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Neighbours Episode 1929 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1928 - 1930>>
Episode title: 1929
Australian airdate: 03/06/93
UK airdate: 06/04/94
UK Gold: 23/03/00
Guests: Russell Butler Stephen Whittaker
Summary/Images by: Clare
Coffee Shop
Stephen and Brad are talking over the counter. Stephen says he could hardly wipe the smile from his face. Brad says they're better out. Stephen is missing them. Phoebe was getting pretty freaked out but she was the only thing keeping him sane. Now Stephen is stuck in the Coffee Shop and goes home and lies awake all night wondering when it's all going to end. Stephen feels his whole life is falling apart and there is nothing he can do about that. Brad offers to look after things for a while. Stephen is unsure. Brad says he's on his break and has got nothing better to do. He suggests Stephen goes and has a beer and to tell Annalise that Brad said it was on the house. Stephen agrees. He takes his pinny off and hands it to Brad.
Brad greets Lauren at a table with a kiss. Lauren looks around and tells Brad to be careful. Brad says they don't have to worry - he told Beth. Lauren questions if it was about them. Brad says he told Beth there was no way they're getting back together. Lauren asks how she took it. Brad says she took it pretty bad. It was one of the hardest things he's ever had to do. Brad says they don't have to go on hiding. Lauren isn't so keen. Brad says they're not doing anything wrong. Lauren thinks it would seem a bit suss and she doesn't want people looking down their noses at them. They should wait a bit longer and let things settle down. Brad agrees. Lauren promises it will be soon. Brad says he hopes they can do something today as he has especially arranged time off this afternoon. Lauren says flirtatiously they shouldn't waste it.
Lassiter's Office
Gaby is in the office and Beth walks in. She asks Gaby if she's got a minute to talk. Gaby (without looking up) says not really - she's flat out and can it wait? Beth agrees it can. Beth apologises and starts to leave. Beth tearfully says Brad doesn't want to marry her. Gaby looks up and says she's sorry - she didn't realise. Gaby suggests Beth sits down. Beth tries to protest but Gaby insists she sits down and says she needs a break anyway. She asks what happened. Beth says they were at Helen's. She doesn't know why she's so surprised really.
The Waterhole
Wayne and Lou are sitting at the bar drinking. Wayne says he was given no excuse and no chance to explain. Gaby told him to get out of her life. Lou says Gaby will get over it - just give her time. Wayne says Gaby can have all the time she wants - he's had a gutful. Lou chuckles and says he'll soon be back for more. Wayne says not to bet on it. Annalise comes over and asks if they want the same again. Wayne tells Annalise to give it a rest. Wayne apologises to Lou and says he needs a bit of peace and quiet - away from the smell of Annalise's perfume.
Lou tells Annalise not to worry and he still loves her. He wants one for the road and one for Stephen who's just turned up. Lou tells Stephen he should bring Russell in the bar. He should get him drunk, put him in the Pacific, let Perth deal with him. Stephen asks if everyone thinks this is some sort of joke? Lou says of course not. Stephen apologises. Stephen says Russell gets him so angry. Sometimes Stephen has to walk around the block a few times before he can go inside. Stephen's got to go back there in a few minutes to pick up some invoices for the shop. Lou says it's a pity Stephen isn't like a bloke he knows whom owes him a couple of favours. The bloke has got some contacts in the debt collecting businesss and can be quite rough. Stephen is confused. Lou suggests that one of the blokes could teach Russell a lesson. Nothing too heavy, just put the wind on Russell and get him off Stephen's back. Stephen can't believe he is hearing this. Stephen says he's in enough trouble with the cops as it is. Lou says Russell's got it coming. Russell has literally torn Stephen's family apart. It's one way of handling it. Stephen says no way - he can manage without that help thanks.
Lassiter's Office
Gaby brings Beth a hot drink. Beth says she asked for it. It was her who called off the wedding. It wasn't meant to go this way. Gaby says things never turn out the way you expect them to. Beth says she doesn't get it. Brad was the one whom had the affair so where did she go wrong? Gaby says it's no good asking her - she's done no better with Wayne. Beth asks Gaby if Wayne's dumped her too. Gaby says she got in first. Beth says she's sorry. Gaby says not to be - what now? Beth says she doesn't know. She's looking for a flat. If she moves away - that's it. There's no way they're getting back together. Gaby asks if Beth still thinks there's a chance? Beth says Brad still cares. He came back to see if she was ok after he told her it was over. Beth wonders if that is just Brad. Gaby says she gave up trying to figure out what goes on in Brad's brain years ago! Gaby laughs and Beth smiles. Beth says she'd better let Gaby get back to work - she's bored her enough. Gaby asks her what she's going to do. Beth shrugs her shoulders. Gaby asks Beth if she would stay and give her a hand. It's pretty mindless stuff but it might take her mind off things. Beth thanks her and says it might stop her going crazy.
Russell is playing his music loudly. Stephen is looking for something and tells Russell he'd better clean up his mess in the lounge. Russell comes out of his room and asks him to repeat it. Stephen says anything Russell leaves lying around Stephen will chuck out. Russell says if he'd known he would have cleaned it up sooner. Stephen doesn't believe him. Russell finds and gives Stephen his mail. Russell says not to worry - he hasn't steamed it open and wishes him a nice day and leaves.
Stephen rings Phoebe and says there's nothing to report. He tells her how much he misses them both and he's going to get this mess sorted out as soon as he can. He wants her back with him where she belongs. Stephen tells Phoebe to stay where she is and he'll be alright.
The Waterhole
Lou says goodbye to Annalise and goes to leave. Russell comes in and Lou says he wants a word with him. Lou tells Russell to stay away from Phoebe and Stephen, otherwise there'll be trouble. Russell says he's real scared, Grandad. Lou leaves.
Annalise tells Russell he's got some nerve coming here after what he did to the computer. Russell says if Philip was prepared to pay for expert advice, he wouldn't have problems with his hardware. Brad comes over and tells Russell to get out. Russell asks Brad what his problem is. Brad tells Russell that Stephen's a mate of his so there's no way Russell's drinking in there. Russell says Brad can't do that. Brad points out that management reserves the right to refuse service and orders him out again. Russell leaves.
Lou walks him and Lauren asks him what he is doing home. Lou tells her it's her lucky day. He's hers for the afternoon. They'll do whatever she wants - his treat. Lauren asks about the caryard. Lou says Alex can manage. Lauren says it's a nice thought but she was about to go out. Lou realises it must be her new man - Terry. Lou asks if he's going to get to meet him and is he picking Lauren up. Lauren says no - she was actually just going for a ride in the bush on her own. Lou says that's what he needs to clear away the cobwebs. He says he'll go and change whilst Lauren looks rather glum.
Coffee Shop
A customer asks Stephen if he calls it coffee. Stephen says he can make it stronger. The customer says it would be nice if it tasted like coffee. Stephen says he'll serve a customer and another customer says she'd'd like to order a pot of tea. The first customer asks what the food is and Stephen says it's the chocolate torte he ordered. The customer says it's stale from yesterday. Stephen explains it's meant to be crispy as it's made from layers of meringue. The customer isn't satisfied. The second customer pipes up again she'd like a pot of tea.
Russell walks in and Stephen tells him he wants him out of here now. Russell says he's a paying customer. Stephen says he's not serving Russell so he's wasting his time. Russell says he'll take his custom elsewhere. The first customer comments he wonders that Stephen has any customers. The second customer goes to leave. Stephen asks what it was she wanted. She tells him never mind and leaves.
The Waterhole
Annalise tells Kev she's taking the takings over and won't be long. The phone rings and Annalise answers it. There is a pause and then Lauren asks if Brad is there. Annalise tells Lauren he's left for the day. Lauren says no and Annalise guesses it's Lauren. Lauren hangs up. Lou comes out and says it's time to hit the trail. Lauren has no choice but to follow him.
Lassiter's Office
Beth thanks Gaby for putting up with her. Gaby says it's good to have some company and she's been a big help. Beth chuckles and wonders how Gaby stays awake staring at all the numbers on the screen all afternoon. Gaby says it helps if you imagine dollar signs in front of them. Beth laughs. Annalise comes in and gives Gaby the takings for the Waterhole. Gaby asks if they balance and Annalise says they do. Gaby says it makes a nice change.
Annalise asks Beth how it went. Annalise says she tried to find out from Brad but he just grunts. Annalise asks if they're back together. Beth says no - Brad says they're history. Annalise says a surfer wouldn't know a good thing if it bit him on the bum. Beth says at least she knows where she stands. Gaby asks Annalise if she's on a break. Annalise says not exactly. Gaby tells her to get back to what she's paid to do. Annalise tells Beth they'll talk later.
Gaby says it beats her what he sees in her. Beth asks who? Gaby says Wayne. Beth asks Gaby if she means Wayne and Annalise? Gaby confirms it and says if he had his way he'd have both of them like prize bulls. Gaby asks Beth if she saw them last night. Beth says they only went out to give her and Brad some space. Gaby says that's what they say. Beth says that's what it was. Gaby says believe her there's more to it than that.
Out in the Bush
Lou and Lauren are riding along. Lou says there really is something about the bush. He can feel his blood pressure going down already. Stress management - that's what it is. He wants to do this every afternoon. Lauren points out he would get stressed out missing out on sales. Lauren thought he would be worried about leaving Alex on his own for too long. Lou says not when things have been as quiet as they have this week. Lauren suggests he does something to stir things up a bit. Lou says maybe but they shouldn't talk about work and spoil the afternoon. Lou asks about Terry. Lauren says he's a guy and nothing special. Lou says he heard her on the phone and 'Terry' sounded special.
Coffee Shop
A man suggesting a woman that she has the chocolate cake. Stephen points out that it is chocolate torte. She says no to the cake and Stephen emphasises it is torte. A lady with a little boy asks if something has onions and Stephen says it has whatever is on the label. The lady complains it says salad and she wants to know if it means onions. Stephen reiterates it's just salad. The woman keeps going on. Stephen starts listing the ingredients of the salad.
Russell has walked in and tips the contents of a tin into a basket of bread products. The lady goes to get something out of the basket and screams there are cockroaches in there. Stephen runs out of the kitchen and asks what's going on. The woman says Stephen will be sure the health department will hear about this! The customers start leaving whilst Stephen looks at the tin.
The Waterhole
Gaby is sitting at the bar. Annalise is clearing the tables and then goes behind the bar.
GABY: Um, Annalise? Uh - I noticed that takings are down compared with last month. Have you any idea why?
ANNALISE: What - are you accusing me of something?
GABY: No, no! I'm merely asking your opinion.
ANNALISE: Well it sounds like you're saying I've had my hand in the till or I'm scaring the customers off or something.
GABY: No I - honestly it's nothing like that. Um - I'm just curious.
Gaby: Really.
ANNLISE: Well I know you think I'm just a walking bonjo but well I'd say it has something to do with winter. People don't drink as much, they don't sit outside because it's raining. I guess you'd call it seasonal trends.
GABY: Oh! Yes - of course.
ANNALISE: Oh I could be wrong. After all I'm apparently too dumb to answer phones and type letters and all that other complicated stuff that you do.
GABY: Ok. Point taken. I, uh - hear you went out with Wayne last night?
ANNALISE: Yeah. Great guy. Don't know how you let that one slip through your fingers.
GABY: Well who says I have?
ANNALISE: What - you mean you haven't broken up?
GABY: Well yeah I suppose we have.
ANNALISE: Thank goodness for that. I mean I'd hate to think he was coming onto me and still going out with you.
Gaby sighs and walks away. Annalise smiles.
Out in the Bush
Lou says it's the real bush - not this National Park stuff. If Lauren's horse didn't know the way home, they would be stuffed. Lou comments that's the third time Lauren has looked at her watch in as many minutes. Lauren says she doesn't want to keep the horses out too late. Lou says they won't keep them out too late if she keeps watching the clock. Lou says to relax - they've got heaps of time. Lou says they should have brought a picnic and she ought to do that with 'Terry' some day. Champagne, nice cheeses... Something starts mooing in the distance. Lou says they should be banned out in the bush. Lauren says she'll lead Lou to the creek. Lou asks what creek? Lauren says it's not far. Lauren suddenly goes quite fast and Lou follows. Lou can't see Lauren and calls her name several times. He laughs and says she thinks she can play tricks on her old man.
Wayne comes out from between the trees. A motorbike comes rushing along and Wayne tells the rider to get out of the way - what does the rider think the trail is for? Lou comes up on horseback and says not to waste his breath - the rider probably doesn't have a brain to bless himself with. Wayne is surprised to see Lou. Lou says he's a lone ranger and they both picked the wrong place to get some peace and quiet. Wayne asks what he's doing out there. Lou says he was riding with Lauren but she has outclassed him. Wayne asks him what he means. Lou says he's lost Lauren or she's lost him. Lou says he's had enough. He tells Wayne if he sees Lauren he's gone back to the stables. Wayne asks if Lauren will be alright and Lou says she will. She obviously know the place better than Lou does. Wayne tells Lou to stick to the track.
Russell is going through the CD collection. Stephen comes in and tells Russell to leave them alone. Russell says he doesn't want to play them. He names the CD and throws it to Stephen. Stephen asks him what he wants. Does Russell want to ruin his entire life? Russell says he gets the feeling something's upset Stephen. Stephen laughs and says Russell's taken over his house, driven his wife and child away, and now he's trying to wreck his business. Russell laughs and says it's paranoia time. Stephen holds up the tin and says he's got proof. He says he saw him with the tin this morning. Russell says there must be hundreds of those tins around. Stephen holds Russell up by the throat against the wall and asks him what's the point and what does he aim to get? Stephen tells Russell he's got nothing to gain. Russell tells Stephen he's got everything to lose and he's going to lose it. Stephen holds up his fist and Russell is goading him into using it. Stephen manages to walk away.
Out in the Bush
Brad is standing by the motorbike waiting for Lauren. Lauren comes up on horseback and says she was afraid Brad wouldn't be there. Brad said he thought she wouldn't show herself. Lauren said she had a few hassles - Dad came with her but she managed to shake him off. They share a kiss. Lauren says she tried to warn Brad but he'd already left.
Beth is sitting on the sofa and Lou walks in. Lou greets her and wonders out loud when the horses do all the work and humans end up smelling more than the horses do. Beth asks if he means in riding. Lou agrees and says he'll know about it tomorrow. He says it's been a long time since his behind's been in a saddle. It's time for him to have a long hot soak in a tub. He asks if there are any messages and Beth says no.
Lou comes and sits down and asks if she's still feeling blue. Beth nods. Lou says Brad needs his head read if she asks him. Beth says she doesn't know what to do. She feels as if she has to start her whole life over again but she can't stop thinking things over long enough to make a decision. Lou says she doesn't have to make any decisions - not straightaway. Beth says she does - she can't stay here for a start. Lou says he doesn't want to see her go - he's enjoyed having her here. He knows it's kind of awkward and he's sorry for the way things have worked out. Beth knows it's not Lou's fault. Lou knows that but he feels a kind of responsibility not just as Lauren's father but a responsibility towards Beth. Not as a father - just as a friend. Lou wants her to know he's not taking sides. If there's anything he can do or she just wants someone to talk to. Beth thanks him and says she knows this hasn't been easy on him either. Lou says it hasn't been easy on anyone. Beth says when she saw Brad this morning she was still kind of numb. Brad said he thought of things really carefully but Beth hopes he didn't. Maybe he'll change his mind.
Out in the Bush
Lauren and Brad are still kissing. Lauren hears a noise and asks what it was. Brad thinks it was just the horse. Lauren thinks the horse must have heard something. Lauren thinks someone's coming.
Wayne comes near and calls out Lauren's name. He walks through the bush and calls her name again. Wayne comes across Brad whom is getting back on his bike. Wayne comments this is beyond a joke - he came out into the bush to get away from everyone and bumps into half of Ramsay Street. He bumped into Lou and Lauren is out there somewhere. Brad says he didn't see anyone. Wayne asks does Brad know what the bikes do to the bush. Brad points out he only rides where he's supposed to. Wayne isn't so sure. Brad says not to worry and rides off. Wayne examines the ground after Brad has left.
There is a knock at the door. Beth answers it and it is Stephen looking for Lou. Beth says he thinks Lou's still in the bath. Lou comes out drying his hair. Lou offers Stephen a beer. Stephen refuses and asks for a private word. Beth gets the hint and wanders off. Lou asks if it's about Russell. Stephen says things are going from bad to worse. He's started wrecking the business. He doesn't know where things are going to end. Lou reminds him and Stephen says he's changed his mind. Stephen wants Lou to talk to his mate about Russell.
<<1928 - 1930>>
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