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Neighbours Episode 1940 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1939 - 1941>>
Episode title: 1940
Australian airdate: 18/06/93
UK airdate: 21/04/94
UK Gold: 07/04/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Jenny Lim: Diane Bakar-Coleclough
Raymond Lim: T.S. Kong
Sarah Lim: Ola Chan
Det. Sgt. Freeman: Scott Lucey
Officer McKenzie: James Ryan
Lisa: Kristie Raymond
Leanne: Jodie Glendinning
Jo: Karen Walsh
Jean Halliday: Esme Melville
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Debbie explains that she and Sarah were just having fun dressing up and playing with makeup.
JENNY: Sarah has never done anything like that before!
JULIE: Doesn't sound all that bad to me! What's wrong with two children dressing up?
JENNY: Sarah is a young lady, not a tramp!
JULIE: So is Debbie! As far as I'm concerned, you're getting upset over nothing! In this country, Mrs Lim, we allow our children the chance to develop their personalities.
JENNY: I see, you obviously have a very poor idea of discipline!
JULIE: I beg your pardon!?
JENNY: In future, I insist you keep your family well away from my children.
She walks out.
Gaby comes to see Wayne, but he isn't in. She tells Helen that she accused him of murder(!) and wants to apologise. She doesn't really think Wayne did the murder, but neither Helen or Gaby can understand why he brought the gun back, or gave a false alibi.
Julie is ranting about Jenny Lim coming over and lecturing her about discipline. Debbie tells her that Sarah has never had a boyfriend, or been out with a boy. Phil comes in and they tell him what's happpened. He tells them that they're going to dinner at Helen's tonight - and so are the Lims!
Stephen is tending to Hope when Phoebe comes in. She tells him that she's hosting a mothers' group meeting tomorrow, and Stephen agrees to do it - it is all part of their role reversal thing.
Wayne arrives home and Helen reminds him that they are having guests for dinner. Jenny and Raymond arrive through the front door, and Julie and Phil arrive through the back door. Jenny is surprised and not too pleased to see Julie - she hadn't realised that Julie was Helen's granddaughter. Helen introduces everyone. Phil tells the Lims that Debbie didn't mean any harm this afternoon, but Jenny is still frosty.
Sarah answers the door to Debbie. They laugh about Jenny's meltdown earlier.
Julie and Jenny are exchanging comments about Australian life. The conversation gets on to the dead biker and Jenny says she doesn't think Wayne is a suitable teacher for her children(!) Julie tells them to stop criticising Australia and says if she doesn't like Australia she should go back to Hong Kong! Oh dear. Jenny storms out and Raymond goes with her.
HELEN:(to Julie and Wayne) How could you?! Both of you!
Car Yard, the following morning
The police have come to see Lou, to check Wayne's alibi and Lou's assistant Alex has already told them Lou was at the car yard all day. Lou says he must have got the days muddled up. The detectives head off to talk to Wayne again.
Coffee Shop
Lou comes in and asks Gaby if she's seen Wayne. He tells her that the police have found out about the false alibi. He wants to ring Wayne, but Phoebe is hogging the phone, talking to Stephen, so he decides it'll be quicker to drive round there.
The mothers' group are arriving with their babies. They introduce themselves as Leanne and Jo and are quite surprised to see Stephen there.
Jenny is talking about going back to Hong Kong and Sarah tells her to at least give Australia a chance.
Helen comes round to apologise to Jenny for last night, saying Julie can be very outspoken at times, and Wayne is going through a difficult time.
Hannah comes round looking for Tommy, and Jenny tells Hannah she'd rather she didn't play with Tommy. Hannah tells Jenny she's mean.
Lou is explaining to Wayne that his alibi is blown. Helen comes back from the Lims and Wayne tells Helen that he's not sure his innocence will be enough to keep him out of jail.
Leanne and Jo are quite prejudiced about Stephen being a main carer for Hope and talk about labour and childbirth!
Wayne tells Gaby that if she thinks he did the murder, the police probably will too. She says she doesn't think that, she just wanted an explanation about the gun and the false alibi. Wayne says he brought the gun back in case he had to use it to scare the bikers off. Gaby says there must be lots of people with a grudge against Cactus, not just Wayne.
Stephen shows some of the mothers out. The last mother is much more progressive and says the other mothers are uncomfortable having a man around. But she'd rather not talk about childbirth and babies - that's why she likes Phoebe so much. They decide to have another cup of tea and a chat.
The police call round to see Wayne. He explains that he thought he'd need an alibi and he didn't have one. The police ask him to appear in a line- up.
Stephen is telling Phoebe about the women's group, and says he's determind to win over the rest of the mothers!
Hannah is ranting about not being able to play with Tommy. Phil tells her that she has to be polite to Mrs Lim. Julie is not pleased, but Phil tells her that the Lims are just adapting to Australian life and that things will settle down.
Police Station
An old lady is brought in to look at six guys in a line- up, including Wayne. When she sees Wayne she gasps and says he's the man she saw outside her house.
<<1939 - 1941>>
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