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Neighbours Episode 1927 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1926 - 1928>>
Episode title: 1927
Australian airdate: 01/06/93
UK airdate: 04/04/94
UK Gold: 21/03/00
Guests: Harvey Johnson Damian Foley
Summary/Images by: Clare
Lassiter's Lake
Debbie and Rick are walking past the lake. Rick says he doesn't understand why Debbie doesn't like Harvey - he's a good bloke. Debbie says huffily if Rick wants to hang out with him it's fine but she'll pass. Harvey comes running up and greets them. Harvey asks them if they've seen the boss. Debbie says no and asks why. Harvey explains that Annalise has stuffed up the computer system. Phil is due back any tick so Harvey needs to buy some time. Philip himself walks past and says hi. They run after Philip to distract him. Harvey and Rick tell Philip that someone is trying to break into the stores. The bins have been moved. Philip says he doesn't understand and Rick says he needs to check it out. Philip agrees.
Lassiter's Office
Annalise is on the phone to Russell (whom is offscreen). She is telling him whatever she is doing is not working. Nothing works. Everything is disappearing off the screen. Nothing she tries is working. Annalise begs Russell for help otherwise she'll lose her job. Annalise tells Russell she'll do anything. She is rather aghast when Russell suggests money. Russell goes off the line and Annalise hangs up in frustration.
Lou comes in and says that is the last of Phoebe and Hope off to Dorothy's. Lou says one down, two to go. Lauren is confused what he means. Lou says that the two are Lauren and Beth - only two mad women to live with instead of three or four if you count Hope. Lauren says thanks very much at being counted as a mad woman. Lauren doesn't know what Lou is complaining about as they hardly see Beth. Lou says it is hardly surprising under the circumstances. Lauren agrees he is right.
Lou thinks it must be awkward for the two of them. Lou thinks it must be the same for him and Brad and Lauren is unsure what Lou means. Lou says it is the way he and Brad keep avoiding each other. Lou says he hasn't been to the Waterhole in yonks in case they see each other. Lauren is not sure why. Lou says he could forget himself as he has a quick temper and he might say something he will regret. Worse still he might do something he will regret. Lauren tells him not to be silly - he doesn't need to be like that. Lou thinks it is a matter of opinion. Lauren says what's done is done. There is no point holding a grudge about something that's history. Lou thinks it's a good thing too. Lou tells Lauren she's better off without Brad. Lauren says she knows that. Lou tells Lauren to forget about Brad. Lou tells Lauren to get dolled up and go off and have fun and meet some new people. Lauren says he means new guys. Lou asks why not. Lauren rolls her eyes.
Lassiter's Office
Philip walks into the reception. Annalise greets him. He says what a waste of time it was and Annalise asks if he meant the meeting. Philip says no he meant Harvey and Rick had some cock and bull story about a breakin. Philip says he has to access the payroll files. Annalise says she thought Gaby was going to handle it. Philip says he needs to check if something is viable. Philip wonders what is the matter with Annalise and she says it is nothing. She asks why. Philip asks if Annalise has been meddling with the computer. Philip told her to leave it alone. Philip asks what has happened - it isn't even loading. Annalise says it is nothing. Philip can't find the files. Annalise doesn't know. Philip says she has wiped the whole system. He asks her how she could be so stupid. Annalise says she didn't. Annalise says maybe it was Russell and Philip tells her not to be ridiculous. Philip says Russell is a professional. Philip tells Annalise to get out. Philip looks after her and sighs in frustration before sitting down at the computer.
Ramsay Street
A Toyota car pulls into the Street. Wayne and Gaby are in the car and they are rather short with each other. They are glad to be back.
WAYNE: Great. Here we are then.
GABY: I'm glad to say.
WAYNE: Yeah well. You're not the only one. You did nothing but whinge the whole way.
GABY: I was not whinging.
WAYNE: You're joking! I'm sick of hearing about me and Troy.
GABY: Well what do you expect? When you act like a self centred pig headed (I'm not sure what the last word is)
WAYNE: Pig headed? I'm pig headed? That's a joke.
They both walk off to their own houses.
Gaby walks in in a huff and Brad walks past eating a bowl of icecream. Brad says hi and comments that she's back. Gaby huffily confirms this. Brad asks how it went with the Alessis and if they could see the beach from their place. Also was the surf cracking. Gaby answers in one syllable answers. Brad asks about Wayne's brother and the show. Gaby says she doesn't want to talk about it. Gaby asks Brad if he has sorted out anything with Beth. Brad says he hasn't yet. Brad says hesitantly it got a bit complicated. Gaby asks if he is seeing Lauren again. Brad asks why Gaby would say that. Gaby says it is the guilty look on Brad's mush. Brad says she sees what he means about it being complicated. Brad says he really cares for Beth and doesn't want to hurt her but he doesn't know what to do. Gaby tells him not to do anything. Gaby says one thing she has learnt from her trip with Wayne is not to commit to anyone.
Gaby asks Brad if Pam and Doug are having a good time. Brad says he guesses so. Gaby asks if he has rung them and Brad hasn't. Gaby reminds Brad to wish them a happy wedding anniversary. Brad has forgotten. Gaby says they will do it now and asks for the number. Brad says it's on the fridge. Gaby looks in the envelope on the fridge. The message from Doug says 'DO NOT DISTURB'. Gaby says it is typical of her Dad. They both laugh.
Wayne is lamenting about Gaby to Helen. He says he hasn't seen Troy for months and Gaby should understand that as she has a brother herself. Helen confirms she has. The telephone rings and Helen excuses herself.
It is Stephen on the phone. Helen talks to him in the background. Annalise walks in and goes to the fridge. Wayne asks her what she is doing and Annalise says she lives here. Wayne asks since when has she lived there. Annalise says she has lived there since Helen gave her the key. Helen comes off the phone and says she hopes Wayne doesn't mind a new housemate. Wayne says it's fine.
Coffee Shop
Debbie and Rick walk in. Debbie offers to get the drinks. Debbie sees Helen behind the counter and says they've got Helen working here again. Helen says that Christy couldn't so someone had to help out. (That was probably why Stephen rang Helen). Debbie offers two orange juices and chocolate doughnuts but Rick refuses the chocolate doughnut for himself. Debbie explains they had a late night. Rick says he has to start work in five minutes. Debbie offers her doughnut to give Rick energy.
They sit at a table. Rick says it's not just the job - he has to do his history assignment as well which Debbie points out is due tomorrow. Debbie asks why he left it so late. Rick says he hasn't had time. Debbie says he could have said no to Harvey last night. Rick says a guy has to have some fun. Debbie agrees. Rick hesitantly asks Debbie to help him. Debbie wants to know if Rick wants her to do his assignment for him. Debbie says he has some nerve. Rick says he will have more time to spend with her. Debbie agrees just this once. Rick says she is a champion, kisses her on the cheek and leaves.
Lassiter's Kitchen
The chef tells Harvey all the food needs to be cut to size. The chef tells Rick it's about time he turned up. The chef hopes Rick feels better than he looks as Rick's got a busy shift that night. Rick says he's ok and never felt better. Rick moans it's spuds again. Harvey confirms it is spuds and they've all got to be perfect. Harvey thinks Rick has to do his homework when he finishes work and Rick says Debs is doing it for him. Harvey thinks Rick has got some relationship going there. Rick says it's nothing huge - she's just a really decent girl. Harvey reckons she's a decent girl.
Coffee Shop
Brad and Wayne are sitting at a table. Brad asks Wayne to show him his scars. Wayne looks confusedly at Brad. Brad says he means the trip back from Sin City. Gaby reckons it was war all the way.
WAYNE: She's lucky she's not stranded on a road out in Allbury. I came that close to driving off and leaving her there.
BRAD: (laughs) That bad, hey?
WAYNE: She kept making all these wise cracks about Troy. It was like she had to go on and on scoring points.
BRAD: She really hates you.
WAYNE: Well I was in top form. Did she tell you about the Japanese?
BRAD: Yeah. She reckons he kidnapped her.
WAYNE: They weren't complaining. Gaby was the one with the problem. The same thing the night with the King's cross. Did she tell you about us on stage at the olds?
BRAD: Yeah. I thought she was joking! (Wayne shakes his head). I guess this is it then?
WAYNE: She'll see the funny side when she calms down.
BRAD: You reckon?
WAYNE: So she expects me to go crawling does she?
BRAD: Well - no - maybe.
WAYNE: I think I've done my dash.
BRAD: Mate - it's pretty dark. She was expecting posh dinners and sailing on the harbour.
WAYNE: I guess it was a bit out of control. I dunno. Maybe I should follow your example - retire from the mating game a bit. Bet your life's a lot simpler these days.
BRAD: Yeah. You sure that's what you want?
Lassiter's Office
Gaby is on the computer and Philip is looking over her shoulder. He asks her what she thinks. Gaby isn't sure. Philip apologises for having to get Gaby in today - he didn't know what else to do. The whole system's a mess and Philip originally thought Annalise had wiped the lot. Gaby doesn't think this is Annalise's fault. Philip says it was alright before Annalise started fiddling with it. Gaby says she knows but she's been trying to undelete the files. She says it should be fairly straightforward but nothing's happening. Philip asks what she means. Gaby says there could be a virus on the hard disk. Philip says not again but Gaby thinks it is.
Gaby thinks the backups have gone as well. Gaby says they will have to reload all the data. Philip asks how long it will take. Gaby says it will take some time. Philip groans. Philip asks if it's a virus has someone interfered with the system. Gaby says that's what usually happens. Philip guesses it was Russell Butler. Gaby is confused. Philip says he was in in the beginning and Stephen warned him about Russell. Stephen had some conspiracy theory about him setting things up to make them fail. Philip didn't take much notice at the time. Now they've had an argument about the bill and now the computer crashes. Philip asks what Gaby thinks. Gaby thinks it's possible. Gaby wants to know how Russell got access. Philip doesn't know. Philip thinks Annalise might know.
The Waterhole
Annalise is glad it wasn't her whom stuffed it up. Philip asks about Russell. Annalise says Russell fixed it last time Annalise stumbles and Philip asks her to tell him what happened. Annalise says last night Russell knocked her and her bag went everywhere. Russell helped pick everything up. When she got home she couldn't find the keys. Philip is aghast. Annalise reassures him she has got them back as they were handed into the Coffee Shop. Philip is not impressed. Annalise thinks Russell might not have taken them. Philip bets he did. The trouble is they can't prove it.
Lou walks in and asks how Stephen got on with the magistrate. Philip says it was self bail pending a court hearing in a few months time. Lou isn't impressed and says that Russell has got a lot to answer for. Philip says Lou isn't wrong and leaves the pub.
Annalise offers Lou a drink. Brad greets Lou and says long time no see. Lou greets him and walks away from Brad. Brad follows him and says he is glad Lou came in. Lou is giving noncommittal answers. Brad asks Lou to give a message to Lauren from him. Lou says it depends what it is. Brad says it is good news - the tests were clear. He never had it. Lou contemplates it and confirms that Brad hadn't given Lauren the disease. Brad confirms this. Lou asks why Brad can't tell Lauren himself. Brad says it is best if he lays low for a little while just till things settle down. Lou thinks this is a good idea. Lou says he'll tell Lauren. Brad thanks him.
Wayne tells Gaby he is not apologising. He doesn't see he has anything to apologise for. He also doesn't see why they should be at each other's throats the whole time - it's not that important. Gaby says it is important to her. Wayne asks to agree to differ. Gaby says she doesn't know. Wayne asks Gaby if she would like to go to the show at Elliot Park. Gaby asks what sort of a show it is. Wayne says it's fashion which is right up her alley and it's on all this week. Gaby didn't think he was interested in that sort of thing. Wayne says he isn't but she wasn't interested in cow and she came to the livestock show. Gaby thinks it will bore Wayne to death. Wayne says especially if it bores him to death as it will make amends. Gaby is happy to agree and she accepts.
No.32 Kitchen
Debbie is making a hot drink and looking over Rick's history assignment. Philip comes in, kisses Debbie on the cheek and comments that she is still studying when she should be in bed. Debbie says she just has this assignment to finish. Philip says she shouldn't go out and party if it's going to interfere with her schoolwork. Debbie promises it won't happen again. Debbie points out that Philip is working late as well. Philip says it's different as the computer went down. Philip says he knows who's responsible - Russell. Philip says it's deliberate sabotage. It's always the way - someone else makes the mess and you have to clear it up. Debbie agrees and says she knows exactly what he means.
Lassiter's Kitchen
Harvey and Rick are clearing up and joking about in the kitchen. Harvey starts dancing to the music on the central worktop. Harvey says it's Happy Hour all night at a joint. He invites Rick along. Rick says he needs to go and check on Deb. Harvey says she'll be in bed by now. Harvey says Rick needs to unwind with bright lights, rock and roll and feast of babes. Rick agrees to come along. Harvey is happy to hear that.
Coffee Shop
It is the next morning. Rick tells Debbie he never wants to see another spud again. They were cleaning till about midnight. He couldn't drag Harvey out of the clubs. Debbie catches on and can't believe that Rick went out with Harvey. Rick suddenly realises what he's done and says it was to unwind. Debbie asks what club. I think it is the same club as the night before. Debbie can't believe Rick was partying with that sleazebag whilst she was slaving over Rick's assignment. Rick claims Debbie would have been finished by then and Harvey said. Debbie interrupts and asks whether Rick listens to everything that guy says. Rick thinks Harvey's ok and he doesn't go round badmouthing people. Debbie is annoyed that Rick is suggesting she does. She tells Rick where to go the next time he needs someone to do his homework. Rick says he is sick and tired of all this. Debbie says she is and tells him to get out of there. Rick does just that.
No.26 Kitchen
Annalise and Wayne are sitting at the table. Helen greets them and says she is making more toast. Annalise says Helen is spoiling them. Wayne agrees. Helen suggests a dinner party tonight. Annalise asks if there is a special reason. Helen says there isn't but she thought they might invite Beth. Helen says she saw her yesterday and thinks she is having a difficult time living in the same house as Lauren. Especially when they both get home from work. A dinner party would be one less encounter for Beth to worry about with Lauren. Helen suggests that Wayne invites Gaby. Wayne suddenly realises he's made arrangements to take Gaby to a fashion show that night. Helen says maybe another time. Helen says to annalise it will just be the three of them and she will look out a few recipes. Helen leaves the room.
Annalise tells Wayne that it wasn't very clever turning Helen down. Wayne thinks it's just a dinner party. It's nothing special and Helen said so. Annalise says that's what Helen said. Annalise thinks Wayne is blind. Annalise points out that Helen is missing Jim. That's why she has asked Annalise to move in. While Wayne is honing into a great breakfast each morning Helen is lonely. Wayne realises Annalise is right. Wayne is amazed that Annalise - the Queen of Self Interest - is concerned about someone else. Wayne never thought he'd ever see the day.
Lauren is on the phone. She confirms that's all he said - the test was clear. The person on the other end of the phone told Lauren days ago so she doesn't know what the big deal is. She thinks the person is trying to throw him off the scent. Lauren thinks he is still in the shower. Lauren says it must have worked - he has no idea they're still seeing each other. The person on the other end of the phone is revealed to be Brad. Brad points out he's not as dumb as Lou thinks. Lauren states that Brad isn't dumb at all. Lou comes out of the shower and Lauren suddenly pretends to roar with laughter. She tells 'Kerry' it is very funny. Brad is confused then works out that Lou must have entered the room. Lauren confirms this and ends the call.
Lauren greets Lou. Lou asks whom Kerry is. Lauren says it's a friend at the stables and Lou smiles knowingly. Lauren doesn't confirm or deny it.
Coffee Shop
Gaby asks Debbie - whom looks miles away if she can join her. Debbie apologises and says yes, she's had a bad morning. Gaby says she has too. Gaby doesn't want to see another computer again. Gaby asks if it's man trouble. Debbie confirms it is. Gaby says it usually is in her experience. Debbie says Rick is sort of giving her problems. He doesn't seem to care how Debbie feels anymore and is too busy racing off with his new mate Harvey. Harvey has got Rick staying out all night. Gaby says it sounds like Wayne and his brother Troy. Gaby advises Debbie to nip the relationship in the bud. Debbie looks confused. Gaby says not to nag Rick. Gaby says she shouldn't have tried to sort it out with Wayne - she should have sorted it out with Troy. Debbie asks if she should do the same with Harvey. Gaby says it's up to Debbie. Gaby says she should put a stop to it here and now.
Lassiter's Kitchen
Harvey is taking off his coat. Debbie arrives and tells him she wants to talk to him about Rick. She tells Harvey he doesn't seem to understand how hard he has to work. It doesn't seem to help dragging him off to clubs every night. Harvey laughs. He tells Debbie that Rick is a big boy and it's up to Rick what he does. Harvey asks what's wrong having a yarn with your mate after work. It is pretty harmless. Harvey invites Debbie to come out with him sometime to see what a good boy he can be. Debbie says she wouldn't go out with a creep like him. Harvey admits defeat - it was just a suggestion. Debbie tells him not to make the suggestion again. Debbie - from a distance - watches Harvey finish changing before leaving.
<<1926 - 1928>>
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