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Neighbours Episode 1932 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1932
Australian airdate: 08/06/93
UK airdate: 11/04/94
UK Gold: 28/03/00
Summary/Images by: Clare
Coffee Shop
Stephen points out that Rick has been seeing Debbie for ages why would she go out with someone else. Rick asks if Stephen thinks women get bored. Stephen says that Debbie isn't bored. Rick isn't so sure. Stephen points out that Debbie hates Harvey Rick hadn't thought of that. Stephen tells him to forget the paranoia. Rick says he can feel that Debbie likes Harvey. Stephen says Rick's being and Rick agrees.
Coffee Shop
Gaby has invited Helen in. Helen realised Gaby must be at home when she wasn't in the office. Gaby's been ringing all of Wayne's friends this morning. Helen tells Gaby that Wayne's in hospital he's been badly beaten. Gaby looks shocked at Helen.
Beth tells Lou he shouldn't have let her sleep in she'll have too many bad habits when she starts back at work. Lou says holidays are for late to bed and late to rise. Lou isn't at work as he's waiting for the news. There's a knock at the door and Beth says she's going to have a shower.
It's an angry Gaby at the door. Gaby thinks she should let Lou suffer. Lou realises they've found Wayne and asks how he is. Gaby explains Wayne's been badly bashed and he's in the hospital. Lou is annoyed. Gaby says fortunately there's no permanent damage but Lou shouldn't take that as any consolation. Lou is so sorry. Gaby tells Lou to save his apologies for Wayne. Gaby doesn't think Lou's any better than those thugs and nothing he says can excuse what he's done. She angrily leaves.
Park Bench
Brad and Lauren are kissing. Brad is wondering if Lauren knows what he was thinking Lauren's not sure if she wants to know. This is getting to be a hassle. Brad was really late home the other night and Gaby was worried she's now told half the Street. People are going to suss them out soon. Lauren points out it will look worse if they come out quickly. Brad thinks it's his fault he's blown it and Lauren doesn't deserve this aggro. Lauren thinks they won't take it as hard if there's a gap between him and Beth and then him and Lauren. It won't be half as ugly it's silly but it's true. Brad agrees. Brad asks if it's also the mystery of no- one knowing if she finds it exciting. Lauren thinks as they have to wait they should have excitement. Brad suggests they go to his place as no- one is there. Lauren asks what happens if someone turns up. Brad points out that's why it's exciting. They kiss and leave.
Rick tells Debbie that Harvey's a playboy and he's trouble. Julie will go crazy and ground Debbie forever. Debbie points out Harvey is meant to be Rick's friend. Rick points out that's how he knows what Harvey's like. Debbie says Harvey was just some company fora couple of hours so Rick shouldn't get jealous. Rick denies being jealous. Debbie points out he's practically green so shouldn't deny it. Rick admits he is jealous but as his girlfriend Debbie isn't meant to be going around with other guys. Debbie says she isn't going around with Harvey. Rick knows how Harvey thinks about women and it isn't nice. Debbie says she can see Harvey is a poser. He thinks he's going to be a rich and famous chef in a famous international hotel big deal! She couldn't care less about Harvey. (I think the lady doth protest too much.) Rick asks why she likes being with Harvey but she wants to talk about something else.
Wayne is lying in a bed. Helen and Gaby arrive. Gaby has brought flowers and is appalled at the sight of him. Helen wants to know whom would do this and Wayne says he's been handing out a lot of detentions lately maybe that's it. Gaby tells him it's not funny. Wayne wishes he could say they should see the other guy and then winces in pain.
Lou is telling Stephen by phone that Wayne has been found and is in hospital. He's had a thrashing but is ok no long term damage. Stephen is at the Coffee Shop and is relieved. Lou wants to know what their next move is. Stephen wants to an Wayne. Lou wants to know what happens if Wayne involves the police. Stephen is sorry but he's got to come clean. Stephen offers to say it was just him. Lou wonders whom will believe that. Lou will come too but hopes Wayne will keep the police out of it. Otherwise Lou will be caught between the cops and the bikies. Lou will see Stephen down the shop and hangs up.
Beth arrives home and says there's a letter here for Lauren. Lou tells Beth to throw it on the table. Beth wants to know why Lauren's not back from work she hopes Lauren's not avoiding her. Lou explains Lauren's out with her new boyfriend Terry whom she works with at the stables. Beth asks how serious it is. Lou says it's pretty serious as Lauren's been seeing a lot of Terry.
Brad is hiding clothes as his parents arrive home. Brad asks why they're home early. Pam wanted to take their time but Doug was impatient. Doug claims if Pam had her way they'd stop at all t he scenic lookouts. Pam says they didn't so they just kept on driving. Pam wants to know why there is so much mess. Brad says he guesses he got a bit lazy. Doug wants to know if he got out of bed. Brad explains it was a late night at the Waterhole. Pam goes to make a cuppa. Brad suggests they go and unpack instead. Doug volunteers and tells Brad to tidy up the mess. Pam says it's good to be home and Brad asks about the holiday. Doug had always been encouraged to try scuba diving and he has done so. Pam says they couldn't keep Doug out of the water. Doug talks about it as Brad passes Lauren her clothes over the back of the sofa. Pam went through three rolls of film and goes to show Brad the photos. She wants to know if she can smell perfume. Brad claims he got sprayed at a demo. Pam got some good photos when Doug wasn't looking. Doug claims he was looking he's got eyes in the back of his head.
Coffee Shop
Rick doesn't get it and Debbie asks him not to mention it again. Rick then says he does get it which does worry him. Debbie says it's not her problem as it's his as it's in his head. Harvey arrives, takes the rucksack off the spare chair and sits down. Debbie and Harvey flirt as Rick looks uncomfortable. Harvey has the evening off and asks if Debbie has too. Debbie has too much studying to do. Harvey comments that's a shame and Debbie agrees. Harvey suggests a couple of hours of fun. Debbie says she can't tonight and leaves. Rick remarks that the magic seems to have gone off the boil. Harvey isn't bothered.
Pam is unpacking and Lauren is still behind the sofa. Brad is still sitting down and Pam asks if he's waiting for something. Pam wants to know if it's Beth. They had a talk and Brad told Beth it's definitely over. Pam knows it's his business (please act like it then!) but she can't work out why. Brad points out there's no point. Pam can't work out why there was a point and now there isn't. Brad reminds Pam it isn't her business. Pam is trying to understand. She admits she likes Beth but mostly she wants what's best for Beth. Pam heads off and Brad leads Lauren out from behind the sofa. She has to hide again when Doug reappears from the shower. He wants to know why Brad is looking under a cabinet Brad is making sure he has all of his clothes. Pam calls Doug and he heads off. Lauren is now able to come out. She goes out of the door reminding Brad about wanting excitement!
Wayne wakes up and notices Gaby he wonders if she has been here long. She hasn't and wants to know if he's feeling better this afternoon. He might be but a kiss wouldn't go astray. Gaby obliges and says it must have been awful. She wants to know if he feels up to talking about it. Wayne explains some guy jumped him. Wayne thumped him and suddenly there was more of them. Gaby points out he shouldn't have tried to playthe hero. Wayne tried to talk to them and find out what they wanted. They got stuck in with fists and boots. Gaby says it's meant to be a civilised society!
GABY: Cowards! They need to be strung up from the nearest lamppost.
Wayne says no hanging jokes. Gaby wants to know if he went over there because she was badmouthing Russell. Wayne denies it he went to talk to Stephen. Wayne realises Russell might be behind all this. Maybe the thugs were waiting for Stephen. Gaby doesn't think so and Wayne asks what she knows. Gaby says he should talk to Stephen. Wayne asks what's going on and Gaby repeats he should talk to Stephen.
Lauren is sitting on the couch reading a magazine. Brad arrives and checks the coast is clear. Lauren confirms it is. Lauren has been expecting him and they exchange their clothes. Brad says they nearly got sprung. Lauren points out that Beth is moving out of No.24 soon. When Beth moves out they'll go public. They'll have each other so what could be luckier than that? They kiss and Beth calls out. Brad goes and hides.
Beth arrives and wants to talk to Lauren. Beth checks if Lauren being late home from work has anything to do with Beth. Lauren confirms it wasn't. Beth has heard that Lauren has been spending time with someone at the stables. Lauren says it was Terry and goes to put the clothes away.
Debbie is getting ready to go out and Hannah asks where she is going. Debbie tells Hannah it's none of her business. Hannah threatens to tell Julie but Debbie threatens to break her face. Debbie says she's going to Kelly's to work on an assignment. (Did we ever meet the elusive Kelly?!) Hannah points out that Debbie doesn't dress up for Kelly's. Hannah offers to cover for Debbie but Debbie won't give her any money. Hannah tries to get a few dollars but Debbie refuses. If Han'nah tells Julie she's going anywhere other than Kelly's Hannah is dead meat.
Stephen and Lou arrive with a basket of fruit and ask Wayne how he's feeling. Wayne has been told by Gaby that Stephen has some answers. The twenty dollar fruit basket says the same. Stephen admits they know something and Lou points out they don't know everything. There was a misunderstanding. Wayne wandered into the firing line, wrong time, wrong place. Russell had been threatening Phoebe and driving them out of their home. Stephen had to do something. Lou knew a bloke whom knew a bloke. Wayne works out they arranged a bashing. Lou thinks Wayne is putting it in the worst possible light but Wayne doesn't know what other light to put it in. They know it was a mistake and they're sorry. They need to know if Wayne can forgive them. Wayne realises they'd rather this than tell the police. Lou says the cops and bikers could be the death of him with the caryard. It's up to Wayne if he tells the police but there's something personal that needs to be sorted out. Lou and Stephen want to know if they're still Wayne's friends. Wayne asks who dobs in their mates?
Stephen is ashamed of himself but Russell was putting them through hell. Phoebe was afraid what Russell would do to Hope and Stephen was at his wits' end. Stephen tries to suggest it was Lou's idea but Lou says it was a joint effort. Stephen isn't trying to shift the blame and he takes full responsibility. Stephen tried to cancel it but it was too late. Wayne tells them it's a huge comfort! Lou pleads guilty to helping a mate but he's not talking the police.
Gaby arrives and wryly comments on the fact that Stephen and Lou actually turned up! Lou has just been explaining. Gaby's sorry they didn't get Lou and do his caryard over as well. Lou hopes it doesn't become vindictive. Stephen can only ask that Wayne forgives them. Gaby questions how Wayne can forgive them. Wayne points out that Stephen and Lou didn't do it. It just got out of hand and Lou agrees. Wayne just wants to get the mongrels whom did this. Lou checks and Wayne confirms the police won't be involved. Wayne has forgiven them but Gaby hasn't. Gaby thinks Wayne is crazy. Lou thinks Wayne has a regular fireater who's always in Wayne's corner.
Lassiter's Complex
Harvey arrives and says Debbie's outfit is sensational. Debbie wasn't sure what to wear as she wasn't sure what they'd be doing. Harvey is glad she changed her mind. Debbie asks what they'll be doing. Harvey has been out raging every night so suggests an evening at his place just by themselves. Conversation, music, he could cook up something special. Debbie agrees and they head off.
Pam asks how Beth is and Beth is fine. When Brad said it was over Beth thought Brad would be with Lauren but it's not that. Lauren has a new guy called Terry at the stables and it's full on. Pam agrees it's good and Beth agrees. Beth asks Pam if she's talked to Brad about them splitting up. Pam has mentioned it and Beth asks if there was a reason. Beth apologises for prying as Pam hesitates but it's ok. Pam doesn't think Brad knows what he's doing and seems to be floundering. Beth doesn't want to make a fusool of herself but Brad is trying to find some new direction just like Beth is. Beth knows there's no use loving someone if they don't love you. Beth thinks if they give each other space everything will be fine. Beth hopes Pam wouldn't say things were hopeless and Pam agrees she wouldn't.
As Lauren arrives Beth says she's just got this feeling. Lauren apologises for interrupting and Beth explains Pam just got back from her holiday. Pam explains they got back ahead of schedule. They caught Brad on the hop as the place looked like a bombsite. Lauren looks guilty! Pam says they had a wonderful time away and Lauren says that's great.
Doug is watching the telly. Brad calls him a couch potato and Doug explains he's still on his holidays. Doug asks what Brad's been doing this afternoon. Brad says he went to the beach. Doug was just wondering as he'd hate to think Brad was wasting his time. Doug saw Brad's board in the garage when he put the car away. Brad explains he just went for a body surf. Doug scoffs that Brad went for a swim without his board. That'll be a first in the history of the human race! Brad explains defensively that he went to the beach and didn't take his board as the surf was lousy. Doug wants to know what Brad's problem is. Brad doesn't have a problem maybe his parents do. Doug tells Brad not to get his knickers in a twist he was jumpy as a cat this morning. Doug enquires if everything is alright. Brad explains he got sprung in his undies when the place was a pigsty. Brad asks Doug to give him a break and heads into his room.
Rick arrives looking for Debbie. Hannah says Debbie is out and Rick asks whom with. Hannah explains Debbie said she was going to Kelly's but Hannah could tell Debbie wasn't. Rick asks where Debbie was going but Hannah shrugs her shoulders. Rick says Hannah can tell him as they're mates but Hannah says she honestly doesn't know. Hannah knows a way to find out for five dollars. Rick calls Hannah a blackmailer. Hannah wants to know if Rick wants to find out. Rick hands over the money and gives Rick Debbie's diary out of her rucksack. Rick is unsure whether he should look at it. Debbie was all dressed up and was going to beat Hannah's face so it must be pretty bad. Rick sighs and takes the diary. Hannah offers him the key. Rick calls her a crim and says if she rats on him he'll rat on her. Hannah asks what it says as Rick is shocked at the contents of the diary.
<<1931 - 1933>>
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