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Neighbours Episode 1943 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1942 - 1944>>
Episode title: 1943
Australian airdate: 23/06/93
UK airdate: 26/04/94
UK Gold: 12/04/00
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Harvey Johnson: Damian Foley
Vince Roland: Bob Brown
Plain Clothes Officer: Paul Tiewes
Patron: Brad Lindsay
Bikie: Lou Toth
Kristy: Jodie Haigh
Briggs: Jamie McGrath
Lenny: Jamie Churchill
Summary/Images by: Graham
Beth being asked out by Harvey and accepting.
Pam apologising to Brad and Lauren.
Wayne asking Gaby to approach Jean Halliday.
Brad is at the stables, getting to know Chuckie better. Lauren tells her horse that Brad's going to groom him. Chuckie neighs loudly and tries to grab an apple that Brad's holding. Brad muses that the horse doesn't seem to like the idea. Lauren looks at Brad and says:
LAUREN: You're not scared of him, are you?
BRAD: No...
Hungry Bite
Beth is with Harvey, who's still trying to persuade her to go to the dance party. She gives in and says she'll go. Harvey says it'll be a rage to end all rages. Annalise comes in and orders some sandwiches from Kristy at the counter. Harvey asks Beth quietly not to mention the dance party to Annalise, to give her a bit longer to get him out of her system. Annalise joins them and says there's a dance party on tonight! Harvey tells her that he can't go as he's working. Annalise asks Beth if *she'll* go, but Beth says she'll be busy. Annalise insists that it'll be fun, but Beth says she can't. Annalise realises there's onion in her sandwich and heads to the kitchen to remove it, leaving Beth to tell Harvey that she hates lying to Annalise. Harvey replies:
HARVEY: Me too - but it's better than breaking her heart.
No. 28
Lou is borrowing one of Doug's drills from Gaby, telling her that Julie's been on his back for letting the car yard go to seed a bit. He offers Gaby a lift back to work, but she explains that she's taken the afternoon off, as she's got some heavy thinking to do. Lou asks if she's talking about Wayne. Gaby says:
GABY: How'd you know?!
LOU: Oh, it's been on *my* mind a lot lately, too, and I feel it's all my fault.
GABY: No! It's no one's fault except Wayne's: he should have stayed away from those bikies.
LOU: And with this woman lined up to testify against him, it doesn't look good: unless she changes her story, he could be a goner.
GABY: He wants me to talk to her.
LOU: *You*? Why?
GABY: Well, the day she saw him, it had been raining. It wasn't the day Cactus was killed. Wayne said she was carrying an umbrella.
LOU: People carry umbrellas all the time - rain, hail or shine. That doesn't prove a thing.
GABY: Yeah, I know, but he's hoping it might jog her memory; make her realise she's made a mistake.
LOU: More likely she's going to go straight to the police and Wayne'll be in it even deeper. Don't do it, love.
GABY: He's *counting* on me.
LOU: Or *using* you, depending on which way you look at it...
GABY: Do you think he did it?
LOU: Gaby, innocent or guilty, he's got no right to put the thumbscrews on you - not unless he wants to see you beside him in that cell for harassing a witness.
With that, Lou heads out, leaving Gaby sitting looking thoughtful.
Erinsborough High
Wayne appears in the doorway to the classroom. One of the pupils spots him and comments that he thought he'd be behind bars by now! Wayne tells the class to get out, as he wants to talk to the Headmaster. The Head is writing on the blackboard, and as the classroom empties, Wayne tells him that this is supposed to be *his* class. The Head retorts that he'll be taking over until Wayne's replacement arrives, as Wayne's been suspended. Wayne demands to know what happened to innocent until proven guilty. The Head tells him that that doesn't apply in the classroom: any sort of notoriety and you're a hero; it's hard enough to instil any morals on the children without *this* sort of thing. Wayne mutters that the Head just wants to get rid of a teacher he doesn't like very much. The Head retorts:
MR. ROLAND: My personal feelings have nothing to do with it - though I must say, you do seem to attract more than your fair share of trouble.
WAYNE (demands): And what's *that* supposed to mean?
MR. ROLAND: Two separate sexual harassment accusations.
WAYNE (snaps): My name was cleared - both times.
MR. ROLAND: Mud sticks - and this school's reputation's my first priority. I'm sorry.
Wayne storms out furiously.
Brad asks Lauren how long it'll be before she races Chuckie. Lauren replies that it'll be next week, all going well. Brad comments that it'll be good if the syndicate starts showing profit. Lauren sighs:
LAUREN: Who knows? A big win might even put me back in your mum's good books. I don't think she realised how expensive it was to own a—
She breaks off as she realises she's put her foot in it. Brad asks in surprise how long his mum's been in the syndicate for. Lauren replies that she's been in since the start - but it's supposed to be a secret. Brad smiles that that's unreal - where did his mum get the money from?!
A thuggish type shakes Harvey's hand and says:
MAN: I'll tell him you'll be in touch.
HARVEY: Thanks, Rocky.
Rocky walks out and Harvey joins Wayne at the bar. Wayne asks Harvey who his bikie mate is, but Harvey explains that he's not a mate, more a business acquaintance. Wayne warns Harvey that he wants to stay away from Rocky: he's one of Cactus's mob; they're killers who'll cut your throat for the price of a beer. Harvey remarks:
HARVEY: Yeah, well, they do say it takes one to know one.
Looking furious, Wayne grabs the lapels of Harvey's jacket and gives him a shove. Annalise rushes over to intervene, but Wayne just walks out angrily. When he's gone, Annalise asks Harvey what that was all about. Harvey shrugs:
HARVEY: *You* tell *me*. I didn't realise he had such a short fuse.
ANNALISE (sighs): No, nor did I...
No. 28
Wayne has turned up at No. 28, but as Gaby lets him in she reminds him that she told him she needs time to think about it. Wayne retorts that he can't live with this thing hanging over his head; everyone's decided he's guilty before the case even goes to court; next thing you know, he'll have a lynch mob on his doorstep all because one dotty old woman gets her days mixed up; he's got to do *something*. He then tells Gaby that he's looked up the address in the 'phone book, and he asks her if she can go and Jean Halliday *today*. Gaby, though, says she' can't - he'll have to find someone else to do it. Wayne says coolly:
WAYNE: I'd do it for *you*.
GABY (retorts): Don't hassle me, Wayne. I said no and I *meant* no.
Wayne turns towards the door. Gaby calls out:
GABY: Can't you see it's only going to make things worse?
WAYNE: From where *I'm* standing, things couldn't *get* much worse, especially when the one person I thought I could count on just turned her back on me.
He storms out, leaving Gaby looking worried.
Lauren and Brad are leading Chuckie back to the stables, Lauren commenting in surprise that she doesn't understand it: it's the slowest workout Chuckie has ever done. Brad suggests that she call the vet. Lauren sighs that she'll have to - another expense for the syndicate... She asks Brad to take Chuckie back to the stable, and she shows him how to be firm with the horse. She walks off, leaving Brad holding Chuckie's reins. All of a sudden, Chuckie raises his nose, which knocks Brad and causes to fall to the ground - right into a pile of droppings!
Beth is asking Annalise if she can have back a vest that Annalise borrowed. Annalise asks her where she's going tonight, but Beth says quickly that she's having drinks with a friend - just a guy she met. Wayne comes in and asks coldly for a jug and two glasses. He goes to sit down at a table and Annalise remarks to Beth that she sees his mood hasn't improved since he tried to pick a fight in there with Harvey. Beth asks if Harvey's OK. Annalise nods that he's fine; it's *Wayne* who's got the filthy temper. Beth asks Annalise if she thinks he did it. Annalise, however, comments that he's pretty easy going and not the murderer type. Lou comes in and joins Wayne, who tells him:
WAYNE: I've remembered something that will prove the police witness is wrong about seeing me outside.
Annalise serves their drinks and Lou then comments to Wayne:
LOU: You were going to tell me about the umbrella lady.
He explains that Gaby told him and about how Wayne wants her to go along and have a word with this Jean Halliday. Wayne sighs that Gaby won't be in it. Lou points out that it's a heck of a thing to expect of her. Wayne retorts that *someone's* got to do it - and if *Gaby* won't do it, that only leaves one other person he can trust... Lou looks at him sharply.
Hungry Bite
Harvey follows Brad into the Hungry Bite and asks for his $50 from their bet. He adds that it's been one week, three hours and fourteen minutes and he hasn't been near a woman. Brad tells him to prove it! Harvey asks if a mate's word isn't proof enough. Brad sighs and gives in. He hands over the $50. He then asks Harvey how he did it. Harvey replies:
HARVEY: It wasn't easy, but I need the cash, let me tell you. I'm taking out your ex tonight.
BRAD: Where to?
HARVEY: A dance party. Not my usual kind of rage, but she takes more impressing than most. After tonight, I reckon she'll be putty in my hands.
Brad tells Harvey that Beth's not the type of chick you can impress by flashing dollars around.
Lauren is sitting at the bar, laughing with Annalise that Brad is convinced Chuckie's after his blood! Annalise muses that *dogs* get jealous of their owner's boyfriends, so why not *horses*?! Gaby comes in and walks over. Annalise indicates Wayne - who's still sitting drinking - and asks Gaby to get him out of there, as he's in a foul mood. Gaby joins Wayne and says gently:
GABY: Hi. I've been looking for you.
WAYNE (mutters): Yeah, well, you found me.
GABY (sighs): Wayne, come on, let's go.
WAYNE (retorts): Look, I'm staying right here, all right?
GABY: We need to talk. Please?
Wayne gives in and suggests they go outside. As they head out, Brad comes in and joins Lauren and Annalise at the bar. He shows them a mark on his hand, saying it's where Chuckie bit him. Lauren tells him that Annalise thinks Chuckie is jealous. Brad asks what they can do about it. Lauren smiles that the more time he spends with the horse, the quicker Chuckie will learn to love him. Annalise muses:
ANNALISE: Yeah - if he doesn't kill you first!
Outside the Waterhole
Sitting with Wayne outside, Gaby asks what will happen if Jean Halliday realises he sent her? Wayne retorts that there's no way: she's as loopy as they come. Gaby just insists that she can't take the risk - and she orders Wayne not to talk to her either. Wayne says there's no need - there's already someone doing it *for* him. Lou walks over at that moment and Wayne asks him if he saw Jean. Lou nods that he saw her. Wayne asks what she said. Lou replies:
LOU: Nothing that'll help you. You were outside the bikies' house on the day of the murder and that's the last word.
WAYNE: Did you mention the umbrella?
LOU: It didn't make the slightest bit of difference. Sorry, mate - I tried.
As Lou goes to head inside to get a drink, Gaby follows him and demands to know how he could see Jean after telling *her* not to. Lou points out that it's his fault Wayne's in this mess; how could he refuse? Gaby asks him if he thinks Jean is telling the truth. Lou shrugs that he just doesn't know.
Annalise pours Lou a beer and he joins Brad and Lauren at a table, asking them how they got on at the stables. Brad tells him:
BRAD: Chukka Mental chucked a mental on *me*!
Lauren explains that Annalise thinks the horse is jealous - he wouldn't even *train* properly this morning. Lou asks her if she called the vet. Lauren nods that he said he'd run some tests, but she doubts he'll find anything; that's why she wants Brad to come back to the stables with her, so they can check out Annalise's theory, but he won't be in it. Lou says to Brad:
LOU: Do me a favour and go, will you, sunshine? I've got two thousand bucks invested in that horse.
Brad gives in. Lou tells Lauren to call the vet first and see if anything shows up in the tests. Lauren heads over to the 'phone, leaving Lou to muse:
LOU: Jealous horse?! Strewth - now I've heard *everything*!
Annalise joins them and says she'll bet him $10 that's what the problem is. Lou says he'll reserve judgement. Brad says *he's* lost *enough* bad bets for one day. Lou comments that he didn't know Brad was a gambling man. Brad replies:
BRAD: I'm not. When Harvey told me he'd go without women for a week, I couldn't resist. Now I'm fifty bucks down.
Annalise asks him if he means Harvey Johnson. Brad nods that that's him. Annalise grins that she went out with him two nights ago - she thinks Brad's been conned! Brad says he wonders if Beth knows Harvey's going out with Annalise as well. Annalise demands to know what he means. Brad says:
BRAD: He's going out with her tonight - to a dance party or something.
ANNALISE (angrily): Oh *is* he now...?
A short time later, Wayne marches in and tells Annalise to fill up his glass. He walks off. Gaby joins Annalise at the bar and mutters that she's getting very tired of being Wayne's personal punching bad. Annalise mutters that men are all the same: they think they can treat you like dirt. Gaby asks who's giving *her* a hard time. Annalise replies that it's Harvey Johnson; he's not going to get away with it, though. A customer walks up to the bar suddenly and, indicating Wayne, asks sharply if he isn't the bloke who murdered the bikie. Gaby snaps:
GABY: That bloke happens to be my *boyfriend*.
MAN: Well, I'm sorry, but you can't blame a bloke for being worried. To think they let crims like that out on the street...
The man goes and sits down, but Wayne storms over and asks him angrily if he's got something he'd like to say to him. Before the man can say anything, Wayne adds furiously:
WAYNE: Look, I've had just about enough of idiots like you today, pointing, staring and whispering behind my back. If this is the sort of garbage I have to put up with until the court case, maybe I'd better give everything something to *really* talk about.
With that, he grabs the man and starts struggling with him. Gaby, however, pulls him off. Wayne storms out, telling her to leave him alone. Gaby rejoins Annalise at the bar and Annalise comments that that's the second time today Wayne has got agro in here; it sort of makes you wonder...
Lou is fussing over Chuckie, commenting that the vet must have missed something; he doesn't buy all this jealousy bit. Lauren walks over to Brad and the two of them start pashing - which causes Chuckie to rear up and start whinnying. Lou sighs:
LOU: That's *all* we need: a neurotic horse!
Lauren insists that Chuckie's got to learn to *accept* Brad. Lou just points out that Chuckie's not going to win that big race next week in this mood, and who can afford a racehorse that doesn't show a profit? Lauren sighs at Brad that maybe her dad's right: he'd better stay away. Brad smiles that there are plenty of *other* things they can do in their spare time! Lauren, however, tells him:
LAUREN: I'm sorry, Brad, but I can't leave Chuckie now - not while he's so depressed.
Brad stands there looking annoyed.
A club
Dance music is playing loudly. Beth and Harvey walk into the venue and Harvey assures Beth that they won't be too late for the dance party. A rough- looking man is sitting on his own at a table and Harvey nods to him. Beth asks Harvey what kind of business deal this is anyway, but Harvey just tells her that he'll explain later. He walks over to the man, leaving Beth alone. She watches as the man whispers something in Harvey's ear.
No. 26
Wayne is talking on the 'phone, saying:
WAYNE: Mrs. Halliday? ... Sorry to bother you at this hour, but I'm a journalist covering the bikie murder. There seems to be a bit of confusion about the day you actually saw the accused at the scene. ... Sorry? ... Oh, just a small local paper: the Erinsborough News. ... Well there must be some kind of mistake, because I'm the only reporter that—. ...* Name*? ... Look, sorry, Mrs. Halliday, I'll have to call you back.
Wayne hangs up, looking annoyed.
A club
Harvey finishes his business with the rough- looking man and rejoins Beth, apologising that it took longer than expected. Beth snaps that he wanted to haggle over the price, did he? Harvey doesn't respond. Beth goes on angrily:
BETH: Oh come on, Harvey I'm not a complete idiot - I saw him hand you the envelope, and I can make a pretty good guess as to what was in it. Take me home.
At that moment, two police officers approach the rough- looking man. Over at their table, Harvey starts talking to Beth about the dance party, but she tells him angrily to forget it. Harvey insists that they'll have fun, but Beth retorts that *his* kind of fun doesn't interest her. With one eye on the police, Harvey suddenly slips a wrap of paper into Beth's handbag without her noticing. He then tells her to finish her drink and he'll get the car. He walks out. A few seconds later, Beth goes to follow him - but as she does so, a man dashes over, holds up some ID and says sharply:
PLAIN CLOTHES OFFICER: Just a minute, miss - I want a word with you.
Beth stares at him.
<<1942 - 1944>>
Lauren Carpenter, Chukka Mental, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1943
Lauren Carpenter, Chukka Mental, Brad Willis

Harvey Johnson, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1943
Harvey Johnson, Beth Brennan

Gaby Willis, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1943
Gaby Willis, Lou Carpenter

Vince Roland, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1943
Vince Roland, Wayne Duncan

Brad Willis, Chukka Mental, Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1943
Brad Willis, Chukka Mental, Lauren Carpenter

Harvey Johnson, Bikie in Neighbours Episode 1943
Harvey Johnson, Bikie

Gaby Willis, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1943
Gaby Willis, Wayne Duncan

Brad Willis, Chukka Mental, Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1943
Brad Willis, Chukka Mental, Lauren Carpenter

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1943
Brad Willis

Beth Brennan, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1943
Beth Brennan, Annalise Hartman

Lou Carpenter, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1943
Lou Carpenter, Wayne Duncan

Kristy, Harvey Johnson, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1943
Kristy, Harvey Johnson, Brad Willis

Annalise Hartman, Lauren Carpenter, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1943
Annalise Hartman, Lauren Carpenter, Gaby Willis

Gaby Willis, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1943
Gaby Willis, Lou Carpenter

Lou Carpenter, Brad Willis, Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1943
Lou Carpenter, Brad Willis, Lauren Carpenter

Patron in Neighbours Episode 1943

Lauren Carpenter, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1943
Lauren Carpenter, Brad Willis

Beth Brennan, Harvey Johnson in Neighbours Episode 1943
Beth Brennan, Harvey Johnson

Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1943
Wayne Duncan

Plain Clothes Officer, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1943
Plain Clothes Officer, Beth Brennan

Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1943
Beth Brennan

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