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Neighbours Episode 1914 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1914
Australian airdate: 13/05/93
UK airdate: 16/03/94
UK Gold: 02/03/00
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen has made coffee. She tells Wayne she put it on for Jim out of habit. He asks if she is OK. She tells him that he doesn't need to mollycoddle her. She tells him she'll repair some of his shirts, but he says she's got better things to do. Helen looks a bit upset.
Gaby, Pam and Bunny are washing up. They are talking about the stag night and how they can disrupt it.
Coffee Shop
Stephen says that the hen's night sounds like it's going to be big. Brad tells Stephen that he doesn't want a massive stag night after all. Stephen suggests a barbie down by the lake. But they'll pretend something awful is happening to wind Pam and co up(!)
Driveway of No.22
Rick is sitting in Benito's car to "get the feel of it". Debbie isn't going to the hen's night as she's babysitting Hope. She asks Rick if he's going to the stag night. He says he is, but he could still come over and see Debbie at No.30. He starts to awkwardly tell her that he's going to miss her when they leave for Sydney, but they are interrupted by Benito. He says he's too busy to give Rick a driving lesson now, but he'll squeeze one in after school.
Benito (and Cathy) drive off. Rick says Benito and Cathy are looking forward to going to Sydney. Rick says he's looking forward to it too, but he does not look convinced.
Helen's car is playing up. Wayne says he'll take a look and she accidentally calls him "Jim". She says it was unconscious. Then she offers Wayne Jim's clothes. He doesn't look convinced and tells her awkwardly that they're not really his style. He leaves, and Helen calls after him that she'll cook a roast for tonight.
When Wayne has gone (he wants to pop in to see Doug), the phone rings and Helen answers it. It's someone calling for Wayne, so she gives the caller Doug's phone number so they can catch Wayne there.
Bunny, Gaby and Pam are discussing the stag night. Wayne arrives to see Doug to "borrow some rope". They are suspicious but Wayne says he's helping a mate move house.
The phone rings and Gaby answers it - it's the person who rang No.26. It's his mate, the one who is moving house. They discuss getting a tallboy in the back of the van.
When Wayne has gone, Gaby tells them that she thinks "tallboy" is code for "Brad" - they might be taking Brad to the tip!
Coffee Shop
Brad has designed a mocktail for the stag night. Pam comes in, and Stephen starts talking about strippers to wind her up(!)
Rick is looking downcast and tells Brad that Debbie doesn't care that he's moving to Sydney. Brad suggests that he talks to Debbie about it. Rick is worried that Debbie will laugh at him for being deep and heavy, but Brad says he'll regret it if he doesn't talk to her.
Lassiter's Bridge
Annalise and Debbie are sitting on the bridge. Debbie says that Rick isn't acting like he's going to miss her. Annalise advises her not to bother talking to Rick in case she is rejected. She thinks Debbie should forget Rick and move on.
Pam, Gaby and Bunny are discussing what they know about the stag night. They wonder when Brad's drink will be spiked, and where they'll end up going. Pam groans that men are like children when it comes to stag nights.
Coffee Shop
Stephen tells Rick that he hopes he and Debbie will behave tonight! Rick says he's nervous - he's not used to talking about his feelings.
Debbie comes and tells Rick that she thinks they should break up as Rick is going away. Rick is offended and says he wishes he hadn't wasted so much time on Debbie in the first place! Before a row can get going, Benito comes in to collect Rick for his driving lesson.
DEBBIE: I'm glad you're moving to Sydney! You couldn't get there quick enough for my liking!
RICK: Yeah, well, there's certainly nothing around here that I'll miss, anyway!
Ramsay Street
Bunny tells Gaby that they could kidnap Brad themselves to keep him safe(!)
Wayne comes back from the house- moving and tells them that he has to run. He goes into the house, and Gaby decides to siphon the petrol out of his van(!)
Helen has cooked a roast. She's a bit miffed that Wayne is going to the stag night, and even more miffed that she wasn't invited to the hen night!
Debbie comes round looking for Helen. She tells her that she's had a fight with Rick. Apparently Julie has told her not to bother Helen with her troubles, but Helen says that's nonsense.
HELEN: You know you can always come here. I depend on it.
They hug.
Lassiter's Lake
The men of Ramsay Street and some assorted extras are having a barbie (Doug and Lou are on their way with the beer). Swampy isn't there yet, apparently he is having trouble hitching a lift back to Erinsborough. Wayne moans that the stag night is rather boring, but Brad says that he just wants a quiet one.
Strip club
Gaby is ringing Pam from a strip club(!) telling her that the guys are not there. Pam suggests they stay there a bit longer.
Helen pops round - she's heard that Pam has cancelled the hen's night, so wondered if she wanted to join her for a roast dinner. Pam says she'd love to, but she's disrupting the stag night. She asks Helen if she can borrow her car. Helen tells Pam that her car has broken down, but she could borrow Wayne's van instead.
Coffee Shop (after hours)
The guys come in and sit down to play cards. Benito suggests that they play Blackjack, but they'd rather play Poker, saying that Benito is a hustler!
Helen is sadly sitting on her own, with a roast dinner in front of her. She sighs and sips her wine.
The tip
Pam is looking for the guys, but there is nobody there. She gets back in Wayne's van, but it won't start.
Debbie is babysitting. She answers the door to Rick. They bicker and Rick goes to storm out.
DEBBIE: Rick, I do care, I care a lot, you're the one that just can't wait to get to Sydney and find someone else.
RICK: That's not true!
DEBBIE: Then why have you been acting so cold towards me?
RICK: I thought you were giving *me* the cold shoulder.
DEBBIE: I'm sorry, I didn't want to tell you how I felt because I thought you'd laugh at me.
RICK: Me too!
They hug.
Coffee Shop
The game of poker is in full swing. Benito thinks he's doing well, but Wayne has a full house. Stephen says that the next game is blackjack, and Benito is delighted!
Strip club
Bunny and Gaby are still looking for the guys. Bunny is accosted by a bloke and Gaby ends up pushing him over. The bloke says he wants Gaby charged with assault!
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