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Neighbours Episode 1909 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1909
Australian airdate: 06/05/93
UK airdate: 09/03/94
UK Gold: 24/02/00
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Beth is shocked that her mother hates Brad that much.
BETH: Mum?! I know I said it but...you really want me to call off the wedding!
BUNNY: Absolutely. We all make mistake, my girl! You're just lucky that I'm here to save you from making a doozy.
BETH: I am not making a mistake! Brad's the best thing that's ever happened to me!
BUNNY: A bar manager that can't even manage a keg?! He's slow. He has no ambition! His greatest ambition is to hang around on a beach somewhere. And to have you living in a caravan! The very idea! If he's the best thing that's happened to you, I feel very sorry for you.
BETH: That isn't fair! He's weet, he's caring and he *is* ambitious.
BUNNY: Yeah, you made him sound really good in your letters(!) This surf board business of his looks more like a hobby to me! And a very poorly- paid one at that.
BETH: He is working really hard at building that up. I'm proud of him, mum. And I love him.
BUNNY: Love is blinding you to the fact that you're on to a loser, my girl! I can't imagine why you gave up Rod Baker!
BETH: I didn't love Rod! And he was too old for me anyway.
BUNNY: He had the most successful electrical retail business in a 700km radius!
BETH: Money's not what's important! I'm not marrying Brad's bank account!
BUNNY: Any one of those boys back home is far better than this beach bum!
BETH: One day, you've known him, ONE DAY! and you think you've figured him out. Well, you're wrong.
BUNNY: Well, you've asked for my opinion, I've told you. I've lived in the country long enough to know a lazy animal when I see one. And Brad Willis isn't worth the price of a bale of hay!
BETH: He is too. And I don't care what I said, I'm marrying him. And if you can't live with it, then I don't want you at my wedding!
She walks off.
Doug is talking to Lou about what a terrible mother- in- law Bunny will be for Brad. Lou tells Doug that he's on a bit of a health kick following Jim's death. He's heard they're doing free fitness tests at Lassiter's gym and thinks they should both go along. Then they start bickering about which of them is fitter!
Phoebe and Stephen are watching a film when Russell comes in. Stephen asks him about the phone bill and Russell says he'll let him know.
When he's gone, Stephen muses that he should have checked Russell's references before letting him move in. He wants Phoebe to talk to Russell about the phone bill.
No.28, the following morning
Beth is ranting about her mother and Brad and Pam are rather upset about her comments too. Pam thinks Bunny has a bit of a cheek - she's no paragon of virtue herself! She resolves to go over and confront Bunny, but Brad says he'll do it.
Brad has come to see Bunny.
BRAD: OK, I know you think that I'm some sort of dud, and I'm not good enough for Beth, and that if we get married, that'd be a big mistake because you think I'm a loser. And that I can't make anything myself, and I won't be able to...
BUNNY: You can't dress yourself, you can't find your mouth when you eat... Yes, a total loser just about covers it! Unless you've got anything else.
Brad looks dejected and walks out.
Coffee Shop
Stephen is phoning round checking out Russell's references, but they've never heard of him.
Phoebe is cleaning and Russell gives her a hand. They chat about Russell's work and then Phoebe brings up the phone bill.
RUSSELL: Ever since I kissed you, you've been thinking about it, haven't you?
RUSSELL: Come on, Phoebe, you were afraid you liked it.
PHOEBE: No, I felt uncomfortable, I still do a bit.
RUSSELL: Yeah, I know, but there's this attraction. It's still there, you know it's raw!
PHOEBE: Russell, I don't feel that way at all. And if you do, then maybe you should find somewhere else to live.
RUSSELL: Are you giving me my marching orders?
PHOEBE: No...but this is my home. And I don't want to feel like you're hovering over me all the time, fair enough?
RUSSELL: Hey, I was stirring...like a mate. We are mates, aren't we?
PHOEBE:(unenthusiastically) I guess so.
Coffee Shop
Beth is discussing her mother's opinion of Brad with Pam and Lauren. Stephen is still on the phone - one is a Warren Maxwell. He says he doesn't think he'll have any trouble with Russell, but asks Stephen for his address so he can drop by and see Russell.
Lassiter's Gym
Doug and Lou are having their fitness test. The instructor puts them on the exercise bike for ten minutes.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Russell sits down with Annalise and says she looks depressed. He apologises for being rude to her before. Annalise tells him she's fed up of her mother, and lonely as well. Russell suggests that they go out sometime and Annalise agrees.
Lassiter's Gym
The instructor is telling Doug that he's fine, but he should drink a bit less. Lou's results are less good, but the instructor says they can fix him with exercise.
Coffee Shop
Brad is drowning his sorrows in a coffee when Phoebe comes in. Stephen tells Phoebe about Warren Maxwell.
Bunny comes in and scowls at Brad. Annalise doesn't know who she is and starts laughing with Phoebe that the Willises have been telling the street that Beth's mum is a boozer. Bunny looks very cross.
Bunny comes round to see Pam, in a tear about Pam spreading rumours she has a drinking problem. She tears strips off Pam, saying she's been telling lies about her. Beth comes in.
BUNNY: I don't know what you see in this family!
PAM: Now, wait a minute! Who the hell do you think you are, criticising *us*?
Phoebe is putting Hope down in her crib. Russell tells Phoebe that he's going out with Annalise. He asks Phoebe if she minds and she says she doesn't. Russell looks a bit put- out(!)
Pam and Bunny are shouting at each other.
PAM: You've done nothing but find fault ever since you got to Erinsborough!
BUNNY: I didn't come here to have my good reputation ruined by you!
PAM: How dare you!
BUNNY: And how *dare* you foist your great lump of a son off on to my daughter!
Doug and Brad have come in now.
BETH: Mum, stop it!
PAM: You haven't given Brad a *chance* to prove himself to you. As far as your concerned, the Prime Minister wouldn't be good enough for Beth!
Doug tries to calm things down, but Bunny, with great hostility, calls Brad a knuckle- head. She starts banging on that the wedding will have to be postponed.
BETH: I don't want to postpone the wedding!
PAM: See? You have no right to expect them to change all their plans at the last minute! You march in here, upsetting everyone...
BUNNY: I'm being practical, Pam!
BETH: No you're not, you're offending everyone!
PAM: I think a few apologies are in order, Bunny.
DOUG: It's only because you're Beth's mother than I'm putting up with any of this.
BUNNY: If I had my way, Beth would be coming home with me right now!
BETH: You're ruining everything.
BRAD: Shut up, everyone! I'm sorry Mrs Lawson, I know I'm not exactly what you wanted Beth to end up with. But that's too bad. Because it's not about what *you* want, it's about what me and Beth want. I'm just so lucky because she loves me, and I'm not going to throw that away, I'm not! We *are* going to get married, and we *will* be happy! I know I got all confused about saving money and buying houses, and you probably think that's the way to go. And we *will* do it. Just not yet. We're happy the way we are. And it would be great if you could share that with us! What we've got going is too good just to throw away because *you* don't like it.
A silence descends. Then Bunny walks out without another word and Brad hugs Beth.
Beth comes in and finds Bunny sulking at the kitchen table. She assures Bunny that Brad just wants them to patch things up, and they do want her at the wedding.
BUNNY: It's alright, lovey. I'm just angry at myself. It suddenly hit me how I'd come down here and made things a mess for you. I've been too tough on your Brad. Speaking up to me like that took a lot of guts. It's the sort of thing your dad would have done. Hell of a speech, that. Surprised the living daylights out of me!
BETH: I think he surprised himself, too! I'm so glad you're going to be at the wedding.
They hug.
Warren Maxwell pops around to see Russell and Stephen lets him in. He asks how Russell is settling in. Russell comes in and is surprised to see Warren, but they shake hands. He starts asking him how he is getting on "living in a family environment". Russell is evasive and ushers Warren through to his bedroom. Stephen looks a bit suspicious.
Bunny has come to apologise to the Willises.
BUNNY: If Brad's man enough to stand up and say his piece, the least I can do is the same. All I wanted was Beth's happiness. But I was confusing happiness and security. I was wrong about you, Brad. So what say we go right back and start at square one.
BRAD: Sure, I'll be in that.
BUNNY: Not to say I won't be keeping my eye on you, though!
BRAD: Sure, that's cool!
Pam also apologises about the drinking problem rumours now that she knows the full story. She puts the kettle on.
Stephen is wondering what Warren and Russell are talking about all this time, but just then, the phone rings and it's Dorothy. As he's talking, Warren and Russell come out of his room. Russell rants at Stephen for checking up on him, but he points out that he gave him the list of references!
RUSSELL: Keep your nose out of my business! You keep on snooping behind my back and I won't be responsible for what happens!
STEPHEN: Don't you threaten me!
Russell just laughs, evilly.
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