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Neighbours Episode 1937 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1937
Australian airdate: 15/06/93
UK airdate: 18/04/94
UK Gold: 04/04/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Harvey Johnson: Damian Foley
Swampy: Simon Mills
Lila: Debra-Elise Campbell
Chambermaid: Cecily Devine
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad tells Lauren that Swampy isn't Beth's type at all, and he spends ages going on about it.
LAUREN: You can't expect her to spend the rest of her life avoiding us!
BRAD: No, but a couple of days would have been good(!) It's pretty obvious what she's doing.
LAUREN: It is?
BRAD: Sure, she's trying to make me feel bad!
LAUREN: Maybe she's trying to make you feel better! By letting us know that she's OK.
BRAD: Oh, right(!) Surprised Swampy went along with it. I thought he was a mate.
Swampy comes over to the bar and tells Brad and Lauren that he's grateful for them getting together because that left Beth free for him(!)
Pam and Doug watch all this with interest. Lauren tells Brad to stop staring at Beth.
Rick is giving Debbie a shoulder massage but she's engrossed in her school book. Rick tells her she's been staring at the same page for the last hour and gets crabby that Debbie has someone else on her mind.
Brad is still going on about Beth and Swampy. Lauren says that if Beth wants to play games that's up to her.
Brad goes over to Beth and says he's quite happy that she's with Swampy. Beth tells him that it's time they all moved on.
Pam is wondering if Beth is really interested in Swampy - people do funny things when they're on the rebound. Maybe Swampy reminds her of Brad. Doug thinks Beth is just stirring Brad.
Pub (closing time)
Brad and Annalise are closing up. Lauren kisses him goodnight and heads off.
Annalise wonders idly about Beth and Swampy. Brad says that Swampy isn't Beth's type. Annalise isn't so sure.
There's a knock at the door and it's a bloke called Harvey looking for Annalise. He invites her to go clubbing, but she tells him she's too tired tonight.
Swampy tells Beth that he's always liked her a lot, and would like to take her out for a real date. Beth says that he knows that tonight was just a joke. He invites her to a nightclub, but Beth isn't sure. But she finally agrees.
Annalise has come round to see Beth - to ask for the gossip about her and Swampy. Beth tells her that she and Swampy went clubbing, but they just had a few drinks and then she came home.
ANNALISE: Did getting back at Brad feel as good as I predicted?
BETH: Didn't feel bad!
ANNALISE: Good enough to keep it going for a while?
BETH: Oooh, I don't know about that. Doubt if I could cope with much more of Swampy! And besides, I've been working everything around Brad for far too long now. Time to put him behind me, and get on with my life.
Coffee Shop
Harvey is grilling Brad about Annalise, who he thinks is blowing hot and cold. He decides to eye up a girl sitting at another table instead. He asks Brad for a loan and says he's giving up on Annalise. He goes over and sits down with the girl.
Rick tells Brad that he's fed up of Harvey - he's such a sleaze but the women seem to like him - even Debbie! Brad says there's no way to know without mind reading. Rick says there may be a way to do just that.
Rick rushes across the bridge and bumps into Debbie. He tells her he can't meet her for coffee after all and rushes off. Lauren is passing and Debbie asks her for advice about Harvey - she's still supposed to be going out with Rick. Lauren is offended and walks off.
Outside No.28
Pam tells Beth that she hopes she's not doing anything she'll regret later. Beth says she knows what she's doing and stomps off, crossly.
Harvey comes in and invites Annalise to a Peter Andre concert tonight. She tells him she's going out with Beth tonight. He heads off, but Annalise calls after him that his offers are getting more tempting and he should keep trying(!)
Ramsay Street
Swampy comes to see Beth and apologises that they got separated at the club tonight. He invites her out again tonight, but she says she only went out with him to make Brad jealous - she told Swampy that from the start.
Rick comes round and tells Hannah that he'll wait for Debbie to come back. He sends her out of the room to get a newspaper while he searches Debbie's school bag! Hannah comes back and tells him that Debbie has hidden her diary, so Rick offers her $10 to tell him where it is.
Pam is not pleased to see Brad and Lauren cuddled up on the sofa. She asks Lauren brusquely if she's staying to lunch, but she and Brad decide to go to the park instead. Doug invites Lauren to dinner tonight instead and Pam is not pleased. When Brad and Lauren have gone, Doug tells Pam that she'll have to get used to Lauren or risk splitting the family.
Hannah has given Rick the diary and he is rifling through it. He reads something incriminating.
RICK: What?! How could she?!
Coffee Shop
Harvey is chatting up yet another woman. They've been out in the past and she complains that he doesn't have any money. Brad thinks Harvey is addicted to women. They end up making a bet - $50.
Rick comes in and tells Harvey that he's taking the night off.
Swampy tells Brad that he and Beth only went out last night to stir him. They agree to forget it.
Beth and Annalise come in and sit at a table. Brad and Swampy do their best to ignore them.
Coffee Shop
Debbie asks Rick light- heartedly if he's avoiding her. He tells her it's over.
DEBBIE: But why, what did I do?!
RICK: Look, don't bother pretending like you don't know, Deb! Have a nice life.
He walks out.
<<1936 - 1938>>
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