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Neighbours Episode 1910 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1910
Australian airdate: 07/05/93
UK airdate: 10/03/94
UK Gold: 25/02/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen is pleased to be home, but says it's very different without Jim. Rosemary is heading home tomorrow and Helen says she'll have to get used to being on her own.
Phoebe and Stephen are discussing Russell. Stephen thought Warren Maxwell seemed to be checking up on Russell. But he can't question him as his answerphone says he's gone to New Zealand to a conference. Stephen wants to tell Russell to pay up or push off.
Russell and Annalise come in from their date, having had a great time. Stephen is surprised to hear they've been to an expensive restaurant and doesn't look pleased.
Benito is laughing that Julie is going to be Lou's new business partner and says Lou has his work cut out! Lou tells Benito that he intends to do more exercise.
Helen and Rosemary are looking at photos of Andrew and talking about the family. She was glad to see them all at Jim's funeral and had been hoping that Lucy would stay. She asks Rosemary if she'd think of moving back to Australia. She won't but says Helen could come to New York!
Annalise and Russell are having a cup of coffee. Russell tells Annalise that he hasn't been out with anyone for ages as he was getting over a previous relationship with a girl called Megan. She was pregnant - she had the baby and then disappeared with it. He found it hard to get over.
No.24, the following morning
Lauren is feeling unwell this morning and gags at the thought of food. Lou is eating muesli and hating it(!)
Outside the Coffee Shop
Helen is having breakfast and Stephen sympathises with her about Jim. Annalise comes up and Helen invites her to sit with her. She asks if she's heard from Fiona but Annalise hasn't. Annalise says she'll be in touch when she wants something.
Phoebe and Lauren are trying on their bridesmaids dresses with Gaby. Lauren is stroppy and says she doesn't like the colour. She ends up storming out and saying Beth can forget about her being a bridesmaid(!)
Coffee Shop
Cathy and Benito ask Stephen if he and Phoebe would like to manage the shop on a regular basis - for a 20% increase in wages. They agree that instead they'll tie it in with the profits.
Lou comes in from swiming in the pool to find Lauren sulking. He doesn't notice, though(!)
Outside the Coffee Shop
Phoebe asks Annalise how her date with Russell went. She tells her that Russell can get a bit heavy at times, but Annalise says he was fine, and tells Phoebe the story of Russell's ex.
No.24 (Outside)
Lou is just going jogging when Gaby comes over to look for Lauren (but she's gone out). She tells Lou about Lauren's freak- out and they both think it's rather out of character.
Lassiter's Lake
Lauren is sitting forlornly and thinking.
Coffee Shop
Russell has come in for a few things and Stephen goes over to nag him about the rent and the phone bill.
STEPHEN: It's quite simple, mate. Pay up, or get out!
Russell says he'll pay in a few days and Phoebe says that'll be OK, saying Stephen is being too hard on him.
Annalise pops around to see Helen - she'd like to move into No.22 as a share house when Benito moves out. Helen advises her to talk to Phil. Helen thinks it will be rather expensive, but Annalise explains that she's got some money saved up and is sick of living in staff quarters at Lassiter's.
When she's gone Rosemary wonders if Annalise takes after Fiona.
Coffee Shop
Lauren is brooding at a table and apologises to Phoebe for freaking out earlier.
PHOEBE: Are you sick?
LAUREN: Phoebe...I think I'm...
But Stephen calls Phoebe over to help him before she can finish.
Rosemary feels awful about leaving Helen now that Jim has gone. Helen assures her that she has a lot of things to keep her occupied. She advises Rosemary not to let business rule her life and spend more time with Tracy.
ROSEMARY:(emotionally) Mum, I'll ring you often.
HELEN: Oh, darling, please do.
They hug.
Coffee Shop
Stephen tells Russell he has two days to pay up, and then asks Lauren if she's OK.
Gaby comes in and Lauren apologises for her outburst earlier. Lauren says she's planning to go to the doctor.
LAUREN: Gaby, um...Brad's really happy about the wedding, isn't he?
GABY: Yes, of course, why wouldn't he be?
LAUREN: Uh...I was just wondering, you know, the groom sometimes gets cold feet. Perhaps wondering what it would be like to be with someone else.
GABY: Nah, not Brad. He might have been a bit jumpy a while ago, but now he can hardly wait for the wedding! He really loves Beth. I don't think *anything* could come between them now.
Annalise thanks Russell again for a good date last night and suggests that they go out again. Russell says he might not be around as Stephen wants to throw him out. He tells Annalise that Stephen is having an affair - with Lauren(!)
ANNALISE: Stephen and Lauren?! Major goss!
Lauren comes in with a pregnancy test. Lou is there, so she quickly shoves it in a drawer. Lou asks if she's alright and she says she is. When she's gone, Lou finds the pregnancy test in the drawer.
<<1909 - 1911>>
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