about the letter and they go out the back.
No.24 (Garden)
Beth fills Brad in about Stephen and asks him to visit. Then she tells him about the trip to Barbados - she can't send it back because she can't read the address, and the voucher has to be used by next week! Brad tells her to just go on the trip - Beth deserves it after all that's happened and Bert won't mind.
Lauren is on pins, saying to Lou that she doesn't know if Beth still has feelings for Brad. She's worried that she won't be able to "hang on" to Brad, but Lou says she just has to love him.
Julie barrels in and tells Lou she wants her share of the profits from the car yard. Lou protests, but Julie points out that if Lou has money to spend on the races, he's got money to give her!
Phoebe is telling Stephen about their life together and Hope, but he can't remember. He does remember that he played the guitar though.
Brad visits and Stephen gets irritated when Phoebe "introduces" them saying Phoebe is treating him like a moron.
Beth comes round to see Doug about the Barbados trip and Doug readily offers her time off. Beth still isn't sure about going, but Gaby says the Willises owe her after what Brad put her through - she should go and buy bikinis!
Brad tells Lou and Lauren about Stephen. They put the radio on to listen to the race. To Lou and Lauren's surprise, Golden Golliwog wins the race, despite not having placed in a race for months. Brad is chuffed!
Stephen snaps at Phoebe to stop fussing over him.
Lauren answers the door to Beth and tells her that Brad has gone to the TAB. Lauren is cooking a meal for Brad, and is irritated that Beth knows more about Brad's food preferences that she does.
BETH: Just tell him I've decided to go on our honeymoon.
BETH: He'll know what I mean.
She leaves.
Ramsay Street
Brad tells Lou that gambling is an easy way to make money! Phil drives up and Lou good- naturedly tells him that he's keeping his wife in money! Phil looks worried that Lou has given Julie money, and hurries into the house.
Julie is packing to go to Brisbane when Phil storms in. Julie says she's going to Brisbane whether he likes it or not.
PHIL: I can't believe you asked Lou Carpenter for money!
JULIE: It's my money, and you refused to help!
PHIL: For your own good!
JULIE: I know that's what you think, Philip, but you simply don't understand what this means to me. Otherwise you wouldn't try to stop me.
There is a bit of a pause.
PHIL:(calmer) I do understand how important it is to you. I just don't want to see you get hurt.
JULIE: I know you don't. But can't you see I have to take the chance? I can't spend the rest of my life wondering.
PHIL: I hope it works out for you, Julie. I honestly do. Good luck.
He hugs her.
Brad and Lauren are kissing. Lauren give Brad the message from Beth about going to Barbados. Lauren says she's feeling really romantic tonight and is pleased that Lou is going out. However, Brad is going with Lou to the races. Lauren is not impressed, saying she's been slaving over Brad's dinner for hours!
Phoebe is telling Stephen about Russell and feeding him his dinner. He shouts at her, saying she's treating him like a baby.
STEPHEN: I just want you to leave me alone!
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