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Neighbours Episode 1939 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1938 - 1940>>
Episode title: 1939
Australian airdate: 17/06/93
UK airdate: 20/04/94
UK Gold: 06/04/00
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Harvey Johnson: Damian Foley
Jenny Lim: Diane Bakar-Coleclough
Raymond Lim: T.S. Kong
Sarah Lim: Ola Chan
Jonathon Lim: Alvin Chong
Tommy Lim: David Tong
Det. Sgt. Freeman: Scott Lucey
Det. Const. Ewing: David Raeside
Bikie: Malcolm Sutherland
Kristy: Jodie Haigh
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Julie is telling Helen about the Lims and casually mentions that they are Chinese, but Helen already knows. Helen thinks Julie is avoiding the Lims, but Julie protests that she has "nothing against Asians".
Hannah comes in and introduces them to her new friend - Tommy from next door. Julie is a bit shocked and Hannah excitedly tells her that Tommy is going to teach her to speak Chinese!
Coffee Shop
Harvey tells Rick that he'd better be working tonight, because he's going out. Rick has heard about Harvey's bet with Brad and takes a side bet that he'll clean the ovens for a week if he wins. Harvey tells him that nothing happened with Debbie, but Rick doesn't believe him.
Annalise comes in and is surprised that Harvey isn't hassling her for a date. She tells him that she does want to go out with him and he says he's free tonight - but asks her to keep it a secret so as not to hurt Debbie's feelings(!)
Lassiter's Lake
Debbie and Sarah are talking walking home from school. Sarah thinks her clothes are very old- fashioned, and they decide to do some clothes/jewellery swapping.
Just then, a very wooden actor comes up and tells Sarah she should be going straight home. It turns out to be her brother, Jonathan. He tells Debbie that his parents aren't that strict, they're just nervous about being in a new country.
Rick sees Debbie walking along with Jonathan and laughing and looks very displeased.
Gaby comes round to see Wayne. He explains that he stopped on the way back for a sleep as he was feeling tired, so that's why he was a bit late getting back. Gaby tells him that Cactus is dead and Wayne's reaction is rather non- commital, saying the gangs are into violence and such things are inevitable for them.
WAYNE: It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
Gaby looks shocked.
Ramsay Street
Jenny calls Tommy in from playing with Hannah. Helen comes over and introduces herself to Jenny, and invites Jenny and Raymond to dinner tomorrow night. Jenny mentions that she saw Wayne and asks if he was injured, so Helen tells her about the bashing he had - right there in Ramsay Street. Jenny is shocked, but Helen assures her that it's generally a safe neighbourhood.
JENNY: If a grown man can be abducted, how safe are my children?! Tommy!!!
Lou and Wayne talk about Cactus's murder and say that at least he won't be hassling Lou for money anymore.
Phil and Raymond come in and Lou explains to Wayne that the Lims are their new neighbours.
WAYNE: Just what we need, an Asian invasion.
LOU: Don't tell me you're worried about the yellow peril, old son!
WAYNE: Mate, I don't care if they're yellow, black, green with purple dots, they come over here, they buy up half the country, they take the jobs from the Aussies - it shouldn't be allowed. Got enough unemployment without importing more.
LOU: If you think the economy's in a mess now, it'd be ten times worse without them. They bring in their money and they spend it. And they work a lot harder than most Aussies I know.
Phil comes over and introduces Raymond to them. Wayne makes a snide remark about Raymond's textile company being "another Aussie company bought out" but Raymond corrects him that it's a new company - and will employ many Australians. Raymond and Lou get talking about cars - Raymond tells him he'll need to buy a vehicle for his wife.
The homicide squad has dropped around to see Wayne. They want to know where Wayne was between 12pm- 2pm. Wayne says he arrived home about that time from the country, but Helen can't confirm this, as she was out all day. Wayne tells them that Lou will be able to confirm his story as he had a short conversation with him when he arrived back. They asks if Wayne owns a gun, and he confirms that he does - it's in his room. They are interested to hear the gun is a .22 and ask to see it.
WAYNE: So just because I own a .22, I'm a suspect, huh? Along with every other gun- owner in the country, I hope!
DETECTIVE: Well, not everybody else had a motive, Mr Duncan.
Wayne is asking Lou to give him an alibi. Lou says he can't give him an alibi because he was at the car yard - it's a lot to ask. Wayne says that Lou owes him one for getting him bashed in the first place.
Ramsay Street
Beth asks Gaby if Wayne is in any trouble, as she's heard the homicide squad have been round to ask some questions. But it's OK because Lou has given him an alibi. Gaby is shocked to hear this.
Coffee Shop
Harvey is chatting Beth up, but she protests that he is with Annalise. He says that Annalise isn't his type(!) He asks Beth if he can take her out tonight, and she agrees. He asks her to keep it quiet so as not to hurt Annalise's feelings(!)
Debbie, Sarah and Jonathan walk up and Rick accuses Debbie of having a new boyfriend in Jonathan(!) Debbie tells him she's sick of his constant accusations and that her diary wasn't for real - she was just exaggerating. Rick doesn't believe her.
Harvey starts chatting Sarah up, offering her a tour of Erinsborough. But Debbie comes in and shoos him away.
Gaby is looking for Wayne, but Helen and Julie haven't seen him. Gaby is shocked to hear that the police have taken Wayne's gun away - she didn't know he was even bringing it back from the country.
Jenny and Raymond are having a quiet drink.
JENNY: I'm worried about this neighbourhood. I met one of our neighbours, Mrs Daniels, today. She told me about her nephew being bashed! And there have been police cars in the street!
RAYMOND: An isolated incident, this is a safe district. Or I would not have picked it for us. Everything will be OK.
JENNY: I don't like it. Jonathan told me he was nearly involved in a fight this morning. That would never happen back home!
Lou comes in and tells them he has some cars ready for their inspection. He says that Annalise won't mind looking after Jenny's shopping while she comes to the car yard.
Debbie and Sarah are putting makeup on each other and chatting. Debbie offers to piece Sarah's ears with a safety pin, but she says she'll give it a miss(!) Debbie suggests a wild hairstyle instead!
Jenny, Raymond and Lou are back from test- driving cars. Lou inadvertently offends Jenny by saying that Asian drivers are a bit erratic in their driving habits. She picks up her shopping and Lou offers her a lift home.
Gaby has come to see Wayne to find out what's going on. She says she knows he wasn't with Lou at the time of the murder - he lied to the police! Wayne says he just wanted to get the police off his back! Gaby says that the circumstantial evidence against Wayne isn't good - he headed home, very angry that the bikers hadn't been charged, then comes back, with his gun, and sets up a false alibi for the time of the shooting! Wayne is offended.
A road
Raymond and Lou are test driving another car. When they arrive, a biker is vandalising Lou's cars! Raymond and Lou chase him off, but unfortunately Raymond's car has also been damaged!
Debbie has given Sarah a wild hairstyle for a laugh, but Jenny comes in and tells Sarah she looks like a tramp and sends her off to wash the makeup off her face.
JENNY:(to Debbie) Your parents will hear about this!
<<1938 - 1940>>
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