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Neighbours Episode 1915 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1915
Australian airdate: 14/05/93
UK airdate: 17/03/94
UK Gold: 03/03/00
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
No.28 (late at night)
Gaby is telling Doug about the events of the evening at the strip club. Apparently the bouncers called the cops, but they didn't charge Gaby. Doug asks incredulously what Gaby and Bunny were doing a strip club. She explains about trying to "rescue" Brad. Suddenly they both realise Pam is missing.
Rick and Debbie are sitting on the couch talking. They both look a bit uncomfortable.
RICK: Look, Deb, I'm not going to leave you. I love you.
They kiss.
DEBBIE: Rick, we shouldn't have done that.
Gaby has come round looking for Pam. Helen says that she did see Pam, and she went somewhere in Wayne's van. Gaby looks worried, and confesses that she drained the tank of petrol. Helen is a little worse for wear, having drunk quite a lot of her bottle of wine.
No.30, the following morning
Stephen wants to go and wake Russell and give him the boot right now. Phoebe stops him. Stephen says that Russell is ripping them off. He goes to get ready to work, and tells Phoebe to tell Russell to pay up, or he's out by tonight.
When Stephen has gone, Russell comes out. He says he overheard Phoebe and Stephen's conversation, but doesn't say anything about the payment.
Gaby and Doug have been to several tips looking for Pam(!) but with no luck. Doug says the police will find her eventually(!)
A tip
Pam is sleeping in the back of the van when the police knock on the boot of the car. They tell Pam they suspect she's been having clandestine sex (due to her location and the vehicle) but Pam insists that she's on her own. They tell her that Wayne would like his stolen vehicle returned(!)
Hannah answers the phone. Julie grabs it and asks who it is. Apparently the person puts the phone down. Debbie is in a bad mood and Hannah moans that Debbie won't help her with her homework. Julie is rather unsympathetic about Rick moving to Sydney, saying Debbie will soon find someone else.
Coffee Shop
Rick is telling Stephen that moving to Sydney is ruining his life.
STEPHEN: Rick, you're over sixteen. You don't have to go if you don't want to.
RICK: Yeah, right! They can't stop me, can they? I can do what I want!
STEPHEN: Legally they can't, but financially I'd say you were stuck.
Rick excitedly says that all he needs is a job and rushes off.
Russell comes in. Stephen tells him he wants him out by the time he gets home from work. Russell produces a wad of notes - enough to cover the rent, telephone money, bills etc. He puts it down and walks out.
Pam is home. Doug moans that Pam stinks of rubbish(!)
Outside the Coffee Shop
Russell tells Annalise that he doesn't want to leave No.30 as Phoebe relies on him. It seems that Annalise gave him a loan to cover his rent!
When Russell has gone, Debbie comes along. Annalise asks her about Rick and Debbie says there has been some progress in their relationship. She tells Annalise that she has lost her virginity to Rick, and deeply regrets it.
The Office
Rick has come to see if there are any jobs going at Lassiter's. Gaby says there's a job going as a kitchenhand and gives Rick a form to fill in.
Annalise comes in. She tells Gaby that she's not getting too far with Russell at the moment. She tells Gaby that Stephen is having an affair with Lauren. Gaby is aghast and says that's ridiculous. She warns Annalise not to spread it over town.
Russell is hanging out with Phoebe. He asks where Stephen was last night, saying he does work back a lot. Phoebe asks him directly if he's suggesting that Stephen is fooling around. She gets angry and tells him that Stephen was at Brad's stag night last night, and she doesn't want Russell suggesting that Stephen is unfaithful again.
Lassiter's Complex
Doug tells Annalise angrily that he's heard she's spreading rumours about Stephen and Lauren, and she'd better stop immediately.
Cathy and Benito are in the spa. Rick comes in and tells them that he's not going to Sydney. He's got a job at Lassiter's and he can live in the staff quarters. They dismiss this but Rick insists that he's staying in Erinsborough.
Gaby comes round looking for Phoebe, but she's out. She asks Russell about the rumours that have been spreading about Stephen. He tells Gaby that he doesn't want Phoebe to be hurt, but Stephen has been hiding phonecalls and secret meetings. Everyone has the potential to cheat. He asks Gaby rather intensely if she's ever reckless. He suddenly puts his hand on Gaby's face and kisses her.
RUSSELL: Do you still think that Stephen couldn't be tempted? Weren't *you* just tempted?
GABY: Give me credit with some taste!
Gaby is finding this whole conversation very uncomfortable and walks out.
Coffee Shop
Debbie tells Phoebe that she's not sure that she and Rick have a future - they're young, and things change quickly. She asks Phoebe how she felt after her "first time" with Todd, and Phoebe says she didn't regret it. She curiously asks Debbie why she's asking so many questions and gives her Hope to hold.
Lassiter's Complex
Annalise tells Russell that the Stephen and Lauren story isn't true. Russell insists that it is true. She suggests that he pays more attention to his own romances. He tells her that she's a player and that nobody will get serious with a girl like her.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe has told Stephen about the rumours Russell is spreading. Stephen says that he wants him gone from the house, even if he has now paid his rent.
Rick comes in and tells Debbie that he's staying in Erinsborough.
DEBBIE: Last night was a big mistake.
RICK: What?
DEBBIE: We shouldn't have done it, it was really wrong.
RICK: But...you wanted to.
DEBBIE: No, *you* wanted to.
RICK: OK, OK, we *both* did. What's wrong?
DEBBIE: I'm just letting you know how I feel, OK? And I'm telling you, it's not going to happen again.
She gets up and runs out.
Julie is making bangers and mash for lunch. Hannah says she'll quite miss Phil's personal trainer(!)
There's a knock at the door, and Hannah answers it. To her shock, Michael is standing there.
HANNAH: Mum, can you come here for a minute?
Julie comes to the door and stares at Michael in shock. He looks very unwell.
JULIE: What are *you* doing here?
MICHAEL: I want to see Dad.
JULIE: Well, he's not at home.
MICHAEL: When will he be back?
JULIE: I've no idea. Michael, you know I don't want you in my house, and I certainly don't appreciate you turning up out of the blue. Please go.
She shuts the door in his face.
Stephen tells Russell that he still owes them for housekeeping. He points out that Russell is supposed to pay rent in advance and buy his own food. He also doesn't like some of the things Russell has been saying.
STEPHEN: We want you to leave, Russell. As soon as possible.
STEPHEN: This isn't negotiable, mate, you're out of here!
STEPHEN: Were you not listening to me? I said, I want you to leave.
RUSSELL: Make me.
He walks back to his room without another word.
No.32 (Doorway)
Michael sinks down and passes out leaning on the door.
<<1914 - 1916>>
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