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Neighbours Episode 1945 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1944 - 1946>>
Episode title: 1945
Australian airdate: 25/06/93
UK airdate: 28/04/94
UK Gold: 14/04/00
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Harvey Johnson: Damian Foley
Vince Roland: Bob Brown
Louise Barker: Katrina McEwan
Sergeant Bowen: John Bishop
Student: Megan Chambers
Summary/Images by: Graham
Lou telling Lauren and Pam that he's persuaded someone else to buy into the syndicate.
Louise Barker accusing Julie of cheating and saying she's taking Julie's revision notes to the Head as evidence.
Lou telling Wayne that Jean Halliday couldn't clear his name.
Erinsborough High
The Headmaster, Vince Rowland, is standing with Louise and Julie in the classroom. He holds the revision notes up and asks Julie if she used them during the test. She tells him that she wasn't cheating. Louise smirks:
LOUISE: I *saw* her.
MR. ROLAND (sarcastically): And as a paragon of virtue, you thought it your moral duty to report it?
MR. ROLAND: Otherwise your conscience would bother you for evermore...?
Roland then asks Louise if this is revenge for Julie ratting on her for smoking. Louise snaps that Julie *cheated*. Mr. Roland tells Louise that it's her word against Julie's and Louise's word isn't worth very much. Louise glares at Julie and snarls:
LOUISE: You'll get yours.
She storms out. Mr. Roland tells Julie that he knows it takes a lot of courage to come back to school at her age and the last thing she needs is troublemakers like Louise.
No. 28
Pam and Lauren are discussing the syndicate, and Pam says she'll tell Doug about her part in it after they've had their first big win! She then asks Lauren if Lou could be keeping the new syndicate member secret because they're dodgy - Lou does know some shady characters. Lauren, however, insists that her dad would never get her involved with anyone like that. Doug and Brad come in and Doug asks Lauren if she's still racing Chuckie next week. She nods that she sure is. Doug asks:
DOUG: Where's the meeting?
PAM (gruffly): Never you mind - you're not having a bet.
DOUG: Oh... just a *little* one...
PAM: Your *little* ones have a habit of turning into *big* ones.
Doug insists that the horse is practically part of the family! Pam gives in and tells him he can just have a *little* bet.
No. 32
Julie is studying on the couch when Philip comes in and suggests they have sausages for dinner. Hannah asks him why he's cooking, as he only makes dinner when Julie's sick or angry. Philip insists that that's not true! He adds that they should all pitch in and help now that Julie's gone back to school. Debbie comes in and asks Julie if she's worried about the test. Julie just glares at her and mutters:
Philip asks her how it went, and she replies that it was OK. Debbie tells her father that it was easy for *some*: the word is that Julie was caught *cheating*. Julie insists that she *wasn't*; she simply checked her revision notes to see if she remembered a formula correctly.
HANNAH: That's cheating!
DEBBIE (agrees): That's cheating!
PHILIP (nods): Sounds like cheating to *me*.
JULIE: Only *technically*.
PHILIP: Still cheating.
DEBBIE: *And* she got away with it.
Philip asks Julie what made her do it. She shrugs that it just happened. Debbie asks angrily what would happen if she or Hannah were caught cheating. Hannah tells her mother:
HANNAH: Yeah. I reckon you should be sent to bed without any dinner!
No. 26
Helen is sitting at the kitchen table the next morning when Wayne staggers out of his room, looking rough. Helen asks him what his plans are for the day. Wayne muses that he's got his daily stroll down the cop shop... Helen suggests that he go and shave, as he'll feel better if he keeps up his personal standards. Wayne sits down with her at the table. She has a pile of Jim's old photos and letters spread out, and she tells him that she feels funny about even opening them - it feels like she's invading Jim's privacy. Hannah runs in suddenly and says to Helen:
HANNAH: Gran, what would you say if I was caught cheating at school?
HELEN (aghast): You haven't been cheating, have you?
HANNAH (grins): No - mum has!
A look of shock crosses Helen's face.
No. 32
Julie is writing on a pad in the lounge room when Debbie comes in and asks if they're today's cheat notes. Julie mutters that that joke's wearing a bit thin. Debbie heads off to school. Philip comes in and comments to Julie that, joking aside, she hasn't set a very good example for Debbie and Hannah. Julie murmurs:
JULIE: I know. Oh Philip, I don't think I can face school today. They're going to cut me into little pieces...
Police Station
Wayne has turned up at the police station, but Sergeant Bowen, behind the desk, asks him in surprise what he's doing there. Wayne retorts that he just dropped in for a chat! The officer tells him:
SERGEANT BOWEN: Mate, all the charges against you have been dropped. We've arrested someone else. Obviously you haven't been told...
No. 28
Pam is looking for her car keys when she picks up the cheque book, looks at it and then asks Doug suspiciously what cost $1,600. He tells her that it was building materials, probably. Pam tells him that it isn't: this is the cheque he wrote yesterday and he already has everything he needs for his current job. Doug gives in and sighs that it's been a while since he went a bit wild and splashed out, so he thought he would. Pam gasps that he hasn't put it all on a *horse*? She goes on:
PAM: $1,600 after all I said to you about your gambling?
DOUG: Pam, will you just—
PAM (angrily): I don't want to hear another *word*, Doug. $1,600... and you think I'm being mean when I won't let you have a little bet. You can't be trusted. It's a sickness.
With that, Pam finds the car keys and storms out.
No. 32
Helen is at No. 32, asking Julie what made her do it, as it isn't like her. Julie shrugs that she was desperate; the *devil* made her do it. Helen asks her if she's having trouble coping. Julie replies that she *thought* she was coping - but all she knows is that she'll never live it down. Helen suggests that she perhaps she should take a few days off from school and help *her* with Jim's papers. Julie, however, insists that Philip's right: she has to go to school and face the music.
No. 26
Wayne is talking on the 'phone, demanding an explanation from his lawyer. Helen comes in as he hangs up angrily. She asks if something's happened. Wayne snaps:
WAYNE: Yeah - they've dropped all the charges and they've arrested some *other* guy.
HELEN (frowns): Oh, but that's *wonderful*, isn't it?
WAYNE: They didn't bother to tell me or my lawyer; I had to go down to the *station* to find out.
Helen suggests that they should just be thankful. Wayne murmurs that he thought he was a goner...
Erinsborough High
Louise is talking to one of her friends when Debbie walks into the classroom. Louise immediately taunts her and asks how it feels to have a mum who's a cheat. Debbie just shrugs it off. Julie then comes in and Louise walks over to her and snarls:
LOUISE: Lying cow.
Mr. Roland comes in and hands Julie a sheet of paper, telling her that it's her test results. He adds that Miss. Stoner asked him to pass on her congratulations. Julie takes the paper sheepishly. Louise pushes:
LOUISE: Come on then, tell us.
JULIE: Sorry?
LOUISE: Your mark, genius.
JULIE: Um... 85%.
LOUISE: 85? There must be a mistake! Shouldn't that be a hundred? Maybe you should have sucked up to Roland just a little bit harder.
Louise takes her seat. Debbie turns to Julie and mutters:
DEBBIE: If you were *really* smart, you would've stayed home - for about *six months*.
Julie sits there looking hurt. After a few seconds, she appears to make a decision. She walks up to Mr. Roland at the front of the classroom and tells him that she wants to make a full confession about yesterday's test.
Lou and Wayne are playing darts. Wayne is telling Lou that he was starting to sweat, but then it was all over, just like that: apparently someone dobbed the guy in - it was common knowledge amongst every bikie for miles around. Harvey comes in as Lou asks Wayne who dobbed the killer in. Wayne replies that it was some other member of the same guy Cactus was in; the police had him on another charge and when it looked like they were going to throw the book at him, he did a deal. Harvey asks if the police said what charge the guy who did the deal was on. Wayne shrugs that he didn't ask. Harvey presses:
HARVEY: They didn't nab him at a nightclub the night before last?
WAYNE: What do *you* know about this?
HARVEY: Oh, just this guy I know. He's not a friend or anything. Anyway, he got done by the cops, except he did a deal and got off.
WAYNE: This guy wouldn't be the same one I saw you talking to in here the other day? Your 'business acquaintance'?
HARVEY (laughs nervously): No... another guy!
Brad comments to Harvey that that's a nice bunch of blokes he hangs out with.
Hungry Bite
Lauren is sitting at a table, waiting, when Pam comes in and sits down with her. Lauren apologises for her dad finding out about Pam being in the syndicate. Pam, however, tells her that she doesn't need to: Lou explained that he twigged when he was over at their place yesterday. Lou comes in and tells the two women that he thought it was time he introduced their new syndicate investor. At that moment, Doug walks in! He stares at Pam and asks Lou what *she's* doing there. Lou explains that she's been in the syndicate from the start. He adds that Doug is their new partner. Looking at the expressions on Pam and Lauren's faces, he chuckles:
LOU: I *knew* you'd both be pleased!
Erinsborough High
Mr. Roland and Julie walk into the classroom of pupils and Mr. Roland announces to everyone that he'd like Mrs. Martin to address them - and he hopes what she has to say will be a lesson to them all - and to her... Julie walks to the front of the classroom and says sheepishly:
JULIE: I, um... I suppose you've all heard the rumour - about the test, that is... and... and, well, the truth is, I *did* cheat.
Louise leaps up and beams:
LOUISE: Unreal - I could die happy!
Mr. Roland orders her to be quiet. Julie goes on:
JULIE: Then, to make it worse, I lied about it. I was just so ashamed. I don't know why I did it - I've never even been *tempted* before. I suppose it's because I didn't properly prepare for the test, even though I thought I did. Anyway... the point is I felt awful afterwards. I couldn't sleep last night. My husband is appalled, my grandmother is upset and my children are embarrassed.
Debbie sits there looking awkward as Julie apologises to her. She continues:
JULIE: Anyway, that's the lesson here, isn't it: I mean, you can cheat and gain a few marks, but look... look at what you lose. I've lost the respect of people that I care about; and worse than that, I've lost my *self*- respect. You know, when I was in primary school—
Mr. Roland interrupts suddenly and tells Julie that she's made her point! Julie nods and sits down. Debbie rolls her eyes!
No. 28
Brad is sitting eating as Pam and Doug come in, arguing about the fact that they've both kept secrets. Brad asks what's going on and Pam explains that it's the racing syndicate. Doug mutters that *Brad* knew...? He then asks Pam where she got the money to invest, and she tells him that she had some spare, that's all: the money Charlie Greenfield gave her - that old patient of hers who wanted to give her something to show his appreciation. She adds that at least it was *her* money and she didn't dip into their joint account. She then asks Doug how come he only paid £1,600, when she paid $2,000. There's a knock at the front door at that moment, and Brad goes to answer it. Lou comes in with Lauren and asks Pam and Doug if they've calmed down yet. Pam replies coolly:
PAM: No... *I* certainly haven't. I'd like to know why I paid $2,000 to be in the syndicate and Doug only paid $1,600.
LOU: Simple arithmetic: Doug coming in means the cost gets split five ways instead of four. He pays $1,600, we get back four hundred each, and we can use that towards our costs.
Pam sighs that she never intended to have this much money tied up in a racehorse. She then looks at Lou and remarks that *he's* certainly done all right, playing her and Doug off against each other. Lou grins that surely they can see the funny side of it! Pam mutters that she supposes so!
No. 26
Helen is sitting reading one of Jim's letters when Hannah comes in and asks if she'll play with her. Helen, however, wipes her eye with a handkerchief and says she doesn't think she's up to playing games at the moment. Hannah asks her how come she's crying. Helen replies:
HELEN: Just reading some old letters. They were written by your grandmother to your granddad many, many years ago, when they were very much in love.
Hannah asks if she can read them. Helen tells her:
HELEN: I don't think they'd mean much to you, darling, but your mummy might like to.
Hannah runs off to tell Julie. Wayne comes in and tells Helen that he's been celebrating all afternoon - and now he needs to lie down for a bit! He adds that he just wanted to say thanks for everything: she's the only one who believed in him through all this - she's been a real mate! He heads off to his room. Helen picks up another envelope and takes out the letter that's inside. She starts reading it - but as she does so, a look of surprise crosses her face...
No. 32
Julie is standing with Philip - who's doing some ironing - in the lounge room, sighing that she was *so* humiliated - but she felt much better afterwards. Philip smiles that he's proud of her for owning up. Hannah comes in and starts to tell Julie about the letters, but Julie stops her, saying she's talking to Philip. Hannah gives up and walks out again. Julie then says to Philip:
JULIE: I still can't believe I did it. Gran thinks I've taken on too much. Maybe she's right.
PHILIP: You're not thinking of chucking in the study, are you?
JULIE: No... not if I can get more time to myself.
PHILIP: I told you: the kids and I will help more around the house.
Julie insists that if they had a housekeeper... She's got the kids, the car yard, school... and he'll be up all night doing that ironing! Philip hesitates and then says he gives in: she can have a housekeeper! Julie hugs him tightly!
No. 26
Helen is sitting on the couch, crying, when she hears Pam's voice calling out to her. Pam comes in through the kitchen and, seeing Helen crying, asks in concern what's wrong. Helen sobs:
HELEN: Oh it's nothing - I'm just having a bit of a cry over some old letters.
PAM: It doesn't *look* like nothing.
HELEN (murmurs): No...
PAM: Can I get you something?
HELEN: I could do with a sherry.
PAM: Are those *Jim's* letters?
HELEN: Yes. No. Actually, they're Ann's.
PAM: What's the problem?
HELEN: Oh... family business: I don't want to go into it.
She pauses before sobbing:
HELEN: Pam, I don't know what I'm going to do. Julie has a right to know... She'll be *devasted* when she finds out...
She breaks down.
<<1944 - 1946>>
Vince Roland, Louise Barker, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1945
Vince Roland, Louise Barker, Julie Martin

Pam Willis, Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1945
Pam Willis, Lauren Carpenter

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1945
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin

Helen Daniels, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1945
Helen Daniels, Wayne Duncan

Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1945
Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin

Julie Martin, Debbie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1945
Julie Martin, Debbie Martin, Philip Martin

Sergeant Bowen, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1945
Sergeant Bowen, Wayne Duncan

Doug Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1945
Doug Willis, Pam Willis

Julie Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1945
Julie Martin, Helen Daniels

Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1945
Wayne Duncan

Student, Julie Martin, Louise Barker in Neighbours Episode 1945
Student, Julie Martin, Louise Barker

Harvey Johnson, Brad Willis, Lou Carpenter, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1945
Harvey Johnson, Brad Willis, Lou Carpenter, Wayne Duncan

Pam Willis, Lou Carpenter, Doug Willis, Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1945
Pam Willis, Lou Carpenter, Doug Willis, Lauren Carpenter

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1945
Julie Martin

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1945
Debbie Martin

Lauren Carpenter, Brad Willis, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1945
Lauren Carpenter, Brad Willis, Lou Carpenter

Doug Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1945
Doug Willis, Pam Willis

Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1945
Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels

Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1945
Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Pam Willis, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1945
Pam Willis, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1945
Helen Daniels

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