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Neighbours Episode 1928 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1927 - 1929>>
Episode title: 1928
Australian airdate: 02/06/93
UK airdate: 05/04/94
UK Gold: 22/03/00
Summary/Images by: Clare
Annalise and Beth are talking in the kitchen.
ANNALISE: You must be some kind of saint. If that had been me I would have scrapped her eyes out for what she did with Brad.
BETH: What's the point?
ANNALISE: Seen much of him?
BETH: Not a lot. He's back at work so he's pretty busy. But it's like he's avoiding me too.
ANNALISE: Do you think you two will still sort it out?
BETH: It's what I want. I love him. But he's got to want it too.
ANNALISE: Yeah. I don't reckon he knows what he wants.
BETH: Well I can't push him.
ANNALISE: Hmm. Well I'd better get back to work. (Helen wanders into the kitchen).
BETH: I'd better head home too.
HELEN: Hello Beth. I didn't know you were here.
BETH: Hello Mrs Daniels.
HELEN: I was going to pop in a little while. I'm planning a dinner party tonight and I was hoping you would join us.
BETH: Oh thanks. That would be great.
HELEN: If you'd like to ask Brad he'd be very welcome.
BETH: Ah - another time.
HELEN: Well if you change your mind.
BETH: Yeah thanks. Bye.
ANNALISE: Ah hey can I ask a partner?
HELEN: Of course if you'd like to.
Lassiter's Lake
Julie and Debbie are walking along. Julie is talking about the assignment. Debbie doesn't really care. Julie points out that there is no point in doing the assessment if you don't make an effort. Debbie says what does Julie think she was doing till all hours last night. Julie asks her not to take that tone with her. Julie asks if that is why Debbie has been in such a foul mood all day because of not enough sleep. Julie says if that's the case Debbie will have to organise her time better. She should do a little each night and then she won't have to finish it all in a rush. Debbie tells Julie to get off her back - she got sixty- five out of seventy for that assignment. Julie points out that Rick got sixty- nine. (Debbie doesn't look too happy about that!) Julie points out if Rick can do that and hold down a job there is still room for improvement. Debbie looks after Julie with a fed up face.
Lassiter's Office
Phil tells Gaby this wouldn't have happened if he had got a temp in - anyone but Annalise. Gaby points out that the virus wasn't Annalise's fault. He points out if Annalise had left the thing (the computer alone) they wouldn't have had any problems. They wouldn't have needed to get Russell in in the first place. He told her not to mess with it twice! Gaby agrees Annalise should have listened. Philip says she's back where she can't do any damage. Philip says at the Waterhole she just needs to look pretty and remember who's drinking what. Gaby points out that the only thing Annalise had a problem with was the computer as she was trying to impress Philip. He says Annalise didn't succeed. Gaby thinks they can still use her in the office - there's plenty of stuff she can handle. They have been talking about getting someone in for a while. Philip says not Annalise. Philip suggests one of the girls from Reception. Gaby says all the girls are needed where they are. Gaby says most of Annalise's work was fine. In a couple of things Annalise showed real initiative. Gaby wants to give her another shot.
The Waterhole
Annalise and Brad are behind the bar. Annalise says Helen is becoming her personal maid and is even doing her ironing. Annalise thinks it's sad though as Annalise thinks Helen's only doing it to keep busy. She then says she's needed in the cellar when Philip walks in.
Philip tells Annalise he needs a word. Philip asks Brad for the stock sheet so he gets it. Brad apologises that they are in a mess. Annalise explains they're not as she did them when she came on shift. Philip is impressed with them. Philip praises Annalise. Annalise tells Philip she's not totally useless. Philip tells Annalise to drop by the office when she finishes her shift because he wants to use her again. Annalise is pleased. Brad says she should celebrate. Annalise says she has a dinner party and says that Brad should come. Brad thinks about it and agrees. Brad asks about Harvey. Annalise asks where Brad heard that. Brad says Frank.
No.32 Kitchen
Julie is looking for the casserole dish in the cupboard while Helen watches. Julie says it must be somewhere and Helen says she will use something else at home if Julie can't find it. Julie says Debbie drives her crazy as she knows where things go but she won't put them away properly. Helen says she recalls saying the same about Julie at that age. Julie claims to have been a tidy teenager and she never answered back. Helen laughs in disbelief.
Debbie walks in changing her top and says she is going out. Julie asks her if she has seen the casserole dish. Debbie says it's under the stove. Helen says she looks nice and asks Debbie if she and Rick have plans. Debbie says she doesn't. Julie has now found the casserole dish. Julie asks Debbie where she is going and she just says out. Julie says it is the second time this week and what about her homework. Debbie says she did it in her free period. Julie asks exactly where she is going and whom with. Debbie says she is going to Lassiters with friends. Julie thinks she is very dressed up to be going out with friends. Debbie says it's just friends. Julie says she won't be going out if she keeps up that attitude. Debbie says she is going out so Julie goes after her. Helen watches the two of them and says Philip might have better luck. Julie agrees if he ever comes home from the office.
The Waterhole
Brad is talking to Gaby whom is drinking at the bar. He comments that Philip seems to be working her hard. Gaby says he is working her like a maniac. It will take days to get the information back into the computer. Annalise comments that it won't give Gaby much time to spend with Wayne. She wishes her luck with that. Gaby asks if there are any candidates. Annalise starts talking about seeing Wayne run around the house in tiny running shorts. Annalise says she might have to have a shot at him herself. Gaby gives her the go ahead. Annalise thanks her and walks off. Gaby complains about Annalise to Brad and he jokes back.
Outside the Waterhole
Wayne catches up with Gaby. Wayne starts trying to tell Gaby about the fashion show. Gaby says she might be a little late. Wayne admits about the dinner party and he needs to be there. Gaby looks disappointed and asks if it's the only reason. Wayne says Helen's going to a lot of trouble and she needs the company. Gaby says that maybe Wayne would want to spend the time with Annalise than her. Wayne says it's not like that. Gaby says she will have plenty to keep her occupied.
Lassiter's Office
Gaby strolls in complaining about Annalise. Philip enquires whom she is talking about. Gaby confirms it is Annalise. Philip looks confused. Gaby tells Philip not to hire back Annalise. Gaby says she'd rather strangle her than work with her.
The Waterhole
Beth is sitting at a table watching Brad whom is behind the bar. Brad looks uncomfortable. Annalise tells Brad to go and talk to Beth as that's what she's here for. Brad says he's busy. Annalise enquires what he's busy with. Brad goes over and they greet each other. Beth says she didn't think he was going to come over. Brad says he was organising a few things and Beth invites him to sit down. Beth comments he's been busy and she's hardly seen him recently. Brad uses work as an excuse. Brad asks how the job is going. Beth says it's going ok and there's not much to do with Doug away. There is an awkward silence and then Beth asks what time Brad finishes. Brad says it's half seven if the person gets there on time. Beth asks if he's doing anything after work. Brad says yes.
Philip comes in and Annalise says she was about to come and see him. Philip says he's sorry but the office job is not on. Annalise is disappointed after what he said. Philip agrees but that was before he discussed it with Gaby. Gaby thinks she would be fine on her own. Philip apologises again.
Lassiter's Office
Julie comes in looking for Philip and Gaby says he isn't there. There is a crisis in housekeeping. Julie says Philip is never around when she needs him. Julie says he hardly ever comes home these days. Gaby says they have had a few emergencies. Julie doesn't know how Philip expects her to cope with the house and school to deal with plus the children and the schoolyard. Julie doesn't know what she's expected to do about Debbie. She's impossible, so rude and running wild. Gaby says it doesn't sound like Debbie. Julie says it doesn't sound like Debbie either. Debbie's piling on the makeup and her outfit is practically indecent. Gaby thinks Julie shouldn't worry too much. Julie thinks Philip doesn't worry too much either. Julie thinks that girls that look like that get reputations and they are deserved. Gaby says Debbie's not going off the rails - she's just trying to impress Rick. Julie is confused. Gaby explains that since Rick has been working in the kitchen he has got friendly with Harvey. Apparently Rick has been spending more time with Harvey than Debbie. Debbie wants to show Rick she has more to offer him than his mate.
Annalise is wondering what she ever did to Gaby. Wayne is unsure. He doesn't understand what goes on in Gaby's head these days. Annalise says she really wanted that job. Wayne offers wine to Beth and Helen. Beth thinks that everything looks wonderful. Helen says she enjoys making a fuss every now and then. Helen admits that meals around here have been pretty scratch recently. Helen asks Beth if she decided against Brad. Beth says she asked him but he already had something on. There is a knock at the door and Helen says it could be Annalise's young man. Annalise asks Beth to go to the door for her with a sly grin. Wayne and Helen ask whom it is but Annalise won't say. Beth answers the door and Brad walks in and greets her. Beth looks rather stunned.
No.32 Kitchen
Debbie and Julie are eating their dinner at the table. Julie says as it's just them girls they can have a good old chat. Debbie doesn't look very enthusiastic.
JULIE: Did you have a nice time with your friends this afternoon?
DEBBIE: It was ok.
JULIE: Sweetheart, I'm not trying to pry into your personal life.
DEBBIE: Well - that would be a change!
JULIE: I know you're old enough to make your own decisions, choose your own friends, but... you haven't been very happy lately. I'm concerned for you. I think I'm somewhat to blame for that. What with one thing and another we haven't spent much time together lately - have we? I really have to make more of an effort.
DEBBIE: No you don't.
JULIE: Remember those driving lessons I promised you? We'll start first thing tomorrow. Won't that be fun?
Brad is sitting next to Beth and Wayne is sitting next to Annalise. There seems to be an awkward silence. Wayne gets up and goes to compliment Helen on the dinner in the kitchen. She thanks him and says she enjoyed doing it. Wayne says it's a shame the conversation didn't come up to a par with the cuisine. Helen agrees it was a bit awkward. Helen thinks poor Beth desperately wanted Brad to talk to her. Wayne thinks that Brad has been doing a very good job of impersonating a lump of wood. Wayne thinks that Annalise should have left it. Helen thinks Annalise's heart was in the right place. Helen thinks that dinner parties are a bit public for reconciliations. Helen says she will leave the dishes till the morning. Wayne offers to do them and Helen won't let him.
Helen excuses herself to bed. Annalise says it's only early. Helen says she is busy and points out that Annalise will be as well. Annalise says she isn't and then gets the hint. She says that she needs Wayne's help and drags him off. Brad says he needs to go and Beth asks him to stay. Helen tells them to stay where they are and for Brad to make sure the door is locked on his way out. Beth and Brad look at each other awkwardly. Beth says it was nice of them to give them time on their own.
Lassiter's Office
Philip is muttering to himself.
GABY: Oh I'm starting to see double and I need a good chiropractor. Huh!
PHILIP: Have a break.
GABY: No. I want to go home. (Sighs) Let's keep plugging away
PHILIP: We'll be out of here by midnight. I promise you.
GABY: Yeah well we wouldn't be here at all if you'd installed the backup system I recommended months ago.
PHILIP: Hindsight's a wonderful thing. Where's the money supposed to come from?
GABY: Yeah well the budget had better cover my overtime.
PHILIP: (Laughs) You're not a ward. You don't get overtime.
GABY: I'm not doing this for fun, Philip! Neither's reception collating all these figures. Nor the housekeeper - she's getting paid.
PHILIP: Yes. Alright.
GABY: It's just plain false economy. When you charge it all out this little exercise is going to cost more than the backup installation would have.
PHILIP: Don't go on about it. It was a judgement call.
GABY: Pretty poor one.
PHILIP: Don't tell me my - let's just get on with it.
Beth wonders what Gaby would make of Wayne going to the Tavern with Annalise. Brad doesn't know. Beth says the place is supposed to be outrageous. Beth says they should do more things like that and get out with other couples. Beth says she's not complaining about being on their on. She tells Brad it's just so good to be on their own again. Brad just smiles uncomfortably. Beth leans forward and Brad doesn't respond. Beth asks what the problem is. Brad says it's not on. Beth thinks he means the light. Brad says he and Beth are not on. He tells Beth they're not going to get back together. Beth says she thought he just needed some time on his own. Brad says he's done that. It's not going to happen. Beth looks disappointed. Brad apologises and says he'd better go. Beth looks upset.
Ramsay Street
It's the next morning. Julie and Debbie get in the car. Julie asks Debbie what she does first. Debbie guesses correctly she should put her seatbelt on. Julie asks her what she is meant to do and Debbie gets all the pedals right (It's a manual car. After doing all the checks, they set off.
Gaby is checking her mail and she watches them set off. Gaby laughs at Debbie's driving as if she has a kangaroo in her tank. Annalise watches Annalise and Wayne coming down the steps of No.26 in the distance. Annalise waves to Gaby and walks off. Wayne comes over to see Gaby. He asks if Gaby is in a better mood this morning. Gaby says hardly after that little display. Wayne says Gaby has nothing to worry about Annalise. He's not interested in Annalise. Gaby says whom says she's worried and walks off.
Debbie is going along the road. She brakes suddenly. Julie takes a deep breath and suggests they try it again. Julie gives the instructions. Julie asks Debbie to find first gear. The car screeches and Julie yells at Debbie. Debbie yells at Julie not to yell at her. They start arguing. Debbie says when they try this time for Julie to be quiet. Debbie tries again and Julie says she is only trying to help. They set off at a more sedate pace this time.
Beth answers to door to Brad. Brad looks uncomfortable and asks how Beth is doing. Beth says how does he think. Brad says he just wants to check she's ok. Beth says she's not. Brad apologises. Beth says she doesn't know how she's meant to feel anymore. She thought she had it all worked out. She went home to get things clear in her head. She said she thought it was her having doubts. Brad says she called the wedding off. Beth says it was because she didn't want to force him into anything. Beth asks if he wanted to stop it why didn't he? Brad doesn't have an answer for that. Beth says the whole time she was away it was her she was thinking about. When she wanted to marry him after everything that's happened. She thought he still loved her. When she got back he seemed ok. It made sense not to rush into anything. Pam was so sure everything was going to be alright. Brad says Pam likes Beth. Beth says it's too bad Brad doesn't. Brad says it isn't like that. Brad starts to say it'd be great - Beth interrupts and tells him not to say it. She doesn't want to hear he just wants to be friends. Brad doesn't know what to say. Beth says he doesn't love her anymore and he doesn't want to marry her. End of story. Beth tells Brad to go. Brad agrees and apologises. He hesitates and Beth shouts at him to go. She shuts the door and cries.
(Looking back maybe Pam did always like Beth more than Brad did and that's why the marriage only lasted about two years!)
Lassiter's Office
Wayne wanders in. He has food and tells Gaby she has been working too hard. He orders Gaby over to another desk. Gaby says he didn't have to go to all this trouble. Wayne says it's his way for making up for last night. Wayne says he's been thinking. If Gaby's fashion show is still on, why don't they make it tonight? Gaby asks Wayne if he wouldn't rather be raving with Annalise. Wayne asks why Gaby suddenly has a problem with Annalise. Gaby says it's nothing major - only Wayne broke a date with Gaby last night to take Annalise out instead (I did wonder where Gaby's invite was!). Wayne says she's got it all wrong. Gaby says Brad told her all about it. She hopes Wayne had a great time! Wayne tells Gaby to get off her high horse he will explain. Gaby bets he could not that she particularly wants to hear it. Wayne says she is going to anyway. Wayne says it was all a setup to get Brad and Beth back together again. After dinner, Helen went to bed so that Brad and Beth could be alone. Annalise dragged Wayne off. Gaby says it was kicking and screaming all the way. Gaby says she doesn't care what he does and whom with - just leave her alone - permanently!
<<1927 - 1929>>
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