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Neighbours Episode 1908 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1907 - 1909>>
Episode title: 1908
Australian airdate: 05/05/93
UK airdate: 08/03/94
UK Gold: 23/02/00
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Beth's mother is towelling herself down when Pam and Doug arrive to meet her and invite her to lunch tomorrow. She agrees, and then stomps off for a shower, much to the Willises surprise.
Debbie and Rick are dropped off, just as Julie drives up the street. Debbie and Rick run inside and quickly open a board game. Julie storms in and says she knows they've been at the Lookout Parking. She sends Debbie to her room.
When Debbie and Hannah have gone to bed, Phil asks Julie why she called the police about Fiona after everyone told her not to.
Doug and Pam are musing on why Beth's mum (Bunny) "smelt like she'd been dragged through a sheep dip"(!) Pam wonders if she has a drinking problem as she stank of beer(!) Pam resolves to serve fruit juice and lemonade at lunch tomorrow!
Wayne and Gaby come in and Doug ushers Pam off to bed.
Beth's mum has had a shower and she and Beth are reminiscing. Her mother wants her to be sure about Brad.
BUNNY: Are you sure he's good enough for you?
BETH: Yes.
BUNNY: You said that before, about Rob Baker.
BETH: Yeah, but that was different, I was confused. I wanted someone to look after me.
BUNNY: Not a bad thing in a husband.
BETH: Well, Brad will do that too, but we'll be more partners, we'll share things.
BUNNY: Good. This physical thing is all very well. I know.
BETH: Yeah, you do.
BUNNY: To my regret. I know what it's like to make a bad mistake and I don't want the same thing to happen to you.
BETH: It's going to be OK, Mum, honestly. Brad is everything I've ever wanted. Now that I've got him, I intend on keeping him. We'll be happy.
BUNNY: Good on ya.
Waterhole (After hours)
Brad is clearing tables and moaning to Annalise about him soaking Beth's mum with beer. Annalise says she has bigger problems.
ANNALISE: Brad...would you dob your mum into the police?
BRAD: Why, what's she done?
ANNALISE: Oh, nothing. Well, I don't know, I'm not sure.
BRAD: You've got to be certain.
ANNALISE: Yeah, right. I just get angry at her sometimes, you know.
BRAD: Sure.
He goes downstairs to finish clearing up the keg and Annalise takes the cheque out of her pocket and looks at it.
Ramsay Street
Julie is moaning to Pam about Rick and Debbie going up to the Lookout. Pam says it's just a phase. Julie says it's a phase that Gaby hasn't grown out of yet - she saw her up there with Wayne!
Brad is berating himself about Bunny last night, but doesn't tell Doug what happened. Pam stomps in and tells Doug that Gaby and Wayne have been up at the Lookout. Doug tells her to calm down - Gaby is over 21 after all! Anyway, they used to go down there themselves(!)
Brad has arrived for lunch. Bunny is still getting dressed and Beth assures Brad that last night was only an accident. Brad picks up a present from Bunny but she surprises him by coming out of the bedroom suddenly and startling him with a loud "Be careful". Brad drops the package and something inside smashes. Oh dear.
Debbie pops round to see Rick. Benito tells Rick that he's waiting for a phonecall about the apartment in Sydney. Rick is not very pleased to be moving.
Gaby is showing Bunny some sketches for Beth's wedding dress. She is not impressed, saying it's too revealing. Gaby lets slip about the "beach wedding" and Bunny is not very pleased - she wants a church wedding.
Coffee Shop
Cathy is on the phone to the estate agent - they've got the apartment. She tells Julie that they've moving to Sydney.
JULIE: That is the best news I've heard in a long time.
CATHY: ...That we're moving?
Julie explains that she'll be glad to have Rick's influence off Debbie and Cathy looks a bit put out.
Annalise comes in and takes the opportunity to give Julie the keys to No.26 from Fiona.
ANNALISE: Mrs Martin, about my mother...
JULIE: I don't want to discuss that woman, thank you!
ANNALISE: Look, I know your family think she caused a lot of trouble...
JULIE: She certainly did that.
ANNALISE: Fair enough you don't like her, but your dad did!
JULIE: It's hardly relevant now.
ANNALISE: She's been horribly upset about this whole thing, she never wanted it to turn out like it did.
JULIE: Annalise, my father's dead. You can defend your mother all you like, but it'll never change the way I feel. Never.
The Willises, Bunny and Beth are sitting down to lunch. Bunny's table manners are a bit brusque and then shocks Pam by asking Doug for a beer(!) Pam starts talking about wedding presents and mentions sheets for their double bed.
BUNNY: That double bed is yours?
DOUG:(laughing) It's improved their love life no end!
He stops laughing when he sees Bunny's expression.
Annalise has come to see Julie and Phil.
ANNALISE: Um...look. I know you've been thinking of going to the police about how Mr Robinson died. And yeah, it does look pretty suss, mum taking off, but she's done nothing wrong. It's not her fault that he died.
JULIE: Well, of course, she'd say that. What about my inheritance?
PHIL: Julie, please.
ANNALISE: Thanks. Look, I know mum better than anyone else. She's not perfect, but she wouldn't kill anyone...
JULIE: How would you know?!
ANNALISE: She was very fond of Mr Robinson, I happen to know that for a fact.
JULIE: Well, you're loyal to her at least.
ANNALISE: Look, I didn't come here to defend her, alright? I came here to straighten a few things out.
JULIE: Yeah, I can see that!
PHIL: Julie, come on! There's no problem with your job at Lassiter's in case that was on your mind, Annalise.
ANNALISE: Thanks, Philip
PHIL: I appreciate you coming to speak to us.
ANNALISE: Yeah, sure.
She leaves.
Pam thinks Bunny is a bit strange - she left as soon as she'd finished her meal. Brad says it's because they more or less told her that he and Beth are sleeping together. Gaby can't see the problem! Pam tells Gaby off for going up to the Lookout. Gaby says they have to - Pam has made him feel completely unwelcome at No.28.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Annalise has been on a shopping expedition and tells Cathy she's paid for it with a bit of a windfall.
Brad pops round and without realising Beth's mum is on the couch, refers to her as "Godzilla"(!)
BUNNY: It's a serious commitment, Brad, it is not a game.
BRAD: Yeah, I know that, Mrs Lawson.
BUNNY: Good. Now then, perhaps you'd tell me what you're doing afterwards. Where are you planning on living?
BETH: Well, we need to find something fairly cheap.
BRAD: Yeah, and near the beach.
BUNNY: Why the beach?
BRAD: For the surf.
BETH: Oh, Brad(!)
BUNNY: You're a surf- head as well. Terrific.
Brad tells Beth that Swampy has suggested they could lease a caravan near the beach, and Bunny is appalled! Beth says she doesn't want to live in a caravan.
BUNNY: I reckon you need your head read! This is real life, Brad! Not a surfing holiday!
Gaby has pricked Pam's conscience and has come round to apologise to Wayne for her recent behaviour towards him. They agree to make peace and shake hands.
Benito and Cathy have arranged a removal company. Cathy sends Rick to his room to throw away things he doesn't want. Benito has got the job, and the flat is theirs as well - no time to waste. Debbie and Rick tells each other that they can still write to each other, but both are clearly upset.
Beth tells her mum that Brad wasn't serious about the caravan. Bunny says that Brad doesn't talk about anything other than surfing. Beth says she wants her mother to like Brad.
BETH: I couldn't marry anyone you disapproved of. I wouldn't.
BUNNY: Alright, then, I'll tell you the truth. I do not approve of Brad Willis in any way, shape or form. He's a lost cause. And I do not want you to marry him.
<<1907 - 1909>>
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