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Neighbours Episode 1900 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1899 - 1901>>
Episode title: 1900
Australian airdate: 23/04/93
UK airdate: 24/02/94
UK Gold: 11/02/00
Writer: ?
Director: ?
Guests: Arnie: Craig Goddard
Lenny: Matthew Hoare
Youth: Adam Marsden
Waiter: Michael John Burgess
Fiona Hartman: Suzanne Dudley
- "Out Of The Fire" by Ian Moss
- "Darling It Hurts" by Paul Kelly And The Coloured Girls
- "Under A Southern Sky" by Paul Norton
- "Where Are You Now?" by Roxus
- "Jukebox In Siberia" by Skyhooks
Summary/Images by: Sal
Sydney - Beachfront
Rick tells Michael that everyone in Erinsborough is frantic about him - they don't know if he's alive or dead. Rick says that Debbie blames herself.
MICHAEL: Guilty conscience, eh, about dobbing me into the cops? Great sister she turned out to be(!)
Michael thinks Debbie's attitude towards him stinks - but Rick tells him that he deserved what he got. Michael asks after Phil, wondering if he still has it in for him. Rick says that he's worried, and even got a private detective searching for him. Michael seems pleased.
MICHAEL: I bet Julie loved that.
Rick says that he doesn't blame Julie for hating Michael after the way he treated her. Michael says she's a fool and he hopes she rots! Another street kid comes over and asks if Michael is going to Tilts. Michael tells him he'll see him there and the kid leaves.
Rick asks what Tilts is. Michael tells him it's a pinball place. Michael packs his case of watches up and heads off. Rick hassles him to get in touch with Phil and Debbie.
MICHAEL: What's the point? You'll blab anyway.
RICK: Oh come on, mate! It's not the same and you know it.
MICHAEL: Why?! Do you reckon all I have to do is call and they'll say, "Come on home, everything's cool."(!)
RICK: They just want to talk to you.
MICHAEL: Wrong, Bozo! They don't want to talk to me. I'm trouble and they know it. Suits me fine!
Michael stalks off. Rick yells after him, telling him that Debbie still cares about him - a lot. Michael stops.
MICHAEL: The poor little squealer's going to cry, is she?
Rick asks if he'll be selling watches in the same place tomorrow. Michael is non-committal and Rick watches as Michael marches away.
Number 26
Jim is arranging the financial details for the salon. He mentions that he's going to update his will, so it makes sense for Philippa to do all of the paperwork at the same time. He says that he and Fiona should set up a joint bank account for the salon. Jim broaches the subject of Annalise. He refers to the hairdressing apprenticeship that Annalise did, and thinks that Fiona should talk to her. Fiona says that despite the fact that they were intending to start a salon together, Annalise's opinion of her at the moment is very low - she wouldn't want anything to do with her.
Number 28
Brad answers the door - he's not impressed, it's 6am! Lauren comes in, frantic - Cameron has left Erinsborough. Apparently he shot through and left a note for Lou. Lauren found it when she got up to go to the stables. Lauren says that the note didn't mention her and Brad's affair. Lauren is worried that everyone will want to know why Cameron has gone so suddenly. Brad agrees that they need to get their stories straight. Just as they're about to plot, a sleepy Doug emerges.
DOUG: What's this? A meeting of the dawn worshippers club?
Number 32
Julie, Hannah and Debbie are eating breakfast. Debbie seems quite sullen. Arnie jogs into the kitchen, proclaiming that it's great to be alive when you're fully fit! He offers to design a fitness programme for Julie - the key is mental toughness. Julie tells him that she'll manage(!)
HANNAH: Does mental toughness bring back missing boyfriends?
DEBBIE: Shut up, you little brat!
HANNAH: Mum, she called me a little brat!
Debbie is upset that Hannah keeps hassling her about Rick. Phil comes in from his run - clearly worse for wear! Arnie looks at his stopwatch.
ARNIE: Getting...better. This rate, you won't be a wimp *all* of your life.
Phil sits down, exhausted and drinks Hannah's orange juice. She isn't impressed and grabs it back off him! Julie hands Phil a bowl of cereal, but Arnie intercepts it.
ARNIE: I can't let you eat that, Philip. There's no fibre and it's full of sugar. You'd be better off eating the cardboard box it came in, mate!
Julie says that Phil's been having it for breakfast for years. Phil looks like he wants to punch Arnie! Apparently he needs to eat home made muesli, bran and fresh fruit. Wearily, Phil agrees. Arnie says he'll design a new diet for Phil later on - he's got his own food concept called, "Dinners for Winners"! Julie seems a little put out at being made redundant.
Sydney - Hotel
Rick, Benito and Cathy are eating breakfast.
BENITO: Ocean views, Eggs Benedict, this is the life!
RICK: Why don't they just call it eggs on toast? I mean, that's all they are.
CATHY: It's got something to do with the price, I think!
Benito says that if he lands the job, they'll need to investigate the housing market. Rick isn't keen on tagging along. Benito thinks that Rick should be there - they'll want his input.
RICK: Yeah, but I don't even want to move!
CATHY: It'll only take a few hours.
RICK: Oh yeah! Like a few hours before lunch and then a few hours after lunch!
Rick plays on the fact he's been having migraines to be excused. Benito and Cathy think he should take it easy at the hotel - but Benito bans him from phone calls as they cost too much!
Number 28
Gaby and Doug are clearing up the breakfast things.
GABY: It's the only thing I hate about sausages - the washing up.
DOUG: I don't even object to that...so long as somebody else does it!
Pam rushes in yelling about Cameron's departure. Gaby is stunned - she was only talking to him yesterday and he didn't say a word. Doug asks Brad if he knows anything. Brad says that he might have called for a gig by an agent. Gaby doesn't believe it - if that were the case, he'd be excited and would make a point of telling everyone. Brad suggests that he might be superstitious!
Gaby thinks it might be the break up with Lauren - and Pam agrees. Gaby mentions that when Cameron and Lauren started dating, he had the impression she was keen on another guy - maybe he was right. Brad hastily denies this! Pam wonders what makes Brad so sure. Brad reckons that if it were another guy, Cameron would tell everyone. He insists it's a job that's made Cameron leave. Doug looks thoughtful.
Coffee Shop
Debbie and Annalise are sitting together. Jim comes over to them. He tells Annalise about the salon with Fiona, which she already knows about. Debbie wonders if Julie knows and Jim tells her to keep it quiet! Debbie promises not to say a word, but reckons that Julie will freak right out! Jim tries to broach the subject of Annalise working in the salon, but Annalise tells him that hairdressing is boring and she and Fiona fight too much.
Jim suggests that they take it one step at a time and invites Annalise to move into Number 26 because it can't be comfortable in Lassiter's staff quarters. Annalise thanks him, but turns his offer down. Jim tells her to think about it and leaves them.
Annalise feels sorry for Jim - he's obviously big on family, and Fiona's clearly spun him a line. Debbie thinks Annalise is being too hard on Fiona. Annalise tells her that Fiona was begging her to move in with her when she was on her own, then Jim turned up and zap, she's out!
ANNALISE: Men are pathetic. So easy to control. A woman's just got to press the right buttons and they'll do anything you want.
Sydney - Beachfront
Rick approaches a guy who's selling watches where Michael was standing yesterday. He asks if he knows Michael, but the guy is only interested in selling watches. Rick asks about Tilts, but the guy pretends not to know where it is. Rick walks off and the guy calls him back. The guy asks if he's looking to score - if so, he can help him. Rick sighs!
Brad is working behind the bar. Doug comes in for a chat. It's clear Doug's fitted the pieces together - Cameron's disappearance, Lauren's 6am visit, Brad's reaction when Gaby mentioned another guy. Brad is pretty aggro, and vehemently denies it. Doug reminds him that he was carrying a torch for Lauren when she first appeared in Erinsborough.
DOUG: This is me, sunshine. I don't believe you.
Brad softens and admits that something happened - once, but it's over. Doug can't believe Brad was so stupid.
BRAD: Things happen, Dad. *You* know what I mean.
DOUG: And they cause heaps of trouble. You know what *I* mean?
Number 32
Debbie and Julie are sitting at the kitchen table doing their homework. Debbie looks longingly at the telephone, but it doesn't ring. Julie is ranting about Arnie being fanatical over fitness - she can't say anything because if Arnie drops Phil, she'll never hear the end of it!
Julie realises that Debbie's upset and Debbie tells her that Rick promised to ring the same time every day and he hasn't. Julie tries to comfort Debbie, suggesting that he's got caught up at the beach and forgotten about the time. Debbie is very upset. Julie tells her that a late phone call won't kill her, and Debbie starts crying! Julie moves over to try and comfort Debbie more successfully.
JULIE: Just because Rick's gone away doesn't mean he's going to meet another girl and run off with her!
(I think you just failed on the comforting there, Jules!) Debbie is aghast and marches off to her room! Julie looks a bit bemused!
Sydney - Beachfront
Rick is still looking for Michael. He stops at a cafe and asks the waiter if he knows where Tilts is - and he doesn't. Rick asks about Michael, telling the waiter he sells watches on the beach. The waiter isn't impressed and replies, "Don't they all!"
He tells Rick to steer clear of all of the kids on the beach - they're nothing but trouble. Rick explains that Michael is his girlfriend's brother and his family are worried about him. The waiter thinks they have every right to be worried - the kids on the beach are crims and half of the stuff they sell is stolen. He warns Rick again to keep away from them.
Rick carries on walking.
Brad is still talking to Doug. Brad thinks that what happened between him and Lauren had to happen to get it out of their systems. Doug isn't convinced by Brad's comments that nothing will happen again - last time, Brad was telling him nothing was going to happen but it still did! Brad tells him to get off his back! Doug says that he's trying to help, but Brad thinks he's blowing it out of proportion.
DOUG: Tell me one thing, and then I'll back off. Look me right in the eye and guarantee what you're saying. That nothing more's going to happen.
BRAD: That's not fair.
Doug suggests he should postpone the wedding. Brad says he can't - Beth will want to know why, and he doesn't want to hurt her. Doug warns him that if he marries her for the wrong reasons, he'll hurt her a hell of a lot more.
Lassiter's - Outside Reception
Annalise comes out of reception and spies Jim and Fiona crossing the bridge. Jim sees Annalise and tells Fiona they should say hello - but Fiona isn't keen. Jim does so anyway. He starts talking about them all living together and Fiona plays along. Annalise drops in what Fiona said when she met Jim - that she was to make herself scarce. Fiona pretends that she didn't say it and Jim thinks it sounds like a misunderstanding!
Annalise and Fiona continue to bicker about what did or didn't happen. Annalise tells Jim that Fiona is a woman who gets what she wants - she wanted Jim, and she wanted him to invest in a salon and guess what, they've both happened! Annalise congratulates Fiona and walks off. Jim and Fiona look a bit stunned.
Number 32
Arnie is explaining Phil's new diet to him. Phil's not keen - he reckons bran tastes like sawdust!
ARNIE: What's the key to success?
PHIL: (clearly fed up) Mental toughness.
ARNIE: Mental toughness. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!
PHIL: ...what's for lunch?
Hannah is helping Julie to prepare tea. Debbie comes in and asks if she can help. Julie reassures Debbie that Rick will call, but Debbie reckons that she couldn't care less when he calls, or if he calls. (Yeah, Deb, it shows!!)
Arnie starts bleating on about "Dinners for Winners" - apparently the evening meal is where it all falls apart. He asks Julie what she's serving up - and it's casserole. He moves her out of the kitchen, telling her that he'd better handle making it so she can see the possibilities! Julie is NOT impressed.
The phone goes and Debbie rushes off to answer it. Sure enough, it's Rick, who tells Debbie that he can't stay on the phone because Benito has to pay for the calls. Instead of then having a normal conversation, he decides to speak in riddles.
RICK: I'm not really sure how to put this. You see, I met someone yesterday.
DEBBIE: What? Who?
Benito walks in.
BENITO: Get off the phone, Rick!
RICK: Look, I've got to go.
DEBBIE: Rick? Who've you met?!
RICK: I wasn't expecting this you know. It's just going to change everything fo-
Benito hangs the phone up.
(Right, wait a minute - that was Rick's attempt at telling Debbie that he's found Michael?! Are you some sort of muppet, Alessi?)
Quite rightly, Debbie looks very upset and worried.
Number 26
Fiona thinks she must've failed as a mother for Annalise to have said what she did. She asks if Lucy went through a similar stage.
JIM: Oh, only from the time she first talked to the time she left home!
Jim reiterates the terms of the salon agreement - she has the day to day running, but he has a say in the big decisions. He tells her it's not a gift. Sadly, Fiona sits down - she thinks Annalise has succeeded in convincing Jim that she's manipulative and can't be trusted. Fiona asks if he wants to withdraw from the deal. Jim says he definitely wants in as it's a marvellous business opportunity - he just wants them to both clearly understand the terms of the deal.
Number 24
Brad has called around to see Lauren. Lou has been giving Lauren a hard time - he's sussed that there's more to Cameron leaving than them just breaking up. Brad tells her about Doug doing the same to him. Lauren starts to cry. Beth's been asking questions and it's getting too much for her. Brad hugs her as she sobs and then they both pull away.
BRAD: I gotta go.
He walks out, leaving Lauren crying.
Number 32
Julie is checking over Hannah's homework. Phil walks in.
JULIE: That's excellent, Hannah. Every one of those sums is correct.
HANNAH: Mental toughness, Mum.
JULIE: Oh, please!
Phil comments that Arnie turns people's lives around - and know he knows what they mean.
JULIE: Mind you, he went overboard with the gourmet chef bit.
PHIL: I thought mine was delicious. And he saved you all the trouble of preparing a meal.
JULIE: Philip! I don't mind cooking for my family; after all, I have done it for quite a while(!) At least Debbie eats my meals.
PHIL: I don't think it was the cooking; I think she's missing Rick.
JULIE: In my opinion, it was both!
Julie goes off to see if Debbie is ok and if she wants something to eat now. Hannah looks a bit troubled.
HANNAH: Daddy?
PHIL: Yes, Button?
HANNAH: Do you know Arnie's dinner?
PHIL: Yes, I know Arnie's dinner.
HANNAH: It was nicer than the one Mum cooks. The veggies weren't all squishy!
PHIL: For heaven's sake, don't ever tell her that. You'll get zapped with a big deadly ray gun!
HANNAH: I won't!
The two giggle together. Julie rushes in.
JULIE: Debbie's disappeared.
PHIL: What do you mean?
(It's not rocket science, Phil - take an educated guess!)
JULIE: Well, her window's open and she's taken a backpack and some clothes. Philip, she's gone!
Phil looks stunned.
(Never mind, eh? Two kids down, one to go!)
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Rick Alessi, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1900
Rick Alessi, Michael Martin

Fiona Hartman, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1900
Fiona Hartman, Jim Robinson

Lauren Carpenter, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1900
Lauren Carpenter, Brad Willis

Hannah Martin, Julie Martin, Arnie, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1900
Hannah Martin, Julie Martin, Arnie, Philip Martin

Gaby Willis, Brad Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1900
Gaby Willis, Brad Willis, Doug Willis

Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1900
Pam Willis

Debbie Martin, Jim Robinson, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1900
Debbie Martin, Jim Robinson, Annalise Hartman

Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1900
Rick Alessi

Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1900
Doug Willis

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1900
Brad Willis

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1900
Debbie Martin

Debbie Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1900
Debbie Martin, Julie Martin

Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1900
Annalise Hartman

Julie Martin, Debbie Martin, Arnie, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1900
Julie Martin, Debbie Martin, Arnie, Hannah Martin

Rick Alessi, Benito Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1900
Rick Alessi, Benito Alessi

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1900
Debbie Martin

Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1900
Lauren Carpenter

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1900
Philip Martin

Julie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1900
Julie Martin, Hannah Martin

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1900
Philip Martin

<<1899 - 1901>>
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