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Neighbours Episode 1901 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1901
Australian airdate: 26/04/93
UK airdate: 25/02/94
UK Gold: 14/02/00
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Michael Sergi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Rick tells Debbie on the phone that he's "met someone" but Benito makes him hang up before he can explain.
- Lou tells Phil that he's got to come up with someone to buy Benito out of the business.
- Julie discovers that Debbie has run away.
Ramsay Street
Wayne drives up in a bright pink car. Doug is quite impressed, Gaby less so, but she does like the stereo.
Pam drives up and scowls at Wayne but he assures her the gun is back on the farm.
Julie crosses the street, but doesn't complain about the noise from the stereo, much to their surprise.
Phil is ringing round Debbie's friends, but there's no sign of her. Phil wants to ring the police but Julie says Debbie is sixteen, and she's probably halfway to Sydney to look for Rick by now.
Lou tells Lauren that Cameron rang last night, but he didn't want to talk to her. He wants Lou to store his stuff until he decides what to do. Lauren starts to cry and Lou wants to know what happened between her and cameron.
LAUREN: If you knew, you'd hate me too.
Pam is moaning about the noise from Wayne's car - she's in a foul mood after working the night shift. She thinks Wayne is a bad influence on Gaby!
Julie is on the phone to Cathy in Sydney - Ben and Rick have gone down to Manley. Cathy offers to go and have a look down at the bus station, and she'll let Julie know if Debbie turns up. Phil opens the Yellow Pages to ring the bus companies.
Outside the Waterhole
Lou chats to a salesman about car phones. The salesman reckons they would help Lou to shift his second- hand cars. Lou says he might have an investment for him.
DOUG: Can I talk to you for a minute?
LAUREN: What about?
DOUG: Please?
Lauren ushers him in.
LAUREN: I get the feeling that this is serious.
DOUG: It all depends how serious you are about my son.
LAUREN: How did you know?
DOUG: I put one and one together and came up with the wrong pair.
LAUREN: We didn't plan it...I wouldnt hurt Beth for anything.
DOUG: Brad wouldn't either. Not maliciously. But if you're the one he really loves...
LAUREN: Is that what he told you?
DOUG: Not exactly. But he was sure enough about Beth before you came along.
LAUREN: So...do you think he'll call the wedding off?
DOUG: He might. If you encourage him in any way.
LAUREN: Look, Mr Willis, it is over.
DOUG: I wish I could believe that
LAUREN: What do you want from me? My signature in blood? The day they get married, I'll be at the church, throwing confetti and wishing them happily ever after. End of story. Take my word for it.
DOUG: I'm sorry if I upset you. I just wanted to be sure.
LAUREN: Like I said, I told you. Whatever happened between me and Brad, it's over.
Phil is calling the last bus company, who do have Debbie on their passenger list. She was on the overnight bus to Sydney which gets in mid- afternoon. Phil and Julie are very relieved. Phil says he could fly up there, but Julie says they'll wait to hear from Cathy.
Lauren is crying when Lou comes in, but he doesn't notice. He tells her a VIP is coming round in 45 minutes - his new business partner! He wants Lauren to check him out.
Ramsay Street
Wayne is messing about with his car again when Gaby comes along. He offers her a lift back to Lassiter's. Gaby tells Wayne that he'll have to sweet- talk Pam a bit if he wants her approval of their relationship.
Pam is moaning to Doug about Wayne's car again. She says she's glad Brad is settling down with someone sensible. Doug says he worries about marriage being too easy these days. He thinks a long engagement would be better. Pam tells him off, saying Brad and Beth are in love.
The salesman is having a drink with Lauren and Lou. His name is Tony and he seems quite impressed with Lauren saying that she's gorgeous. He's quite sleazy and sits down very close to her.
Phil is on pins waiting for the phone to ring. He wonders if he's a bad father - first Michael and now Debbie. There's a knock at the door and it's the police. They've got some news.
Lou seems to have found a kindred spirit in Tony, but Lauren is not impressed. When Lou pops out of the room, he makes a pass at Lauren who fights him off.
The police have found Michael's wallet at a break and enter site in Sydney. Phil confirms that it is Michael's wallet - and some needles were found with it. Phil says Michael would never get into drugs.
Ramsay Street
wayne's car has broken down again and Gaby is helping him turn the car over. Pam storms out of No.28 and says she's reporting Wayne for noise pollution(!) She rants at Wayne and then confiscates the keys for the car.
Phil is packing to go to Sydney - he's going on a stand- by flight. He's going to look for Michael in hostels in Sydney. Julie is not very impressed but Phil says Michael is still his son. He can look out for Debbie too.
Tony is just leaving. When he's gone, Lauren unenthusiastically says that Tony is "alright". She is reluctant to tell Lou about Tony's sliminess though as she knows he's desperate for a business partner.
<<1900 - 1902>>
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