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Neighbours Episode 1916 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1916
Australian airdate: 17/05/93
UK airdate: 18/03/94
UK Gold: 06/03/00
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Philip East
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Debbie tells Rick that last night was a big mistake.
- Julie tells Michael that she doesn't want him in her house.
- Stephen tells Russell that he and Phoebe want him to leave. Russell refuses.
Michael is sitting in the door well of No.32, practically unconscious, when Phil arrives. He tells Phil shakily that he's very cold. Phil rushes inside for a blanket and says he's taking Michael to the hospital.
HANNAH: Why is he still here?!
PHIL: What do you mean, Button?
JULIE: Well, he...he turned up earlier. I told him he couldn't come in.
PHIL: What?! Couldn't you see how sick he was?!
JULIE: No, I didn't realise!
PHIL: I can't believe you'd be that callous to a sick kid!
He storms out to take Michael to the hospital.
Phoebe and Stephen are discussing Russell. Phoebe hopes that when he calms down he'll pack up and go, but Stephen thinks Russell is a born bludger. Stephen suggests that Phoebe has a word, while he gets legal advice.
Garden of No.22
Cathy tells Benito that she will miss Ramsay Street. She's worried about Rick refusing to leave, but Benito thinks Rick will come round when he realise how much living independently costs! Cathy thinks that if they don't do anything, they could lose Rick.
Coffee Shop
Rick and Stephen are discussing Rick's situation. Rick thinks Debbie is running hot and cold with him. Stephen advises him to talk to Debbie, as this is a big decision.
Phoebe is ironing. She goes to knock on Russell's door and asks him to come out to talk. He doesn't come out, but asks her through the door what she wants.
PHOEBE: I really hate this kind of atmosphere, can't we have a friendly chat?
RUSSELL:(opening the door) You think we can be friends after what's happened?
PHOEBE: It wasn't a personal thing. Stephen and I have to manage on a very tight budget. We can't afford to have someone who doesn't pay his way with the housekeeping. We have to count every cent. Otherwise, we wouldn't have taken a boarder in the first place!
RUSSELL: But you did. You took me in and let me make this my home. And now you want to throw me out!
PHOEBE: We don't *like* doing it, we haven't got any choice.
RUSSELL: I won't go somewhere else. I like it here. (Putting his hands on Phoebe's face) I thought you understood.
PHOEBE:(pushing him off) Russell...you've been very helpful with Hope and we really appreciate it, but we have to be practical.
RUSSELL: I trusted you. That's why I made this my home. And now you want to take it all away from me.
PHOEBE: It isn't like that.
RUSSELL: It is to me! And I won't let it happen, you hear me? I'm staying right here.
He goes back into his room and shuts the door.
Michael comes to in a hospital bed with oxygen on his nose. Debbie arrives and asks how Michael is - apparently he's got pneumonia, but he should make a full recovery.
PHIL: When you're well, we'll have a long talk, and sort a few things out.
MICHAEL: Don't waste your breath. It wouldn't work.
PHIL: There's an answer to everything if you try hard enough to find it.
MICHAEL: You reckon? Nope. As soon as I'm better, I'll be on my way.
Hannah asks Julie why Michael came back anyway. Julie said it was probably because he was sick. Julie didn't think Michael looked that sick.
HANNAH: I hope he's real sick. And he has to stay in hospital. I don't want him here. You and Dad always fight. And he does all these mean things to me!
Julie assures her that everything will be fine.
HANNAH: Dad said he'd never come back, because the police would catch him.
JULIE:(realising) Yes, of course!
HANNAH: I wish they'd take him away and never let him come back.
JULIE: Don't worry, sweetheart. There is no way Michael is moving into this house again.
Garden of No.22
Benito, Cathy and Rick are having a barbecue lunch. Benito is taunting Rick about his housework skills. Rick says that he's got to go it alone some time, and it might as well be now. Benito has burnt the sausages(!) Benito tells Rick he won't be able to get his licence as his car will be gone.
No.30, evening
Stephen and Phoebe are enduring loud rock music from Russell's room. Stephen bangs on the door and Russell turns it down slightly. Phoebe wants to ring Dorothy for advice, but Stephen doesn't want to tell her about the boarder from hell. Russell turns up the music again and Stephen knocks on his door again. Phoebe looks very stressed.
Phil and Debbie come home.
JULIE: How's Michael?
PHIL: Why ask? You're not interested.
DEBBIE: It's pneumonia.
PHIL: He's in pretty bad shape, but they're confident he'll recover. What gets me is that you didn't even register he was sick. He looked terrible!
JULIE: While he was at the door, he must have got worse. I got such a shock, him turning up like that.
PHIL: Well, after you sent him packing, surely you heard him out there?!
JULIE: No, I didn't hear a thing.
PHIL: I find that hard to believe.
JULIE: Philip...I didn't want him in the house, but I wouldn't have turned him away if I knew he was genuinely sick.
PHIL: You could have at least let him stay until I got home.
JULIE: Well, Hannah was scared out of her wits, seeing him again. Doesn't she deserve some consideration?
PHIL: Yes, of course she does...
DEBBIE: Hey, would you guys just please cut it out? The important thing is that Michael's back and he's going to be OK.
PHIL: Yes, that is what's most important.
DEBBIE: So...what happens when he gets out of hospital?
JULIE: Well, it's entierly up to you Philip if you want to keep in touch. But not in this house.
PHIL: Julie, we need to talk this through...
JULIE: No way, Philip. You can see him in the office or anywhere else you like. But he doesn't set one foot inside this house again. Not ever.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Cathy tells Rick that she thinks Debbie is the real reason Rick wants to stay in Erinsborough. Cathy tells him that strong feelings when you're young seldom last. If it's the real thing, the relationship will last with the distance. He could try Sydney for six months and see how it went. She asks Rick to think about it.
Phil comes out for his newspaper and tells Rick that Debbie is going to be late today. Rick heads off to school.
When Rick has gone, Cathy tells Phil to take Rick's job at Lassiter's away. Phil says there are other jobs, and anyway Rick will probably be on his way to Sydney after a few weeks of independent living.
Phil and Julie chat about Debbie and Rick. Julie thinks Phil should sack Rick - he's only a kitchen hand - and then he'd go to Sydney with the Alessis. Phil doesn't bother to reply to this and just says he'll be late home after going to the hospital after work. He heads off.
Debbie tells Julie that it was all Rick's idea to stay in Erinsborough. Julie says that she'll be keeping a very close eye on them both.
Coffee Shop (outside)
Cathy sees Debbie and tells her she wants to have a talk to her. She asks Debbie if she'll call them if Rick needs something after they've gone. She writes down her phone number and Debbie looks a bit awkward.
Michael is looking a lot better today and the oxygen is out of his nose.
PHIL: Julie didn't realise you were ill, mate.
MICHAEL: Yeah, right.
PHIL: There's no way she would have left you like that, if she'd known.
MICHAEL: I don't blame her for not wanting me around.
PHIL: You caught her off- guard, turning up out of the blue like that.
MICHAEL: I phoned a couple of times trying to talk to Deb. Julie answered, and I chickened out.
PHIL: Well, you're on the mend now, that's the main thing.
MICHAEL: Yeah, well, it was pretty screwed up in Sydney.
PHIL: There's no point worrying about that, that's in the past.
MICHAEL: Did you mean what you said? That I could come home whenever I was ready?
PHIL: First things first. Let's get you back on your feet again, eh?
MICHAEL: When I got sick, there wasn't anywhere I could go except home.
PHIL: I'll always be here for you, Michael.
MICHAEL: I didn't mean it about hitting the road again. I've had that scene. I'll understand if you've changed your mind about me. I don't want to cause any more trouble between you and Julie.
PHIL: It's your home, too, mate. It always will be.
Michael smiles.
Coffee Shop
Stephen has been trying to contact the Tenancy Tribunal but they're permanently engaged. Phil thinks they'll have to serve an eviction notice on Russell. Phoebe is worried it's going to take a long time to get rid of Russell - it will be 6 weeks *if* they win at the Tenancy Tribunal, and there's no guarantee of that.
Russell is out of his room, collecting food in a box. He then locks himself in his room with it.
Debbie tells Rick that his mum will really miss him when they go. Rick says they're always saying he's a waste of space. Debbie gets a bit cross.
RICK: What's going on, Deb? I can't seem to work out which way you're thinking anymore.
DEBBIE: I got this lecture from Mum this morning. She reckons she's going to make life hell for both of us.
RICK: Well, don't worry. Soon I'll have my pad at Lassiter's = we'll be able to do whatever we like! Look, we've got something really special Deb, and no- one is going to wreck that.
DEBBIE: It's just too hard! Everyone is against us!
RICK: Who cares, they've always been against us! We know how *we* feel, that's the main thing!
DEBBIE: It's just too complicated.
RICK: No it's not!
DEBBIE: It is for *me*, Rick! Just go to Sydney, OK? Just go home and pack right now.
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