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Neighbours Episode 1918 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1917 - 1919>>
Episode title: 1918 (Brad and Beth's non-wedding)
Australian airdate: 19/05/93
UK airdate: 22/03/94
UK Gold: 08/03/00
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phoebe is trying reason with Beth.
PHOEBE: Didn't he give you a champagne breakfast on top of a skyscraper?
BETH: Yeah...
PHOEBE: And, he gave you another terrific ring and asked you to marry him again, didn't he?!
BETH: But if he felt he had to because I made some stupid mistake...
PHOEBE: Beth, if Brad didn't want to marry you, he wouldn't. He's had enough chance to back out.
BETH: I suppose.
PHOEBE: Come on, everyone gets nervous before their wedding. I know I did.
BETH: It's not nerves. Phoebe, did he propose before or after Lauren came to live here?
Phoebe thinks.
PHOEBE: I don't know. I can't remember, why, what difference does it make?
Lou and Lauren are having dinner.
LAUREN: I feel so...dirty. It's bad enough that I might not be able to have kids. But if it's spread to Beth as well...
LOU: Look, dont' blame yourself. These things happen. Who's to know where you picked up the infection?
Lauren isn't looking forward to telling Brad, but she knows she has to do it soon.
The Willises, Beth and her mum are just finishing dinner.
Helen pops around to tell them that the chauffeur is all set to give Beth and Brad the deluxe treatment tomorrow. Helen offers her help with the wedding, but Pam says there isn't actually a lot to do. They all decide to have an early night.
On her way out, Beth stops to talk to Brad.
BRAD: You're quiet tonight.
BETH: So are you.
BRAD: Last- minute nerves, eh?
BETH: I guess.
BRAD: You sure you want to go through with this?
BETH: Do you?
BRAD: Of course.
BETH: It's not too late to call it off.
BRAD: Hey, what is this, you piking out on me?
BETH: I just want you to be sure.
BRAD: I'm sure.
They kiss.
Phoebe is cross that Stephen told Annalise about the mistaken engagement. He didn't think she'd blab to Beth but Phoebe points out the Annalise is the Gossip Queen of Australia!
PHOEBE: She reckons Brad's got the hots for Lauren now!
STEPHEN: No, it's all over.
PHOEBE: What?! You knew?
STEPHEN: Yeah...Brad told me. But it's history now.
PHOEBE: What is?
STEPHEN: They had this thing going, but it didn't last. Just one of those chemistry things, you know?
PHOEBE: They...didn't get physical, did they?!
PHOEBE: Did they? Great. They did.
STEPHEN: Look, cool it Phoebe, everything will be fine. Brad and Lauren are over. Finished. Cactus. Don't worry about it.
No.24, the following morning
Pam is rubbing a face mask on Beth and asks Lauren if she's OK.
Phoebe rushes in saying they have to get to the hairdressers in ten minutes.
Lou suggests to Lauren that she could take her car, as they won't all fit in Brad's. Beth moans that she looks like "The Curse of the Mummy"
When they've gone, Lou tells Lauren to give the girls a couple of minutes to drive off.
Lauren has come to talk to Brad but Doug won't let her in.
LAUREN: Please Mr.Willis, I really need to talk to him.
DOUG: He won't have time to talk to you today. It's not such a hell of a good idea. to try to see him on the morning of his wedding.
LAUREN: Well, I won't keep him long, I...
DOUG: You shouldn't pester him like this.
LAUREN: Look, you just don't understand...
DOUG: I understand all right, young lady! It's Brad and Beth's day, and I don't want you mucking it up for them. Isn't enough you almost ruined things with your fake pregnancy? Now you're up to your tricks again. Well it won't work, do you hear me? Leave Brad alone.
He slams the door in her face.
Helen is painting an (awful) portrait of Hannah. Even Hannah is disappointed with it(!)
They decide to play a game.
HELEN: What shall it be?
HANNAH: Roller- blades?
HELEN: Darling, I don't think I can do that with you.
HANNAH: No, you don't have any blades.
HELEN: Quite right.
Helen suggests that Hannah goes outside to play, and Helen will make something for morning tea in the kitchen.
Lauren is looking upset.
LAUREN: Doug said I faked my pregnancy scare. To trap Brad.
LOU: Oh did he now?! I might just go over there and straighten a few things out!
LAUREN: No, don't Dad. I can understand how he feels.
LOU: Yeah, I guess so. Probably doesn't want you confusing Brad, today of all days. Maybe we should leave things as they are for the time being.
LAUREN: No, I've got to tell him, I have to.
LOU: All you have to do is to get down the hairdressers with the others. Now, the opportunity will come later. There's no good time for bad news.
She heads off.
Lauren sees Brad sitting there.
BRAD: G'day! What are you doing here?
LAUREN: I need to talk to you.
BRAD: Shouldn't you be getting ready? What's wrong.
LAUREN: I found out what made me think I was pregnant. I've got Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. It's caused by chlamydia. Do you know what that is?
BRAD: Some sort of woman's problem, I guess?
LAUREN: It's the man's problem too if he gets it. Which in your case is extremely likely. It's highly contagious.
BRAD: You mean I could have caught it off you?
LAUREN: It could have been the other way round.
BRAD: Well, there's nothing wrong with me...
LAUREN: You don't know that for sure until you've had a test!
BRAD: What about Cam?
LAUREN: Maybe...but we were pretty careful.
BRAD: Thanks heaps! Can anything else go wrong today do you reckon?!
LAUREN: I know the timing is shot to hell. But I had to tell you. I mean, you might be spreading it to Beth!
BRAD: Oh, great. So I go up to Beth on her wedding day and say, 'Hey, babe, I've had it off with Lauren. And she's got Pelvic Whatever- it- is. So maybe you've got it now as well!'
LAUREN: Brad, it is possible that *you're* the carrier.
BRAD: No way, I'm clear!
LAUREN: It is a very common infection! A lot of people don't even know they've got it, and they pass it on without realising it. You could be one of them!
BRAD: Oh, very funny.
LAUREN: I'm not laughing. How do I know what you got up to before you got it on with me?
Beth is wondering what has happened to Lauren and is very stressed. Pam and Bunny tell her not to worry. Beth decides to go and talk to Brad about something, despite the protests of the others that it's bad luck.
Helen and Hannah are playing Scrabble, although Hannah is fed up that she can't have the word "Gronk". Helen offers to teach Hannah to knit.
Phoebe has rung Stephen and he's told her that Brad isn't back yet!
BRAD: I'll take a test as soon as I can. And decide whether to let on to Beth. I mean, if I'm clear, then there's no need, eh?
LAUREN: No, I suppose not.
BRAD: Guess I don't take too many prizes as the sympathetic type? Hey, I'm sorry you're sick.
LAUREN: I'll be OK.
BRAD: You said you have to have an op?
LAUREN: A laparoscopy.
BRAD: Sounds heavy.
LAUREN: It's no big deal. they just have to check a few things out. There is the chance that I mightn't be able to have kids. It depends how long I've had the virus.
Brad looks shocked.
LAUREN: I'd better go. Good luck. I'm truly sorry about all the hassles I've caused you guys. I didn't know if I should come and talk to you today, or what.
BRAD: No, you've done the right thing.
He puts his hand on her shoulder.
BRAD: I'm really sorry I gave you a hard time before.
In the background, Beth is watching.
Lou, Stephen and Doug are getting ready.
Brad comes in and they tell him off for still being in jeans and a sweatshirt. Doug tells him to have a shower and get changed!
Beth is back and tells them that she didn't see Brad. Lauren still isn't back.
BETH: Maybe she's decided to give it a miss. Maybe I should too.
BUNNY: Don't talk nonsense.
Just then, Lauren comes in and tells them that she had to go to the stables. Pam says they'll have to do her hair themselves. Beth looks very put out.
Helen and Hannah are eating scones and Helen tells Hannah that it's a treat for her to have Hannah's company.
HELEN: What with Jim away at school all day, it can get a bit lonely over there.
HANNAH: You mean Wayne.
HANNAH: It's Wayne that's away at school all day. You said Jim. That's granddad, and he's dead.
HELEN: Yes, I said Jim, what a silly slip of the tongue.
HANNAH: You miss Grandad heaps, don't you?
HELEN: Yes, I do. But it's only natural to feel that way with someone you shared such a lot of your life with.
HANNAH: Are you lonely?
HELEN: No, of course not! I have Wyane there, and I have you lot living close at hand. And there's so much to do during the day. There's Home James to run, and the Arts Scholarship Committee meetings...and cooking for Wayne...and that house to run...yes, well, perhaps I do get lonely, but just a little bit.
Wedding venue
A limo pulls up carrying Phoebe, Lauren, Beth, Gaby and Bunny. Pam rushes up and says that Brad hasn't arrived yet! Bunny says they'll just go round the block again.
Doug's Ute
Doug, Stephen and Brad are driving to the wedding. Apparently Brad took ages in the shower.
BRAD: Stop the car!
They stop the car.
BRAD: Dad, I need to talk to you. (To Stephen) Sorry, mate, in private.
Wedding Venue
The celebrant is getting a bit edgy as there's another ceremony coming in after them.
BETH: Maybe he's changed his mind.
PAM: Don't be silly, love, why would he do that?!
BETH: Maybe he's realised he can't go through with it. After all, he never really meant to for us to get engaged in the first place!
GABY: Come on Beth, Brad loves you!
BETH: Does he?!
PAM: He'll *be* here!
Just then, the ute arrives at high speed.
Doug leaps out.
DOUG: Yeah, yeah, we're late, just be glad we got here at all. The man of the hour had a full blown panic attack. Wanted to call the whole thing off.
PAM: What is it with him and Beth?!
DOUG: Well, I talked him around. A bad case of last- minute nerves. Come on, sunshine, don't keep the bride waiting any longer!
Everyone is present and the ceremony is proceding.
CELEBRANT: We, the witness to your marriage hope that despite the inevitable troubles and stresses, your lives will be enriched with the love and support and the trust and understand that you give to each other. Who brings Elizabeth to be married?
BUNNY: Oh, me! I mean, I do!
Everyone giggles. Beth looks a bit pained.
CELEBRANT: Bradley, will you have Elizabeth to be your wedded wife? To share your life with her through tenderness and affection through all the varying experiences of your lives?
Brad pauses, and looks over at Lauren. Beth follows his gaze.
<<1917 - 1919>>
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