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Neighbours Episode 1905 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1905
Australian airdate: 30/04/93
UK airdate: 03/03/94
UK Gold: 18/02/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Michael Sergi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Julie has calmed down a bit now, and is being comforted by Rosemary.
JULIE: Maybe Fiona was right. I have been giving Dad a hard time lately. Maybe I contributed to his death.
ROSEMARY: Oh, darling, no, now don't start that. The last thing your father would want is for you or Mum to blame yourselves, please.
Julie starts to cry again. Doctor Dawson comes out of Helen's bedroom, saying he's given her a sedative.
JULIE: Doctor Dawson. What exactly did Dad die of?
DOCTOR DAWSON: A massive heart attack. I'm afraid it was always on the cards after his last one. (To Rosemary) You know, I had a little bit of difficulty pinpointing the exact *time* of death. It was clearly several hours before he was found.
JULIE: Would stress have brought on the heart attack?
DOCTOR DAWSON: Of course, but your Dad was in good condition last time I saw him. And the specialist's reports were encouraging. Still, you never can tell.
JULIE: Well, he had a few problems lately...
ROSEMARY: Thanks, Neil, thanks for being here for us, you're a real friend.
DOCTOR DAWSON: Now, take it easy, Julie. And if you need me for anything, don't hesitate to call, right?
JULIE: Thank you.
She starts to sob again.
As the doctor is leaving, Hannah comes in.
HANNAH: Why is the doctor here? Is somebody sick?
JULIE: Hannah...darling...come here. Come here. Mummy's got something to tell you.
She hugs Hannah tightly and sobs.
Beth and Annalise are having a jolly old time unlike those at No.32, and are dancing away to some music and drinking champagne.
After a while there's a knock at the door and Beth answer it to a rather good- looking bloke, with an open shirt.
Pam is sitting with Fiona.
PAM: He seemed...fine when I saw him last.
FIONA: It was very sudden.
PAM: So...so, he wasn't in too much pain?
FIONA: No. No, he wasn't. It was all over in a moment.
PAM: I'm so glad you were here. At least he wasn't on his own.
Fiona starts to cry.
PAM: Oh, I'm sorry, Fiona. I'm still having trouble taking this in. It must have been awful for you, would you like to stay and keep you company?
FIONA: No, no. thank you for everything, Pam, I...um...I'd really like to be alone for a while.
PAM: Yes...of course.
Pam leaves Fiona crying.
Doug and Gaby are also having a jolly old time having a chat. Annalise comes in and tells Gaby that she's left Beth with the stripper. Gaby is not impressed and says that Brad is her brother! When she leaves, she accidentally leaves her handbag behind.
Stephen confronts Russell about telling the saleswoman that Phoebe was his wife. He says it wasn't a big deal, he just couldn't be bothered to explain. Phoebe tells Stephen off for being horrible to Russell.
Pam and Doug are trying to take in the news.
PAM: I should have seen the signals!
DOUG: Maybe there weren't any.
PAM: I feel that I've let someone down that I really cared for. As a friend. And he was your friend too.
DOUG: Yeah. So he's gone. But there's no point in us falling apart. We should give Helen and Julie as much support as we can.
PAM: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. (Starting to cry) It's just a terrible shock!
Brad tells Gaby that he's heading back to Ramsay Street to see Beth. Gaby says he'd better not - Beth and Annalise are having a girls' night. Annalise comes back to get her handbag and Brad is confused, asking where Beth is. Brad is appalled to hear that Beth is with another guy!
Phoebe has heard the news about Jim and is rather upset. Stephen goes to work and Russell comforts Phoebe. Phoebe explains about Jim's role in her life, particularly after Todd died. Russell is surprised to learn that Stephen is not Hope's biological father.
PHOEBE: Why do these things have to happen?
Russell takes Phoebe's hand.
Doug joins Rosemary to condole with her about Jim. The funeral will not be for a couple of days to give Paul and Lucy time to get there. (Scott doesn't care, then?!)
DOUG: It must be really rough on Fiona. To actually see him die.
ROSEMARY: Oh, she didn't. Jim died alone. Fiona and I found him together, a couple of hours later.
DOUG: That's strange.
DOUG: Well, I'm sure from what Pam said, Fiona told her that she was with Jim when he died.
ROSEMARY: Pam must have been mistaken.
DOUG: Yeah, probably. She was very upset. it's ironic how things happen. Jim seemed to be getting into things. Buying into the car yard and the hairdressing salon...
ROSEMARY: I gather he was making some major changes in his life.
DOUG: The last time I saw him, he was going to update his will. Because of the changes I suppose.
ROSEMARY: Was he indeed? I wonder what that'll mean?
DOUG: Jim was always fiddling with his will one way or another. But I'm sure he'll see your mother right. Even if they weren't seeing eye to eye.
ROSEMARY: I was thinking more of Fiona. I wonder how it'll affect her.
Annalise is comforting Fiona.
FIONA: I know what they're saying. They think I was only interested in Jim for his money. They'll probably even try to blame me for his death!
ANNALISE: I haven't heard anything like that.
FIONA: I did care about him, we were very close. Just when I thought I'd found a good relationship. Now I'm alone again. If only I'd done something.
ANNALISE: How do you mean?
FIONA: To take the pressure off him. I could have made thing easier! It might never have happened.
ANNALISE: He died a lot happier for having known you. You should remember that, huh?
Phoebe is confused that Hope is not in her crib. She knocks on Russell's bedroom door, but there's no answer.
Hannah is crying on the sofa when Helen emerges from her room. She hugs Hannah.
HELEN: Hey, darling. Grandpa wouldn't want to see you breaking your heart like this.
HANNAH: But it was my fault!
HELEN: What was?
HANNAH: That he died! We'd been playing in the garden. He had to stop because he felt tired. If I hadn't asked him to play, he'd be alright!
HELEN: Darling, listen to me, you had absolutely nothing to do with it. Just because Grandpa became a little tired while you were playing, it doesn't mean you caused him to die. There had to be a lot more to it than that.
HANNAH: Are you sure?
HELEN: Positive
HANNAH: I didn't know Grandpa was so old.
HELEN: He wasn't. Much younger than I am.
HANNAH: Does that mean Mummy and Daddy could die too? You don't have to be old?
HELEN: Oh, darling.
She hugs her again.
Ramsay Street
Phoebe runs out of the house, searching desperately for Russell. She asks Hannah if she's seen him, but then sees him coming up the street with a pram. She is very angry and takes a screaming Hope out of the pram.
PAM: I couldn't believe it. I still can't. Not after going through his last attack and the op and everything. You tend to think that once it's over, that's it, it's life back to normal. But it's not.
PAM: People have been really kind and supportive. Phoebe popped in earlier, in tears of course. Phone's been ringing all day.
PAM: How's Helen coping?
JULIE: OK, I suppose. Maybe when you get older it's easier to accept.
PAM: It's never easy. Especially when it's someone so close. Someone you love. They've been living in that house for so long. What do you think she'll do now, move in with you?
JULIE: I don't know. I don't know what she'll do. I don't know what any of us will do.
Gaby asks Beth what happened with the stripper guy the other night. Beth says nothing happened - she'd never cheat on Brad.
Rosemary, Helen and Julie are sitting in silence.
JULIE: We have to decide where everybody's staying.
HELEN: Well, there's plenty of room at home. I should move back there and get things ready.
ROSEMARY: Has anyone spoken to Jim's solicitor?
JULIE: Yes, I rang her this morning.
ROSEMARY: Did she says anything about your father altering his will recently?
JULIE: No...did he?
ROSEMARY: Well...he apparently told Doug Willis he was going to.
JULIE:(to Helen) Do you know anything about it?
HELEN: No, nothing.
ROSEMARY: Possibly because of all the new business arrangements he'd made.
JULIE: More likely Fiona put him up to it.
HELEN: Oh, darling, you can't know that.
JULIE: Wouldn't mind betting on it.
HELEN: Your father always made sure that his family was provided for.
Phoebe comes in from the garden, still in a mood with Russell. Stephen comes in, ranting about the phone- bill which is over $500! Russell says he had to make a few calls for work, and doesn't have any money at the moment. Russell nearly freaks out, but says Stephen will get the money.
No.24 (Garden)
Beth and Brad are wondering whether to postpone their wedding in the wake of Jim's death. They talk about the stripper guy and Beth assures Brad that nothing happened, she just asked the guy to leave. Brad believes her and they kiss.
HELEN: Fiona, could we talk to you please?
FIONA: Yes, come in.
HELEN: We'd like to know your plans. You see, we need to know about the organising of people staying here when they arrive for the funeral.
FIONA: I haven't even thought about it. I haven't made any plans. It's all been too much of a shock.
JULIE: What Gran is too polite to ask is, when will you be moving out?
FIONA: I've nowhere to go.
JULIE: That's unfortunate, but this isn't your house. There'll be relatives arriving, they'll need somewhere to stay. And I think they have a lot more right to be here than you.
HELEN: Darling, that's enough, I'll handle this.
FIONA:(sitting down) Jim asked me to stay in this house, and I have ever right to be here. I have no intention of moving out.
As the credits roll, stills are shown of Jim over the years, with a piano version of the theme tune.
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