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Neighbours Episode 1912 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1912
Australian airdate: 11/05/93
UK airdate: 14/03/94
UK Gold: 29/02/00
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Alan Coleman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
LAUREN: Brad...you're not thinking straight. You couldn't do anything to hurt Beth. Neither of us could.
BRAD: She'd understand...it might take her a while, but she'd forgive us eventually.
LAUREN: Do you think you could forgive *her* if she told you she was pregnant to someone else?!
BRAD: What happens between me and Beth isn't your problem.
LAUREN: And what I decide to do with my baby isn't yours!
BRAD: Yeah, it is, I'm the father!
LAUREN: Oh, well send me a monthly maintenance cheque! If you can afford it! You and Beth are going to have your own kids one day.
BRAD: Sounds like you've decided to go ahead with it.
LAUREN: I suppose I have. I just hate the idea of a termination.
BRAD: Might be the easiest way out.
LAUREN: For me, or for you?!
BRAD: That's not fair. I told you, I'll go along with whatever you want.
LAUREN: And you won't do anything dumb?
BRAD: Like what?
LAUREN: Like a true confession number on Beth!
BRAD: No...I've been such a fool.
LOU:(coming in through the back door) Irresponsible idiot would be my choice of words!
LAUREN: Dad...Brad just came around to see if he could help.
BRAD: I want to help out...honestly.
LOU: Well, the best way you can do that is to stay away from my daughter!
BRAD:(to Lauren) Maybe we should talk later.
LAUREN: I just need some time to think.
LOU: I told you, stay away! You've done enough damage.
BRAD: I'll talk to you later.
He leaves.
Garden of No.26
Hannah is telling Helen about her day at school. Julie comes to find Helen and tells her to take it easy with the gardening. Hannah calls Helen over to look at a flower on a plant.
HELEN: Well, look at that after all this time!
JULIE: It's a chamelia, isn't it?
HELEN: Mmm. Jim planted it. Must be almost five years ago. Despite his TLC it never seemed to do well. Until now.
JULIE: I wish he could see it.
HELEN: So do I.
Both try not to cry and Hannah takes Helen's hand.
LAUREN: All I'm saying is, he's got the right to share in the decision.
LOU: What rights?! He can't be serious about you love, otherwise he wouldn't be marrying Beth! You were just a...a temporary sideline attraction, that's all.
LAUREN: Thanks for setting me straight.
LOU: Oh, hell, don't tell me you're serious. That's why you've been so down, isn't it? And hold on, the way you blew hot and cold about Cameron, he found out, didn't he? That's why he took off so suddenly.
LAUREN: What does it matter how I feel? Like I said, Brad's spoken for.
LOU: Yes, he had poor Beth all starry- eyed and counting the days!
LAUREN: She's not going to find out!
LOU: Honey, it's going to be a pretty hard secret to keep in a couple of months!
LAUREN: If you're so concerned about keeping it a secret, why'd you go and open your big mouth to Doug?!
LOU: Because I thought he could put me on to Cameron!
LAUREN: Oh...well, that's all I need! Cameron turning up and trying to take responsibility for a baby that's not even his!
They sit down at the kitchen table.
LOU: So, you're pretty set on having this kid, then?
LAUREN: I haven't made up my mind.
LOU: Sweetheart, it's a big responsibility to start a family. It puts a lot of pressure on the woman, even when the dad's there. Now, I'll do all I can to help, of course...
LAUREN: But you think I'm out of my mind...
LOU: I didn't say that! I just want you to be sure that...
There's a knock at the door.
LOU: Ooooh, if that's Brad...
LOU: I'll handle this!
But it's Phil at the door, calling for Lou to go training. Lou has completely forgotten, and Lauren tells him to go - and to leave her alone.
Park (Later)
Phil and Lou are doing pushups under the beady eye of Phil's trainer. The trainer is quite pleased with Lou, but tells Phil he's ashamed of him!
Ramsay Street
Doug and Beth are chatting about the grotty flat she went to see. She says they'll just have to stay on at Lou's. Doug tries to put her off, saying there won't be much privacy.
Beth sees Lauren coming across the street and tells her not to forget that they're going out for drinks with the girls tonight. When Beth has gone, Doug comes over to speak to Lauren.
DOUG: She's looking forward to the wedding.
LAUREN: Yeah, she is.
DOUG: It's a shame that this had to happen. It's not often you see two people so right for each other as Brad and Beth.
LAUREN:(rolling her eyes) I promised you once I wouldn't stand in their way. It still goes.
DOUG: Brad's an honest kid. Too honest for his own good sometimes. He'll have to own up to Beth eventually, even if you don't.
LAUREN: I can't stop him.
DOUG: Of course, things would be different if you decided not to have the baby. He wouldn't have to tell her anything, then.
LAUREN: You and Dad think that would be a nice, clean solution, wouldn't you?! No baby, no hassle, just sweep all that guilt right under the carpet so Brad and Beth can live happily ever after. Well, what about me?! What about *my* happiness?
Doug tells Brad that the flat Beth looked at was hopeless. He urges Brad to hurry up and make a decision - he thinks Lauren wants to have the baby. Doug tells him to hurry up and talk Lauren out of it.
DOUG: Pull your finger out, Brad! You can't marry Beth with this hanging over your head!
BRAD: Help me, Dad, I just don't know what to do!
DOUG: It's between you and Lauren. You let her go through with this and you'll regret it for the rest of your life. You both will, I reckon. And you'll lose Beth. It's your choice.
Garden of No.26
Holly has dug up Jim's chamelia!
Hannah comes in with Holly and takes her through to the garden. Phil comes in with his personal trainer looking knackered. He won't let Phil have a glass of wine and says he'll be back to take Phil for a 10k run tomorrow!
When he's gone, Helen gives Phil a glass of wine anyway!
Helen heads off home and Hannah looks rather worried. She begs Helen to stay for dinner, but Julie looks too busy with her paperwork, so she heads off rather sadly.
Helen is standing in the kitchen looking lonely, and cooking a microwave meal.
Lauren moans that Bunny is hogging the bathroom, so Beth goes to hurry her up. Lauren tells Beth that she's not coming out for drinks after all.
BETH: But you can't, you've got to...
LAUREN:(firmly) I just don't feel like it!
BETH: But everyone's going to be...
LAUREN: Beth! Get it through your head. The world doesn't revolve around your stupid wedding!
She storms off to her room.
Hannah is worried about Helen, telling Julie that she misses Jim. Phil is not enjoying his salad, and Julie is most unsympathetic.
Brad comes round to see Lauren. Lauren hasn't decided what to do yet, although everyone is trying to talk her into a termination. She thinks she'd better do it. Brad assures her he would stand by her if she wanted to keep the baby.
LAUREN: It's no good getting all paternal now, Brad, there's no other way.
BRAD: Yeah, there is. I'll tell Beth I can't marry her. I'll marry you instead.
Lauren is shocked.
BRAD: Look, Lauren, what do you want me to do?
LAUREN: Do you think I could marry you after what we've done to Beth?
BRAD: We get on pretty well, don't we? I mean, we could make a go of things...
LAUREN: But I'd be second-best. I mean, you'd end up hating me. Probably already do.
BRAD:(shocked) I don't!
LAUREN: Don't touch me.
BRAD: Come on, you've got to listen to me. I want to do this. I mean, I *really* want to do it. Not just for the baby, but for *us*. Ever since that first day...
But Beth comes in and interrupts them. Lauren tells Beth that she'll come to her drinks party after all. Make your mind up, love. Beth apologises for banging on about the wedding. Lauren hugs her, but stares guiltily at Brad over Brad's shoulder.
No.32 (early morning)
Phil is hiding from his personal trainer who is banging loudly on the front door. He eventually bribes Hannah to tell the personal trainer he's gone on a business trip to Hong Kong(!)
Brad asks Beth how Lauren is this morning, but apparently she's not up yet. He heads off to No.24 on the pretext of cleaning Lou's pool.
Beth is starting to pick up on the moods of Doug, Brad and Lauren and is confused.
Helen is heading off to do some gardening again. Hannah confesses about the chamelia flower. Helen assures her that it doesn't matter, but when Hannah has gone, she looks upset.
Brad and Lou are waiting for Lauren to do the pregnancy test. She finally comes out of the bathroom.
LOU: Well?
LAUREN: I've done the test.
BRAD: Well, are you pregnant or aren't you?
<<1911 - 1913>>
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