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Neighbours Episode 1931 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1930 - 1932>>
Episode title: 1931
Australian airdate: 07/06/93
UK airdate: 08/04/94
UK Gold: 27/03/00
Writer: James Walker
Director: Declan Eames
Summary/Images by: Clare
- Philip, Stephen and Phoebe wonder who has sped off.
- Phoebe and Stephen question Russell about his whereabouts.
Annalise is laughing and flirting with someone on the phone. They agree to meet at 10 tonight. Annalise hangs up and Helen comes out of the bedrooms, wondering what the noise was about. (They do some curtain twitching.) Helen says Annalise must have heard it but Annalise explains she was on the phone. Helen tells Annalise she remembers that 'Pretty Woman' was her favourite film. Helen rang the video store and has asked them to put a copy aside for her. She's going to pick it up and thinks they could watch it tonight. Annalise thinks it's nice of her but doesn't look very enthusiastic. Helen thinks a bowl of pasta will be just the ticket. Annalise says she shouldn't have gone to so much trouble but Helen doesn't think it's any trouble. Helen knew she wanted to see it again but realises Annalise had something else planned. Annalise denies it - there was nothing in particular.
Phoebe says they don't have any choice they'll have to call the police. Stephen points out that he and Lou arranged the whole thing. Phoebe says they never meant it to go this far. Stephen asks if she thinks it will make a difference. Lou and Stephen are up to their necks in this - they are talking abduction or worse. Russell appears and asks what's going on. Stephen tells him it's got nothing to do with him. Russell's not so sure about that and mentions abduction. Phoebe denies knowledge of it. Russell says Stephen said it and says they're trying to give him the heave ho. Stephen thinks Russell's out of his tree.
Philip arrives and Phoebe invites him in. Philip realises Russell is there and asks whom they... Stephen has no idea. Philip has called the police and they should be here soon.
Lassiter's Kitchen
Debbie arrives - all dressed up - and asks where Rick is. Debbie guesses Harvey's given Rick all the dirty work again. As Rick kept falling asleep all the time Harvey has taken pity on him and sent him home early. Debbie is surprised. Harvey says that's how he is - warm sensitive, caring. Debbie asks (tongue in cheek if he's modest as well and he agrees he is and generous to a fault and suggests he's her kind of guy. Harvey suggests they go for a drink. Debbie refuses. Harvey points out they're both at a bit of a loose end - no strings attached and she can to go home after getting dressed up and Debbie agrees.
The Police Officer asks them why they thought Russell had been abducted. Stephen explains that Philip said he saw someone being taken away from the house - what else would he think? The Police Officer asks if Philip could have been mistaken. Stephen thinks Philip knows what he saw. The Police Officer points out that all that was seen was the van which he can't describe driving out of the street. He asks Stephen if he got a look at the driver. Stephen didn't nor the number of passengers. Stephen says he's told the Officers all he knows. The other Police Officer asks Phoebe if she has anything to add. Phoebe says there isn't. The Officer points out they haven't got much to go on so far. Phoebe confirms they were coming home together. The Police Officer asks Russell if he can shed light on things. Russell says it was all over when he got there which was lucky for him. The Police Officer asks why he's lucky. Russell explains he wouldn't want to be there at the same time as the thugs and the Officer agrees with him.
Hannah comes in carrying a piece of paper and asks where Gran is. As Annalise stirs the pot, she explains Helen's picking basil and will be back in a tick. Annalise asks what Hannah's carrying - it's her new painting. Annalise says it's great and asks what is it. Hannah explains it's Holly in a rainstorm. Annalise comments that Hannah really loves her Gran and has lots of fun with her - Hannah agrees. Annalise offers for Hannah to stay there tonight and Hannah explains she has homework. Annalise says Helen could help Hannah with it and Annalise would throw in five bucks. Hannah won't do it unless Annalise tells her why. Annalise explains it's a secret. Annalise was meant to go out tonight but she doesn't want to leave Helen alone. She wanted Hannah to help her out. Hannah agrees and Annalise thanks her. Hannah asks for the money and Annalise promises to get it to her.
Helen arrives and Hannah shows her the painting. Helen says it's impressive and Annalise explains it's Holly in a rainstorm. Annalise explains Hannah's staying for dinner and she's got to make a phonecall.
HELEN: Love the green sky.
HANNAH: (Through clenched teeth) You've got it upside down.
HELEN: (They both laugh.) How silly of me. Oh yes. That's much more like it.
Philip is explaining that it was dark and he couldn't see over the fence properly because of the trees. One of the Police Officers asks what colour van they were driving. Philip apologises as he was concentrating so hard on getting the registration number though he couldn't read it as it was covered in mud. The Police Officer comments it's an old trick. The other Police Officer confirms he doesn't know how many people or what vehicle. Philip reminds them it was dark. The Police Officer wants to make sure Philip saw someone being forcibly removed. Philip says that's the way it looked. The Police Officer doesn't think Philip can be absolutely certain as there was a tree in the way and it was dark. Philip agrees he can't be absolutely certain. The other Police Officer thinks it might be an attempted break- in. He thinks Philip came out, scared the intruders and they made a run for it. The other Police Officer thinks that's the most plausible explanation. They can't do a lot more unless someone is reported missing.
Stephen is angrily asking how they made a mistake like that. .Lou doesn't know the answer and asks if they really did take someone else. Phoebe points out the police have their doubts but Stephen thinks Philip's right. Someone must have turned up when the guys arrived. Lou panics when he realises Lauren isn't there. Stephen doesn't think they would mistake Lauren for a guy. Phoebe reassures Lou when there's a knock at the door.
It's Gaby whom is looking for Brad. Lou doesn't answer so Gaby has to ask him again. Lou says he hasn't seen him for a while. Gaby suggests he came to see Beth as the rest of them exchange worried looks. Lou explains Beth is with a mate. Gaby thinks it's weird as he rang from the Waterhole to say he'd be straight home for dinner. It's not a big deal as he's missed meals before. She sees their worried looks and asks what the matter is. Phoebe thinks they'd better tell her. Gaby agrees.
First advert break
Hannah asks what a hooker is and Helen wants to know why she is asking. Hannah explains that is the explanation of Julia Robert's role in the film they're going to watch. Helen explains she's a lady of the night so Hannah thinks she works the night shift. Helen agrees. Hannah wants to know what kind of work she does. Helen is stuck for an answer so comments that the video hasn't finished rewinding yet. Hannah prompts her for an answer and Helen explains that people give the character money to keep them company. Hannah thinks they're lonely people and Helen agrees with her. Helen thinks there's something wrong with the tape so they'll have to do something else instead.
HELEN: That's why it's Annalise's favourite film.
Helen asks for suggestions for after dinner. Hannah suggests Helen helps her with her homework then they could play a game, something other than Scrabble. Helen agrees. Helen thinks it's an unexpected pleasure having Hannah's company that night. Helen will enjoy this and Hannah agrees. Hannah tells her she's the best Granny Helen.
Lou is asking the person on the phone if they know where Brad is as it's very important he gets in touch with him. Lou tells the other person to get Brad to call Lou as soon as he gets back. Lou hangs up and tells them there's no luck. Gaby can't believe they've considered doing this. Whatever Russell's done, it's no excuse. Phoebe explains they tried to put a stop to it but it was too late. Lou says it was a desperate measure and Gaby starts saying if anything's happened to Brad... He couldo be bashed or maimed...
Lauren arrives and wonders what they're talking about. Lou hugs Lauren and is glad she's alright. Lauren asks them to tell her what's going on and what about Brad. Stephen explains he's missing and Phoebe says they think something's happened to Brad. Lauren explains she saw Brad a few minutes ago and he's fine. Gaby asks her if she's sure and Lauren is - she just bumped into him at Lassiters. She thought Brad was on his way home. Gaby is relieved. Lou asks whom it was if it wasn't Brad...
Ramsay Street
Harvey pulls up and Debbie says the place is so cool. She didn't think she could dance like that. Harvey says if she sticks with him he'll show her moves she never dreamed of. She agrees and realises she'd better go. Harvey asks if she'll go out with him again. Debbie doesn't think that's such a good idea. Harvey points out she had a good time and Debbie says it's complicated. Harvey points out that life's complicated. He's not leaving there till she says yes. He'll stay here all night if he has to. Debbie eventually agrees to go out with him again. Harvey goes to kiss Debbie and she responds for a few seconds. She pulls away and says she'd better go inside. Harvey tells her it's a taste of things to come.
Hannah is telling Philip about her evening at Helen's. He asks Hannah if she really made Granny Helen play all those games. Hannah did - Granny Helen was the Monopoly Champ and Hannah was the Fish Champ. Philip tells her she's incorrigible. Hannah doesn't know what it means but Granny Helen said the same thing. Philip says Helen was right and it's time to get back to bed. Hannah asks Philip to look after her pay - it's because she worked the night shift. Philip asked how she knows about that - Granny Helen told Hannah money all the time and spoiling Hannah rotten. Hannah explains that Annalise gave her the money so she'd keep Granny Helen company. Annalise didn't want to leave Granny Helen on her own whilst she went out with her boyfriend.
Debbie arrives home and Philip asks where she's been. Debbie explains she's been at a dance club. Philip says he didn't give her permission to go. Debbie says Philip wasn't here so she asked Julie. Philip checks that Julie said yes - Debbie confirms this. Philip sighs and comments that Debbie's having too many late nights. He hopes her schoolwork isn't suffering. Debbie says it's going very well. Philip wonders how Rick can afford to go out when he's got studies and work. Debbie asks if they can talk about it in the morning as she's really tired. He agrees and she thanks him with a kiss and a hug.
Russell wants a word with Stephen. Stephen wants to wait as he's late for work. Russell wants to know what really went down last night. Stephen says they've already told him - the police think Philip interrupted a break- in. Philip stopped them before they could take anything. Russell says Stephen must think he's a moron. Russell saw how nervous they were when the cops were here. He says Stephen's about to get nicked. Stephen asks why he would want to rob his own house. Russell works out they paid someone to get rid of him and they blew it. Stephen says Russell doesn't know what he's talking about. Stephen hasn't got time for this as he's late. Stephen leaves.
Coffee Shop
Harvey picks up Rick's coffee cup and Rick wryly tells him to help himself. Rick comments it must have been quite a night. Harvey yawns and confirms it was. He comments that Rick looks a bit brighter than he did last night. Rick says he slept like a baby but can't say the same for Harvey. Rick comments it must have been full on and asks what happened. Harvey says they were insane on the floor of the dance club. Rick asks whom it was. Harvey goes to tell him but Rick says not to tell him. He guesses Annalise and someone else - Harvey shakes his head. Harvey tells Rick it was Debbie. Rick is stunned. Harvey explains Rick said they weren't serious so Harvey thought why not give it a shot? Harvey says when Debbie relaxes she knows how to enjoy herself.
Outside No.26
Debbie confirms with Annalise that she and Harvey are a bit of an item. Annalise sighs and asks if Harvey told Debbie that. Debbie says he didn't - she just heard. Annalise would love to know where everyone's getting that from - it's certainly not from her. Debbie confirms they're not going out. Annalise confirms they're not. She wants to know why Debbie's interested. Debbie admits she went out with Harvey and it was ok. Annalise wonder s if it was just ok. Debbie says it was really cool so Annalise wants to know what the problem is. Debbie explains she loves Rick. Annalise realises Debbie wants to keep seeing Harvey. Annalise tells Debbie to go for it - it would stop everyone talking about Annalise and Harvey. Debbie should see herself. Debbie doesn't think she can be attracted to Harvey if she really loves Rick. Annalise says it's rubbish - Debbie shouldn't be tied down to one guy at her age. Debbie ponders it as Annalise goes to leave. Annalise tells Debbie to have fun with Harvey. If Rick can't deal with that, it's his problem and it obviously wasn't meant to be. Annalise tells Debbie to lighten up.
Helen is wiping some books as Annalise comes in. Annalise explains she was talking to Debbie and Helen asks after her. Annalise confirms Debbie is ok but comments that she takes things a bit too seriously sometimes. Helen gathers it's not a problem of Annalise's! Annalise confirms it never was. Annalise asks if Hannah kept Helen amused last night - she certainly did. Helen's entertainment officer has a lot more stamina than she does. Helen was exhausted by the time she went to bed.
Annalise answers a knock at the door. It's Philip and Annalise goes to get ready for work. She reassures Philip she won't be late for work. Philip has come over to see how Helen's getting on. Helen comments that it's first Hannah and now Philip. Philip says it sounds like Hannah was a handful last night. Helen agrees but points out she survived - just. Philip comments that Helen told Hannah she was a working girl because she kept Helen company last night. Helen realises what happened. She explains that Hannah put her on the spot about a video that was unsuitable for Hannah. Philip laughs and explains he guessed it was something like that. Philip enquires whether Hannah kept Helen amused. Helen comments that Philip's the second person to ask her that. Philip wishes Helen wouldn't spoil Hannah so much and Helen points out that's what great grandmothers are for. Philip wonders if Helen would like to come over for a meal sometime. Helen would and Philip will get Julie to work out the details. Philip leaves Helen rather bemused.
Coffee Shop
Debbie greets Rick and orders a coffee from Stephen. Rick comments Debbie looks tired. He asks her what she did last night. She came to see him but he'd already gone. He asks if she went home. She didn't - she went to the dance club. Rick points out she had a lousy time when they went with Harvey and Annalise. Debbie thinks it must have just been that night as it wasn't too bad last night. Rick asks whom she went with - Debbie asks why would she go with anyone. Rick points out no- one in their right mind goes there alone. Debbie says she bumped into Harvey - he was just finishing work so it made sense. Rick thought Debbie didn't like him. Harvey's not as bad as Debbie thought. Rick asks if she had a good time. Debbie says it was pretty boring - she's sorry she went.
Outside No.26
Helen is getting into her car. Gaby comes over looking for Wayne. Helen explains he didn't come home last night - she assumed he was with Gaby. Gaby says he was but he left early as he had a lot of assignments to mark. Gaby wonders what happened to him and Helen suggests he went back to the school to do them. Gaby doesn't think so and Helen doesn't think she can help her. Gaby leaves.
Hannah arrives and greets Granny Helen on her way to school. Helen thanks Hannah for last night - she really enjoyed it. So did Hannah - she tells Granny Helen if she ever feels lonely she knows where to come. Helen knows that and it's very kind of her. Helen asks if Philip asked Hannah to come and keep her company. Hannah explains it was Annalise. Helen wonders why. Annalise said Helen needed someone to look after her. Helen thought that was kind of Annalise but she's not decrepit yet so Hannah doesn't need to worry about her. Hannah leaves for school.
Gaby says she's starting to get really worried. Lou asks when Gaby last saw Wayne. She hasn't seen him since last night - he was going home to mark some schoolwork. Helen says he never got there. When asked she thinks it was about eight o'clock or a bit after. She wonders what time the guys got here. Phoebe says it was about quarter past. Gaby thinks it must have been Wayne. Lou says they don't know that for sure. Gaby asks whom else could it have been?
A car pulls up and there's someone face down at the side of the road. The guy gets out and comes over to the person. He goes to turn him over - it's Wayne.
<<1930 - 1932>>
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