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Neighbours Episode 1906 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1905 - 1907>>
Episode title: 1906
Australian airdate: 03/05/93
UK airdate: 04/03/94
UK Gold: 21/02/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Fiona tells Helen and Julie that she had no intention of moving out of No.26.
Julie is looking at a photo of Jim and Hannah and trying not to cry. Rosemary and Helen have just been to see Paul off, so apparently the funeral is all finished.
Rosemary says they'll have to get Helen settled back at No.26. Julie is not impressed with Fiona.
ROSEMARY: Oh, Julie, love, she's probably as upset as anyone.
JULIE: Upset?! How dare she get up at the funeral after Dorothy Burke broke down and start spouting on about dad as if she'd known him her whole life!
HELEN: In any event, we shouldn't be fighting over the house. When the will's read, we'll know what Jim wanted.
ROSEMARY: Oh, mum. You don't think he *would* leave the house to her?
JULIE: He wasn't *that* besotted.
HELEN: I just want everything resolved.
Fiona is vacuuming when Phil calls in. Phil explains that he's the executor of Jim's will - it will be read tomorrow, and Fiona has been invited to be there.
FIONA: Me? What could it have to do with me?
PHIL: I assume because of your business partnership.
FIONA: That was a straightforward investment, not an enormous amount of money. Surely my being invited to the reading suggests something more, doesn't it?
PHIL: Not necessarily, I wouldn't get too excited about it just yet.
FIONA: No, of course not. I just wondered.
PHIL: Something else you might like to think about...this house and how soon you can move out.
FIONA: Why should I move? Jim intended me to stay.
PHIL: We'll have to see what the will says about that, won't we. But if you're not mentioned, Helen will want to move back in as soon as possible.
FIONA: Unfortunately, just at the moment, I have nowhere else to go.
PHIL: That's your problem, it's not Helen's. I'll see myself out.
Waterhole (Outside)
Benito, Doug and Lou are discussing their health. Lou is determined to go for a full medical checkup tomorrow, just in case. Lou has been invited to the reading of the will, but he can't make it. He asks Doug to tell him about the arrangements for the other half of the car yard. They then discuss wills and Lou resolves to update his - at the moment, everything goes to his second wife!
Rick and Debbie are excitedly discussing driving. Cathy tells Benito that the flat in Sydney has gone. Benito says they'll make a higher offer. Debbie overhears Benito talking about being excited to move to Sydney.
Julie, Helen, Phil and Rosemary are discussing the will over a sherry. Julie is very worried that Jim has left everything to Fiona. But maybe if the house has been left to the kids, Julie and Phil can move in there. Maybe they could buy the others out.
Debbie and Rick are studying the Highway Code, but Debbie is distracted. She tells Rick that she's worried about him moving to Sydney.
No.32, the following morning
Jim's solicitor is distributing a copy of Jim's will. The house is to go to Helen on a life tenancy basis, and then passed on to Paul, Scott, Lucy and Glen after that.
JULIE: Hang on...my name's missing.
SOLICITOR: Well, that's how Jim wanted it.
JULIE:(shocked) That's impossible! I'm his daughter.
They continue on with the will. The share in Carpenter's Cars is left to Julie. The share in the hair salon is left to Fiona, and his engineering tools to Doug. Various personal effects, including Ann's jewellery is to be distributed by Helen among Lucy, Julie, Rosemary and Dorothy Burke.
FIONA: That's all he left me?! Just a share in my own business?!
Apart from some other minor items, this just leaves Jim's stocks and shares, to be distributed equally between Paul, Julie, Scott, Lucy and Glen. This amounts to around $50,000. Phil says they can ring Jim's stockbroker for the exact amount. Fiona looks very shifty.
JULIE: Fiona. I hope you noticed the part about Dad's house being left to Gran? You'll be moving out immediately, I presume?
FIONA: Oh, yes, go ahead, throw me out in the street. Your father would really be proud of you if he could see you now.
HELEN: Oh, it isn't as urgent as all that. You can stay until the end of the week, Fiona, and if you still have a problem, we can talk about it then.
ROSEMARY: But there won't be a problem, Fiona, will there?
JULIE:(angrily) Hasn't she taken advantage of us enough?! Dad practically bought the business for her! You can just take your ill- got gains and get out of our lives.
FIONA: What happens to the house has nothing to do with you, or weren't you listening?!
JULIE: It has everything to do with Gran, and she wants you out!
HELEN: All I want is a little peace and quiet!
ROSEMARY: Look, I know we're all very upset about what's happened. But there's no need to continue fighting amongst ourselves and to make matters worse, is there?
Fiona walks out.
JULIE: All I want to do is get Gran's house back!
PHIL: Julie, settle down, come on!
JULIE: Somebody has to tell her!
Driving Centre
Rick has passed his theory test, but is having problems reading the eye chart. The man says he'll have to go and get his eyes tested.
Julie and Lou are discussing the car yard. Lou explains that Jim was going to be a silent partner, but Julie has other plans(!) Lou tries to put her off saying what long, lonely nights he's spent pouring over the accounts. Julie says maybe she does have enough on her plate and agrees to be a silent partner after all!
When Julie has gone, Doug and Lou discuss wills again. Lou is definitely going to update his.
Julie, Rosemary and Helen are having a cup of tea. Julie asks her if she intends to live in the house, or sell up. Helen says it's been her home for twenty years. Rosemary tells Julie that she should not be a silent partner in the business - she needs to know what's going on.
Rick is trying on glasses, and he's not too happy about it.
Lou has got a DIY will kit and has asked Doug to witness his signature. Lou has left most of his stuff to Guy and Lauren. But he thinks having the will read by a solicitor is very impersonal and has decided to make a video instead!
Doug records Lou's final words:
LOU:(smiles) Hi Guy, Lauren, (frowns) Brenda, (smiles again) Madge. Friends and loved ones. You know, if there's one thing that is certain in this life.
DOUG: Just "life".
LOU: What?
DOUG: You said, "this life". It's not this life anymore for you, you're dead. It should be just "life".
LOU: Everybody wants to be a script- writer! Just point the camera and shut up!
DOUG: I'm just trying to help.
LOU: If there's one certain in life, is that it must ultimately come to and end. And for poor old Lou Carpenter, that time has come recently. Now, there's no denying it's sad to think that I'll...um...I'll never again see your smiling faces, or hear your voices...to walk amongst you all, hold you in a warm embrace.
But Lou has come over all emotional.
Julie refuses to let Debbie and Rick learn to drive in cars form the car yard. Rick comes in and tells her he's getting contacts - and that explains his headaches too (eye strain!)
Lou is just finishing his video.
LOU: Well, that's it. I love you all. Well, most of you. And I'll miss you. Asta la vista!
Lou tells Doug he has something else he wants to do. This is the only chance he's had to talk to his loved ones without him answering him back(!) He gets Doug to roll the camera again and starts on a bit of a rant(!) He hopes Lauren and Cameron will get on with leading their lives. He apologises for not being much of a father to Guy, but he's very proud of him. Doug tells him they're running out of tape.
LOU: Linda. Just because I left you some jewellery, you probably think I've forgiven you for walking out on me the way you did. Well, I haven't! I'm still as mad as hell and I'll probably come back and haunt you! Kids, kids, I know you don't blame me for the brekaup of the marriage with your mother, but there's one thing you should know, you have no idea what hell that woman put me through!
Doug announces that the tape has finished, but Lou just hands him another one.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Phil is talking to Jim's stockbroker about the value of his shares.
STOCKBROKER: Maybe he had a premonition or something. But over the last few weeks, Jim's been selling off virtually all of his shares. Except a few blue chip stocks.
Phil is shocked to hear this.
PHIL: I know he sold some shares to finance a hairdressing business...and he'd just bought into a used car yard.
STOCKBROKER: That was several weeks ago. He sold off another substantial parcel only last week. It was last Thursday.
PHIL: That was the day he died! Did he say why he wanted to sell these shares?
STOCKBROKER: Well, I didn't actually speak to Jim. It was his partner.
PHIL: What partner?
STOCKBROKER: Fiona Hartman. Jim authorised her several weeks ago to deal on his behalf. well, she insisted that he wanted the shares sold. Even though I advised against it. She personally collected the cheque.
ROSEMARY: You know, it's interesting that Fiona made that phonecall.
PHIL: That's what I've been thinking - exactly.
JULIE: You don't suppose she made that phonecall after Dad died? ...That's too macabre.
ROSEMARY: But she was with me when I found him! And one or more of us was with her for the rest of the day.
JULIE: So she couldn't possibly have made a phonecall without one of us knowing. Unless...didn't you say she told Pam she was with Dad when he died?
ROSEMARY: So Doug told me.
HELEN: She could have been confused, I suppose.
PHIL: She could have gone back home. Found Jim dead.
HELEN: And run out again and made that call?
ROSEMARY: You mean before I arrived? Oh, surely not.
JULIE: She was certainly pretty jumpy when I saw her in the bank that afternoon.
HELEN: Oh, yes, you saw her in the bank!
Her face looks rather horrified.
HELEN: If Fiona was in the house before Jim died...it's time to call the police.
<<1905 - 1907>>
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