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Neighbours Episode 1941 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1940 - 1942>>
Episode title: 1941
Australian airdate: 21/06/93
UK airdate: 22/04/94
UK Gold: 10/04/00
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Jenny Lim: Diane Bakar-Coleclough
Tommy Lim: David Tong
Jean Halliday: Esme Melville
Det. Sgt. Freeman: Scott Lucey
Summary/Images by: Graham
Stephen telling Phoebe he'll be fine with baby Hope.
Jean Halliday identifying Wayne as the man she saw outside her house.
Julie arguing with the Lims and telling Jenny that if she doesn't like the teenagers' behaviour in Australia, maybe she should go back to Hong Kong.
Police Station
Wayne tells Detective Sergeant Freeman that Jean Halliday has got it all wrong. He suddenly spots Mrs. Halliday and runs across to her, yelling at her that she's made a mistake; she saw him at the house, but it wasn't on the day of the murder - it was at least a couple of days before. Jean Halliday just insists that she knows what she saw. Det. Sgt. Freeman grabs Wayne and pulls him back into the interview area as Wayne insists that he went to the bikers' house to make sure it was them that bashed him, and he reported them to the police - and that was *days* before the murder. He adds that the police just have to check the dates on their records and they'll see. Det. Sgt. Freeman retorts:
DET. SGT. FREEMAN: It doesn't prove you didn't go back on the day of the murder - and we've got a witness who says you were there.
WAYNE (angrily): You can't charge me on the strength of what that dotty old woman says.
DET. SGT. FREEMAN (coldly): Oh yes I can. Come on...
No. 32
Hannah is chasing Tommy round the lounge room at No. 32. The two of them are playing with a pump- action water pistol. They suddenly hear Julie's voice outside, and Hannah cries at Tommy that if she sees them together, they're really in for it.
Standing outside the front door, Helen is telling Julie that Wayne was asked to appear in a line- up - but that doesn't mean that he's *guilty*. Julie comments that it looks pretty bad for him. Helen, however, insists that he won't be identified and it might put an end to the police's suspicion. The two of them head inside and Julie starts calling for Hannah. There's no response. They head into the lounge room, where Helen spots something on the coffee table and quickly hides it behind her back. Julie tries to get it from her and Helen hands it over reluctantly. It's a book, and Julie looks at it and sighs:
JULIE: This is Tommy's. If she's off playing with him—
HELEN (gently): Obviously the children don't share their parents' prejudices, darling.
JULIE (retorts): I'm *not* prejudiced. *Jenny Lim's* causing all the trouble.
HELEN: You can't blame her for wanting to keep her distance.
JULIE (snaps): Whose side are you on?
HELEN: Darling, you have been on the defensive right from the beginning. Can't you take it into consideration that Jenny's new in this country, and be a little more neighbourly?
JULIE: So I'm supposed to let her get away with criticising me - and my family and country - just because she's new here?
HELEN: I think if you try to be her friend instead of being her enemy, she'll respond.
JULIE: *I'm* not making the first move. *She's* the one that's caused every argument we've had, not me - and I'm sick of everyone accusing me of being the guilty party.
Ramsay Street
Hannah and Tommy are running around in the street with Holly in tow. Jenny emerges from No. 22 suddenly and asks Tommy darkly if he's forgotten what she told him. Tommy demands to know why he and Hannah can't play together. Jenny retorts:
JENNY: You know how I feel about guns.
She takes Tommy's hand and leads him towards the house as Tommy tries to protest that it's *different* there; all the *other* kids are allowed to play with guns. Jenny tells him that he's not *like* the other kids. Hannah chips in that it only squirts out water, not a deadly acid or anything. Jenny tells her:
JENNY: It may only be water, but this toy represents more than you realise.
She adds:
JENNY: Hannah, you must respect my wishes: I don't want you and Tommy playing together.
JENNY: I'm sorry.
No. 30
Stephen is in the kitchen with Phoebe - who's holding Hope - asking her if she likes managing the Coffee Shop. Phoebe smiles that she loves it: she misses Hope, but it's good talking to adults again! Stephen asks her when she reckons she'll be ready to chuck it in. Phoebe asks him if he's getting sick of minding Hope, but Stephen assures her that he loves minding Hope as much as *she* loves *working*, so how about they keep this arrangement going for a while longer? Phoebe nods that it suits *her*. Stephen takes Hope and starts changing her on the table. As he does so, he comments that her nappy rash is getting worse - it looks sore; no wonder she's been so grizzly. He adds that maybe she should see the doctor. Phoebe points out that *lots* of babies get nappy rash. Stephen retorts:
STEPHEN: Well, the stuff you bought isn't helping. I'll take her to the pharmacist; maybe he can suggest something better.
Phoebe stands there looking slightly annoyed that Stephen doesn't trust her.
Police Station/Waterhole
Wayne is calling Lou from a phone at the police station and he tells him that he's been charged with murder and needs Lou to get him a lawyer. Lou nods worriedly that maybe they can get Wayne out of there tonight. Wayne, however, replies that there's no chance of that: they're holding him until bail hearing in the morning and he needs to see the lawyer before then; tonight preferably. Lou asks:
LOU: Is there anything *else* I can do?
WAYNE: You can come up with the bail.
LOU: I was about to offer. How much do you need?
WAYNE: I don't know. Just talk to the lawyer - but it *is* murder, Lou, so it'll be a lot. The sergeant reckons over a hundred grand.
A look of astonishment crosses Lou's face. Wayne asks warily:
WAYNE: Is that going to be a problem?
LOU: It's the *least* I can do, mate. I blame myself for you getting into this mess.
WAYNE (coolly): At this moment, I blame you too.
Wayne looks over at the Detective Sergeant and then sighs:
WAYNE: Look, I don't mean that, mate. I just wish you'd never got me mixed up with those heavies.
Lou tells Wayne not to worry - he'll get him out of this; just hang in there. The two of them hang up, but Lou stands in the Waterhole looking worried.
Lassiter's Complex
Stephen - carrying Hope on his back - is walking across the bridge at Lassiter's with Gaby, commenting to her that she's going to be working full- time as well as doing a Hotel Management course? Gaby smiles that she's going to be flat- out, but that's the price she has to pay for wanting a career in the business. Stephen tells her that he's been thinking about a career change *himself*: he wants to do something he can sink his teeth into. Gaby asks him what ambitions he has. Stephen replies that he always wanted to own his own record store - but he could never come up with the money for that. Gaby suggests that he could always do a business course. Stephen muses that he *could*... he'll give it some thought. With that, Gaby heads off towards the office, leaving Stephen looking thoughtful.
No. 32
Julie has noticed a series of wet patches on the carpet in the lounge room and she mutters that she'll *kill* that dog. Hannah cries quickly that Holly didn't do it. Julie asks who *else* would be responsible. Hannah suggests:
HANNAH: Maybe Debbie?
JULIE (curtly): Your sister's house- trained, Hannah!
With that, Julie grabs Holly's collar and leads her to the front door, pushing her outside and telling her not to come back until she's improved her toilet habits. Lou appears at the door suddenly and Julie invites him in. He heads through to the lounge room, where Helen is sitting on the couch, and e tells her that they've got to discuss the Wayne situation. Helen frowns:
HELEN: What do you mean?
LOU: Haven't you heard, love? I'm afraid he's been charged with murder.
Helen stares at him in shock. Lou adds that he thought she *knew*. Helen sighs that he *was* identified in the line- up; how could that *happen*? Julie mutters that you don't have to be Einstein to figure *that* out... Helen admonishes her. She then asks Lou where they go from there. Lou tells her that he's arranged a lawyer and he's going to put up the bail. Helen asks him if he can afford it, and he replies that he'll put the car yard up as surety. Julie chips in:
JULIE: Did it occur to you to consult *me*? I *am* a *partner*.
LOU: That's why I'm here: just to let you know.
JULIE (mutters): 'Just to let me know...' Well. I'm letting *you* know that I won't allow it.
HELEN: Julie!
JULIE: If he skips bail, we could *lose* the car yard.
HELEN (insists): He won't run off. He'd have too much to lose.
JULIE: That's if he's *innocent*.
HELEN: Of course he's innocent.
JULIE: Well, I can't afford to take that risk.
Lou tells Julie curtly that if they don't put up the bail, Wayne could be in the slammer until the trial, and that could be months away. Julie just retorts:
JULIE: That's not my problem. Look, I'm sorry but the answer's no.
Lou glares at her. Helen sits there looking worried.
No. 30
In the kitchen, Stephen throws a tube in the rubbish bin and tells Phoebe that they've been using the wrong stuff: all this time, Hope's been in pain and they've just been making it worse. Phoebe retorts that the pharmacist recommended it. Stephen tells her that she just said she needed stuff for a rash; you need *special* stuff for nappy rash. Phoebe snaps:
PHOEBE: So it's all *my* fault? You think I've been neglecting Hope?
STEPHEN: I didn't *say* that. I'm not blaming you, Phoebe. Calm down!
Phoebe apologises. Stephen tells her that the important thing is that they've got the new cream and Hope should get better. Phoebe asks him to give her the cream and she'll put it on her. Stephen, however, says *he'll* do it. Phoebe doesn't look very happy.
No. 32
Julie opens the front door to find Jenny standing on the step. She mutters:
JULIE: Mrs. Lim. What a pleasant surprise.
Jenny sighs and asks Julie if they can't have a normal conversation, without sarcasm; she's there to discuss Hannah. Julie retorts:
JULIE: Oh, well, it *is* her turn, isn't it? You've criticised everyone *else* in my family.
Jenny insists that she's not one to tell other parents how to raise their children, but she does have very particular views on how her *own* children are to be brought up; there are certain toys and games that she just cannot condone. Julie replies that she feels the same. Jenny goes on:
JENNY: You may consider it acceptable for Hannah to play with guns, but I do believe war toys encourage aggression and violence, and I do not want my Tommy to be exposed to such things. Living in this street is bad enough—
JULIE: Hold on a minute, Mrs. Lim. I hate to disappoint you, but Hannah doesn't *own* a toy gun.
JENNY: I caught Hannah and Tommy playing together with a gun just this afternoon.
JULIE: Well, it must have been Tommy's.
JENNY: Hannah admitted it was hers. I'm trying to teach my son proper values. If you do the same, perhaps your children wouldn't be so unruly?
With that, she walks off, leaving Julie fuming!
No. 28
Helen is standing with Pam and Doug, and Doug exclaims that he can't *believe* it. Helen sighs that in some ways Wayne has only himself to blame: lying about his whereabouts at the time of the murder made him look so bad... Pam asks why he did that if he doesn't have anything to hide. Doug shrugs that he guesses Wayne knew how it would look if he didn't have an alibi and he panicked. Helen sighs that things look very black indeed. With that, she heads over to the front door, saying she'd better start working on how she's going to scrape the bail money together; she just prays that the judge doesn't set an amount that's beyond her means. Doug says:
DOUG: Let us know and we'll help out.
PAM (quickly): If we can...
Helen thanks them. She then asks if they'll tell Gaby the news, as she might like to be at the hearing in the morning. With that, she heads out, leaving Doug to comment to Pam:
DOUG: Poor beggar.
Pam just responds:
PAM: Hmm...
Doug asks her what she means by *that*. Pam points out that he hasn't got an alibi, he's been identified in a line- up... even the gun used in the murder was the same type as his. Doug exclaims:
DOUG: You think he *did* it?
PAM: Don't be so naive, Doug - we can't *ignore* facts like that, especially when he's going out with our daughter.
DOUG: All the more reason for us to believe in him - for Gaby's sake.
PAM: Rubbish! I've *always* thought he was bad news - him with his gun and his macho smug attitude.
No. 32
It's evening- time and Hannah arrives home. Julie snaps at her that she should be in before dark, but Hannah retorts that if Julie hadn't have been so awful to Holly, she wouldn't have had to go and look for her. Julie sighs that she doesn't care about Holly at the moment. The two of them head through to the lounge room and Julie tells Hannah that she wants a word with her. Hannah asks warily:
HANNAH: What have I done?
JULIE: Mrs. Lim's been over. Apparently, you and Tommy were playing with a toy gun.
HANNAH: And I'm in trouble for playing with Tommy?
JULIE: Well... you shouldn't've been - but that's not the issue here; the gun is.
HANNAH: What's wrong with guns?
JULIE: Hannah! They encourage violence. Now, did you have a toy gun?
Hannah sits there in silence. Julie presses her and so Hannah gives in and admits:
HANNAH: Yeah...
JULIE (angrily): Hannah! You made a *fool* of me. Mrs. Lim takes every opportunity to put this family down. Now, hand that gun over right now.
HANNAH: I didn't say it was *mine*...
JULIE: Whose is it, then?
JULIE: Come on - I want to know. Is it Tommy's?
JULIE: It *is*, isn't it!
JULIE: I *thought* as much.
Hannah asks if she's going to be punished. Julie replies that she won't be this time. She then adds in delight:
JULIE: Well, Mrs. Lim - *now* whose child's unruly...?
No. 28
Gaby arrives home from work and apologises to her parents for being late. She then notices the expression on Doug's face and asks what's wrong. Doug tells her gently to sit down. He goes on that he doesn't want her to get upset... Gaby asks what's going on. Pam replies:
PAM: Wayne's been charged with murder.
GABY (gasps): What?
DOUG: He was identified in a line- up. Apparently some woman saw him near the bikie house, near the time of the murder.
GABY: I see...
DOUG: But we all know she's wrong.
GABY (hesitantly): Yeah... Of *course* he didn't do it.
Doug goes on that he rang the police station and they said it's OK to see Wayne tonight. Gaby, however, says:
GABY: Er, no... I'd rather not... Well, it might embarrass him - and he's probably tired.
Doug tells her that the bail hearing's in the morning; she'll see him then. Gaby says:
GABY: If I can take the time off work.
DOUG: Surely this is more important?
GABY (sharply): Look, dad, I'll see him when I can, OK?
Doug stands there looking surprised.
Police Station
The next morning, Wayne is standing with Helen and Lou, thanking Helen for putting up the bail. Helen smiles:
HELEN: Couldn't let you stay in jail, could we!
WAYNE: Yeah, but a hundred and fifty grand?
Helen tells him that he's family; she wouldn't have it any other way. She adds that the most important thing is that he's free. Wayne comments that he's still got to report to the cop shop every day; and once this leaks out, he might wish he was locked up in a nice cosy cell, away from all the gossip. Lou insists that no one's going to believe he did it. Helen smiles that Lou is right.
Hungry Bite
Stephen walks into the Coffee Shop, pushing Hope in her pushchair. Phoebe is clearing a table and she smiles at him that he's starting to crave adult company, huh?! Stephen, however, insists that they're having a great time - Hope wanted some fresh air, so he thought they'd come and visit. Phoebe asks how she's been with the rash. Stephen replies that it's still bothering her, but he managed to keep her mind off it most of the time. As Phoebe heads through to the kitchen, she mutters:
PHOEBE: Well aren't *you* just mother of the year...
Stephen joins her and asks what's up. Phoebe retorts that it's nothing. Stephen, however, insists that there *is* something up. Phoebe snaps:
PHOEBE: Well, the truth is, I resent you acting like you know everything about babies when you've only been looking after her for one week.
STEPHEN (smiles): Well I *did* figure out the rash problem!
PHOEBE: And now you think it's so easy. Pretty soon, you'll be begging me to take over again.
STEPHEN: You sound like you're not keen to get back to it.
PHOEBE: I didn't *say* that.
STEPHEN: But you *are* enjoying working here full time again...
PHOEBE: Yeah - it's a nice change.
STEPHEN: So how would you like to *keep* it this way - permanently?
STEPHEN: We'll swap roles: you can be the breadwinner and I'll stay home with Hope. What do you say?
A thoughtful look crosses Phoebe's face.
No. 26
Julie follows Helen into the kitchen, exclaiming as she does so:
JULIE: Gran, you put up bail for Bob Landers and he took off. Haven't you learnt your lesson?
HELEN: I know that Wayne would never commit murder. [Pointedly] Besides, I didn't have any choice, considering someone wouldn't permit Lou to use the car yard...
Julie asks Helen where she came up with that kind of money anyway. Helen replies that she used the house as surety. Julie demands:
JULIE: *Which* house?
Helen replies:
HELEN: Darling, I wouldn't pledge anything that wasn't mine. I used my *own* house.
JULIE (gasps): What? The one we *live* in?
HELEN (nods): Yes, that one.
Wayne walks in at that moment and asks Helen if Gaby gave him a call back while he was asleep. Helen replies that he didn't. Julie glares at Wayne and comments that the murder charge doesn't look good; a positive ID and everything... Helen warns Julie that that's enough. Wayne tells Julie curtly:
WAYNE: Look, I'm not going to justify myself to *you* - and I'd really appreciate it if you didn't spread this all around the neighbourhood.
With that, he walks back out. Julie looks at Helen and exclaims in annoyance:
JULIE: Would *I* do *that*?
No. 28
Doug opens the front door to find Wayne standing on the step. He invites him in and asks if there's anything they can do. Wayne sighs that he could use a miracle. Over on the couch, Pam remarks that if he's innocent, it shouldn't *take* a miracle. Wayne sighs that he's not so sure about that; after what's happened, he's starting to lose faith in the justice system. He then asks if Gaby's around, but Doug replies that she's still at work. Wayne muses:
WAYNE: That's interesting... I rang the office about half an hour ago and she wasn't in. I presumed she'd left.
PAM: She didn't go to the hearing?
WAYNE: No. I've been leaving messages for her all day, but she didn't return my calls.
DOUG (suggests): You probably keep missing each other.
WAYNE (coolly): Yeah. I've been home for most of the day.
DOUG: Well, there must be a simple explanation.
WAYNE: There *is*: she's obviously keeping her distance.
DOUG: Oh, I'm sure it's not that.
WAYNE: Then what?
DOUG: Oh, you know how busy she is. Philip's probably had her on the hop all day.
WAYNE: Yeah, maybe. Or maybe she's just decided that I'm as guilty as hell...
No. 32
Hannah joins Julie in the hallway and asks if Holly has come home yet. Julie replies that she hasn't seen her. Hannah sighs that she's been missing all day and all night. Julie insists that she'll come home for her dinner. The two of them head through to the lounge room as Hannah then comments:
HANNAH: The kids at school said she'd probably been turned into someone *else's* dinner.
JULIE (blankly): What are you talking about?
HANNAH: Well, when they heard that Holly was missing, they started stirring me. They said that maybe Tommy's family... *ate* her.
JULIE (laughs): Why on earth would they say such a silly thing?
HANNAH (shrugs): Well, they said Chinese people *do* that - but that's not true, *is it*?
JULIE: Well... apparently they do in China - but no one eats dogs here, darling; they're pets.
HANNAH: What if the Lims don't *know* that?
A look of concern suddenly crosses Julie's face.
No. 30
Phoebe follows Stephen into the kitchen, snapping at him that on one hand he wants to be Hope's full- time keeper, and then he tells her he wants to go back to studying; he can't do *both*. Stephen, however, insists that he's checked and there are tons of courses he can do part- time over several years - and for the few hours a week he'll be in class, Hope can be minded in the crèche on campus. Phoebe asks him what course he'll do. Stephen replies that he's got a few ideas, but he hasn't decided yet. He adds:
STEPHEN: Since I've been spending more time with Hope, it's really hit me that her future's in our hands - and I've got nothing to offer her.
PHOEBE: Yes you have.
STEPHEN: No I haven't - not really. I need a career. So what do you reckon?
PHOEBE (retorts): I reckon it's all in your favour: you get to spend time with Hope as well as working towards a career, while *I'm* stuck in the Coffee Shop.
STEPHEN: But you *love* working there.
PHOEBE: Yes... It just seems so unfair. You may as well throw me away, for all the use I'll be.
STEPHEN: Hey, come on. Look, you'll be the only one earning money - and you won't have to worry about Hope because you know I'll take good care of her.
PHOEBE (snaps): *Better* care, you mean?
PHOEBE (angrily): Since you've been minding Hope, you've been putting me down as a mother. You just don't think I'm good enough.
STEPHEN: That's not true.
PHOEBE: If you go back to studying, I'll just *have* to keep working, and that'll keep me away from her even more.
With that, Phoebe storms off, leaving Stephen looking nonplussed.
No. 28
Gaby arrives home and Pam asks her where she's been all day. Gaby replies that she's been at work, as usual. Pam asks her if she knew Wayne's been trying to find her. Gaby just shrugs that she'll catch up with him eventually. She goes to head to her room as Pam calls after her:
PAM: It seems odd that you haven't made the effort already, considering what's happened. You're avoiding him, aren't you...?
Gaby turns and says sheepishly:
GABY: Is it that obvious?
PAM: Hmm... and I'm afraid Wayne's cottoned on, too.
GABY: I feel like a coward keeping away from him, mum - but I can't face him, not while I've got doubts.
The two women sit down at the dining table and Pam asks her daughter what makes her doubt him. Gaby sighs:
GABY: When he found out that the police didn't arrest the guys that beat him up, he went berserk. It was *scary*. I thought at that moment that he'd be capable of doing *anything*. Then when I told him about the murder... well, he just kind of didn't react; like he was *expecting* it. And then he lied about the time we got back to Erinsborough... Why would he do that if he had nothing to hide?
Pam just shakes her head in concern. Gaby goes on:
GABY: I was a witness. Mum, I don't *want* to believe the worst, but it's so hard *not* to.
PAM (gently): I know. It doesn't look good to *me*, either.
GABY (smiles weakly): I was hoping *you'd* tell me I was being stupid.
PAM: I wish I *could*, love...
Ramsay Street
The next morning, Lou is walking down the driveway of No. 24 with Julie, telling her that if he sees Holly, he'll let her know. Julie thanks him, adding that Hannah is upset. Lou then says:
LOU: Actually, there *was* a dog out here, barking up a storm last night. I assumed it was the Lims', but it *could've* been Holly.
JULIE (exclaims): It *must* have been; *they* don't *own* a dog.
LOU: Well, there you go. Ask Mrs. Lim about it.
JULIE: I will. (Hesitates before asking) Lou... Do you know if Chinese people bring their customs to other countries?
LOU: Well, that depends what it is.
JULIE: How about... their eating habits, for example?
LOU: Well, *that* doesn't usually change. I mean, why would they eat meat pie and chips when they've got Peking duck and Cantonese beef?
JULIE (looking horrified): Why indeed...?
Julie looks across to where Jenny is sweeping the footpath outside No. 22. Lou says:
LOU: You... you don't think the Lims, er... [With a glint in his eye] You know, now that you mention it, that dog *did* go very quiet quite suddenly last night - and then they lit a barbecue.
JULIE: Really?
LOU: Yes - and I didn't recognise the smell, either. In fact, I said to Lauren, "I wonder what meat that is they're cooking..."
JULIE (looking appalled): You don't think...
LOU: Who knows? Maybe they saw that nice, juicy Holly and just couldn't resist?
JULIE (gasps in horror): They... they probably think we *all* do it.
LOU: Probably! Oh well, too late now, isn't it! Ta- ta!
With that, Lou walks off. Julie glares across at Jenny and snaps:
JULIE: Mrs. Lim... I want a word with you...
<<1940 - 1942>>
Wayne Duncan, Det. Sgt. Freeman in Neighbours Episode 1941
Wayne Duncan, Det. Sgt. Freeman

Tommy Lim, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1941
Tommy Lim, Hannah Martin

Helen Daniels, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1941
Helen Daniels, Julie Martin

Tommy Lim, Hannah Martin, Jenny Lim in Neighbours Episode 1941
Tommy Lim, Hannah Martin, Jenny Lim

Hope Gottlieb, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1941
Hope Gottlieb, Stephen Gottlieb

Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1941
Phoebe Bright

Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1941
Wayne Duncan

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1941
Lou Carpenter

Gaby Willis, Stephen Gottlieb, Hope Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1941
Gaby Willis, Stephen Gottlieb, Hope Gottlieb

Lou Carpenter, Julie Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1941
Lou Carpenter, Julie Martin, Helen Daniels

Phoebe Bright, Hope Gottlieb, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1941
Phoebe Bright, Hope Gottlieb, Stephen Gottlieb

Jenny Lim, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1941
Jenny Lim, Julie Martin

Pam Willis, Doug Willis, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1941
Pam Willis, Doug Willis, Helen Daniels

Julie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1941
Julie Martin, Hannah Martin

Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1941
Gaby Willis

Helen Daniels, Wayne Duncan, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1941
Helen Daniels, Wayne Duncan, Lou Carpenter

Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1941
Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb

Julie Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1941
Julie Martin, Helen Daniels

Doug Willis, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1941
Doug Willis, Wayne Duncan

Hannah Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1941
Hannah Martin, Julie Martin

Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1941
Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb

Pam Willis, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1941
Pam Willis, Gaby Willis

Julie Martin, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1941
Julie Martin, Lou Carpenter

Jenny Lim in Neighbours Episode 1941
Jenny Lim

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1941
Julie Martin

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