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Neighbours Episode 1938 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1938 (The Lim family arrive)
Australian airdate: 16/06/93
UK airdate: 19/04/94
UK Gold: 05/04/00
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Jenny Lim: Diane Bakar-Coleclough
Sarah Lim: Ola Chan
Newsreader: Gary Newton
Sam: Anthony De Fazio
Neil: Ian Lawless
Peter: Shane Jolley
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen and Julie are chatting about the new neighbours at No.22 - apparently they have three children and a nice car.
Annalise and Beth are having drinks with a few guys. Gaby comes in and asks Brad who Beth is with, but he doesn't know (or care, so he says)
Gaby goes over to their table and they invite her to join them - they introduce Neil, Peter and Sam and suggests a night out. Brad is not too happy about the attention Beth is getting.
Coffee Shop
Debbie is sitting trying not to cry when Lauren comes in. She apologises to Debbie for biting her head off earlier. She sees Debbie is upset and she explains that Rick has dumped her. Lauren thinks Rick is probably jealous of Harvey, but Debbie says that Rick is the only one she cares about.
Phil comes in and finds Julie studying. She asks him about Paul's tennants and admonishes him for not telling her about them. Phil tells her that their names are Jenny and Raymond - Raymond is apparently in the textiles business.
Beth is arm- wrestling with one of the guys. Lauren comes in and tells Brad she's nervous about coming to his house for dinner. They leave. When the guys are at the bar, Gaby accuses Beth of trying to make Brad feel bad. Beth says she isn't, but that Brad made a fool of her - she was the last to know about him and Lauren! Now she'll do what she wants. Beth tells Gaby to back off, so she flounces off.
Julie is grilling Pam about Jenny and Raymond. Pam doesn't know much - but they will only be staying for a little while as they're in the middle of renovating a house in Eden Hills.
Doug, Brad and Lauren come in. Julie asks Brad very unsubtly about his relationship with both Beth and Lauren. She doesn't realise the awkwardness she's causing!
Lassiter's Lake
Debbie sees Rick and wants to know why he's dumped her. She insists that nothing happened with Harvey, but he says she's lying and walks off. Debbie runs after Rick and he recites a few lines from her diary about Harvey. "I can't help but wonder if one night with Harvey is ever going to be enough. Harvey excites me, makes me feel like a woman." Debbie realises he's read her diary and tells him off. He is unrepentent, but she still insists she didn't do anything with Harvey.
Beth and Annalise didn't bother going out with the guys from the bar and have come home instead. Annalise suggests they go out on their own, but Beth would rather get a pizza and watch TV.
There is a very awkward silence at the Willises with Pam, Doug, Beth, Lauren and Gaby sitting quietly. Pam is particularly hostile and Doug tells them a story about a man falling in the septic tank at work(!)
Julie is grilling Phil for more information about Jenny and Raymond. Debbie says she's already met the daughter - her name is Sarah.
JULIE: I can see I'm just going to have to go over there an introduce myself!
She grabs some flowers out of a vase (that Phil bought for her!) and heads off with Debbie, leaving Phil to ring for takeaway!
Julie knocks on the door and is astounded to see that Jenny is Asian. She gives her the flowers and Debbie introduces Julie to Sarah.
Jenny explains that Raymond has gone with her two sons, Jonathan and Tommy, to pick up some takeaway.
JENNY: They're both very excited about this new country.
JULIE: You're um...you're from China?
JENNY: Hong Kong. Raymond's company's opening up here.
JULIE: Oh, Philip, my husband, told me you were in textiles.
JENNY: Yes. it's a new venture for Raymond.
JULIE: We must get together some time.
JENNY: I would like that.
Julie makes her excuses and says she must get back to Phil who is expecting his dinner. Then she makes a hasty exit.
The Willises and Lauren are eating dinner. Brad mentions that Beth wasn't really interested in Swampy, and Lauren says Beth is being a bit bitchy by hanging around other guys in front of Brad.
PAM: I beg your pardon?! The only bitchy person around here is sitting at this table! After what you did to Beth - your friend! I don't think you have any right to call her names!
BRAD: Cut it out, mum!
PAM: I'm ashamed of both of you!
Lauren stands up and walks out without a word.
BRAD:(to Pam, angrily) Now look what you've done!
He heads out after Lauren.
DOUG:(to Pam) Happy now?!
Phil has ordered Chinese food in. Julie is surprised that the Lims are Chinese and Debbie tells her off for being racist. She says that she didn't invite them over for dinner because she wouldn't know what to cook. She liked Jenny though.
JULIE: That would explain why they've got that big house in Eden Hills!
PHIL: What would?
JULIE: The Chinese! They like to bring over cousins, uncles, aunts, everybody! I don't suppose they...plan to bring them all here, do you? To Ramsay Street!
Phil and Debbie just laugh.
Doug and Gaby are mortified at Pam's behaviour towards Lauren. They say that Beth *has* been hanging out with other guys - and Pam had better accept the fact that Brad and Lauren are in love. Pam admits she was a *bit* over the top.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Debbie and Sarah are chatting about schools in Hong Kong, which were strict, and single- sex. Debbie says all that is about to change!
Rick comes in and Sarah quite fancies him(!) Debbie tells her that Rick is pool- slime!
Helen is looking for her purse. Gaby asks her if Wayne is home from the farm yet, but he isn't.
Pam has come to apologise to Lauren. They all sit down in the living room.
PAM: I've come to apologise, Lauren. I have been too judgemental about you and Brad. It's just that I was very disappointed when things didn't work out with Beth. And so...now I'm going to have to adjust to you two. It'll probably take some time, but I'm sincerely sorry about last night.
BRAD: Thanks, Mum.
LAUREN: Apology accepted - thanks. I want us to be friends.
PAM:(unconvincingly) Oh, I'm sure we will be.
Pam heads off.
When she's gone, Brad tells Lauren that he thinks people are finally starting to accept them!
Gaby is thinking about doing a business course. Doug is watching TV. Pam comes in and tells them she's apologised to Lauren, but she is still having trouble with her and Brad's relationship. She and Doug go off to the kitchen for a chat.
An item comes on the news about a murder - of John Patrick Lawson, a biker known as "Cactus". He was discovered in a park at Anson's Corner with .22 gunshot wounds. Gaby looks very worried.
GABY: Dad? Do you know what kind of rifle Wayne has?
DOUG: Rifle? Oh, a .22, why?
GABY: Oh, nothing, just wondered.
<<1937 - 1939>>
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