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Neighbours Episode 1944 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1943 - 1945>>
Episode title: 1944
Australian airdate: 24/06/93
UK airdate: 27/04/94
UK Gold: 13/04/00
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Harvey Johnson: Damian Foley
Louise Barker: Katrina McEwan
Ruth Stoner: Donna Woodhouse
Plain Clothes Officer: Paul Tiewes
Summary/Images by: Graham
Annalise finding out from Brad that Harvey's going out with Beth.
Lou and Lauren talking about Chukka Mental being jealous of Brad.
Harvey slipping a wrap of paper into Beth's handbag in a nightclub and Beth being approached by a plain- clothes police officer.
The plain clothes officer asks Beth where her boyfriend is. Beth replies that he's gone to get the car. Two uniformed officers go outside to check the car park. The plain clothes officer asks Beth to empty her bag. Beth tries to protest - but she does so anyway, and amongst her keys and other possessions, she takes out a small parcel wrapped in paper. The officer muses:
PLAIN CLOTHES OFFICER: Well... I wonder what's in *this*...?
No. 32
Julie and Debbie are revising chemical elements in the lounge room. Philip comes in after a run and goes to make some supper in the kitchen. Debbie heads off to bed just as Philip returns to the lounge room and tells Julie irritatedly that the kitchen's a tip: there's not a clean cup or plate in the place and the 'fridge is empty. Julie says she'll do the shopping tomorrow after the test - and can't *he* do the dishes? Philip points out that he got home from work at 9pm; he's entitled to *some* leisure time. Julie retorts that so is she, but does she get any? Philip points out:
PHILIP: It was *your* idea to go back to school.
JULIE: Yes, and you promised to support me - but all you ever do is whinge because I don't spend my entire life chained to the kitchen sink.
With that, Julie returns to studying.
No. 28
Brad is trying to spend some alone time with Lauren, but she's too busy working out how much Chuckie is costing the syndicate. She adds that he could meet her at the stables tomorrow, but Brad points out that he'll just make Chuckie depressed. Laruen insists that it'll be different once he wins that race next week. Doug joins them with a calculator and hands it to Lauren, commenting as he does so that horse- racing is strictly a sport for kings - *rich* kings, that is. Brad starts to say:
BRAD: Yeah! I bet mum didn't realise that when—
Lauren cuts him off quickly with a filthy look and Brad changes what he's saying to:
BRAD: No wonder mum doesn't like you having a bet!
Doug tells Lauren that he'd like to have a flutter on Chuckie when she runs her - but just don't tell Pam! He leaves Brad and Lauren to it. Lauren snaps at Brad that he nearly blew it; Pam would hate her more than ever if she found out she'd told anyone about her being in the syndicate. Brad insists:
BRAD: Mum doesn't hate you.
LAUREN: Well, don't give her any reason to start.
No. 30
Harvey follows Beth into the kitchen at No. 30, saying he *told* the cops how the stuff ended up in her bag. Beth just retorts that that's only because the police caught him in the car park, trying to take off. Harvey insists that he wouldn't have gone without her; the only reason he left her carrying the stuff was because he figured there was no way they'd pull her up. Beth snaps that he was wrong. Harvey shrugs that it's no big deal - they didn't charge her; *he's* the one who has to go to court. Beth mutters:
BETH: Well I hope you get ten years.
HARVEY: Nah, I'll cop a fine, but that's about it. Johnno's the one who'll end up in the can: he's been busted before.
BETH: Well, he deserves everything he gets.
Harvey comments that it's going to be a while before he can suss out another reliable source. Beth glares at him and orders him to go home - she wants to go to bed. Harvey smiles:
HARVEY: How about making a bit of room for *me*...?
Beth, however, retorts that after tonight she never wants to see him again; after she and Brad broke up, she made herself a promise that she'd never let another guy play her for a sucker, and that's exactly what he tried to do to her tonight. Harvey shrugs that it's her loss - he can show her a better time than Brad *ever* could. Beth retorts that she can live with that.
Hungry Bite
The next morning, Harvey is sitting with Annalise at the Hungry Bite. He tells her that they could take a detour via his place before their shifts start, but Annalise just smiles:
ANNALISE: Maybe another time... By the way, did Beth enjoy herself at the dance party last night?
Harvey asks her shiftily how she knew. Annalise replies that a little bird happened to mention it in passing. She asks him how long he's been seeing her, but Harvey replies that it was the first time - and the last: she's not his type; he only took her out because he felt sorry for her. He then tells Annalise that he's more interested in what *they're* doing tonight: there's only one girl he's interested in, and it's not Beth. He adds:
HARVEY: Now do you forgive me?
ANNALISE: Of *course* I do, Harvey...
No. 32
It's chaos as Julie and Debbie try to get ready for school and Philip looks for an ironed shirt. Julie tells him that he knows where the iron's kept. Philip exclaims that he's got to be in a meeting in ten minutes! Julie mutters:
JULIE: Typical male chauvinist!
PHILIP: Well it would be different if *you* had a job too.
JULIE (annoyed): What do you call running the house, taking care of the children, keeping up with things at the car yard - not to mention my homework? Hobbies?
PHILIP: What do you want *me* to do? Quit my job?
JULIE: No, I've got a much more practical solution: advertise for a housekeeper.
Phil retorts that they can't afford it - and even if they could, he wouldn't be in it. Julie tells him that he'll just have to put up with things the way they are. Philip suggests that he and the kids could do more around the house - he'll work out a roster. Julie retorts that she's tried rosters before, but no one sticks to them for more than five minutes. Philip insists that this time it'll be different.
Hungry Bite
Lauren is sitting with Lou as he looks through the accounts she's prepared in respect of Chuckie, including a charge of $563 for a vet. Lauren insists that it doesn't seem as bad when you split it between the syndicate. Brad comes in and Lauren asks how the surf was. He replies:
BRAD: Oh, it was going off. Tell you what - I could eat a horse!
Lou goes to the kitchen to see what's keeping Phoebe with breakfast. When he's gone, Brad asks Lauren how her father took the news. Lauren sighs that it wasn't bad. She adds that she 'phoned Cathy first thing: she carried on a bit, but she said she'll put a cheque in the mail; *Pam's* the only one who doesn't know the syndicate's in the red again... Brad insists:
BRAD: She'll understand.
LAUREN (murmurs): She hasn't been very understanding about *anything* I do so far.
BRAD: She's cool about *us*.
LAUREN: Well, Chuckie's expenses could send us right back to square one...
Lou returns with plates of breakfast as Lauren exclaims that Chuckie *has* to win that race. Lou comments that *Cathy's* not short of a buck, but what about their mystery investor? Lauren murmurs that the person's not exactly *rolling* in it. Lou remarks:
LOU: Oh boy - he may well pull out when he sees those accounts.
Lauren cries that they'd have to sell Chuckie if the syndicate pulls out. Lou tells her that they may not have any choice...
No. 28
Pam is doing some cleaning as Brad tells her conversationally that it's $60 for a set of horse shoes. Pam remarks that she had no idea they'd be so expensive. Brad smiles that it's just as well she's not in the syndicate! Pam agrees and then asks when this 'syndicate' starts to make some profit. Brad tells her that Lauren's putting him in a big race next week. Pam says it sounds to her like the syndicate members should just cut their losses and pull out. Brad cries:
BRAD: But then she'd have to sell Chuckie!
PAM: Well, that's *her* problem.
BRAD: Fair go, mum, she didn't run up all these bills just to nark *you*, you know.
PAM (sternly): Then she should have had the courtesy to come over here and ask me for the money to my face, instead of sending *you*. She's got a nerve, telling you I was in the syndicate, especially when I asked her not to say a word.
She asks who *else* knows. Brad replies that it's only him. Pam sighs and asks how she's going to explain to Doug that he can't have a $2 bet at the TAB when *she* owns a $2,000 share in a racehorse. Brad asks how she *does* explain it. She tells him that she had a little bit of money saved up and she saw Chuckie as an investment in the future; not a very wise one, it would seem... Brad asks her if she's going to stay in the syndicate. Pam just responds that she's going to have to think about that very carefully.
Erinsborough High
Julie is sitting in the classroom, trying to prepare for the exam, when Louise Barker calls out from behind her to ask nastily how it feels to have a murderer in the family. Julie just retorts that whoever killed that bikie, she's sure it wasn't Wayne. Debbie interjects quickly to ask who's taking them for chemistry now. Louise replies that it's someone called Miss. Stoner. Rick says he hopes she doesn't make this test too tough. At that moment, Ms. Stoner comes in and introduces herself, saying she'll be taking over from Mr. Duncan. She tells everyone to puts their notes away. As she hands out the test, she explains that she doesn't know where the class is up to with Mr. Duncan, so she's had to do a bit of guesswork, but if they've done their study, there's nothing to worry about. Debbie sits and stares at the test paper uncertainly. Julie does likewise.
Lauren is brushing Chuckie - who's staring at a photo of Brad pinned to the fence! - when Pam wanders over and clears her throat loudly. She tells Lauren that she had a sudden urge to drop in and check on her investment in the flesh. She then asks if she owes her any money. Lauren replies hesitantly:
LAUREN: A bit...
PAM (suspiciously): How *big* a bit?
LAUREN: Quite a lot, actually...
She hands over a sheet of paper and Pam looks at the figures on it. She then says she's not sure she can afford to keep this up. Lauren tells her that she's entered Chuckie in a race; that should help balance the books. Pam asks what his chances are. Lauren insists:
LAUREN: Chuckie's the best, Mrs. Willis. Just give us both a chance to prove it.
Pam gives in and tells Lauren to call around later and she'll give her some more money. She then asks if Chuckie is really jealous! She adds that Lauren must care about Brad a *lot* if a *horse* feels threatened! Lauren replies:
LAUREN: Yeah, I do. I'm sorry you don't approve, but that's just the way it is.
PAM: Well... looks like I'll just have to get used to it, doesn't it!
Harvey is with Brad, asking him to tell Annalise that he has to cancel their date tonight as he's working. Brad asks him what he *will* be doing. Harvey smiles:
HARVEY: Taking Sarah Lim to the flicks!
Brad comments that he thought her parents practically had her under house arrest. Harvey replies that they do - but she's giving them the slip; tonight may be his one and only opportunity to introduce her to a few 'fun' western traditions... Brad asks him if he bust up with Beth. Harvey tells him that *she* did the busting- up, but he asks Brad not to spread it around. At that moment, Annalise comes in and tells Harvey that there's a band she wouldn't mind seeing tonight. Harvey, however, tells her that he'll have to take a rain check on tonight: the boss wants him to work. Annalise sighs that that's what he told her *last* night; can't he think of something a little more original? Harvey insists that he'll make it up to her. He walks out, leaving Annalise to growl at Brad:
ANNALISE: That two- timing rat. He must've got back together with Beth. It's about time I had a chat to her about muscling in on my territory.
BRAD: Yeah, well, it's not Beth he's taking out tonight.
ANNALISE: Who is it, then?
No. 28
Pam is sorting through some papers at the writing desk when Doug arrives home. He asks her what she's up to and she tells him that it's the accounts - and things are looking pretty good. Doug grabs the chequebook, but Pam demands to know what it's for. Doug sighs that it's a surprise. Pam grabs the chequebook back and asks how *big* a surprise. Doug points out:
DOUG: You said things are looking good.
PAM: Yes, but they won't be if you go splashing money around willy- nilly.
DOUG: Well, you do *your* fair share.
PAM: I'm very careful and you know it!
Doug tries to grab the chequebook back, but Pam holds it out the way. Doug says he'd like to know what some of the cryptic initials on the cheque butts stand for! Pam pulls out a single cheque and hands it over!
Erinsborough High
The test is still going on. Sitting behind Julie, Louise says quietly:
LOUISE: Pretty tough, eh, Jules? I guess you didn't study hard enough.
Ms. Stoner tells Louise to stop talking. She then looks down at her desk and starts writing - and Julie takes the opportunity to lift up a file on her desk and glance at some sheets of paper under there. A voice in her head starts saying:
VOICE IN JULIE'S HEAD: Go on... do yourself a favour. Have a look at your notes. One little peek, that's all it'll take.
Julie hesitates and then goes to lift up the file again. She quickly lets go, though, and returns to her exam without looking. She suddenly feels a tap on her shoulder and she turns round to find herself - dressed in school uniform, with her hair down - smiling and saying to her:
DEVIL JULIE: What are revision notes for, anyway?
Julie sits there and then goes to lift up her folder. All of a sudden, a hand reaches out to stop her and another Julie - with her hair in pig tails - says:
ANGEL JULIE: Don't do it, Julie. Don't even *think* about it.
DEVIL JULIE: She'll fail if she doesn't!
ANGEL JULIE: Better to fail than to pass dishonourably. [To Julie] Isn't that what you always tell the children?
DEVIL JULIE: They don't have to find out...
Julie sits there, uncertainly.
Beth and Annalise are comparing notes about Harvey, and they realise Harvey has been stringing them the same lines. Annalise mutters that she should break his face. Beth realises that the nights he told her he was working or visiting his sick granny in hospital, he was going out with Annalise. Annalise nods:
ANNALISE: And vice versa. Little creep.
Beth asks who he's going out with tonight, if not them. Annalise replies that it's Sarah Lim, according to Brad. Beth exclaims that she's just a school kid! Annalise muses that Harvey will have her on toast. Beth mutters that she could *kill* him after what happened at that nightclub last night. Annalise, however, says:
ANNALISE: Harvey deserves something a lot more painful than mere death.
BETH: Yes, but what?
ANNALISE: I don't know. 'Don't get mad, get even...'
Erinsborough High
The argument is still going on between Devil Julie and Angel Julie:
DEVIL JULIE: It's not as if you could even call it *cheating*.
ANGEL JULIE: No? What *would* you call it?
DEVIL JULIE: All you have to do is check the formula. You still have to work out all the equations.
ANGEL JULIE: It wouldn't be fair to the other students...
DEVIL JULIE (laughs): Get real! Life's not about being fair. It's about winning - any way you can.
ANGEL JULIE: What about honesty? And integrity?
DEVIL JULIE: It's for wimps. And losers. Come on, Jules... just one little look.
Julie goes to lift up her folder. Angel Julie says quickly:
ANGEL JULIE: Don't do it, Julie.
DEVIL JULIE: Will you buzz off?!
The real Julie snaps suddenly:
JULIE: Stop it!
Everyone in the class looks at her. Ms. Stoner tells the class that there are twenty minutes left. Devil Julie says:
DEVIL JULIE: Last chance, Jules... Better grab it while you can.
Julie looks at Ms. Stoner and then lifts up her file and pulls her sheets of revision notes towards her...
No. 28
Pam is handing cash to Lauren, telling her that she borrowed it from Doug's tax savings account. Lauren asks if he won't realise, but Pam tells her that he won't if Chuckie wins that race next week and she can whip it back in before he has to pay the bill. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Pam opens it to Lou, who's looking for Lauren. He sees Lauren with all the cash and Pam tells him quickly that she and Lauren are going halves on a birthday present for Brad. Lauren then asks her father if he has some money to give her for Chuckie. Lou replies that he has - but he's persuaded someone else to buy in, so now they divide by five. Lauren asks who this person is. Lou replies:
LOU: Oh, they wish to remain anonymous, known only to yours truly.
PAM: Doesn't that make things a little awkward?
LOU: I don't see why. We've already got *one* mysterious investor, haven't we, Pam, known only to Lauren, of course... Another one's neither here nor there!
Erinsborough High
The test over, Rick asks Debbie how she went. Debbie shrugs that she didn't study *half* that stuff. Rick comments that her *mum* obviously did. Julie is still writing as everyone leaves the class. Ms. Stoner asks Julie for her paper and Julie hands it over, commenting as she does so:
JULIE: What an easy test!
Ms. Stoner leaves the room. Julie goes to walk out, throwing her revision notes in the bin as she does so - but Louise follows her to the door and slams it shut. With just the two of them in the room, Louise glares at Julie and snarls:
LOUISE: 'What an easy test.' Oh yeah, it *was* simple - especially for the people that *cheated*.
JULIE (exclaims): I hope you're not accusing *me*.
LOUISE: I saw you. You're always acting like you're better than the rest of us; always trying to show us up. You make me *sick*.
Louise goes to the bin and takes out Julie's revision notes, saying she's taking them to the Headmaster as evidence. She adds coldly:
LOUISE: Let's see you crawl your way out of *this* one...
Julie stands there looking worried.
<<1943 - 1945>>
Plain Clothes Officer, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1944
Plain Clothes Officer, Beth Brennan

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1944
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Brad Willis, Lauren Carpenter, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1944
Brad Willis, Lauren Carpenter, Doug Willis

Harvey Johnson, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1944
Harvey Johnson, Beth Brennan

Harvey Johnson, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1944
Harvey Johnson, Annalise Hartman

Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1944
Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Lauren Carpenter, Brad Willis, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1944
Lauren Carpenter, Brad Willis, Lou Carpenter

Brad Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1944
Brad Willis, Pam Willis

Debbie Martin, Rick Alessi, Julie Martin, Louise Barker in Neighbours Episode 1944
Debbie Martin, Rick Alessi, Julie Martin, Louise Barker

Ruth Stoner in Neighbours Episode 1944
Ruth Stoner

Lauren Carpenter, Chukka Mental, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1944
Lauren Carpenter, Chukka Mental, Pam Willis

Brad Willis, Harvey Johnson in Neighbours Episode 1944
Brad Willis, Harvey Johnson

Doug Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1944
Doug Willis, Pam Willis

Rick Alessi, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1944
Rick Alessi, Julie Martin

Annalise Hartman, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1944
Annalise Hartman, Beth Brennan

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1944
Julie Martin

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1944
Julie Martin

Lauren Carpenter, Pam Willis, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1944
Lauren Carpenter, Pam Willis, Lou Carpenter

Louise Barker, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1944
Louise Barker, Julie Martin

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1944
Julie Martin

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