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Neighbours Episode 1902 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1902
Australian airdate: 27/04/93
UK airdate: 28/02/94
UK Gold: 15/02/2000
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Michael Sergi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lauren continues to evade Lou's questions about Tony. Lou says it's good to have her stamp of approval(!)
Phil is waiting for his taxi to arrive when Hannah comes in. She tells Phil not to be too mad with Debbie when he finds her.
The taxi finally arrives and he hugs Hannah goodbye. Hannah asks if Phil will bring Michael home if he finds him. Phil says he doesn't think he'll find him.
Jim and Fiona have been to see Jim's bank manager about the hairdressing business. Jim is looking forward to pulling back from work a bit and maybe doing some overseas travel. Jim rings Julie to see if there's any update on Debbie.
Hotel in Sydney
Benito is explaining to Julie on the phone that Cathy was ten minutes late meeting the bus and there was no sign of Debbie. Rick insists that he and Debbie haven't planned anything together. Cathy makes Rick promise to tell them if Debbie does turn up.
Outside the hotel
Rick walks out the front of the hotel, and Debbie is sitting on the sea wall! He greets her and tells her that Phil is on her way to Sydney, but she wants to know about the girl Rick was talking about on the phone. Rick says it's not a girl - it's Michael, he's seen him on the beach. But he doesn't know where Michael is now. Debbie is very excited and goes off to the beach to look.
Surf place
Brad wonders who he can ask to be his best man now that Cameron has taken off. Beth thinks Cameron's behaviour is very odd and wonders what Lauren did to make him take off. Brad suggest Swampy for best man(!) and then Stephen. Apparently Beth's step- father is going to give her away as she doesn't know who else to ask.
Lou is on the phone to his lawyer about going into business with Tony. Lauren suggests that Lou checks Tony's references. Lou says he's just going to go for it, as it looks like Benito will get the job in Sydney.
Beth has come to see Jim. Fiona offers to her and her bridesmaids' hair for the wedding for free, as a wedding present. Beth is a bit takenaback, but agrees. Beth awkwardly broaches the subject of giving her away with Jim.
BETH: It's just that...when I first got here, you were so kind to me when I first got here, taking me in and everything...and I was wondering how you would feel about giving me away at my wedding?
JIM:(pleased) I would be honoured.
FIONA: I think that's an absolutely lovely idea!
Beach in Sydney
Rick explains to Debbie that he's asked around about Michael, but nobody has heard of him.
Beth tells Lauren about Fiona's offer about the hairdressing, but she still doesn't trust her - she thinks she's two- faced. Beth tells Lauren that she must have done something terrible to drive Cameron away and Lauren is very unimpressed, so Beth quickly apologises.
Lauren tells them about Tony the sleazebag. Brad knows him too as he used to work with Doug. Beth thinks Lauren should tell Lou exactly what's happened, but Lauren says Tony might be OK professionally, even if he is a sleaze in private.
Jim tells Fiona that they should work towards getting a manager for the hair salon so that they can spend more time together, and travel together too.
Fiona sees some share certificates on the table and Jim explains that he's going to sell them. He might invest in another business too.
Hotel in Sydney
Phil has arrived and is having a cup of tea with Benito and Cathy. Lou rings Benito to tell him he's got a prospective partner and wants him to come back and sign the papers. Cathy tells Benito that he'd better do it.
Beth asks Lou if he's sure he's doing the right thing with Tony. She advises Lou to talk to Lauren and listen - properly. He's shocked to hear that Tony made a pass at Lauren.
Shopping Centre
Debbie and Rick are asking street traders about Michael, but they won't tell them anything.
Lauren tells Lou that Tony hinted he could get away with anything. Also he tried to grope her. Lou is shocked and says the deal is off.
Lou tells Fiona that he still needs to find a business partner now the deal with Tony has fallen through. Ideally, he'd like a silent partner. Fiona says fate may be taking a hand - Jim is looking to invest in small businesses as a silent partner.
Amusement Arcade
Rick and Debbie are not having much luck, although one kid did suggest another hang- out they could try. Rick wants to give up, but Debbie is adamant that she's going to keep looking.
Jim is considering Lou's proposal. He finally says he's convinced and Lou is delighted. They'll organise the contracts ASAP.
Brad thanks Jim for agreeing to give Beth away.
Hotel in Sydney
Benito tells Phil and Cathy that Jim is buying into the car yard. Benito is not all that pleased, and even less pleased that Rick has wandered off.
Amusement Arcade
Debbie is hanging around the arcade and is approached by a street- kid. He tells Debbie he'll show him where Michael is and starts dragging her off. Suddenly Michael himself appears!
<<1901 - 1903>>
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