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Neighbours Episode 1907 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1906 - 1908>>
Episode title: 1907
Australian airdate: 04/05/93
UK airdate: 07/03/94
UK Gold: 22/02/00
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug, Pam and Brad are just sitting down to dinner when Beth calls round. She tells them that he mother is coming to visit tomorrow.
Phil is confronting Fiona.
PHIL: Doesn't it seem strange to you? Why leave shares in a will you've just updated and then sell them?!
FIONA: I really couldn't say!
PHIL: You and Jim were so close, surely you must have been in his confidence?
FIONA:(defensively) He asked me to call Mr. Hockney and I did! I assume Jim thought it was a good time to sell.
PHIL: But the broker advised against it, didn't he?! And Jeffrey said that you were most insistent the sale go through that day. And the cheque be made out for deposit into your joint business account.
FIONA: What exactly are you implying, Philip?!
PHIL: At this stage, nothing. But I intend to contact the bank tomorrow. And if that money's been withdrawn...
FIONA: I loved Jim! We were living together. He'd just helped me buy the business I've always wanted. We were going to be happy. Why on earth would I do anything to jeopardise that?
PHIL: You tell me.
FIONA: I think you'd better leave, Philip.
PHIL: While I think about it, Pam said that you told her that Jim didn't suffer, which sort of indicates to me that you were with him when he died.
FIONA: Of course I wasn't! I'd just been to the...I'd been out. Rosemary was on the doorstep waiting for me when I got back. I invited her in and we found Jim. You know all that.
PHIL: But if he'd died *before* you went out...
FIONA: He didn't! What I said to Pam is the sort of thing you say to someone at a time like that. To comfort her, that's all. Satisfied?
PHIL: I intend to check that bank account, Fiona. And believe me, if there are *any* irregularities, the police will be notified.
Pam is moaning at Doug and Brad to clear up. Doug is telling Brad some horror stories about his mates' mother- in- laws! Pam tells Brad she's sure Beth's mother will be fine with him.
Wayne and Gaby come in.
Phil tells Julie and Helen that something is going on, but they need proof. He'll ring the bank in the morning and Helen advises Phil to get some legal advice. Julie is very displeased by all this, but Helen tell her to calm down, saying they could still be wrong about Fiona.
Outside No.32, the following morning
Rick and Debbie are chatting about their school friend who has crashed his car. Wayne drives past in his car, and Rick looks thoughtful.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Phil comes out of the shop eating a pastry.
ANNALISE: Hey, I thought you were supposed to be on a health kick?
PHIL: You tell Julie about this and you'll be looking for another job!
Phil asks Annalise if she's seem much of Fiona since Jim passed away.
PHIL: I just thought she'd need your emotional support, it must be difficult for her, losing him like that.
ANNALISE: Yeah, she really hates it when her plans fall through(!)
PHIL: What plans are those?
ANNALISE: Oh, you know. She was going to put a manager in the salon, go travelling with Mr Robinson. All those things she couldn't afford before they got it on.
PHIL: I always thought that Fiona was financially comfortable.
ANNALISE: Ha! Always puts on a good front, doesn't she? Mum's chronic with money. Remember when she refused to pay the hotel bill I ran up?
PHIL: Uh- huh?
ANNALISE: She wasn't teaching me a lesson, she never had it! Not until she got her hooks into Mr Robinson, anyway.
PHIL: I didn't realise. Has your mother ever mentioned anything about some shares Jim had? Something along the lines of why he asked her to sell them?
ANNALISE: OK, what's going on? Did she try to rip him off?
PHIL: No...not that I'm aware of.
ANNALISE: I wouldn't put it past her.
Doug is telling Brad terrible stories about his own mother- in- law(!) Wayne offers Gaby a lift to work, and invites her out on a date tonight. Pam scowls at Wayne and tells him he's a Neanderthal for his opinions on mothers- in- law.
FIONA: Oh, it's you. What do you want?
ANNALISE: Oh, nice to see you, mum(!) How have you been bearing up?
Annalise sees Fiona is packing. She tells him about Phil asking questions.
ANNALISE: Had your fingers in the till have you, mummy, darling?
FIONA: Don't be ridiculous! Did Phil say anything about the police?
ANNALISE: Not to me. What have you done, really?
FIONA: Nothing!
ANNALISE: Are you sure you didn't put a little bit of arsenic in Jim's cocoa so you could get your hands on his cash?!
FIONA: Oh my God, did Philip actulaly say that?!
ANNALISE: Mum, you haven't done anything seriously stupid, have you?! I mean...you didn't really kill the old bloke?
FIONA: Of course I didn't!
FIONA: He died from a heart attack, there was nothing I could do.
ANNALISE: Yeah, but you got up to something, didn't you, with this money thing?
Fiona looks guilty.
FIONA: I cashed in his stocks before I told anyone he'd died.
FIONA: So?! The opportunity was there, and I took it! Jim would have wanted me to have them.
No.24, Garden
Beth is hanging up laundry and Brad is quite nervous about meeting Beth's mum. She advises him not to wear any beach wear around his mum, or that they've slept together before marriage(!)
Helen is on the phone to Phil. He's seen Jim's solicitor. In the middle of it, Debbie asks to go out tonight and Julie says yes in order to get rid of her.
Apparently the money has gone, and it was Fiona who signed the withdrawal. Julie wants to call the police, but Helen says it's not that simple - regardless of what was in the will, until the point of death it was Jim's money to do with what he wanted with. Julie is appalled that their inheritance has gone.
Coffee Shop
Gaby and Wayne are having a coffee when Rick and Debbie come in. Rick asks Wayne to lend him his car tonight. Wayne points out that Rick isn't licensed, but Rick says Briggs would drive - just down to the social at the Church Hall. Wayne sees straight through this and asks if Rick is going up to Lookout.
When Gaby goes to pay at the counter, she overhears a couple of school- girls mocking "Mr Duncan's girlfriend".
Julie opens the front door.
JULIE: Fiona?
She walks through to the bedroom, and then notices some files open on the desk. Then she picks up an airline timetable from the kitchen table.
JULIE: I warned them! She's not going to get away with this!
She rushes out.
Beth's mother has arrived. She thinks Beth is looking very thin and wants to know when she's going to meet Brad. She wants to go out for a meal with him tonight. Beth says Brad is working, but her mum says they can just go to the Waterhole.
Helen is sketching Hannah when Julie rushes in.
JULIE: Well, Gran, I hope you're satified. Fiona's gone. And our money and half Dad's belongings with her. I don't know what we pay the police for!
HELEN: Darling, slow down, what's happened now?
JULIE: She's gone! Gloating every step of the way, I should think. Naturally, I went straight to Sergeant Bowen. Do you know what he did? Took a statement. Calm as you like, said he'd make enquiries! Fat lot of good that's going to do.
HELEN:(calmly) Well, there's an end to it.
JULIE: That's all you've got to say? Gran, if you'd let me ring the police when I wanted to, we could have stopped her! oh no, that would have been too sensible!
Julie asks where Debbie is and Hannah tells her that Debbie and Rick have borrowed Wayne's car and are probably pashing up at the Lookout. Julie storms out.
Annalise asks Brad to change the keg. Fiona comes in and tells Annalise she needs to talk to her urgently, but Annalise is busy serving behind the bar.
Hannah asks Helen if Debbie is in trouble for going to the Lookout, and Helen says she thinks she is.
Phil comes in and Helen tells him about Fiona doing a runner. Helen can't see the point of pursuing Fiona - it will harm Julie more than it will Fiona.
The Lookout
Julie storms up to Wayne's car, flings open the boot, but finds Wayne and Gaby inside(!) Some other cars are there and Debbie and Rick are in one of them. They hide from Julie(!)
Waterhole Cellar
Brad is struggling to change the keg when Beth and her mother come in. Unfortunately he accidentally ends up soaking her in beer!
FIONA: I'm leaving Erinsborough.
ANNALISE: Surprise, surprise.
FIONA: What's that supposed to mean?
ANNALISE: It's what you always do, isn't it? Things get a little bit sticky, you do the vanishing act. Where are you going?
FIONA: I'd rather not say.
ANNALISE: Figures.
FIONA: I don't know right now, OK? I'll write to you and give you an address when I'm settled. Maybe a postbox.
ANNALISE: Uh- huh.
FIONA: Here are the keys to Jim's house. I want you to give them to Helen. Tell her I wish her joy in the place(!) I've got a manager for the Salon. She'll deposit the takings straight into my bank account.
ANNALISE: Not that you'll need them if what everybody's saying about you is true.
FIONA: Yes, well. If Julie runs true to form, she'll call the police in. I want you to keep your mouth shut about what I told you this morning.
ANNALISE: Why should I?! I think what you did stinks, Mum.
FIONA: Yes, well. This cheque ought to make it smell like roses.
She hands Annalise a cheque for $10,000.
ANNALISE: That's a lot of money.
FIONA: Will it buy your silence?
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