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Neighbours Episode 1903 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1903
Australian airdate: 28/04/93
UK airdate: 01/03/94
UK Gold: 16/02/00
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Michael Sergi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Amusement Arcade
Michael rescues Debbie and sends the street kid packing. Debbie hugs Michael, telling him how glad she is to see him. Michael says the feeling isn't mutual and walks off!
Jim is on the phone to Helen, who is apparently coming back tomorrow afternoon. Jim says he's really missed her and they'll all just have to get along together when Helen gets back. He hasn't told her yet that Fiona has moved in though! Fiona assures him that she's going to work at making a comfortable place for all of them to live.
Amusement Arcade
Michael is playing a game and ignoring Debbie's questions. He says he's fine and doesn't want to come home. Debbie tells Michael that Phil has had a private detective out looking for him and Michael looks rather surprised. But he says he still hates Julie and isn't going back.
Rick comes along and sees Michael with Debbie. Michael heads off. Debbie tries to get his phone number, but he says he doesn't have one.
Pam is still moaning on about Wayne and his car. Gaby comes in wearing some very odd trousers with prints of famous paintings on them(!) and tells Pam to give Wayne a chance.
Jim and Benito are reading through the contact for the car yard. They both sign and Benito warns Jim that Lou is not an easy partner. He says he's going to give Lou free reign while he sits back and relaxes.
Fiona picks up the contact and starts reading it.
Hotel in Sydney
Rick and Debbie arrive back and Phil hugs Debbie in relief. She tells him she's seen Michael, but he wouldn't tell her where he was living. Also, he doesn't want to see Phil.
Ramsay Street
Pam arrives home from work looking very tired. Wayne drives up in his car, with music blaring. Pam scowls and stalks across the street towards him. She asks Wayne not to work on the car this afternoon, but he says he's still got loads to do.
When he's gone, Pam sees that he's left the keys in the ignition, so she locks the door and slams it! Unfortunately, Wayne has left his lights on.
Pam comes in grinning from ear to ear and tells Gaby that revenge is sweet(!)
Helen arrives home to find the house empty. Fiona comes in through the back door and Helen tells her she'd heard Fiona had moved in. Fiona tells her about the hairdressing salon partnership and Helen doesn't look too chuffed.
FIONA: And we've been talking, Jim and I. We want you to know that, as far as we're concerned, this is as much your house as it ours. You should feel free to come and go as you please.
HELEN: How kind(!) But I'm afraid that won't be necessary.
HELEN: Well, Julie and I have discussed it rather thoroughly and given your involvement with Jim, I think we'd all be much more comfortable if I live across the road. I know I'm welcome there.
FIONA: And what about Jim?
HELEN: He's in your capable hands now. What more could any man want?
Ramsay Street
Hannah tells Wayne that he's left his lights on. He goes over and sees that his keys are locked inside.
Gaby comes over and Wayne wonders if someone has set him up. Gaby wonders if it was Pam.
Beach in Sydney
Debbie has found Michael again and brought him to see Phil. Michael is not pleased at being set up and starts walking off.
PHIL: I don't care what you did anymore, Michael. You're my son.
Michael stops and turns.
JIM: I wish you'd change your mind.
HELEN: I'm sorry, Jim, I see no point in discussing it.
JIM: But you haven't tried living with Fiona.
HELEN: Because I know it wouldn't suit any of us.
JIM: How do you know without even trying?
HELEN: Jim, I had experience with your living arrangements before I went away, and from what Julie tells me, the situation has not improved.
JIM: Oh, come on, you know what she's like! She loves to exaggerate. And you've always been one to make up your own mind.
HELEN: I *have* made up my own mind. And while I have no intention of interfering in your life, some of the decision you've made recently appall me!
JIM: Such as?
HELEN: Well, this business thing. How can you possibly afford that?
JIM: Well, that wasn't a problem, thanks to Fiona. I had some shares that I had virtually written off, she made an executive decision and the profit she made went into the sell- off.
HELEN: Hmmm, how clever of her.
JIM: While you've been away...I've been making some plans for the future. Fiona has been a big help to me.
HELEN: I can imagine(!)
JIM: I have taken a long, hard look at my life. It's time to concentrate on what's really important.
HELEN: I just hope you know what that is.
He walks out.
Ramsay Street
Pam tells Wayne openly that she did lock his keys in his car - she asked him to be quiet and he treated it as a joke. Wayne says Pam is being unreasonable. Pam says Wayne is a "juvenile petrol- head".
Michael swears to Phil that he wasn't involved in an armed robbery - his wallet was stolen weeks ago, and he isn't doing drugs, either. Michael has been living in a squat and things go missing all the time. Phil tells him he believes him, and he could come home - they'd help him with a lawyer.
MICHAEL: I bet old Jules would love that!
PHIL: Don't start in on Julie, mate.
MICHAEL: Why not? You marrying her is what stuffed things up!
PHIL: I don't think so. Maybe I married Julie too soon after the death of your mother for your liking, but I love her, mate. I needed her. I needed her help in raising you and Deb. Julie's done everything she can for you, mate. Look at the way you've repaid her.
MICHAEL: You said you didn't care what I've done!
PHIL: Truthfully, Michael, I would have said anything to stop you from walking away. What's the point in holding a grudge? You can't go back and change the past. What we can do is try to work out some sort of possible future.
MICHAEL: Oh yeah? Like what?
PHIL: Deal with the past! Wipe the slate clean, make a fresh start.
MICHAEL: What if I don't want to? Are you going to put me in to the cops?
PHIL: For your own good I should...no, I wouldn't do that.
MICHAEL: What about her?
DEBBIE: What could I tell them?
PHIL: Look, Michael, everybody makes decisions about the way they want to live their lives. I made mine when I married Julie. And despite everything, I don't regret it. Now it's your turn. You can carry on blaming other people for what you've done, or you can take responsibility for yourself.
Ramsay Street
Jim and Pam stop for a chat. Pam tells him she's glad everything is working out for him with Fiona.
Hannah asks Helen why she's come to live with them. Helen says there isn't any room at No.26 now that Fiona has moved in. Luckily Hannah's questioning is interrupted by Jim popping around. Hannah goes off to the kitchen.
JIM: After all we've been through, we can't let it fall apart like this.
HELEN: I agree. But obviously Fiona doesn't.
JIM: I'm not talking about Fiona. I'm talking about us.
HELEN: Jim, don't do this.
JIM: Don't do what?
HELEN: Force me into saying something I'll regret.
JIM: There's more, is there?
HELEN: I just can't stand by and watch you being made a fool of.
JIM: Well go on, spit it out. You've obviously got something you want to get off your chest.
HELEN: Investing all that money with Fiona was absolute madness. From what I hear she's an expert at playing men for suckers, and yet you walked right into it.
JIM: You could give me some credit. I wasn't born yesterday, you know!
HELEN: Then why are you behaving as if you were?! Oh, I'm sorry, Jim, but there's no point in lying. At least you know now how I feel about her.
JIM: Oh yes, you've made your feelings perfectly clear. How I feel is obviously unimportant to you.
He turns to leave and Hannah comes up.
HANNAH: Are we going now?
JIM: We might as well, darling. There's nothing more to be said here.
HANNAH: See you later, Gran.
HELEN: Bye, darling.
JIM: Goodbye.
Michael is brooding.
PHIL: OK. I can't say I like your decision. but I accept that it's yours. I'll have to find a way to live with it.
MICHAEL: Thanks, Dad.
PHIL: Don't think you can't change your mind. You can always come home. Maybe only just for a visit, or if you get into strife.
MICHAEL: Don't worry about me, I'll be alright. Catch you.
DEBBIE: Michael. Don't forget me, hey?
MICHAEL: Fat chance.
Phil presses some money into Michael's hand and then hugs him, emotionally. Then Michael walks away.
Garden of No.26
Jim and Hannah are playing with Jim swinging Hannah round. Jim picks up Holly and then suddenly crouches down, holding his left arm. Hannah asks if he's OK, and he says that he's just tired out from playing with her. Jim decides to go for a lie down, still rubbing his arm. Hannah stays in the garden, playing with the dog.
No.26 - inside
Jim comes in and has a large jolt of pain. He leans against the wall in the kitchen.
JIM: Fiona!
He staggers a few steps, clutching his chest. Fiona comes out of the bedroom and gasps in surprise.
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