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Neighbours Episode 1917 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1917
Australian airdate: 18/05/93
UK airdate: 21/03/94
UK Gold: 07/03/00
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Beth is banging on about wedding outfits and remind Lauren about the Wedding Rehearsal. When Beth has gone, Lauren rolls her eyes and looks fed up.
LAUREN: If this was the romance of the century, what was the groom doing fooling around with me?!
LOU: Oh, Lauren, be fair!
LAUREN: It's such a big sham! I mean, what sort of basis is this for a happy marriage.
LOU: Hey, hey, calm down. Now...if Brad wants to go ahead with it, there's nothing you can do.
LAUREN: The last thing I feel like is being a bridesmaid. I feel like such a hypocrite!
LOU: I know, but if you drop out now, you're going to let the cat out of the bag. Beth's too nice a kid, you can't do that.
LAUREN: That's why I feel so awful. I'm sorry, Dad, I shouldn't have sounded off like that. It's just I'm not feeling too crash- hot. I've got a grumbling gut and a lousy head.
Lou feels her forehead and allows that she does feel hot. She just has to wait for the result of the blood test now.
Beth's mum has bought an outfit for the wedding, but not she's not sure about it. Pam has made some sandwiches for the wedding rehearsal. Beth says that her mother doesn't have to come to the rehearsal if she's busy, and she looks a bit put- out.
Phil sees that Debbie is upset. She is nearly crying.
DEBBIE: Dad, I've really messed things up!
PHIL: What are you talking about?
DEBBIE: With Rick. I'm never going to see him again.
PHIL: Yes, you are, he's going to stay in Erinsborough.
DEBBIE: I told him I didn't want him to, I told him to go to Sydney.
PHIL: Why?!
DEBBIE:(crying) Because...
PHIL: Come on, you can tell your old Dad.
DEBBIE: He...he just doesn't understand about the way I feel sometimes.
PHIL: Shh, don't cry. It's alright, you're going to be alright, Deb.
Coffee Shop
Beth is discussing last minute stuff with Stephen for the rehearsal while Brad looks distracted. Annalise comes in and tells Beth she doesn't believe in weddings, unless it's for material gain(!) Beth says she's heard Annalise has been seeing Russell, but she says Russell is a creep. Beth cattily says that Annalise has had a few duds lately.
Outside No.22
The Alessis are loading their wordly goods on to a moving van. Phil comes over to ask Rick to talk to Debbie. He'd like them to part on good terms, as Debbie is really upset. Rick is confused because Debbie told him to leave, but Phil says that you have to read between the lines sometimes.
Garden of No.28
The celebrant has arrived for the rehearsal. Doug isn't there, neither is Beth's mum or any of the bridesmaids. Lauren arrives, but she's still not looking very well. Pam stands in for Phoebe.
As the celebrant explains the procdure, Lauren faints and Brad rushes over to her.
Coffee Shop
Rick comes in looking for Debbie. Annalise starts ranting about Rick and Debbie sleeping together, and that Debbie thinks things have got too heavy. Rick is a bit confused that Annalise knows all of this private stuff. Annalise advises him to talk to Debbie before he loses her for good.
Beth's mum comes in and Beth tells her that the Wedding Rehearsal was a disaster. Beth's mum has a box with a few things in it - something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Beth awkwardly tells her that she's got them already - from Pam. Pam thinks Beth should go with Bunny's collection, or take a couple from each of them.
RICK: I think we ought to talk.
DEBBIE: If that's what you want.
RICK: I've, um...been wondering. Have you been really worried about what happened the other night?
RICK: Look, I'm sorry, Deb. Just you said...I thought you wanted it too. You must be feeling terrible.
DEBBIE: I did want to...but afterwards everything just seemed so different, you know? I mean, the first time, it should be special, but we just sort of rushed into it without thinking it through.
RICK: Yeah...I know I might have gone on a bit in the past about, you know, being a man of the world and all that. Well, it was all talk. The other night was my first time too.
DEBBIE:(surprised) It was?
RICK: Well, couldn't you tell?! OK, so, I was scared at first, but if I'd known you had any doubts I'd have backed off at a million miles an hour! You don't have to worry, Deb. If you'd rather we went back to the way things were, it's fine by me. I just care about you too much to wreck our relationship.
DEBBIE: What relationship? You here and me in Sydney?
RICK: But you *told* me to go!
DEBBIE: I didn't mean it!
RICK: You didn't?!
DEBBIE: What do you think?
RICK: Well, I won't go.
DEBBIE: But your parents want you to.
RICK: So what?! If you want me to stay, I'll stay. Do you?
RICK: Right. That's all I need to know.
They smile at each other.
Coffee Shop
Brad is a bit stressed about the wedding and is double- checking wedding stuff with Stephen. Stephen says it's funny to think the whole thing started over a misunderstanding. But things have turned out well.
Annalise has overheard this last bit and asks Stephen what the misunderstanding was. She asks if Beth thought she was pregnant(!) Stephen reluctantly decides to tell her.
Cathy and Ben are heading off, with Rick staying behind. Debbie, Phil and Rick are saying goodbye.
CATHY: Here, take this, but don't let your father see.
RICK: What is it?
CATHY: Shhh, I've opened a bank account for you, it's our secret. Don't you use it unless there's an emergency, do you understand?
RICK: Yeah, sure.
CATHY: And I'll make a deal with you. If the money's still there in a year's time, I'll double it, alright?
Rick opens the bank book and is shocked to see there's $2000 in there!
Benito comes over and says goodbye to Rick, saying he'll see him in Sydney in a couple of weeks when it all gets too much for him! Cathy and Benito get in the car and head off.
Beth is singing Pam's praises to her mother, and then says how argumentative their own family is. Beth's mother takes offence and says that many of the family had some really tough times and made it through. Beth insists that Pam could never replace her mother and they hug. She asks Bunny if she'll give her away tomorrow. Bunny agrees.
BUNNY: I'd be honoured and happy to give you away.
Lauren is having a check- up. Lou comes to see her.
LAUREN: The tests show that I've got PID.
LOU: What's that when it's home?
LAUREN: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Caused by an attack of chlamydia.
LOU: No, no, hang on love, tell me all that again in ordinary language.
LAUREN: Well...chlamydia's an STD. A sexually transmitted disease.
LOU: WHAT?! Just wait until I get my hands on that stupid surfie...
LAUREN: Dad, it mightn't be Brad's fault. I mean, well...I don't know how long I've had it for.
LOU: You mean Cameron could have...?
LAUREN: No, it's definitely not Cameron! We were always...careful, you know.
LOU: So, what do you do now?
LAUREN: Take a course of antibiotics.
LOU: It's as simple as that?
LAUREN: Well, that's what the doctor said.
Rick has moved into Lassiter's and tells Debbie that the staff quarters are a little bit cramped. However, it is private, and importantly, Julie- proof.
DEBBIE: I'm so glad you're still here.
RICK: Me too.
They hug.
ANNALISE: What a laugh, the bridesmaid passing out! I hope it's not a bad omen?
BETH: No, I don't believe in omens. Besides, as long as people are getting married for the right reasons, there shouldn't be any problems.
ANNALISE: Depends on what they think the right reasons are, doesn't it?
BETH: Well, I don't mean money. With me and Brad it's because we love each other. Simple.
ANNALISE: What, even though the engagement was a mistake in the first place?
BETH: What are you talking about?
ANNALISE: Don't you know?
BETH: Know what?! Look, Annalise, if this is another one of your vicious rumours, you're going to be sorry you opened your mouth!
ANNALISE: It's not! Stephen told me.
BETH: Told you what?!
ANNALISE: That when Brad gave you the ring in the first place, it was just a friendship ring.
BETH: My engagement ring?
ANNALISE: Yeah, then you went and jumped the gun and thought he was proposing.
BETH: Oh, that's ridiculous! You're just trying to get your own back.
ANNALISE: I'm not! It's the truth!
BETH: Well then, why didn't Brad *say* anything?
ANNALISE: I don't know, he just didn't want to let you down, I suppose. You know what a softie he is.
Beth looks worried.
Pam is looking in on Lauren. Lou has had a word with the doctor, who has said Lauren will be fine after taking the antibiotics.
LAUREN: Pam, they said they were going to do a ... laparoscopy. What does that mean, exactly?
PAM: Well, the PID can sometimes cause lesions on the fallopian tubes, they just need to check you out. It's alright, it's a very simple procedure.
LOU: You mean, it's not a big operation?
PAM: Oh, no, no.
LAUREN: Well, these lesions...are they dangerous?
PAM: Well, there's a chance that they could cause infertility.
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