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Neighbours Episode 1930 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1929 - 1931>>
Episode title: 1930
Australian airdate: 04/06/93
UK airdate: 07/04/94
UK Gold: 24/03/00
Guests: Russell Butler Stephen Whittaker
Cactus Les Toth
Biker No.1 Nicholas Antipas
Biker No.2 Lou Toth
Summary/Images by: Clare
Julie is talking to Philip (Hannah is sitting at the table for most of the conversation but doesn't say anything.)
JULIE: Watkins? I don't think I know them.
PHILIP: Neither did I until yesterday. They're very keen to move into No.22.
JULIE: What? Just like that? You're sure they're reliable?
PHILIP: They seem to be.
JULIE: Well - have you checked them out properly? I mean you didn't ask me about them.
PHILIP: Why should I ask you?
JULIE: Paul's my brother. I've got a right to know if he's going to rent his house, surely?
PHILIP: Jules, he asked me to take care of it for him. It's as simple as that, ok?
JULIE: No Philip it's not ok.
PHILIP: Well tough because it's obviously good enough for him otherwise he would have made you his property manager, wouldn't he? (Hannah leaves the room)
JULIE: I got you that job in the first place Philip. I would have expected a little more gratitude.
The Waterhole
Lou, Brad and Stephen are sitting at the table. Stephen says he has brought it on himself. Lou agrees - they don't need any of Butler's type around here. Brad checks they are talking about Russell. Brad says that he threw him out earlier. There's no way he's going to get away with what he's doing to Stephen. Lou says Brad is right - Stephen has go to stand up to thugs like that. Stephen says he threw him out of the Coffee Shop too. He came back with a herd of cockroaches and they were all over the place. Brad looks threatening if he tries anything around here. Stephen doesn't think he will. It's Stephen he's got it in for. Brad doesn't know how he puts up with Russell. Brad says he wouldn't usually hurt a fly but Russell's got it coming. Brad goes back to the bar.
Lou tells Stephen he's got no reason to feel bad. Russell's brought it on himself and Stephen's got no choice. Stephen makes sure the men won't go too far. Lou says they will go far enough. It's survival of the fittest out there. You need to do it to others before they do it to you. Trust him, Stephen is doing the right thing.
Wayne answers the door to Beth. Beth asks if Helen is in. Wayne says no - she's out at one of her Youth Art Workshops. Beth says she just wanted to thank her for dinner so she'll pop back later. Wayne says Helen will be back soon if Beth wants to wait. Beth agrees to wait.
Wayne offers Beth a drink and they go through to the kitchen. Beth says that Gaby has told her Wayne and Gaby have split up. Wayne confirms this and Beth says it's too bad. Wayne says it's not for him. Wayne says he's sick to death of the way she flies off the handle all the time. Gaby would never dream of getting her facts straight before she thinks the worst of a guy. He's never met anyone like Gaby. She's pig- headed, vain, unappreciative. Wouldn't matter what you did for her she'd still take it the wrong way. Beth is smiling and Wayne is wondering what the matter is. Beth comments he must really like Gaby to get this upset about it. He's not upset - to tell Beth the truth, he's glad it's all over. Beth says it is ironic though. Wayne wonders what she means. Gaby obviously really likes him. Wayne laughs that it is obvious! Beth comments that she spent the day with Gaby and she couldn't stop talking about Wayne. Same way he can't stop talking about Gaby. Wayne pointed out Beth brought it up so she suggests they talk about something else.
After a short silence Wayne then asks what Gaby said. Beth laughs and says he is wrapped. Wayne admits maybe. Beth encourages him to do something about it and tell Gaby he's sorry. Wayne refuses so Beth says he is being pig- headed. Beth says maybe it's none of her business but after what happened between her and Brad it's frustrating to see two people who care about each other and won't do anything about it. Wayne asks why he should be the one to apologise. Beth says she takes his point - it's a matter of principle. Wayne agrees with her. Beth points out even though it means Gaby and Wayne never get back together again. Beth says he should stand by his guns and she's sorry she brought it up.
Stephen comes home and Russell is playing loud music. He asks him to turn it down a bit. Russell comes out and refuses. Russell admits it is pretty loud but we all have our little follibles. Stephen looks at a photo and Russell watches him from a distance. Russell asks Stephen if he's thinking about the family. Stephen doesn't answer him. Russell says it isn't any reason to take it out on him. Russell says he doesn't know what Stephen's so upset about - Hope isn't even his child. Stephen tells Russell to drop dead. Russell says that's not very charitable. Russell asks Stephen if he's going to thump him again - the cops would love to hear about that and walks away. Stephen says Russell is going to get his.
There is a knock at the door and Gaby goes to answer it. It's Wayne and Gaby tries to shut the door on him.
GABY: What do you think you're doing?
WAYNE: Just shut up and listen, will you? I've got something to say.
GABY: Yeah well I don't want to hear it.
WAYNE: Well tough! It's about Annalise and me.
GABY: Oh! Disco darlings of Ramsay Street.
WAYNE: Would you listen for a minute? I've got absolutely no interest in that girl.
GABY: Huh! You always go out with bimbos you aren't interested in, do you?
WAYNE: After she nearly got me kicked out of school and all that bull about us having an affair? You must think I'm mad or something.
GABY: Bingo! That would seem to explain it pretty well.
WAYNE: I give up. I'm not just mad I'm a downright massacus for wanting to have anything to do with you. (Gaby slaps Wayne). What's that for?
GABY: You force your way in here and then insult me in my own home and then you wonder why I get upset? You're incredible!
WAYNE: Ok. Sorry to bother you. I just thought this relationship might be worth saving. I guess I was wrong.
GABY: Wayne!
WAYNE: What?
GABY: (Gaby kisses him on the mouth). Thanks for caring enough to try.
WAYNE: You're a real pain in the neck - you know that?
GABY: Yeah. So are you. Probably why we get on so well. (They hug and kiss).
It is the next morning. Hannah is putting the washing in the washing basket. She tells Holly not to tell anyone - it's their little secret.
Julie comes in telling Philip before they sign the lease they should check these people out properly. Philip says she needs to give it a rest - they've been through all this. Julie says it's not just Paul they have to consider - these people are going to be their neighbours. They don't want to end up with someone like Russell living there. How he would feel then? Philip says she's being ridiculous - that's not going to happen. Julie points out everyone seemed to like Russell when he first moved in - now look at the trouble Phoebe and Stephen are having. What if these people end up the same way? Philip says they just have to show a little bit of faith. Philip calls to Hannah that if she wants a lift to Erin's they need to get going and Hannah says she is coming. Julie asks what Hannah was doing in there. Hannah says nothing. Julie says Philip really needs to be careful about these things. Philip tells Julie firmly he will see her tonight. Julie tells Hannah to be a good girl at Erin's - she doesn't want her to get into any trouble. Julie asks when Philip will be home - he doesn't know.
Julie goes through the washing and discovers Hannah's bedding. She smells it.
Coffee Shop
Someone comes in and Stephen calls from the kitchen he will be right with them. The person tells them to take their time. Stephen smiles and comes out of the kitchen. It's Phoebe whom happily greets him with a hug. Phoebe says she couldn't stay away. Stephen says it's so good to see her and Hope whom is playing with her toys in her pram. Stephen says Hope's more beautiful than when he saw her a couple of days ago. Stephen says Phoebe is too and asks why she didn't say she was coming. Phoebe says it was a spur of the moment thing. Stephen sounded so sad on the phone she had to come home. Stephen says he's not sure that was a good idea. Phoebe wonders why. Stephen says that they should stay with Lou again until Russell is out of their hands. Phoebe says it could take forever - she doesn't want to leave Stephen there on his own. Stephen says it might not be as long as she thinks. Phoebe asks what she means. Stephen says nothing. Phoebe asks if he's thought of a way of getting rid of him. Stephen is rather vague and says he just has a feeling, that's all. Everything's going to be ok. Phoebe hopes he's right.
Hannah comes running across the kitchen as Julie walks in. Julie tries to talk to Hannah whilst Hannah tries to escape to tidy her room. Julie leads Hannah to the table and sits down. Julie asks Hannah if she is upset about something. Hannah says no. Julie asks if she's sure and Hannah nods. Julie says she asks as she did the laundry today. She prompts Hannah to say she wet her bed. Hannah says she just spilt something on it. Julie says it's not true, is it? Julie says she's not angry - it can happen for lots of reasons. It sometimes happens because you're worried about something. Julie asks Hannah if she's worried about something. Hannah says no and can she go now? Julie tries to make absolutely sure. Hannah says she is. Julie agrees and Hannah runs off.
Coffee Shop
Stephen is working as well as carrying Hope across the shop. Phoebe and Beth are talking in the kitchen. Beth says after everything Gaby and Wayne are back together. Phoebe congratulates Beth on being quite the matchmaker. Beth says it's a shame she can't do the same for herself and Brad. Phoebe agrees. Hope cries and Beth says it must be really awkward having Hope here. Phoebe says it has its moments but Helen has offered to have Hope for the day so she can look after her until Phoebe gets home. Beth says it's handy. Phoebe says Helen's been a great help. Beth says she's been a great help to her too - she's had such a hard time lately with Jim and everything. Beth says that's all her goss and says goodbye to them.
As Beth is about to go out, Phoebe catches up with her and asks if she has heard anything about Russell. Beth looks confused and then realises Russell is still driving them crazy. Phoebe agrees but checks if Beth has heard anything else new. Beth says no. Phoebe says she's not sure. She gets the feeling Stephen knows something but he won't tell her what. Beth says if she hears anything she'll let Phoebe know. They say goodbye.
Lassiter's Office
Julie has come to see Philip whilst Gaby is on the phone to Wayne.
PHILIP: Poor kid.
JULIE: Well she won't even admit she did it. I'm sure it's an emotional thing.
PHILIP: What do you think is causing it?
JULIE: Well you know how worried she was when Michael came back. And the way we've been at each other's throats lately. It might have something to do with it.
PHILIP: (Philip nods) Yeah. You're probably right.
JULIE: Philip. We'll just have to try and bite our tongues from now on, won't we?
PHILIP: Yeah. Look - I've got a few things I've got to finish off here but as soon as I do I'll come home and we'll talk to her about this, alright:?
JULIE: Good idea.
PHILIP: I'll see you later.
Philip walks out of the office - saying he'll be back in five - and Gaby is still on the phone. Julie looks at the files on his desk. She is interested in the Watkins file and starts looking through it.
The phone is ringing and Beth answers it. The person asks for someone and Beth says she will get them. She asks who's calling. Beth sarcastically says they're charming. She calls to Lou the phonecall is for him. Lou asks whom it is and Beth says the person wouldn't say - sounds like a real jerk. Lou thanks the person for calling him back and starts talking to the other person. He says it's for No.30 Ramsay Street. Music starts playing and Lou says he (the other person I guess) knows about it. He hangs up. Beth asks what the phonecall was about. Lou says it's a mate of his doing a favour for Stephen. Beth says the friend's got a thing or two to learn about manners! What's his problem? Lou says he's just a bit funny on the phone, that's all. He's like that with everyone, don't worry about it.
Philip, Hannah and Julie are sitting at the table. Hannah says she thought they would be really mad at her. Julie says of course they're not. Hannah should have told them. Hannah says she was embarrassed. Philip says it's nothing to be ashamed of - it happens to most kids at some point. Hannah asks him to confirm it. Julie says it's one of those things. Hannah asks if it happens again will they be mad at her? Julie says of course they won't. Philip says if the two of them stop arguing maybe it won't happen again. Philip says that's what's been bothering her the most, hasn't it? Hannah nods. She asks why they don't love each other anymore? Philip says they do. Hannah says they don't act like it. Julie says they didn't mean to upset her. They have had a lot of problems lately and it's got on top of them a bit, that's all. Hannah points out they're always promising but they still do it. Philip says they'll try even harder - happy? Hannah asks if she can go and play now? Philip agrees.
Julie feels bad for Hannah and wonders why they didn't realise sooner. Philip says they were too busy arguing. From now on they should discuss their problems calmly, rationally and in private. Julie agrees. Julie asks if Philip checked out the new tenants yet - the Watkins? Philip says yes and he went to see them personally. When prompted Philip says they'll be fine. Julie asks if he checked their references. Philip says he could check by looking at them what kind of people they are. Julie admits she made a few enquiries. Philip says she had no right to do that. Julie found out they are very slow at paying their rent. Someone took legal action to get it out of them. Julie doesn't think Paul will be very happy about this. Philip says he wishes she'd stop her meddling. Julie asks if he's going to do something about it, or does she have to tell Paul? Philip says ok - he should have known she couldn't keep her side of the bargain. Julie asks what bargain? Philip says no arguing. He's the one arguing. Hannah is listening to all this. Julie says she is just pointing out that he didn't do his job very well.
Wayne and Gaby are cuddling on the sofa. Gaby says it's been murder at work lately. Gaby is thankful that the computer is back on again and she can a few hours off. Wayne comments it's weird the way it packed up like that. Gaby says that Philip is pretty sure Russell is to blame. Wayne says it wouldn't surprise him - the guy's obviously some kind of nutter. What he's done to Stephen and Phoebe - someone ought to sort him out once and for all.
Coffee Shop
Stephen is closing up the Coffee Shop from the inside. He tells Phoebe he thought they (I guess the customers) would never go. Phoebe tells Stephen sternly he was really rude to those people. Stephen points out it was time to close up - can't they take a hint? Phoebe points out he's been like this all day. Look how he was with Beth - what's wrong? Stephen claims it's nothing but Phoebe says she's not blind. Phoebe guesses it has something to do with Russell. She asks him to tell her what it is. Stephen admits that Lou knows some not very nice people. He didn't want to do it. Phoebe asks him what? Stephen admits they've arranged for the guys to take care of Russell for them. Phoebe looks disbelievingly at Stephen. Stephen says he had to do something - he was desperate. Phoebe says not that - it makes him even worse than Russell. Stephen says doesn't she think he feels bad enough already? Phoebe tells him to do something about it. Stephen says it's too late. Phoebe says he has to try. Stephen agrees. Stephen tries ringing and the line is engaged. Phoebe says they need to go and get them to call him off.
Philip arrives home. He angrily tells Julie he hopes she's satisfied - the Watkins aren't taking the house. They have to start the interviewing all over again. Philip says as Julie is so keen to know what is going on maybe she should do the interviews. Philip hasn't got time for all of this. Julie is looking through a book and Philip asks what it is. Julie says it's Hannah diary. Philip says she shouldn't be reading it. Julie starts reading it and it is about them arguing and Hannah not being able to sleep. She doesn't want her parents to get a divorce. Julie asks Philip what they're doing to Hannah? Philip says she's a poor kid. Ever since the stuff with Michael and the stuff up at work. Philip apologises to Julie. Julie says she hasn't been the easiest person in the world to get on with either. Philip admits he hasn't gone out of his way to see things from Julie's side of the fence. Julie says she didn't give Philip a chance. She tries apologising and Philip shushes her. He says they're arguing again. They agree it's not going to be easy keeping this promise to Hannah. Hannah appears at the door. They admit they love each other and kiss. Hannah smiles and Philip notices her. She asks if they're really friends now. Julie confirms it and they all share a hug.
Outside No.32
Philip goes outside and sees there is a scuffle going on. Philip asks if it's Stephen. Philip approaches and the men scarper in their van. Phoebe and Stephen arrive and Philip asks if they saw the number plates. Stephen says the van was going too fast. Philip thinks there were three of them. Philip says they came out of No.30
Stephen and Phoebe are checking No.30. they note that Russell's door is still locked. There is no sign of a struggle. Stephen says Russell was probably too surprised to fight back. Phoebe asks what the guys would do to Russell? Stephen says they would probably just rack him up. Phoebe says that's bad enough but what if they go further? What if they fix it so that Russell can't identify them? Stephen says he's been thinking the same thing. Russell comes in unharmed and comments that Phoebe is back. Stephen asks where he's been and Russell says out. Stephen confirms he wasn't there a few minutes ago when the guys came. Russell wants to know what guys? Russell says it doesn't matter and Stephen is cracking up. He says it's good to see Phoebe. He asks if she's back for good. Russell welcomes Phoebe home. Phoebe looks wary but says at least Russell is ok. Stephen wonders if the guys didn't take Russell, whom did they take?
<<1929 - 1931>>
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