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Neighbours Episode 1911 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1911
Australian airdate: 10/05/93
UK airdate: 11/03/94
UK Gold: 28/02/00
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Alan Coleman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lou finds a pregnancy test in the kitchen drawer.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe is a bit fed up that she has to look after the baby all the time and points out they're supposed to be sharing the Coffee Shop job. Phil is *really* enjoying a cream cake, but then his trainer comes in, so he quickly orders a salad sandwich(!) His trainer says he'd better be at his aerobics class in fifteen minutes!
Lou put the pregnancy test back in the drawer. When Lauren comes out he offers her a strong coffee and asks if she's been upset by cooking smells. He urges her to go and see a doctor, but she insists she's fine.
LOU: If there's anything wrong, I'd like to help.
LAUREN: Might depend on what it was.
LOU:(pointedly) Anything at all. A trouble shared is a trouble halved.
Beth and her mum are having a cup of tea with Brad. They invite him to come shopping for housewares, but he says he has to work on a surfboard(!)
When Brad has gone, Beth's mum broaches the subject of sleeping arrangements and admits that she slept with someone before marriage too!
Russell is winding Phoebe up about Stephen sending her home with hope and generally neglecting her. She says he isn't.
Lou asks Doug if he's heard from Cameron, but he hasn't. He pushes the point and says he'd really like to get in touch. Doug smells a rat and Lou tells Doug that Lauren is pregnant. He tells him to keep it quiet.
The Office
Phil is asleep at his desk when Julie comes in. She tells him the training is not working as Phil is tired all the time, and isn't even losing weight!
Doug comes in and finds Brad on his own.
DOUG: No regrets?
DOUG: What about Lauren?
BRAD: I told you, Dad, that's history, I just want to forget it ever happened.
DOUG: That's not possible I'm afraid. Lauren's having a baby, Brad.
Brad is shocked.
Ramsay Street
Beth and Bunny see Lauren on their way back from shopping for the wedding. She looks very guilty and suddenly tells Beth that she can't be her bridesmaid.
LAUREN: I'm sorry, I just can't do it.
She starts to go into the house and Beth follows her. Beth just thinks that Lauren has got wedding nerves and assures her they'll all help each other.
DOUG: Lou put one and one together and came up with three. He assumes the baby's Cameron's.
BRAD: Well, it's got to be! Those two were going out together for ages, me and Lauren, that was just once!
DOUG: Once is all it takes!
BRAD: Well, that doesn't mean it had to happen that way...it's got to be Cam's!
DOUG: I doubt it. Cam cared too much for Lauren to take stupid risks.
BRAD: Oh, yeah, and I'm slack, is that it?!
DOUG: Damn right you are! Getting tangled up with another girl while you're engaged to Beth! Now, that's bad enough, but to let this happen?!
BRAD: I didn't let it happen! It just did!
DOUG: It's the story of your life, just drifting along, without a thought or a care for anyone but yourself!
BRAD: That's not fair!
DOUG: Nothing about this whole thing is fair! What about Beth?! How do you think she's going to feel when she finds out?!
BRAD: She doesn't have to know...
DOUG: For crying out loud, Brad! Lauren's pregnant! It's not you and her anymore! And it's not something you can hide from.
BRAD: I was over it, Dad! I mean, I was really over her. All I want is for me and Beth to spend the rest of our lives together.
DOUG: Yeah, well, you've stuffed that up good and proper!
Phil limps in and sits down with Lou for a beer. They talk about living healthily so they don't end up like Jim, and Phil invites Lou along on his next training session.
Annalise wants her and Russell to go out tonight, but he says he'd prefer a quiet night in. She and Phoebe start talking about Stephen and Annalise asks if she feels neglected by Stephen. She suggests that Phoebe takes Stephen out for a pizza tonight. Phoebe sees through this and says Annalise just wants to be alone with Russell! Annalise says she views him as a challenge.
Lauren is really on edge and trying not to cry, so Lou gets the pregnancy test out of the drawer and says Lauren should do it straightaway. Lauren is shocked, but explains that she has to do it first thing in the morning for the result to be accurate.
LOU: Any chance it'll be negative?
LAUREN: ...I have all the signs. Including morning sickness.
LOU:(sympathetically) Oh, you poor kid.
LAUREN: How long have you known?
LOU: I didn't have a clue until I saw you trying to hide this, and then everything seemed to add up.
LAUREN: Dad, what am I going to do?
He hugs her.
LOU: It'll work itself out. You don't think I'd turf you out into the street, do you?!
LAUREN: I wouldn't blame you.
LOU: Now the first thing we'll do is find Cameron.
LAUREN: Er...no.
LOU: Well, sweetheart, he *is* the father!
LAUREN: No he's not.
LOU: What?
LAUREN: It's Brad.
Lou is shocked.
Coffee Shop
Annalise comes in to tell Stephen that he and Phoebe are going out tonight. He protests, but Annalise tells him not to let Phoebe down - they haven't been out at all lately. He also guesses that Annalise wants to be alone with Russell!
Beth and Bunny have seen a potential flat for Brad and Beth to rent and are talking about money for the bond. Doug says diplomatically that they don't really need a place with two bedrooms, but Bunny says they'll need the space when their first baby comes along(!) Doug suggests that they don't rush into anything, but Beth and Bunny want to go and have a look at it anyway.
When Beth and Bunny have gone, Brad and Doug resume their chat.
BRAD: I can't tell her, Dad! I can't hurt her like that!
DOUG: Well, *someone's* going to get hurt. You have to decide, and you'd better do it quick! Otherwise it's going to be harder on everyone.
Phoebe and Stephen are preparing to go out. Russell protests that he was going to cook them all a stew tonight, but they say he can cook for Annalise!
Phil's trainer is recommending healthy food for Phil - like brown rice! Also, his training schedule is quite packed. Phil protests that his trainer is pushing him too hard, but he insists it's no pain no gain!
TRAINER: In a couple of days, you'll discover muscles you never knew you had.
PHIL: Yeah, but I'll be screaming in agony(!)
When the trainer has gone, Phil buries his head in his hands, then starts looking for an out clause in his contract. He tries to get Julie to get him off on mental grounds by telling the trainer he's having a mental breakdown(!)
Beth and Bunny have been to see the flat, but it's awful. Beth thinks Doug was right - they should hold out for something they can afford. Bunny is quite sad that Beth respects Doug's opinion so much, saying it's her job really. She apologises for not keeping in touch with Beth much, and says she's glad she's close to Pam.
Annalise is trying to get Russell to have sex, but he just wants to watch a video(!) Annalise is quite pleased, however, when he says the video is called "Seduced by Saturn". However, it turns out to be a science fiction movie!
LAUREN: Beth's not home.
BRAD: Well, I came to talk to you.
LAUREN: Well, I'm busy.
She tries to shut the door on him.
BRAD: Lauren! I know about the baby.
LAUREN: Who told you?
BRAD: Dad. And Lou told him.
LAUREN: Great. Why didn't he just put an ad in the Erinsborough News and be done with it?!
BRAD: Don't worry, Dad won't tell anyone. Are you 100% sure?
LAUREN: ...I haven't done the test yet.
BRAD: How come?
LAUREN: Because you're supposed to do it first thing in the morning, it's more accurate.
BRAD: Well, then, maybe we're getting uptight over nothing.
LAUREN: I know my body!
BRAD: You should have told me!
LAUREN: Do you honestly think I'd do anythign to wreck things for you and Beth?
BRAD: I've wrecked things for myself!
LAUREN: No, you haven't. Look, no- one has to know. I'll deal with it, I promise.
BRAD: well...I'll stand by you.
LAUREN: What about Beth?
BRAD: That's a risk I'm going to have to take. It's my baby too, and there's no way I'm going to let you face this on your own!
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